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Girls Peeing In Hallway

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Three Russian chicks can't find a bathroom and can't hold it so they decide to mark their territory... WTF !
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Text Comments (169)
Sanjaya Lakmal (2 days ago)
mnoj kumar (20 days ago)
Why m i watching this
Tammy L (24 days ago)
Why is everyone so shocked that girls would use the floor when there are no restrooms? Men do this kind of thing all the time and no one thinks anything of it. I've seen many a mother stand watch while her little boy goes in a similar corner and gave a blind eye to my boys when they've used a corner. Why all the outrage when women do so?
Football Madness (28 days ago)
What dafuq
;—; NU
Ew why do these girls pee on the floor Gross
Ecrin Yogurtcu (1 month ago)
Çok ayıp. Buyaptığınız
bellaboo boo (2 months ago)
They had to go wow lol
YELLOE BUG (2 months ago)
That black one was facing real trouble 😂
Haia Alyosfi (3 months ago)
funtime freddy (3 months ago)
What the fuck did I just watch Zane:???????? What just a robot see
basanta chaudhary (3 months ago)
elif İloş (4 months ago)
Mary Farrell (5 months ago)
Mary Farrell (5 months ago)
What they should get written up
Mitchell Toseland (5 months ago)
Mary, It looks as though they were bursting to piss and the enclosed space stops people perving their pussies Lol
Mary Farrell (5 months ago)
Yes why did they do that
Lucas Maldonado (7 months ago)
NOTABOOS (7 months ago)
So what?
Patricia Vara (7 months ago)
I would pee ware ever I want 🚙🚌⛺🗽🏦🏥🏫🚽🚿🛁🛏️
Mitchell Toseland (5 months ago)
What places have you needed to piss, Patricia ?
Dani GEkgsjgsnsgnduk (7 months ago)
Why is this hot to some people?
Christian M. (7 months ago)
I bet this were the prostitutes, who peed on Donald Trump in the russian Hotel suit.
Trae Malone (7 months ago)
The camera should have been closer
jack mack (8 months ago)
I’d of laid down beside them and told them to use my mouth as there toilet
sᴡɪғᴛᴏɴɪᴀ (6 months ago)
+jack mack Ewww. You are fucking disgusting.
Angel,The Animal lover (8 months ago)
I love it now I want to do that
Angels for life (4 months ago)
Savanna Trevino hi I am Angel the animal lover just on a different device and I wanted to say heck no that was just a comment
Savanna Trevino (5 months ago)
Angel,The Animal lover did you
Youssef Elhagger (8 months ago)
Why people make this
Rebecca Doolan (8 months ago)
One girl starts. It
Angela Camileo (8 months ago)
If I am in that situation with no ladies room I would also have peed in that corner.
Dorothy Garcia (4 months ago)
Angela Camileo what if there was a security camera watching you? you wood get busted 4 peeing on the floor in the corner instead just run around and look 4 another bathroom to use
Savanna Trevino (5 months ago)
Mitchell Toseland any
Savanna Trevino (5 months ago)
Mitchell Toseland have you ever done that or peed anywhere else
sᴡɪғᴛᴏɴɪᴀ (6 months ago)
+Angela Camileo I would too.
Geeta Devi (9 months ago)
what a nonsense
Austin Halverson (10 months ago)
Do girls pee sitting down?
Angels for life (4 months ago)
Austin Halverson yessssss
John Gault Productions (10 months ago)
margaret Mason (10 months ago)
That's grate I am addicted to peeing people
Jade Macgregor (11 months ago)
That is weird why are you doing this that
Brittany Ferrell (11 months ago)
hey guys I love girls
John Gault Productions (11 months ago)
Me Too !!!
Liané Van Eck (11 months ago)
That's so grouse.
Lovely Tutorials (10 months ago)
Liané Van Eck ok and your spelling is worse
Antonio J Wilson (11 months ago)
What the Fuck !
Raynell G (1 year ago)
That's funny
Raynell G (1 year ago)
What the f is wrong with you
Mirna Chicas (1 month ago)
Did you just say what the fuck
That is just gross and THERE HOUSE IS RIGHT THERE BRUH
Trae Malone (1 year ago)
Super good vid
Destiny Sanderson (9 months ago)
I love the vid
Angie Taylor (1 year ago)
That's gross
Darren Ross (1 year ago)
What fucking pigs lol
Blitz kixbrix (1 year ago)
Queen Luvercille (1 year ago)
There wasn't a bathroom so they couldn't have a choice to just pee on the floor. And it's not gross out ancestors peed on grass and rock. So what's wrong with that? Your all big boys and girls deal with it Jeez.
Jeana Marcellis (1 month ago)
I haven't queen your right
Savanna Trevino (4 months ago)
Have you ever peed anywhere other than a toilet
kekmeup (1 year ago)
We all know we're here to jerk off
that's gross and I do not approve that type of activity on my channel..
Camryn vanhooser (1 year ago)
That must have felt real good
Someone Watching (1 year ago)
......................... dafuk
NZDREAMIN (1 year ago)
shelleyissmelley (1 year ago)
at least they didn't shart
Alex Ander (1 year ago)
what the fuck
Lps Katherine (1 year ago)
omg dont hese vids want to make u go pee 😯
CAROL CARREON (1 year ago)
th floor is so wet ewww they are so damn and hot
Pinkwink2468 M (1 year ago)
Brandon Deel (1 year ago)
Daisy Spiers (1 year ago)
Queen Elise (1 year ago)
wow so all three girls pee on the floor
Mitchell Toseland (1 year ago)
If the girls had been drinking all afternoon and really needed to go they probably had no choice but to go there. They are out of view here at least.
Data Miner (1 year ago)
That last one nearly lost it completely. That would have been so hot.
Paul Lambert (1 year ago)
did any of them wear panties
All Around Angel (2 years ago)
Just gross
Monica's SmileyPets (2 years ago)
Savage Popcorn (2 years ago)
... im never doing that and i dont think that will ever happen. hopefully. :D
madison arnold (2 years ago)
dum ass
Cruz Diaz (2 years ago)
oh girls together to wipe there pisse parts
Skyler Ambers (2 years ago)
Patience Cobb (9 months ago)
Tori Carten that was not pose to pee on the hallway floor
Caliah Adams (2 years ago)
where is the bathroom
Mitchell Toseland (2 years ago)
In the corner Lol
Superman Gris (2 years ago)
If I had too pee and there was really no toilets I would pee my pants
Boyrecotec 121 (1 year ago)
I would rather do that the peeing in my pants.
Dank Dank (2 years ago)
Superman Gris Nahh screw that if I gotta go I gotta go I am sorry but I've been in this situation all I can say is thank god im a guy cause I can just whip my shit out and go wherever!
Nani Melina (2 years ago)
Superman Gris
FuckYour Mother (2 years ago)
Hell Um...
John Gault Productions (2 years ago)
joxer96 (2 years ago)
Three women and not one had a tissue?! Unheard of.
Juan Zárate (2 years ago)
Oops! The camera recorded everything. Those ladies forgot to wipe their wet pussies.
Draco 4777 (1 year ago)
I would have gladly licked the piss from there wet pussies
mikal baugh (2 years ago)
Juan Zárate jw😆😆
Juan Zárate (2 years ago)
Do you not have any sexual fantasy? Be honest. We are human beings and curiosity  is a natural thing.
Darcy Moses (2 years ago)
Most Pervin
Most Pervin (2 years ago)
Juan Zárate
Caitlyn Tyson (2 years ago)
that is just sick😲
Ashley (2 years ago)
if that was my hallway i would have peed in their house.
BbgKennn (2 years ago)
the hallway is completly wet. ewwww
Ajit Kumar (1 year ago)
OkayBbg yup
Casey Woods (2 years ago)
Poo there next time
Angels for life (4 months ago)
Casey Woods that would be cool
olivia letsplay (7 months ago)
.... 😂
Keyon Jarrett (1 year ago)
Good luck
Keyon Jarrett (1 year ago)
Casey Woods.
blankity blank (2 years ago)
Pawniard TV (2 years ago)
watch this on full volume and on a full bladder
ewel g (28 days ago)
What gonna happen?
Savanna Trevino (5 months ago)
Pawniard TV did you make it
jasmine gold (2 years ago)
wow gross
Vera Alice Bagneris (2 years ago)
I did not mean to clip on this
Vera Alice Bagneris (2 years ago)
KellyGirl59 (2 years ago)
If I had to pee in the worst way and couldn't find a ladies room I would have peed there. Something to wipe with would be a must too,
Savanna Trevino (4 months ago)
Kellygirl59 have you ever peed anywhere other than a toilet
Kendall Davis (9 months ago)
KellyGirl59 I would like to see that
Fase Thompson (1 year ago)
KellyGirl59 I would love to see that
Mitchell Toseland (2 years ago)
Tammy I am so glad you said that ! I had a argument with a female friend of mine sometime ago. she was saying that men are dirty and piss in the street, so I told her how I had saw some girls peeing in a phone booth and in shop doorways late at night. She more or less called me a liar. I can't believe she has not saw this at first hand, as she goes out every Friday and Saturday night.
Tammy L (2 years ago)
Me too! Guys do that all the time, what's the difference ladies?
DisneyGirl 4life (2 years ago)
That's just wrong
Alan Ramos (2 years ago)
that's not a toilet
Jay One (2 years ago)
drip dry girls your get sore Minnies
Mitchell Toseland (2 years ago)
I bet you could hear the second girl moaning with relief around the building ! Lol
Catherine Loya (2 years ago)
There are security cameras in the hallway you are right.
Jenny Goudie (2 years ago)
+Mitchell Toseland they problem dident check because CCTV camera saw them . or they dident notice the CCTV camrea
Mr J Bear (2 years ago)
Use te toilets next time
Joanne Xu Mei Lim (2 years ago)
Security cameras are alway blir
Dood Wot (2 years ago)
The second girl didn't even pull her pants down far enough...
smol space dorito (2 years ago)
Aleya Mckenzie (2 years ago)
they nasty asf
Gaster Freddy (2 years ago)
Whoops! :D
Hayden Dorestt (1 year ago)
Gaster Freddy
Hayden Dorestt (1 year ago)
Hayden Dorsett
Deja Mckeller (2 years ago)
that is nasty ew
Mya Castillo (10 months ago)
Yup it's nasty
ROBERT/SANDY JONES (3 years ago)
Holy crap that's fucked up
Alan Lockett (9 months ago)
Raniya Rocking (9 months ago)
ROBERT/SANDY JONES that's very bad your true we must follow our holy things
Thats just really weird💧💧💧💧💧💧💧🌊🌊🌊🌊💧🌊🌊🌊🌊💧💧💧💧🌊💧🌊💧💧💧🌊💧🌊
Judy Thurston (2 months ago)
+Mitchell Toseland ikr 😂 😂
Michelle Oliver (2 months ago)
Mitchell Toseland (5 months ago)
OMG Destiny, I just loved the second girl, she literally just power pisses across the floor Lol
Destiny Sanderson (9 months ago)
Cool I loved the vid I would do the same thing
Mitchell Toseland (3 years ago)
+Natasha Davis-Henderson  Its desperation ! I have saw this clip on another site and you see the girls walk by looking through the glass door and walk round through the other door. Obviously the toilets must be shut or they can't find any. They really needed to piss, the second girl literally spreads her stream across the floor !! I think lots of girls would do the same
Cs Tan (3 years ago)
I Never knew that the Girls are doing This! !
Cs Tan (3 years ago)
I Never

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