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Bridget Regan Panel at Space City Comic Con 2015

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Illyria86 (11 months ago)
Bridget so pretty.
Bidi Naschpitz (3 years ago)
"(...) I know Craig, and ~*TAB*~ (...)" ~swoons and melts all at the same time~ god, give me strength to someday get over this ship and those actresses
Bidi Naschpitz (3 years ago)
"I already emailed to the writters but it was actually mostly just about... hair" OMG I LAUGHED TO TEARS HAHAHAHAHA that is so much like Bridget, Queen of Hair Porn.
Kay2be2mr (3 years ago)
I'm so glad she went back to the black hair.
OddRed (3 years ago)
This panel was priceless >_<. Not any interview ever before was so informative =)
Codex Melcher (3 years ago)
+OddRed Thanks! It was so much fun. My favorite panel of the con. She was fantastic and wonderful on and off the stage.
OddRed (3 years ago)
Thank you for the video, Bethany =) Why didn't you ask any questions, though?
Confessed4Life (3 years ago)
I would have asked questions, I totally had some in mind, but in the moment, I was just so overwhelmed by her greatness. I am surprised I moved when she said my name!

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