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Top 10 Greatest Prison Escapes Part 2

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Top 10 Greatest Prison Escapes Part 2. There are too many daring escapes to be contained in just a single video. Watch and find out how these cunning criminals escaped their cells on most amazing top 10. MORE VIDEOS YOU MIGHT LIKE AS WELL: Top 10 Prison Escapes That Failed Horribly - http://bit.ly/2b1KkWq Top 10 Weirdest Things People Have Swallowed - http://bit.ly/2bhSux9 Top 10 Crazy Ways People Got Rich - http://bit.ly/2b1DnuA SUBSCRIBE TO MOSTAMAZINGTOP10- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBINYCmwE29fBXCpUI8DgTA FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook Fan Page- https://www.facebook.com/MostAmazingTop10Videos/ Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/_burkishdelight_/ Twitter- https://twitter.com/lurkeyburke VIDEO EDITED BY: Danica Oliva PRODUCED BY: Liam Collens POST PRODUCTION: Sasha Wood
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Text Comments (689)
Hellsungninja (7 days ago)
I See that tsm Shirt
Green (21 days ago)
5:30 Did anyone else realize that that’s officer jones from (police woman of Dallas)
Douglas Watts (1 month ago)
smak a holl in a wall
Grant Rissley (2 months ago)
Anything on hmp risley prison?
Donna Manning (3 months ago)
Danny, please tell Landon to slow down his narration and speak more clearly. It's a bit irritating.
Jack Embabway (3 months ago)
Tsm top
Alens Kūla Swift (7 months ago)
Who is watching this in 2018?
primobob games (8 months ago)
Ties Schoeman (10 months ago)
Im in a prison Its called life
Gacha Emerald (10 months ago)
Oh Belfast is in my country.
Gacha Emerald (10 months ago)
AK-47 are my favourite guns
sgt. marshmellow (11 months ago)
El chapo hired peaple to buy a property exactly 1 mile from the prison which they then dug into the prison. There a documentery on netflix
joshua lund (1 year ago)
What about Alcatraz?
Channart (1 year ago)
Sweat Mat
philip Mawas (1 year ago)
Where's shin dong hyuk
PeaceGirls10023 (1 year ago)
We want to know these so we can do them if we ever get put in prison. Am I right people 🤣🤣🤣
Unknown Me (1 year ago)
Who is watching in 2024 ???
Jason Wade (1 year ago)
what about the IRA members , who escaped from Mount joy Prison in Dublin , when their comrades hijacked a helicopter and successfully freed some of the men a couple of the man had to jump back off the helicopter for it had not got the power to get over the wall , with all of them so a couple of the men had to stay but never the less brilliant. .
greg jackway (1 year ago)
get your fact right
Rivzzie (9 months ago)
greg jackway get your spelling right
Thecoolsonny Nguyen (1 year ago)
Hi can you please subscribe if you do my mom will stop smoking
Carter 2.0 (1 year ago)
What about Henry More Smith come on mostamazing10
LeftStickg (1 year ago)
can you sub to my channel
Master Pingu (1 year ago)
The great escape anyone?
Sandi Wilson (1 year ago)
number 6 is Parkhurst prison not Pankhurst
Gaby Stanbrook (1 year ago)
Sandi Wilson I was just about to comment this 😂
Min Yu (1 year ago)
Whos watching this in 2017?
Aprilmae Bannister (9 months ago)
I am watching this in 2018
Gacha Emerald (10 months ago)
Min Yu I am in 2018
matthew lee (1 year ago)
The Amelia Mocha Show (1 year ago)
Omg my sisters birthday is March 11
Micheal Scofield (1 year ago)
my escape was the best
i may not be in prision but school is close enough
Lachlan ROSSER (1 year ago)
you shoud do top 15pepol thate nearly excaped
Callum Byrne (1 year ago)
Callum Byrne (1 year ago)
Can we have pt 2
Phantom Blood (1 year ago)
Darryl Smith (1 year ago)
Phantom Blood You're Cringey
Cats Rule (1 year ago)
Hello person scrolling through the comments, I want you to know you are amazing and I hope you have a wonderful day! 😊🤗😊🤗😊🤗😊🤗😊🤗
Sirharry Plz (1 year ago)
How about in kilmainham goal where 11 people walked out the front door
Deakon Grice (1 year ago)
{\__/} (° _ °)
Deakon Grice (1 year ago)
{ \__/}
fireriver 610 (1 year ago)
What's with people escaping and getting recaptured?
Ethan Staub (1 year ago)
fireriver 610 love your picture
E Random Videos (1 year ago)
Tell the police to arrest all the criminals
MaDxTuRrEt (1 year ago)
Yaaaaa oh ah up the RA say oh ah up the RA
Ella Denford (1 year ago)
2:27 that looks like my school
TurnTimeLikeEkko (1 year ago)
ok man, we need to talk sometime! TSM FOR THE WIN!!!
Channart (1 year ago)
Who's playing The Escapists right now?
Erik Allen (1 year ago)
I'm in jail watching this during free time yes I don't plan to stay here long
Deakon Grice (1 year ago)
Erik Allen hmmmm nah
Ryan Spears (1 year ago)
I know someone who escaped prison
I only know the el chapo escape, I remember on the news when it came up
The Fat Joseph Stalin (1 year ago)
{\__/} ( • - •) / >💰💰money to bribe guards
# PART 3
Ravenclaw Girl (1 year ago)
i JUST WANNA rolly rolly
Owne Barlow (1 year ago)
Sweat and matt XD
Maritza Jimenez (1 year ago)
the cop stop aeesta El cheapo
Aja Meserole (1 year ago)
Al capone
Amie Clapton (1 year ago)
mabie he was apart of escape
Evan Le Brun (1 year ago)
why did he have his phone?
omg how did he know i am im prison
Karel Botha (1 year ago)
i like these escapes coz they're funny
Timmer (1 year ago)
These people talk too much!!!
Coral Maynard (1 year ago)
Normally I say you're in prison, deal with it... but #2 I don't blame him. He was expecting to be released soon, after being locked up for a few years, then suddenly... "You're in prison for life, we'll relocate you". That is out of order, he must have been so confused... I'M CONFUSED! Just... why? He deserved an explanation if nothing else.
Liam Boswall (1 year ago)
Dope nation 21 you are a sick bastered
TGL Eys (1 year ago)
Why You Have TSM Shirt ? Are You Playing League ?
ask Yourmom (1 year ago)
why does he have solomid team t shirt
Ryan Capobianco (1 year ago)
Shouldn't the Alcatraz prison escape be number 1 or at least on the list
legit Midget (1 year ago)
Ryan Capobianco yeah
Rafay Ali (1 year ago)
The way I heard the French one he got his buddies to commandeer a helicopter and use AK-47s to get past guards, and then they used a power saw to cut him out of his cell
Edgar Chavez (1 year ago)
Stephanie Pearce (1 year ago)
check out the prison escape from the Blount County Justice Center in Tennessee it was either in 2001 or 2002
Ess Killerstone (1 year ago)
Lilybeth Warren (1 year ago)
why didn't you put El Chapo he escaped a lot of times from jail he was once the most wanted criminal
kushek bose (11 months ago)
They did
Airen Sharber (1 year ago)
RaMiReZ tV (1 year ago)
Why don't you talk about ell chapo
Erikswag 24 (1 year ago)
Subscribe to me and you will never go to jail ignore oh whatever i'm not finishing writing this
Erikswag 24 (1 year ago)
I go to prision It's called school
Thomas Hart (1 year ago)
joey and harrison ford
young blood (1 year ago)
they popped them a Indian man got him with a bow and arrow
Niko Iskanius (1 year ago)
waiting for a part 3. Jan Jalutsi (previously Jan Stefan Moilanen) a finnish bank robber who was in practical terms in every prison in Finland and in many prisons in Sweden and escaped from nearly all of them. He even escaped 7 times during one sentence. The most famous escapee of the nordic countries, he could be in part 3
The Plague Doctor (1 year ago)
the three guys mug shoots at begining they r my real life ancesters and trust me
Rivenn_Bot (1 year ago)
Rakfnaanto (1 year ago)
JaWz69 (1 year ago)
i live in Belfast were the prison were they kept the ira guys in
Nathan Brown (1 year ago)
For the aushvitz or how're you spell it, they actually got in the wood pile cuz they were expanding it. I was 4 days because they only searched for 3 days.
Red Flame (1 year ago)
Sub to me and you will have a threesome tonight Ignore you will be killed by three people
SageOfThe SixPaths (1 year ago)
As long as I can gobble some nuts first
Nex - (1 year ago)
Red Flame I Dont Get My Threesome they would lick my dick but they can't :(
I am in prison
JustTom-_- (1 year ago)
I hate Danny he's such a crap youtuber plz get rid of him
Joey Vkan (1 year ago)
I have going to alcatraz
Ummm hi
Jarek Hamala (1 year ago)
Do part 3
The Guy (1 year ago)
I loved the the Alcatraz one we learned about it in school
Gautam Shakya (1 year ago)
hell am getting out of jail tonight don't ask me how
Best Username Ever (1 year ago)
tbh, the best place to go when you're on a run from US is China. US officers wouldn't really get the chance to enter China, especially in Beijing
Doctor Atari (1 year ago)
Part 3 please.
Dogevideo specialist (2 years ago)
No #1 should've been a few members called Fin, Weasel, and Sal escaped by crafting a airplane and flying away. But they crashed into a bridge. Then Sal and Finn killed Weasel. This should be a game.
the minecraft Gonzalez (2 years ago)
Anthony Muñoz (2 years ago)
Your Weird Friend (2 years ago)
there is 666 comments 😂
Evan O sullivan (2 years ago)
Master Gaming (2 years ago)
Do part 3 pls
wafflez giraffe (2 years ago)
so its illegal to have hashbrowns?
Shell Smith (2 years ago)

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