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Sealver Wave Boat 575 in real wavy conditions

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The Wave Boat 575 in real wavy conditions. Fast, maniable and safe! Please contact us for more info! Et voilà le Wave Boat 575 dans les vagues. Rapide, maniable et sécuritaire. Nous contacter pour plus d'info!
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Kevin flabouyfishing (1 year ago)
nice video is that standard model or coast guard edition looks awesome
sealverwaveboat (1 year ago)
Our pleasure mate! if you want more info feel free to send us a message at [email protected]
Kevin flabouyfishing (1 year ago)
sealverwaveboat sweet man that's nice add on for people with jet skis makes me more interested also since communication is so good thanks for replying I will be looking at some soon
sealverwaveboat (1 year ago)
This one is our Wave Boat 575 Pro version, reinforced kevlar hull, Hypalon 1670DTEX tubes and inbox roll bar!

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