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Forgotten 2000s Fashion Trends: Should These Make A Comeback?

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Oh, the early 2000s. It was a simpler time. A time of hippie dresses, chunky highlights, and off the shoulder tops. Should these forgotten trends take a comeback or stay in the past? Tweet: http://clicktotweet.com/EqV1X Do you want any of these trends to come back? Are they trendy or trashy? Let us know in the comments! And don't forget guys, if you like this video please Like, Favorite, and Share it with your friends to show your support - It really helps us out! See you next time! ****************************************­************* Save money and support TYT University by shopping Amazon with this code: http://www.amazon.com/?tag=tytunivers... It costs you NOTHING and helps us out a ton! ***************************************************** SUBSCRIBE and join the TYTU student body! http://tinyurl.com/9o8kpf4 ON FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/TYTUniversity ON TWITTER: @jiadarola @lisa_ferg @tytuniversity ON TUMBLR: http://tytuniversity.tumblr.com/ TYT University: College news, scandals, parties, tips and advice, relationships, sex and dating, self-help, music parodies, odd facts and more with hosts John Iadarola and Lisa Ferguson. http://youtube.com/user/tytuniversity
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Text Comments (598)
Kora Death (3 months ago)
Team Avril
SiSiRay27 R (9 months ago)
They should bring back the pink couture pants!
Arianna Myrie (1 year ago)
Danielle Normal (1 year ago)
yessss scrunchies
Ana (2 years ago)
scrunchies were 90s and i n early 2000s they turned to feather and fuzzy scrunchies. I remember the day when I was told you can't wear jeans with dresses anymore 😂laughiingg
Matthias81 (2 years ago)
I tried the flowy dress-over-jeans exactly one time: to go see Pride and Prejudice in 2005. Both were bad.
Mogoi 1 (2 years ago)
Does wrapping a jacket around you're waist count?
R (2 years ago)
Remember when scene queen was a thing? Anyone?
Val W. (2 years ago)
Yes 😂
Marla Parraguirre (2 years ago)
OMG I LOVE OVERALLS!! I really do wish those made a comeback, just so I could buy them Because I can't find them anywhere...
I love the edgy tom boy look
Yes I'm bringing it back!
momeraths (2 years ago)
Baggy as fuck jeans and the chunky skater shoes that the moshers/metal heads/skater used to wear. I wish it was fashionable once more because I loved it.
Gabriel Tabares (2 years ago)
momeraths I think you mean Nu metal
Kylie Dee (2 years ago)
I have a peasant top with long sleeves
Patricia Sheck (2 years ago)
Anyone else remember giant JNCOs and KIKWear pants? with the reflective straps on the sides? Those were my JAM!
XxSnowNinja (2 years ago)
Avril ❤
Ash Cole (2 years ago)
shark teeth necklaces were everywhere for little kids at least
Ash Cole (2 years ago)
shark teeth necklaces were everywhere for little kids at least
Liv (2 years ago)
Worst years of fashion in my opinion.
AppleCore360 (2 years ago)
I loved the choker
Leo Loner (2 years ago)
I love peasant tops...they're cute, feminine, comfy and just flattering on most body types. The other trends I don't care for.
Aphro (2 years ago)
Damn you guys are so lifeless
A Passer (2 years ago)
Chunkey highlights are back they're just in a different place under a different name "ombré"
Vibranx (2 years ago)
Ombré is blending, chunky highlights are just splotches of unblinded hair.
Patricia Sheck (2 years ago)
Completely different.
Mary Elias (2 years ago)
Tights and denim skirts were the shit in middle school
Lizzi Gilmore (2 years ago)
CHOKERS!!!!! They did make a comeback and I'm happy!!
Princesa Nahuatl (2 years ago)
Jeans under sweats when I was in middle school was the sh***t but I don't want it brought back hahaha
isabella x (2 years ago)
2005-2010 was the awkward fashion phase with the weird ass cheetah prints & long sleeves under t shirts
Alexa Costanzo (2 years ago)
In they year 2000 I was not born one year later I was born
Summer Sunlight (2 years ago)
people should wear what they wanted to wear. I love all these looks they r the best. I wear hippy dresses. more people should. no more leggings lol
The EmoKid182 (3 years ago)
I still wear the emo avril lagvine type stuff also MCR shirts and benies.
... (2 years ago)
"emo avril lavigne"
Astrology Tea (2 years ago)
LiL PEEP (3 years ago)
ive always loved avrils skater girl look, that needs to come back
Kry Kry Stott (10 months ago)
Holosexual Hot no one cares
Holosexuals Hot (2 years ago)
Idk not me just wasn't into that pls don't tho
Sadie M (3 years ago)
I started my teen years in 2007 so I don't really remember the fashions except some people I went to school with wore some of these fashions. I don't really remember what I personally wore back then.
Sadie M (3 years ago)
Why does john (that's his name, right?) hate buzzfeed? My only problem with buzzfeed are the "questions ________ have for white people" cuz it's made to look like only white folks R racist when this is clearly false.
Jonadovnic (3 years ago)
00's fashions were so trashy
Vincent Vegas (3 years ago)
got tocall bullshit . women arnt the only one who wear fashonable clothes
Alex Nesterov (3 years ago)
biker girl tops are the shit
brutalictesku (3 years ago)
00's trends I *do not* want to return: -low waist bell-bottom jeans -thick white belts -pink or purple shade sunglasses -low waist bottom and crop top -outfit -chunky highlights -big baggy tunikas -micro skirts -tribal ornaments in clothing -tank top over a long sleeve shirt -Crazy Age jeans Basicly early 00's Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears look. Please, never come back!
em (3 years ago)
Have to disagree... But hey, we all have our own opinions! :D
em (3 years ago)
Have to disagree... But hey, we all have our own opinions! :D
h h (3 years ago)
hayhaylerful (3 years ago)
you guys forget the most important one: mini skirts that fanned out/pleated on the end
Jenn Hatcher (2 years ago)
oh yeah
Reina hosein (3 years ago)
Melani Mccarty (3 years ago)
chokers are coming back... :)
Asia Yin (3 years ago)
had to dislike because you hate buzzfeed
Simple Simon (3 years ago)
The peasant top/waifiness was in the 90s.
Audrey Harty (3 years ago)
I remember the sweatshirt tied around the waist was huge! also hair crimping and crop tops. then near the end of the first decade of the 2000s long sleeves with thumb holes in the wrist cuff was really big, I loved that, you can still find them in stores sometimes but it's no longer trendy.
Julia Hildebrand (3 years ago)
I personally love the "folded off-shoulder tops"
em (3 years ago)
Me too!
Addie Brice (3 years ago)
Wow you hate buzzfeed? Though being comfortable saying that you still watch their videos because how did you know about the video? I only ask cause I watch the both of you I like buzzfeed and you. 😕😒 #okay?
Tea in Korea (3 years ago)
that "peasent top", doesen't it still exist? I've seen those around...
Brienna Bridges (3 years ago)
off the shoulder shirts should come back, I love those shirts.
Zyona (3 years ago)
What wrong with BuzzFeed? 😟
TheSalisburyFamVlogs (3 years ago)
Well good news for the hosts... chokers and overalls are coming back into style:) And the trend I miss is converse everywhere. Everyone was so into converse and I still think they look soo cool.
Sardeth 42 (3 years ago)
ThinkTank dislikes Buzzfeed? IRONY!
Haiku Shogi (3 years ago)
Hippie dresses with jeans are so much better if the dress is in more earthy colours, with a more robust and not so lingerie fabric. Also with hats.
Weirdo4Life (3 years ago)
Whats wrong with the tomboy style?!?!?!?! Tomboy for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amy A. (3 years ago)
Eat a plum bro (3 years ago)
Do they know overalls and chokers are really trendy right now?
Miranda Vicente (3 years ago)
When I was like 8 (2008) I always wore fake earrings that were actually just stickers lol
Yawina Rada (2 years ago)
i was in the 90s (hehe) and i wore the sticker earrings too hi hi hi
Rose Ray (3 years ago)
biker girl tops still exist.
FerretsRunning (3 years ago)
Update (2015). Peasant tops are back (especially in stores like Hollister, Pacsun stores.), Biker Girl tops have come back, but they're called something along the line of high neck crop tops (Pacsun, Zumiez, Tillys, Hollister, F21, etc), Cowgirl tops are very fashionable during the fall (but aren't referred to as Cowgirl tops; flannels. Usually worn in colors maroon, black, white, bright red, etc), Folded off-the shoulder tops came back but tops aren't necessarily folded ( the tops come in two forms, as a blouse and knitted. At Hollister you'd probably find an off the shoulder peasant top!), andddd Chokers came back, overalls came back, those Adidas shoes Avril Lavigne was wearing came back! (August 30th, 2015)
Grunthos The Flatulent (3 years ago)
I don't follow trends. I set them.
Grunthos The Flatulent (3 years ago)
Flares are coming back man.
Anneka Olson (3 years ago)
I used to love these things
haleigh (3 years ago)
me to!!
Charm Serenia (3 years ago)
peasant tops, yes. necktie belts.... uhm no. avril lavigne's style.... maybe the makeup but idk... biker girl tops yes. cowgirl tops.... meh it takes a very certain sort of person to pull it off. chunky highlights... it depends. folded off shoulder tops, yes, i have a sweater like this. hippie dresses over jeans, yes.
Mary Hines (3 years ago)
I used to wear skirts over jeans. That was a big deal when I was in 9th/10th grade. "Scene" girls wore tutus over bright skinnies. I wore a black skirt, cut at an angle over flared jeans. I also did ridiculous thick black eyeliner. And that was a cute look for me then. Of course that was only a few years ago. 2009/2010
Craftastic Creations (3 years ago)
Honestly I love overalls 😂 also the clear, neon backpacks and chunky platform boots 😍👌
Gabrielle Thoel (3 years ago)
Why does she have nothing but negative and passive aggressive comments
Letícia (3 years ago)
Peasant top: soo cute <3 Necktie belt: nah... looks weird Avril Lavigne: Yes, please, comeback Biker girl top: Lovet it <3 Cowgirl: No Chunky highlights: No Folded off-shoulder top: so cute :3 hippie dress over jeans: never
MissKorea Hyori (3 years ago)
Okay, so peasant tops are back . . . if you're a hipster
Kaylescent (3 years ago)
1. The peasant top has already come back 2. Skrunchies Are back since 4 years Come on 3. Chokers have been back for a while also
kitty stalker (3 years ago)
I personally think the folded off shoulder shirts that over the hand to be super sexy!
Alejandro Rodriguez (3 years ago)
I fucking hate bellbottom jeans its the worst thing ever created i hope we stay with slim fit jeans and skinny jeans
Shawnilhss Cruz2013 (3 years ago)
Yes to Peasent top, "biker girl" tops, edgy tomboy, off-shoulder with too-long sleeves. NO to tie belts, flowy dresses over jeans, and PLEASE leave the western shirts to the western women. Country vs sluts in boots type thing. Sorry, personal opinion. They're cute shirts, but I notice that it's mostly fakes that wear them. And chunky highlights are just irritating. But, again, just my opinion.
It's 2015 and I still like the Folded off shoulder top...But like in a black or white...Not in a stripped color that makes me look like a off season candy cane.
Rex Rit (3 years ago)
I used to ware a ribbon with a bow on my neck as a choker. I thought is was super cute😊
Adria Dobson (3 years ago)
Anyone remember the butterfly clips in the hair where the wings moved in year 2000 Or the twisted hair and a small claw clip. Lol I used to love that then
Naomi Arroyo (3 years ago)
the peasant top has made a come back a lot of girls in my school wear them now
Sancho Jimenez (3 years ago)
About the tie belts "It has no function" What is the point of a normal tie?  DOWN WITH TIES!
A lot of those are still worn by people today (or in case of the dress over jeans no one wore them ever). Either that stuff has meanwhile become in again or people still wear it regardless of current fashion.
Kait P (3 years ago)
The necktie belt would look better with a different pattern
Ashley Dykeman (3 years ago)
I love that both choker necklaces and overalls are currently back in fashion :D
High Carb Whole Foods (3 years ago)
I think this is a late 90's into very early 00's thing, but I still love those black cord necklaces.  At the time most people wore them with a yin yang or peace sign charm.  I still find the way they look around people's necks to be so sexy, especially when they're worn with tank tops.
Beautifully Brittle (3 years ago)
Oooh god he's so awkward. "Bring in some photos and we'll judge that" OKAY BUDDY, STOP. lmao!
Sheba Castro (3 years ago)
And fur coats in crayon colors
Sheba Castro (3 years ago)
Baby phat, flare jeans, shiny tops and dresses, apple bottoms, velvet track suites with tank tops, starter jackets, chunky hills,
supersannajin (3 years ago)
I... I... I have "chunky" highlights... :'(
Isa (3 years ago)
I missed wearing sneakers that were like high heels lol
SitkaDear (3 years ago)
I've always absolutely hated this show. Every time I try to watch it, I watch about 5 seconds before getting bored.
Buffy Summers (3 years ago)
I love chokers and I'm glad they're coming back!
Caitlin Mcentire (3 years ago)
Peasant Top: Cute! I love these tops. Should see more girls wearing them. Necktie Belts: Mixed feelings about this one. It's not functional, but I still like the look (I don't mind looking like a pirate) but I don't know when I myself would ever personally wear it. Avril Lavigne/"Grunge" look: I like this look, and I do wish it came back. I love anything that looks edgy. "Biker" Girl Tops: Looks nice, but if you're not an actual biker girl, I would advise against portraying yourself as one. Cowgirl Tops: I think these are cute, wouldn't mind seeing them come back. I find them flattering on a lot of girls. Chunky Highlights: I don't see anything wrong with it, honestly. I think that people with certain facial features are able to pull it off better, though. Off Shoulder Tops: I like, I think it looks cute. Hippie dresses Over Jeans: No...just no. Overalls...I personally would never wear them, if they were to come back. Scrunchies were fun, wish I saw more of them back. Chokers are coming back, I'm wearing one right now, actually. Overall, I believe that a person should dress however best portrays their personality, while at the same time accentuating their best features.
bailey (3 years ago)
did he say he despises buzzfeed? how?..
celine heraty (3 years ago)
Pretty sure all of these have come back into fashion this year! I do love 90's & 00's clothing!☺️
citlaly pineda (3 years ago)
I hate the lip liner that was used just around the lip and not filled in. 😖
Michelle Jensen (3 years ago)
Nooooo tights under dresses are aaaawful.... Better do jeans. Tights are for children.
CaapriceTube (3 years ago)
I used to rock bandanas like nobody's business. Lol.
Meghan Oosting (3 years ago)
i remember leg warmers
Fai Alwazir (3 years ago)
Why does he despise BuzzFeed as mentioned in the beginning? BuzzFeed is the shit..
Yugamefuckdup v (3 years ago)
What's wrong with buzzfeed?
KandiViXenKHAOS (3 years ago)
I like longer arm shirts XD my hands get cold and well...they're jenerally not long enough for my arms=/ stops before mt wrists U_U
Scoobydoo-Forever (3 years ago)
Let's do 60-70s
Maddie H. (3 years ago)
This was like from around 2009 but anyone remember Silly Bands?
Andrew Hawes (3 years ago)
We need pleated pants back. Danny Elfman.
Birdie Perchy (3 years ago)
Just wear what you want to wear and who CARES if it's in style?
Birdie Perchy (3 years ago)
+Chloe Nwosa Well, 96. -10% of Earth's population doesn't make sense. Just like that probably irrelevant mathematic number 
tigereyemusic (3 years ago)
The folded off-shoulder tops look really good on pear-shaped people with a long neck and narrow shoulders it balances out the narrow top with the wider hips
H Syd (3 years ago)
The first one's rachel bilson i love her 😩😘

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