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The Idea

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Yes, the wolf Idea.
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Travis O’Connell (1 month ago)
The polo and tie is gnarlsome
blue team AJ (5 months ago)
I could do something involving Shaquille O'Neal to ban hibberd School
dogeymon83 (8 months ago)
This all seems to be improv
BloodySeaGulls (1 year ago)
2017 watched
Aidele Dútè (2 years ago)
I could do something involving Shaquille O'Neal!
Earl Mensah-Bonsu (3 years ago)
What is the bottles that are always in their videos????
Mmm Chestnut (1 year ago)
Earl Mensah-Bonsu brah, it's dart juice
Earl Mensah-Bonsu (3 years ago)
+Earl Simons IV i saw it after i watched more videos. lol that tactic is hilarious. :P
opsd (3 years ago)
holyyy shit i think the kids "yay" sound track at the end is the same sound used in five nights at freddys :O
BigChap J (2 years ago)
Of course... It's an Apple loop. Any mac user who has used garage band for an hour knows about it.
demens puella (3 years ago)
ill have your babes
Declan Woods (4 years ago)
Like this if your watching in 2015
̇ (3 years ago)
+Frankie Pie how? her correction was correct.
Frankie Pie (3 years ago)
+Natalie Gray You're****************************************************************************************dumb
Cognissonance (3 years ago)
+Declan Woods - 3Run you're*
Cheeto Bandito (4 years ago)
countless hours...
Danny Andrews (4 years ago)
These guys are the worst communicators in the history of mankind. xD
blue team AJ (5 months ago)
What do you think about balloon shops videos
Mateo Balaban (5 years ago)
Cunfuzled much lmao
Frankie LoGiudice (5 years ago)
waiting for him to say BAGOUCH
SnapwireGaming (5 years ago)
I just noticed the water jug in the background that was probably used in Water Dump.
Timmycakes88 (5 years ago)
they spent countless hours bran-storming...
Bob Smith (5 years ago)
The original Workaholics.
hans (5 years ago)
A little bit. *smile*
Alejandro Mason (6 years ago)
he is so angry he's gonna do something involving Shaquille O'Neill!!!
Karo2theG (6 years ago)
Josh is peeved
Suitable Name (6 years ago)
olan reminds me of vince noir
itaketheSQUARE (6 years ago)
Balloonshop didn't die. They are all still making videos; even with eachother when they have the chance to meet up with one another. Check out their channels: Olan rogers, Thomas gore, Joshua pursley. Enjoy!
b1gbl4ck1337 (6 years ago)
im glad my name is Josh
Griffirid (6 years ago)
1:27 AND I DON'T HAVE TO SIT HERE AND TAKE THIS FROM YOU Olan and Thomas laugh OR YOU Slays me every time.
FlyingHobo (6 years ago)
"That is dispicable" (he said it perfectly) 1:10
Keppeler (6 years ago)
What happened to them? D: Why haven't they made a video in 2 years?
ThePlayersOfGames (6 years ago)
"No im not too hungry" "Im not too hungry, are you hungry at all?" "Yea a little bit" Oh Thomas xD
Disco Cascade (6 years ago)
anyone else notice the dart juice in every video
CR3ATER12 (6 years ago)
its funny, they have the blue water thing from water dump and dart juice right behind them.
MOONVOID (6 years ago)
Isn't that the jug they used to pour water all over the floor?
Averie Bunce (6 years ago)
hello puuuttaaaaaa tell me what you want to do tonight, ill show you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jon M. (6 years ago)
Go ride a circus ride!
Muramasa GX (6 years ago)
I love their sense of humor :)
tyler key (6 years ago)
balloon shop =[
jacob ceniceros (6 years ago)
I can do something involving shquel O'neal....
jacob ceniceros (6 years ago)
John Schulgen (7 years ago)
Man eating child wolves...
Justin Hymer (7 years ago)
I'm not hungry at all Yeah i'm not hungry.. are you hungry? Little bit...
kudjo24 (7 years ago)
go ride a roller coaster ride!
ajfdhioaa1293a (7 years ago)
I'm supposed to be studying for finals. Instead I have taken it upon myself to watch every single Balloon Shop video. History can't be that important...
Too Hasty (7 years ago)
@Radnyxerr always a stuffed lion too.
Radnyx (7 years ago)
1. They're in the poptart room 2. There's dart juice in the background 3. There's the water dump jug in the background
ssork2424 (7 years ago)
iBanz (7 years ago)
this reminds me of workaholics
Kimberly Reese (7 years ago)
Kinda stupid.
Reed Gotcher (7 years ago)
I. Miss. BalloonShop.
Hotshott1990 (7 years ago)
That is outrageous!
Griffirid (7 years ago)
gabe baldovino (7 years ago)
He can do something with Shaquille O' Neal.
Quill's Art (7 years ago)
untydled (7 years ago)
Nathalie HotTamale (7 years ago)
1:24 the pause :DD
Loren Law (7 years ago)
I bet if you took all the balloon shop videos and put them in some unknown order, it would tell a story.
HudsonReviver3 (7 years ago)
1:22 We spent countless hours BRANstorming on that idea!
TheNickTMS (7 years ago)
He must be so peeved right now!
Hannah A (7 years ago)
Dart Juice and the water jug from Water Dump is behind Olan haha!
jesusjherrera (7 years ago)
fred just got own.
Anthony Stiefel (7 years ago)
Press 3 to find the answer on if you should have something to eat. OR ANY OF LIFES IMPORTANT DECISIONS!!!
Alon Katz (7 years ago)
Ellis X (7 years ago)
keep on pressing 9 he is a seal
Dan Sheridan (7 years ago)
1:03 thomas almost loses it haha
joshua fisher (7 years ago)
press 6 then 3 funny stuff.
ShadowSerpent28 (7 years ago)
Frank west sound in the begining?
JoshuaGnz91 (7 years ago)
All that's left is the "Dude where's my car" line.
Robbie Breneman (7 years ago)
Rebidas8 (7 years ago)
@tigerlilly2712 the baloonshop video jelly beans its pretty great you should look it up
Roxie Jackson (7 years ago)
Keri Elizabeth (7 years ago)
@akatsukidude3998 What's that from? I hear it everywhere!
Chellips (7 years ago)
I like the beginning best XD
Tyler Gross (7 years ago)
Does anyone else notice the Dartjuice in all of their videos?
Badvalenz96 (7 years ago)
Funniest part: I can do something that involves shaquille oneal!!!
SADF (7 years ago)
lmao the ending is the best. "you hungry at all?" "little bit"
At 1:19 he almost said I am so peeved right now :D
Liam Rowan (7 years ago)
what do you like on your oreo
TenSpaces (7 years ago)
is that water jug in the background the one they used for Water Dump?
Leah (7 years ago)
52 people spent countless hours brainstorming?? ehh
gofojibwas (7 years ago)
This video has Grunt Birthday Party on!
kudjo24 (7 years ago)
im nearly done watching every single one of their videos...don't regret a single one. :)
jesseh22 (7 years ago)
dartjuice is always in the background
Devan O'Haro (8 years ago)
I lost the game watching this...
hatguy21pt (8 years ago)
whatever happened to these guys? i wish they would make more videos.....
PissedOffCookie (8 years ago)
Most of the time during the video, what IS Thomas staring at??
Chris The Saxon (8 years ago)
Olan is trying to solve the Rubik's Cube puzzle, which is quite hard, but Thomas is trying to solve the much more complex Rubik's Xbox Controller.
TheOldMafia (8 years ago)
@assassino912 they live in Tennessee
nO_Clu (8 years ago)
explosionsarefunfull (8 years ago)
dart juice behin olan
Patrick Paluszewski (8 years ago)
1:04 Something About, Children n Man Eating, Child Wolves, That Didnt Go Over Well.
JD_Hoodie (8 years ago)
That idea actually makes sense
LinzyGirl (8 years ago)
I miss you guys
TOAST4005 (8 years ago)
This is a verbal argument.
Dreamchan (8 years ago)
"that is outrageous." I seriously almost died.
Jessie Johnson (8 years ago)
Ben Speer (8 years ago)
@ryanwuggles2 involving.....
thesearemyusernames (8 years ago)
@ryanwuggles2 Shaquille O'Neal.....
Cory Y. (8 years ago)
49 people work at Macy's 40 hours a week
alixinyourface (8 years ago)
@KelKel1 I feel like that should be the logo for this channel :P
Alex C (8 years ago)
what is Thomas's gamertag?
king fab (8 years ago)
I am so mad right now XD
Cecil Lee (8 years ago)
I love how mad They get i dont have to sit here and take this From YOUuuu XD
Ethan Smith (8 years ago)
theres the blue drank again
TuffGnarl86 (8 years ago)

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