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we broke up

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Sorry we didn't let you know sooner... we wanted to be comfortable talking about it :) All is good tho.. Ill be back to putting snakes on liza as soon as I can find a cobra! Love yalll Subscribe to My favorite Ex- Girlfriend Liza: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxSz6JVYmzVhtkraHWZC7HQ BUY TICKETS TO OUR SUMMER TOUR HERE: http://viewstour.com/ CHECKOUT OUR PODCAST WHERE WE TALK ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/views-with-david-dobrik-and-jason-nash/id1236778275?mt=2 ALL DAVID DOBRIK CLOTHES 15% OFF HERE: https://fanjoy.co/collections/david-dobrik ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT TO KEEP UP WITH OUR VEGAS TRIP: @Daviddobrik WATCH MY NEW HOUSE TOUR HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4yECzFCdZk&t=26s Comment how much you love our bunny if you read this!! ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT TO BE INVITED TO OUR HOUSE NEXT: @DavidDobrik Thanks for watching :) Throww it a like if you like throwing stuff! Turn my notifications on these to be the next shoutout!! Twitter: @DavidDobrik Instagram: @DavidDobrik Snapchat: @DavidDobrik Vine: @DavidDobrik Musically: @DavidDobrik Business email: [email protected] Other people in the video: Liza- Twitter; @lizakoshy Instagram; @lizakoshy Snapchat; @lizakoshysnaps Alex Ernst- Twitter; @AlexErnst Instagram; @Ernst Snapchat; @AlexErnst Jason Nash- Twitter and Instagram; @JasonNash Josh Peck- Instagram: @shuapeck Twitter: @Itsjoshpeck Snapchat: @joshuapeck Scottysire- Twitter; @imnotscottysire Instagram; @VanillaDingDong Toddysmith- Twitter; @todderic_ Instagram; @todderic_ Zane- Twitter; @Zane Instagram; @Zane Snapchat; @ZaneHijazi Dom: Instagram/Twitter: @DomZeglaitis The Gabbie Show- Twitter; @TheGabbieShow Instagram; @TheGabbieShow Snapchat; @TheGabbieShow Corinna- Snapchat/Twitter/Instagram: @CorinnaKopf Bignik- Twitter: @BigNik Instagram: @RealBigNik Snapchat; @BignikVine Heath- Twitter; @HeathHussar Instagram; @HeathHussar Snapchat; @HeathHussar Seth - @sethfrancois Jonah Hill- Insta: @nickantonyan Brandon Calvillo- Twitter; @BJCalvillo Instagram; @BJCalvillo Snapchat; @BJCalvillo Matt King - Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat: @MattRKing Carly incontro- Twitter/Instagram: @CarlyIncontro Erin Gilfoy- Twitter and Instagram: goddess_eriu Snapchat: erin_gilfoy Jack Dytrych: Twitter: @BigJuicyJack Instagram: jdytrych22 Cailee: Twitter/Instagram: @CaileeRaeMusic Lindsey: @lindseygroll Julia Abner- Instagram; @JuliaAbner Elton Castee- Twitter; @EltonCastee, Instagram; @EltonCastee Meghan McCarthy- Twitter: @MeghanWMcCarthy Jcyrus snapchat: @Jcyrusvine .
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Text Comments (367860)
Brizi Saul Camacho (12 minutes ago)
Love you guys we are here
Sophia Chan (22 minutes ago)
i watched this when it came out, and im watching it now and IM BAWLING AGH I SO SAD NOW
Noy Shpiglus (34 minutes ago)
The best ever couple broke up, wholl Lizza call daddy now? imagine i said that 6 months ago.
Rogelio B2727 (47 minutes ago)
Hipolito Salvador (56 minutes ago)
I been their to cuz i love a boy and we love eachother and it sad.
Danaya Tate (1 hour ago)
Cassidyokay (1 hour ago)
I think we ALL broke up
Lesly Sanchez (1 hour ago)
Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 *Runs away*
Adella (1 hour ago)
why am i bk here cryingg
Paola Perez (3 hours ago)
i still don't have the will to watch this video
TREK (3 hours ago)
Now david is gonna be watching lots of porn
Saulė Tvardauskaitė (3 hours ago)
why ;-;
_johny_ Hhah (3 hours ago)
this is the saddest video e v e r
JijitzueHD , (3 hours ago)
I don’t know if I should like this video or dislike it
spidergirl patch (3 hours ago)
You had me cry
Kendylle Jenkins (3 hours ago)
Liza and David did u see Zane’s video of hidaya said 😂😭😭
Lila Philpot (3 hours ago)
I've seen this so many times and I still get really sad 😭
sassy broccoli (4 hours ago)
Its been 5 months later but i still cry everytime i watch this
shook lizard (4 hours ago)
What mascara is she using it did not smudge once
The Gal (4 hours ago)
chrissy brl (4 hours ago)
chrissy brl (4 hours ago)
Famous Kitten Swirl (4 hours ago)
NOOOOO!!!!!!!!! 👀
Famous Kitten Swirl (4 hours ago)
EDIT: I'll miss those two being together......
driona sadikaj (5 hours ago)
Still watching this and hoping they get back together! I miss them😢😢❤❤❤
about Rianne (5 hours ago)
who is watching this in november and still crying af😢
LPS Pop (5 hours ago)
I WAS CRYING AND Laughing at bthe same timeeeeeee
Phoebe Hunter (5 hours ago)
and here we have my cause of death...
Mahak Sharifi (5 hours ago)
And i’m crying again
Julie vH (6 hours ago)
Still coming back to read in the description “sike we were together all that time”
Кто из России? 😭😓😰
Howard Rivera (6 hours ago)
Who’s still crying?
Abby Georgia (7 hours ago)
I’m watching this video at 12am after watching all the cute compilations of them and I’m literally crying
Emma and Ethan (7 hours ago)
Nina D (8 hours ago)
I’m still heartbroken at this 😭
Baka Doggie (8 hours ago)
I kept seeing this video to make sure it is real or not ... but now .. I cried for that 😭
Austine Dustine (8 hours ago)
Why whyyyy huhu
ha comedy (9 hours ago)
currently crying at 4 am even tho this happened months ago 🥵
Swish Bish769 (9 hours ago)
I knew they broke up but I still watched it again 5 months later!😭
Rosymar Marquez (10 hours ago)
Noooo rip Liza Dobrik 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 NOOOOOO Nooooooo NOOOOOOO nooo nooo noooooooo NOOOoOOOoOoooOOooOooooOooOOOOOooooOooOOooOooooO
Grace Parker (10 hours ago)
I really want David to make here here watch this now and then give her mannoyoise
Grace Parker (10 hours ago)
Omg can y'all just get back together pleaseeee
Bay Peppard (11 hours ago)
Click on this.... 5:50 5:50 5:50 5:50 5:50 5:50 5:50 5:50
Bay Peppard (11 hours ago)
Kerry Currey (11 hours ago)
Aziza Martin (11 hours ago)
If Liza/David find someone else, we will definitely destroy them!!!!🙌😂 Jk. Although I love them and it would suck for them to find other people, I would be respectful of that. 😁 I hope they get back together again. 😭
Shawn Fernandes (12 hours ago)
No ad??? Did anyone get a ad?
CONTINUISM (13 hours ago)
You guys are so mature. I love how you both agree on whats happened and respect each other's decisions. I honestly really look up to you guys. I want a relationship like yours. Its so understanding and ugh idk how to describe it. You have a relationship that is on such a deep and personal level. Whether it's friends or dating its so real and trusting and loving. I want a relationship ship like yours.you're in my prayers and in my mind. No matter what happens i hope you both end up happy. You guys deserve it.❤❤❤❤❤❤
SilverRose productions (13 hours ago)
How are they soooooo adorable still in their break up video? I don't wanna force anything on them but they should get back together. Totally.
Sanchia XO (13 hours ago)
This is for the two best moments of this video 5:50 4:25 I wish they can get back together they were always the cutest couple in my life besides my sister and her bf
Jayden Bleich (13 hours ago)
1 Like = 1 Big Bottle Of Mayonnaise For Liza 💔
olivia lopez (13 hours ago)
i j realized that when she said “he’s my rock” SJE HELD UP HER PEBBLE RING ASKJSKWW
DJLex (13 hours ago)
Why couldn't this be clickbait??!!?
gabriella angelina (14 hours ago)
The i love you and the kiss at the end :(
Lexi Hil (14 hours ago)
David crying just shattered my heart
Ella Mia (14 hours ago)
this is so well done ly guys
Kasia Cosmetics (14 hours ago)
I really thought they were gonna get married.
Sydney Williams (14 hours ago)
Will you ever think you'll get back together
Averi Ryan (15 hours ago)
ok this was probly supposed to be sad but it was kinda funny because you were having fun which is weird but i like weird
Jane’s World (15 hours ago)
I cried sooo much
HeyItzNay Nay (16 hours ago)
I legit started crying...😭😭😭😭
HeyItzNay Nay (16 hours ago)
I REALLY wish this wasn’t real and it was all a joke but it’s not...
HeyItzNay Nay (16 hours ago)
I wanna be supportive but I’m am just so sad and mad but I still love them together or separate I will always love “Diza”...😭
Anthony Marti (16 hours ago)
Finally a video Where David TRULY gets HURT
Greek_Fire (16 hours ago)
The first time I didn’t have the courage to finish the video so I’m back for a second round
Amelia Chan (16 hours ago)
45mil views and only 9.5 subs WOTTT
nightmare king (16 hours ago)
3:12 <3
Denis DailyFan (16 hours ago)
The ending, I love you, I'm not crying you are
Wøłf Wøøf (16 hours ago)
Me : • Checking to see if this was posted on April 1 st • T^T
Gia Valentine (17 hours ago)
Omg they are going to get married in the future but for know they are apart 😭😭 I’m crying 😭
BlueTiger Star (17 hours ago)
I thought this was fake at first my mind:This isn't real they try in to fool us 😭 (I may have cried to be real I don't remember XD)
Emily T (17 hours ago)
Awww they are so cute in this video!!! I hope they release a video that says this is a prank 😭😭😭
Sophia Martinez (18 hours ago)
why is Liza me
Alex Gacha Studios (18 hours ago)
It has almost been a year 😭
a.c._08 ?? (18 hours ago)
*if i had a dime for every time i watched this video...*
Harper XOX (18 hours ago)
Watching this video makes me still wanna cry and I do every time I watch this video
Toni Donn (18 hours ago)
I've watched this so many times and it still makes me burst into tears... DAVID GO GET THE MAYONNAISE AND GET THE GIRL💙💙
Bi Tea (18 hours ago)
patiently waiting for "we are together again" video
Did she have any abuse? Or does she just have depression caused by a person?
Anon ymous (18 hours ago)
The one video that I wanted to be clickbait 😭
Anisa Allamyar (19 hours ago)
R u guys back together yet
Hailey Coleman (19 hours ago)
Y isnt this click bait????
Evelyn Pichardo (19 hours ago)
Wow he probably got a lot of money out of this video.🙂
Xoxo. Cecilia (19 hours ago)
the video that changed the internet forever
Adez Bello (20 hours ago)
HE USED THE SAME SONG THEY USED FOR THEIR FIRST TIME KISSING ON CAMERA😭😭😭😭😭 I’m not crying..... the tears are just coming out of my eyes😭😭😭😭
Ange Blake (20 hours ago)
Its gonna be a year since they broke up :(
Brianna McClung (20 hours ago)
Rewatching this broke my heart again
Ale 80462 (20 hours ago)
It’s almost going to be a year since they broke up 🤯😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🧡
Yvette Sanchez (20 hours ago)
10 days after this video came out my bf broke up with me.... love that for me
Simply Ccxx (20 hours ago)
I’m laughing crying and getting my mayonnaise
Bacon Beast (20 hours ago)
When are you going to get back together
Ariana Duncan (20 hours ago)
I did not know this was real I thought this was click bait
Kelsey's Life (20 hours ago)
Get back together!!!
카덴Kaden (20 hours ago)
Seeing Liza crying is making me cry 😭💔 I’m still not over the breakup
카덴Kaden (20 hours ago)
Caylee Kiewiet (21 hours ago)
COME BACK.. please you guys were the cutest couple i have ever seen. please come back
Elina Roze (21 hours ago)
You made me cry ah 😭 tears
Mhill 808 (21 hours ago)
My friend was crying
Tinylol101 (21 hours ago)
The only time I ever really want click bait
Teag Frank (21 hours ago)
I'm 25 and just broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years, but we're still going to try to remain best friends. I now resonate with this on such a different level.
Angela Sa (21 hours ago)
Who is watching this still wishing it was clikcbait 😭😭

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