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AVN AWARDS 2011 Red Carpet Interviews with Stripped Down TV

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Angela Black from Stripped Down TV talks to todays hottest celebs from the Adult Entertainment Industry at the AVN awards
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Text Comments (44)
Jason Cromey (1 month ago)
Damn this was the era where there were so many great porn stars ⭐️... Legends
Jesus Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Sunni Leone y Chanel preston las más guapas de todas
sixtyeight Whiskey (4 years ago)
1:39 When he started talking about his "new album coming out" the interviewer should have said, "Who gives a shit?"
Carlos Pérez (5 years ago)
por favor --- alguien trata de meterse en mi cuenta --plis borrenlo
Hugo Paulsen F. (5 years ago)
🎅Carlos amigo ya no estás para trotar con mujeres menores de 70; ubícate Noé.
stubbi1001 (5 years ago)
Miss all the beautiful ladies as Lexi Belle, Daisy Marie, Sunny Leone, Tori
Caio Chrono (5 years ago)
3:01 omg is dave navarro
Patrick Bateman (5 years ago)
check nicole aniston bro !
Kevin A Halimawan (5 years ago)
i was imagining all these people come to the oscars
1DayVd (5 years ago)
daym yo shyla stylez is one fine ass bitch she gotta cold ass honkey
999alex9991 (6 years ago)
akizzz (6 years ago)
chanel preston is beautiful
sauce556 (6 years ago)
06:23 its the Bjork stalker
Nik Mawdsley (6 years ago)
Not that interested in the attention whores but angela black......yes please!!
Sexygirl1989 (6 years ago)
Chris Strokes is fucking sexy.
John Welsh (6 years ago)
Urgent, who is that in 6:00 ??? someone pls tell me
Lucasblake90 (6 years ago)
4:38. And they said Sarah Jessica Parker had an ugly face.
Luis RG (6 years ago)
Who's the white girl on the back with the black dress at 3:39??
GangGreen80 (6 years ago)
lol but i mean literally. who the fuck hits her kids?
Raj (6 years ago)
Wait. I changed my mind. Ava Devine was my 1st pornstar, then Daphne Rosen, then Shyla Stylez, and then Holly.
Raj (6 years ago)
Well... she could've beat me off.
GangGreen80 (6 years ago)
yea apprently. im a huge fan and all until i found out she was arrested for beating her kids
Raj (6 years ago)
I came here to see Holly and Shyla.
Raj (6 years ago)
What!!!!! Really??? She was my 1st pornstar : (
GangGreen80 (6 years ago)
holly hlaston retired :(
TimeSpex (6 years ago)
Lol everyone hates Dave Navarro.
Matthew Edwards (6 years ago)
ha...Dave Navarro 3:01
mrgoodf50 (6 years ago)
guys is that hottie shemale baily jay with light purple dress alone ?? on 11:50
anonymousQ45 (6 years ago)
but its a guy dude 0_0
Arslan Baig (6 years ago)
hahahahhahhaahahah she is Out of the wOrld lOLZ totally disgrace, insane, pathetic, ridicoulous, bastard! i've ever seen!
Arslan Baig (6 years ago)
she is kagney linn karter Yummmmmy!
sahil arora (6 years ago)
00:58 shyla styles 3
Hector Augusto (6 years ago)
3:01 that guy looks familiar...
bananaempijama (6 years ago)
joanna angel...cute girl
julian thomas (7 years ago)
06:03 who that chick o_o?
anonymousQ45 (7 years ago)
wtf is that think at 6:32?? is that a smurf? a mermaid? a fcking smurfmaid!
Juan L (7 years ago)
@dinaztiasamurai she is Deauxma
Salvatore RS (7 years ago)
11:14 britney beth ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Salvatore RS (7 years ago)
11:14 britny beth ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Dieter Müller (7 years ago)
05'08 weather girls
John M (7 years ago)
Very well done! The interviews were amusing, professionally conducted and - most importantly - entertaining. Props to Miss Black and Stripped Down TV. :)
dinaztiasamurai (7 years ago)
quien es esa porn star que sale en el minuto 5:59 me podria decir alguien
padard (7 years ago)
"these professional fuckers are really nice" lmao
Dennis Petrone (8 years ago)
You're a very hot toddy, Ms Black.

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