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10 BIGGEST Style Mistakes MOST Young Men Make!

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Text Comments (2325)
Meyshan daya (1 hour ago)
you are amazing alpha thanks for videos like this keep uploading more content you are the best
adnane baghough (4 days ago)
Hes a true alpha male....everyone else is beta
Colton Brown (5 days ago)
Boi your like 40 years old
Nova (6 days ago)
Never thought I would see an alpha m video without a promotion
Chris (9 days ago)
Trendy stuff usually look trash
Marshall Waters (10 days ago)
10th most important! Dress up!
Ian Worley (10 days ago)
I agree with you on being cheap alpha I've normally gotten my clothes at places like Platos closet and old navy
BILLONY S (12 days ago)
3:06 NO FUCK YOU!!!
Kidd Jones1 (12 days ago)
I wish you were my dad😔
DaBig_Fella (14 days ago)
Theres nothing wrong with ripples at the bottom of jeans
Mohit Kumar (14 days ago)
Watch from0:20 😂
Hola Avelardo (14 days ago)
Shit got so real so quick
Ayako Hoki (15 days ago)
Love u daddy
Nathaniel Fowler (16 days ago)
I know a tone of kids whome are just plain jerks.
Taysshan Gunalan (16 days ago)
😂 shattap 😂😂😂
rafu jefu (19 days ago)
I don't think a modern day gay greaser pirate chick dude thingy idk should be really mocking our taste of clothing. Not everyone are gonna dress up the way you want. Grandpa.
Skrr God (20 days ago)
I never went after trends and I am so proud of that.
MrUnlimitedTorque (21 days ago)
"I'm a gentleman, so I gotta pay" Still appropriate?
Is it possible to gain fashion sense? I've never really had good fashion sense, though I tend to get lots of compliments when I do get dressed up so I know something's there.
Jim Judson (23 days ago)
darking ink (23 days ago)
im 14 and no ufense to my dad but you are the coolest and smartes guy "i know"
Rushmoore Reed (23 days ago)
Jacob Smith (24 days ago)
People litteraly take that mick out of me wearing boots 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Vincent Valadez (25 days ago)
Hey Alpha, all I do is take your advice when it comes to fashion and I'll admit it... I get tons of complements everyday, and some from my girlfriend 😉 thx for the help!
Daniel Gomez (27 days ago)
Thrift stores, sorry alpha but i'm gonna have to pass on that one. maybe tj maxx
Joseph Pernetti (28 days ago)
I’m the slightly more wealthy better looking more muscular friend in my group and in that I mean I’m a super model compared to my friends
Giant Z (29 days ago)
All my friends watch alpha m so I still end up dressing like them
Sarah Schultz (29 days ago)
God I couldn't agree more about the black button downs and ties. Especially cherry red ties... yikes.
Crazy Lighthouse (1 month ago)
Good speech Alpaham that made me happy man
I 'm a girl and I just subscribed😃!!!
Gayle Barron (1 month ago)
I wish we had these really cool thrift stores everyone who’s American(?) or whatever talks about.
Gayle Barron (1 month ago)
Mistake number one: wearing a leather jacket for no reason other than style in a yt video.
Blessing T.M (1 month ago)
Please make a video about saving money because I am having trouble saving
Jums (1 month ago)
good will . 😉
Sir Garry (1 month ago)
Why is he still wearing a leather jacket?
Music beats X BeLit (1 month ago)
I wish this guy was my dad 🤙👍🤙👍
brandon wayne (1 month ago)
Could you do a video for the young about homecoming suit style tips?
Maverick Widener (1 month ago)
6:20 to the end is actually great
The Maroon (1 month ago)
Hair’s lookin flat
Bob Butts (1 month ago)
how am i supposed to look like i'm in a pop punk band without my black shirt and red tie?
StrasbergProtégé (1 month ago)
+Bob Butts Not on a regular guy. Billie Joe Armstrong and Marilyn Monroes can get away with such stuff because they're famous rock stars whose image and personality are well-known to the entire world
Bob Butts (1 month ago)
+StrasbergProtégé sooooo, are you saying that black nail polish, straightened hair, and mascara are also not okay?
StrasbergProtégé (1 month ago)
Unless you actually are in a pop punk band and are famous worldwide, you will just look like a dork
Jonas Vevle (1 month ago)
Me and my friends do parkour so we nerd the same shoes
S1MPLE (1 month ago)
I'm german. What is a thrift store? ^^
Oreo ! (1 month ago)
Used items people sell.
Matthiasrzzz • (1 month ago)
Does this count to 12 year olds
Oreo ! (1 month ago)
Yeah, that works up your way as you get older as a teen.
Eins. Wanderer (1 month ago)
But what if the pants are too short ?
jonah hanes (1 month ago)
Grumpy Monk (1 month ago)
I dress the complete opposite to my friends lol
Ryan04 (1 month ago)
I spend a lot of money but not my parents
Jacob Chat (1 month ago)
Thank you! Somebody else hates the black shirt and colored tie combo! Every dickhead I saw pictures of from my high school dances wore a black shirt and red or burgundy tie, and I just wanted to strangle them with it
Padawan Padawan (1 month ago)
Always looking for that deal. Hit your nearest outlet mall. Make sure they don’t manufacture items just for outlet. Make sure they are things they couldn’t sell in retail stores. For example Banana republic outlet makes clothes specifically for the outlet. It is not overhead that they are trying to sell from retail. Other stores are known for this. Quality is definitely not the same. Also hit up sample sales & factory sales. I live in the NYC area & every year I go the Schott NYC factory sale. Schott makes awesome classic leather jackets made in USA. U have to wake up & get on line around 5am but it’s worth it. The sale is only 4 hours long & it’s a madhouse but they deals are incredible. There is a $50 & under room so you can get some great gear that costs anywhere in the triple digits. Last time my sister picked up an $800 jacket for $80. I also hit the annual Viberg sample sale. $600 boots & shoes go down to $300 on first day of sale & are around $100 on last day. You’d be surprised the things I’ve purchased & didn’t have to break the bank but you gotta put in the work. That means waiting for hours on line but as The old adage goes “No Journey is too great when one finds what one seeks.”
Hippie Hobo (1 month ago)
When you mentioned the discounts and the coupon thing, I did that exact thing! I'm a 15 year old teen and I bought a suit that was almost 300 bucks for less than $100! I also bought two vests recently for about $100 (originally priced at $200 a piece). All I had to do was sign up for an email service. SAVE MONEY GUYS!
El Jay Perez (1 month ago)
3:02 😂 his voice changed
Nice Meme (1 month ago)
These hype boys who look all the same get nothing! Me and my fly buttonups are getting all the pussy
Nik Man (1 month ago)
Says a midget with ridiculous earings
Carson Greer (1 month ago)
When guys dress the exact same, they frat boys. Guys, don’t be a frat boy with vineyard vine and patigonia or whatever. That’s the worst
Kidd marz (2 months ago)
I dont think any guys match on purpose
Six O'Clock (2 months ago)
This guy is way less of a douche than basedZeus
Fergus Lyons (2 months ago)
jonathan paffhausen (2 months ago)
I respect you as a man. I respect you as a fashion and male self respect icon. But do not disrespect my boy Billie Joe's clothing choices
Manish Dwivedi (2 months ago)
Closing lines...wonderful and very true
Pathikrit Mukherjee (2 months ago)
Haay dad
Juan Lok (2 months ago)
( unrelated ) but god damn those tik tok adds annoying
FMJ Squirrel (2 months ago)
I basically live off Khol’s. In the mall in my area I always shop in khols like normally, and then I’ll walk by rue 21 and AE seeing packs of people that look clones like Alpha said lol
Timothy Forster (2 months ago)
What's the jacket you are wearing and where can I buy it?
C.O.D zombies (2 months ago)
Thanks alpha m that makes me feel really good because I get bullied or being fat and looking dumb
Dude! THANK YOU!!!! I'm 18, but even when I was younger I knew that thrift stores and clearance sections were better than buying super expensive clothes just because of some Nike swish or something on the shirt.
Kaeden Alexander (2 months ago)
Alpha fucking believes in me more than my own dad ever will :’))
Momo Lame (2 months ago)
I love that last statement about being a douche I was 22 when a "friend" tried to put me down to look good to a girl. That's b s and I called him on it, but to be honest I think I did him a favor because the girl was 15.
Alafairy Aramoira (2 months ago)
Hey I know my closet well I lived in it for 15 years
Firefoxx Paradise (2 months ago)
am i the only one who noticed he has some brownish spot on his left eye?
west gaming (2 months ago)
I’m gonna fuck all of thoose spicy senoiritas
Midas van der Toorn (2 months ago)
I still like designer/streetwere clothing
Amandeep Singh (2 months ago)
i watch his videos just for fun his action and gesture amzing ... superman
Anthony Ambruosi (2 months ago)
Patrick Dempsey
Abram Patrick Abesamis (2 months ago)
I wish this guy is my dad, and TMF is my brother.
joe shmoe (2 months ago)
I don't do any of these and I'm a teen not to mention I'm cheap as hell, I usually like to wear flannels with an undershirt with the sleeves rolled up, a nice pair of comfortable jeans and shoes, some cologne and a watch, and my glasses to give off I'm smart vibes lmao
Random kat (2 months ago)
Found a full tux at goodwill for $20
Podgester (2 months ago)
Is there a British version of this guy because all British fashion is trackies, and Nike.
Dwelling Dreams (2 months ago)
Hey alpha where can I buy your leather jacket?
Lynn Rojas (2 months ago)
“Little clones” 😂
Jordan Joseph (2 months ago)
The last part touched me. This guy is an inspiration, definite 💖
Gandalf (2 months ago)
Why is there an old man telling me how to dress?
Chris Taylor (2 months ago)
what a legend.yeah he sells a product every episode. but what a babe
James Mata (2 months ago)
Damn I guess I've always been stylish
Pookie Plays (2 months ago)
1:06 his voice tho
hesinalno (2 months ago)
3:09 i'm teen and i hate who does sometimes i doubt l'm not a teenager
Julian Buchanan (2 months ago)
besides the tie I do all these things i must doing it right.... your so great for advise seriously!!!
Cody Sapp (2 months ago)
😂😂 wtf am I talking about
Cody Sapp (2 months ago)
Ross is good I just started going it’s alright
But alpha imma teen we dont have hsjsuwnmausuwhwba SHUT UP! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA xDD
Sooperdood12 (2 months ago)
why the gosh dang heck is this in my reccomended
Eazy M (2 months ago)
-{red} lemon- (2 months ago)
Lol "what the fuck am i talking about"
Galaxy Guy (2 months ago)
Pants that are long look cool.
Red shift (2 months ago)
The thing about this video is i wear nothing he mentioned in the video. My clothing every day: SKINNY BLACK JEANS, A T SHIRT AND A HOODIE(can be subbed for a button up short sleeve) AND CONVERSES
sebastian 66 (2 months ago)
I agree with #8 but do you know how hard it is to find 28/34 jeans
Yakub (2 months ago)
Yeezeys are horrible
Oxi Clean (2 months ago)
Why would anybody want yeezys
Stan Pines (15 days ago)
Because they're hella comfortable and you can resell them
Oxi Clean (2 months ago)
Why do you wear the same jacket in every video
remnant vanitas (2 months ago)
That black dress shirt and tie was probably inspired by green day possibly
TheBryanScout (2 months ago)
We all out here looking like Billie Joe Armstrong lol
Kim Jong Oink (2 months ago)
My man you do realize yeezys have been popular for multiple years now, I don’t think they’re going out of style any time soon

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