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Top 10 Reasons To Own A Personal Water Craft

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These are the indisputable top 10 reasons to own a personal water craft! Get a 3ftDeep shirt: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01E1M78NE/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B01E1M70W8&linkCode=as2&tag=3ftdeepsports-20&linkId=SBNFWUMBX75ZNUGH&th=1 Filmed with GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition and Hero 3+ Black Edition cameras in the great Pacific Northwest. Music: All Aboard by Silent Partner
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jason putney (1 month ago)
into xT % (3 months ago)
Look I don't get jetski to show off in front of girls when I'm working on the engine betcha those girls didn't even like you😒
into xT % (1 month ago)
+Natasha Sanderson ok he still said when your working on the engine you look cool for girls
Natasha Sanderson (1 month ago)
Those girls are Mario and Chris' DAUGHTERS who all have their boaters licenses and ride with them
I Am A Pineapple (6 months ago)
1 negative: repairs are going to be harder than on a standard boat. When we had our 2001 Yamaha's, i'd lock the fucking engine up just about every season and to repair 1 piston, its about $1000 (we bought them for $3000 and had put in about twice that much by the time we sold them), and not to mention that taking the engine apart had to be done in part by part, in order like a puzzle starting with the massive exhaust manifold that wrapped around the entire engine. Jet skis are amazing things to use... As long as you don't own it.
Jim P. (6 months ago)
Any sissy can ride a sit-down. Get on a standup. Then you ARE the man!
We had both of them growing up. The stand ups, you just end up riding around on your knees most of the time and we rode them with 2 or 3 people sometimes. The sit downs would have made more sense in hind sight.
3ftDeep (6 months ago)
No one's going to argue with you on that point. Sit downs sure are a lot more comfortable on >100 mile runs, though.
Drone Pilot Bob (7 months ago)
Your so true , we love our skies Just purchased a RXT-X- 300 SEA-DOO
Dittyman0 - (4 months ago)
Jon Singleton it’s smiles per gallon not miles per gallon
How's the gas per hour treating you?
3ftDeep (7 months ago)
Congrats! That's a beautiful machine. You may be able to find a service manual online, otherwise you'll need to buy one directly from Sea-Doo. Good luck.
Flawless Gaming (9 months ago)
This video is dumb...
B H (11 months ago)
No one thinks JetSki owners are rich. And most people hate anyone who owns one because most people who owns one acts like an idiot with no respect for others or the laws and annoys the shit out of everyone. It’s sad.
Lee Nix (1 month ago)
+Dylan Vanden Bosch Yes they act like idiots, Cut through no wake zones full throttle and don't look before they turn I have had to kill the throttle on my boat several times because they just don't look at cut right infront of you. I'm not saying other boats don't do the same thing because there is plenty of boats doing same thing but jet skis do it pretty much everytime you are at the lake.
Dylan Vanden Bosch (5 months ago)
People don't don't act like "idiots" on jet skis, they just have a lot of fun because they are so small and maneuverable. Jet skis are awesome, and you have to be fairly well off when it comes to money, because otherwise you can't justify owning one as they are purely made for fun. Plus you would probably want to live on a lake.
Ramiro Genoval (1 year ago)
Evan Perry (1 year ago)
what goggles are worn in the last one, number 1.?
3ftDeep (1 year ago)
Those are the infinitely-stylish Sea-Doo amphibious riding goggles.
Zachariah Pijanowski (1 year ago)
Did Chris get rid of his 2005 Sea-Doo gtx 185?
3ftDeep (1 year ago)
Yes, he also sold the RXP. Every time we sell a machine, I do a tribute video to that model.
Zachariah Pijanowski (1 year ago)
Sorry to keep asking questions, but, did Chris also get rid of his 2004 Sea-Doo RXP 215? The reason why I ask is because I have seen it in a lot of previous videos. Thanks!
3ftDeep (1 year ago)
Yes. He sold it when he bought his 2015 RXT-X 260.
ST Richards (1 year ago)
My #1 reason. Our PWC makes my teenage daughter smile that special "I'm so confident and cool" 1/2 grin and she says things like, "I totally nailed that wake!"
Dogman 734 (4 months ago)
ST Richar
Ryan Toomey (1 year ago)
Another one you forgot. They are smaller and lighter than a boat, so they are easier to tow, easier to trailer, and require less room for storage. You don't need a truck or a large vehicle to tow one like with a boat.
3ftDeep (1 year ago)
That was number 11. Thanks for your comment!
Axel St. (1 year ago)
atokz nenekz (1 year ago)
One reason to not own a jet ski (costly maintenance) I've counted how much money I paid in year it's about 6000-7000 thousand dollars
Victor Jönsson some time we change oil and filter in one month
Victor Jönsson Yamaha is better than seadoo with less maintenance but seadoo is better for jumping and playing
Victor Jönsson (1 month ago)
What skis are those? I have 340 hours on my Yamaha and I've only replaced a worn impeller. maybe 200 dollars per year including oil and filter each year.
Some time we rebuild the engine three times in one year
Brian Emery 128 hours , that mean your jet ski is still new , our jet skies are above 900 hours

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