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Sasha and Tadd - Cha Cha - So You Think You Can Dance

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So You Think You Can Dance Sason 8 Top 4 Performance Dancer : Sasha and Tadd Choreographer:Mark Ballas Song:Raindrops by Basement Jaxx
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David Elijah (6 months ago)
Yaaasss Basement Jaxx. They did good considering the the genre of music and dance.
James Brown (2 years ago)
Melanie got another contemporary routine. I thought this show was about the most versatile dancer. i don't think she was the most versatile. I think Sasha got challenged. In every style of dance. I mean every. Wacking routine. Wtf. What would have happened if they gave this routine. To Melanie. What would have happened if Melanie danced this cha cha routine. The same damn thing.
James Brown (2 years ago)
This was bad but I honestly think it was Tadd's fault. Tadd was stiff as a log in this routine. Your hips are suppose to move dumbass. Sasha was doing her thing but if your partner ain't doing his thing. It makes the both of you look bad. You are suppose to move your hips in cha cha Tadd. But I honestly think. He wanted to make her look bad. Because him and Marko already knew. They didn't stand a chance against her. Nigel pretty much said it. Marko was in love with Melanie I think and everyone could see. Him and Tadd were buddies. What does that tell you. They knew they were already beat. So why make Sasha look bad. So Melanie could win. Marko, Melanie and Tadd seemed close anyway.
G1xb17 (7 years ago)
Judges don't like house or basement jaxx. Haters.
Rafet (7 years ago)
can somebody help me i need this song in INSTRUMENTAL ( without sining )
squeallymaniac (7 years ago)
this song has an epic beat ... and they danced good ... so why were the judges so harsh ... sasha should have won!
James Brown (2 years ago)
Sasha is amazing.
James Brown (2 years ago)
Sasha danced good. Tadd sucked. Watch him. He remind me of Wadi. He was stiff as a tree.

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