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SEALVER Wave Boat 656 - Winter 2017

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Wave Boat 656 ride in winter, bassin d'Arcachon, France. The Wave Boat is the unique boat propelled by a PWC. Made in France by Sealver, the Wave Boat 656 gets the best of your jetski and lets you share it with your friends and family. More info on www.sealver.com
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Wild Goose (2 years ago)
USA availability?
Joe Dirt (9 months ago)
I don’t know who is in charge of marketing with your company, but I recently inquired about the 656 Wave Cruiser with your US distributor, JMC Boats, and I was floored when he finally told me the price!!! $46K!! Are you seriously trying to sell your product because at that price point, you will have very minimal interest, if any at all!! I mean, a Yamaha AR240 jet boat with twin 1.8l motors, trailer and all is $50k, what makes you think one would spend $46K on your ski attachment, plus $15K or so on a ski?? I was interested up until this, not anymore! Good luck !!!!
Wild Goose (2 years ago)
sealverwaveboat I presently have a jet boat and jetski ski, but the jet boat is getting quite old. When it is time for a replacement if you do not have a US distributor, you will be hearing from me! There have been similar attempts here in the US in the past, but none as well executed.
sealverwaveboat (2 years ago)
Hi there! we are currently looking for distributors in North America so our products are not available in the US yet. By the way you can buy it directly from us and we'll ship it by container. For more information please send us an Email @ [email protected]
Daz PWC (2 years ago)
When are you going to sell in the US?

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