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6 Popular Fashion Trends That Need To STOP!

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Text Comments (3223)
AlcoholicDysonSphere (13 hours ago)
LaineStunts (19 hours ago)
LaineStunts (19 hours ago)
*Begone THOT*
MYNERDTIME (1 day ago)
Im seeing overalls for both men and women making a comeback and that needs to stop
Wearing a xxl t shirt with a cut skinny jeans
Mehran Moradi (1 day ago)
omg😂 ..5:35... i love you alpha
Jacob Farrell (1 day ago)
ELK (1 day ago)
I'm still good on actual shorts. I don't see what the big fucking deal is with swim shorts and shorts actually being shorts. You don't see any Navy SEAL's kicking ass wearing those girl pants shorts that go down to your knees. What I think is absolutely stupid is guys wearing earrings and tattoos. Oh, and strange hair colors.
GAMEOSTs (1 day ago)
What about torn jeans?
Jatin Chugani (2 days ago)
hey alpha r folding the bottom of your pants to a sleeve so it looks fashionable+ you have to cover up to your height to fold it is s because option or to cut it I see all the people folding I some how have started to like it what do you say?
Slick Trainwrek (2 days ago)
When it comes to cuffing pants does that include the whole rockabilly style
gamesting diacrane (2 days ago)
If superior audio quality isn't stylish I don't want to be -an audio technician
Duh Duck (3 days ago)
4:42 were the ad ends your welcome
Phill Red (4 days ago)
Those shorts are really bad...
Ender Wiggin (4 days ago)
Only Jerry Seinfeld can pull off wearing sneakers with everything 😆
Rasmus H (5 days ago)
2:18 now tell me if this looks alpha to you
Unlucky Me (5 days ago)
i wear my headphones while working out but I work ot at home (I watch Alpha M videos while working out)
Rasmus H (5 days ago)
Am I the only one who can't roll my fucking pants up my ankle because I find it feminine?
Butter Bubble (6 days ago)
Oh shit that tight roll is actually very clever I’m gonna try it some time
z eats (6 days ago)
i agree to evrything u said xcpt dat 1.....BOOTS....i love boots....nd i own lyk 5 of them....bt the one that u featured in the video....the one from THURSDAY'S....I HATE THAT DESIGN.....love the shoes though....nd. i kno sum of u might say HATE is a very heavy word....bt belive me....i dont like them..... not even a lousy bit.....i am a man who loves his shoes.....bruges, oxfords nd Chelsea boots r my favourites....but the boot that i love the most....nd i own the most are hightop leather boots....or as some of u might say riding boots.....pair a brown or tan coloured boots with a pair of narrow denims....nd u cn never go wrong....
Richard Medina (6 days ago)
Flamingos shorts
Third Street Saints (6 days ago)
all kind of pompadours and manbuns.
Chan Hx (7 days ago)
#7 Musicaly
TheBanjoShow (7 days ago)
i died at 5:34
Jesus Alvarez (8 days ago)
Alpha I love fitted jeans but I can’t stand those tight ass men’s jeans that make them look like a chick!im concerned Men’s clothings are trying to imitate those of women lately ?!
Vasil Kostov (8 days ago)
get a real job vain alpha girl
IMEW (1 day ago)
Vasil Kostov He has a “real” job. His full time job is Pete and Pedro. And how is YouTube not a real job? He gets payed for doing videos. I don’t get how that isn’t a job.
Peder (8 days ago)
Just stfu Mr. Alpha, because you look like a gay guy and talks like a teen girl. Suck on that. You know you want too. Btw. how can you have 4,2 mill subs. 4,2 gay guys apparently.
Peder (1 day ago)
But btw. 4,2 million is the proper writing here in Europe. It only you ameritards who uses dots for decimals. So stfu.
Peder (1 day ago)
Honestly, my comment was a mistake. I saw the channel name and thought he was a douchebag, but after watching some of the videos i see its a pretty good channel and actually im subbed to it now.
IMEW (1 day ago)
Peder He has *4.2M subs, not 4,2 million subs. Why? Because 4.2M people subscribed to him. Why are you so triggered? I’m guessing because you are insecure about yourself, and you think making fun of someone who is way more successful then you ever will be, is going to make yourself feel better when it only makes you look worse. But seriously, you edited your comment yet you still have incorrect grammar and wrote “4,2M” which doesn’t make sense. If you are going to make fun of someone, at least know how to write proper English.
Oxford Eight (8 days ago)
European's Rock the 5 inch shorts stops your bag from sweating.. no powder needed... just lettin them breathe baby...girls and shorts skirts..ehhhhh AM I RIGHT? :)
skinny jeans should die, straight leg always
music_lyrics (8 days ago)
Socks and sandals
Veljko Grujic (8 days ago)
Im using that headphones judt for walk and travelling ti the school thats all.. Is that ok?
Brad.johnson23 (9 days ago)
Designer wear like Gucci, LV, and supreme need to die out. They don’t look good
Will West (9 days ago)
The funny thing is when I was a kid we rolled our pants just like that I feel like I live in the twilight zone I feel like everyone has lost there minds
Strayed DM (9 days ago)
*i mean chukka boots were worn in the desert in ww2 so yeah summer seems about right*
PiPArtemis (9 days ago)
In my humble opinion, after listening to your episode (with big headphones coincidentally) you need some acoustic treatment in your recording room. Tons of echo, bro how do you not hear that while editing?
IMEW (1 day ago)
PiPArtemis Yeah. I think he should invest in a better microphone, just so there is not as much of an echo.
Mike Malinsky (9 days ago)
i hate it when people wear a brand pouch across their chest... like wtf is this crap...
Tolis V (9 days ago)
Socks with summer slippers or flip flops, or sandals is by far the worst trend on this planet!!!!
sydneymack mack (9 days ago)
Overly ripped jeans
brian miller (10 days ago)
Those boots look like shit. Just saying man.
Gabriel Watson (10 days ago)
people who over use words like low key, or lit. this trend needs to stop.
Superman09400 (11 days ago)
The thing for me about shorts is that they need to be knee length or a bit lower
Nick (11 days ago)
# 7 Earrings on a grown man... sad! 😂
TheShop with Marcus (11 days ago)
good luck convincing a bunch of new yorkers not to wear timberland boots in the summer lol
Patrick Detuncq (12 days ago)
I work up a sweat in my headset when I'm playing fortnite, especially in that top 2 situation
Derek Comingo (12 days ago)
we did that roll in the 90s then laughed about it in the 2000s now its back lol
Jake Harvey (12 days ago)
...those aren't boots.
Walter Sickinger (12 days ago)
MikeEnIke007 (13 days ago)
Any shorts above the knee needs to go 👎
Lee DuFour (13 days ago)
beanies in the summer time....
Bjorn Ironsides (14 days ago)
I wear $20 sony headphones at the gym.. they dont fall off. Screw what people think. And don't fold your pants..buy the right length.
Mike SpaRtan (14 days ago)
well i waer the BOSE QC 35 II in the gym, cause they have the best noise canceling, and i don´t wan´t anyone to talk to me in the gym, i just wanna bang some good music with quality sound,.
Mark Arness (14 days ago)
Add some safety pins to that roll and you can take me right back to the 80s!
Huge ACK Man (15 days ago)
Men who wear flip flops. Men shouldn't wear womens footwear. At all!
IMEW (1 day ago)
Huge ACK Man Flip flops? Those are great on Men!
Adam Friday (15 days ago)
My last name is Friday, so if I buy some Thursdays does that make them Fridays?
bschak (15 days ago)
High waters.
ProJ滔哥 (15 days ago)
sandals with socks , fuck no
MrRicard1325 (15 days ago)
Fuck your commercials. I used to watch your videos as I really liked them, but now, fuck it.
Joe Cazares (16 days ago)
Hey, how can you style techwear?
Gabe Prefontaine (17 days ago)
Shorts with dress shoes, agreed as long as "dress shoes" does not encompass loafers. Loafers are casual af. Don't diss the 5" inseams. Sorry you don't have legs worth showing off. While there are settings where shorts would not be appropriate, those would include all shorts.
xam wuz here (18 days ago)
I try not to have my headphones on when in public because I think that I look like a spaz walking with em on my neck or head
Wayne Sowerby (18 days ago)
I double tap the advertising as well, he's becoming a sponsorship clone.
Sulaiman Jk (18 days ago)
Alpha you are the best
Jonathan Wettig (18 days ago)
Top button on colored shirts buttoned up in my opinion needs to to stop being used unless a a tie or bow tie is involved with the shirt if not don’t button your shirt all the way up
Danny Boi (19 days ago)
“LIKE, WHAT THE F***????!!!!!!!” 😂
Danny Boi (19 days ago)
5:34 “SERIOUSLY????!!!!!!! WHAT THE F***????!!!!!” 😂
Gavon Marlow (19 days ago)
I like the big headphones, not a fan of grown men wearing earings, plus those headphones ARE great for excercise I didnt mean that alpha, i love you and your earings, but i also lovs those headphones
Nate Baumgartner (19 days ago)
Yeah Alpha! Short dudes unite!
The Royal Monarchy (19 days ago)
Lol headphones... Some people are used to it but some of us in this world have interests in sometimes earbuds and headphones. Not trying to put up a big deal or anything to start a debate but GET OVER IT....
Trenton Frost (19 days ago)
*Wears gay earrings, ring on the right hand*
Cam Stanley (19 days ago)
Girls with jeans that r ripped too much and look like fishnets, it looks so stupid
Souhail ft (19 days ago)
sandals with socks 😲😲
Aumanjoy (19 days ago)
In my humble opinion, OPINION, I think super tight collared shirts that are completely undone make you look like a complete douche.
Krishnavamsi (20 days ago)
Why are people in the comments crying about headphones? Aaron said "Headphones as an accessory" not headphones as a functioning tool. He means if you're wearing headphones for style, you need to fucking stop.
Matthew blok (20 days ago)
No more guys with ear rings
bob marley (20 days ago)
Tiege Hanley must stop, the women don't want us clean and clear men anymore
Blake Kogut (20 days ago)
Jene shorts
Jan Ulmann (20 days ago)
Can you stop screaming? We can hear you very clear. Thank you
Du rags and hair isn’t meant to get waves
Fredrik Hedberg (23 days ago)
U a douche
Jonas Duchmann (23 days ago)
i watch your videos since 3 years, they helped me out a lot and even if i think i dont need help from you anymore your videos are still fun to watch. BUT a 7 min video with 3 min ads inside you cant skip? seriously? this makes you look like you trying too hard, i mean its not even hidden... "you cant rock sneakers anytime. CHECK OUT THIS SHOP..." its just too much
a y a n a m i (23 days ago)
When you're still wearing black skinny jeans, band t-shirts, converse and have sweeped hair 0.0
miss 4nna (23 days ago)
I love da way he talks
Victor (24 days ago)
It sounds like you're trying to take over the fashion world with your style...
Aditya Udhani (24 days ago)
Car salesman 😂
Merari Carbajal (24 days ago)
Number six the men wearing earings
SRAVAN S (25 days ago)
uhhh !! What about guys who think anything + sport shoes = AWSM!
bastrie kolisnimat (25 days ago)
Stop with your cancer ads that take too fucking long
ChosenofThor (25 days ago)
Sagging pants! Stop. Just stop...
Haydar ghazi (25 days ago)
But I can't workout without headphones,it's like a booster
BaseGodKel (25 days ago)
Never mind what he says, it’s not about what you wear it’s about how u wear it
Reggie Smith (25 days ago)
Wear a suit with some retros I hate seeing that shit
im a creature 16 (25 days ago)
What if a guy is carrying his headphones around his neck like he is gonna use them??
Gavin Park (25 days ago)
The one trend today that I hate the most is, the kids who wear the Michael Jordan shorts and the really expensive shoes and the basketball camp shirts literally every day. And I also hate the kids who wear the black DC shoes and the cargo shorts and the monster energy shirts and the flat bill hats.
TheOtherPD (25 days ago)
Alpha, where'd you buy your shirt? Goodness, it is SO DOPE!
John Bayani (26 days ago)
Rupped jeans dont get them
matt pitcher (26 days ago)
5 inch inseam is stylish, much better than 7 inch capris
Wesley Hudson (26 days ago)
Wearing fleece jackets instead of blazers/ suit jackets. Even with button downs and a tie. I had a teacher do this!
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The Spider (26 days ago)
I hate how half the video is just a advertisement.
Darren Aquilina (26 days ago)
Gold teeth lol its getting popular..!!

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