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Chris Tucker on Michael Jackson at Michael Jackson Hand And Footprint Ceremony

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Subscribe http://bit.ly/mrSda2 Chris Tucker talks about Michael Jackson at Michael Jackson Hand And Footprint Ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, Ca USA January 26, 2012 ©Ricomix Productions
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Text Comments (66)
KimiColor (2 months ago)
Yeah but why those poeple are so quite now when we need them with this mocumentary.
*sips tea* (2 months ago)
Good point.
mjhoax moonwalk (4 months ago)
Franck Yan (4 months ago)
Chris beat it man, just beat it you're not looking straight at the camera. Christmas damn! I said stop! Look straight at the camera 📸 I swear I might have to right kick you, grab my groin and spin and do the moonwalk 👈👈🤣. Look straight christmas damn...
Wade Sharp (8 months ago)
Rii Kean (11 months ago)
*sips tea* (2 months ago)
Lol. Love that! 😂
Tonya M (1 year ago)
L♥️L 👍🏻 Chris
Toby Legend (1 year ago)
Love u Chris tucker, MJ was the best
DPPTAnimations (1 year ago)
i know how christmas tucker loves our dearest michael so much ...i was just wondering why he's not present in the memorial (or is he?) i still cant hold back the tears whenever i realize that our michael has gone...too soon. i wish chris would publish all his anecdotes/stories etc..g'nyt michael..see you in my dreams...
Ghost (2 years ago)
I could listen to chris tucker stories all day
Wayno Soze (3 years ago)
Go ride a go cart hahahaha!!
alzheimer (3 years ago)
Where was Chris Tucker when Michael was in trouble ?
Hasena Ali (5 months ago)
It was people like Chris, Macaulay Culkin (who is godfather to Mj's kids) and Elizabeth Taylor who always defended him
Maya Jedidiah (6 months ago)
He is very supportive to MJ until now if theres event for MJ he was there and MJ family always inviting him. He is loved by his children.
Debbie M (11 months ago)
He was there , with him , testified in court when many of his other “ so called” friends wouldn’t. Chris Tucker is def one of the greats as far as I’m concerned. Always loved his talent but his character is def A+.
Lina Smith (3 years ago)
he was with him in court and testified against the Arvizo family?!
Clara Kirkendoll (3 years ago)
what a great friend he was to michael.
Stephanie Tabor (3 years ago)
Chris Tucker has been such an awesome friend for Michael. "Believe it, Chris"!
FuZe Reptile (3 years ago)
mierasaje (4 years ago)
He should write a book about all those memories! I would definitely read them all. Chris is a great great friend to Michael.
Hollie Watson (1 year ago)
mierasaje yeah I agree, I would love to read that
Stacy Harris (1 year ago)
mierasaje ....yeah feels like to me as one of the truest friends he could ever have bcuz gives the perspective of Michael that the media seems to not see and don't wanna see...it's sad
I Said (2 years ago)
he should make an audio one about it so I can laugh at his voice😂😂
Mark Furrer (5 years ago)
thanks criss
ricky mnj (5 years ago)
ricky mnj (5 years ago)
Where the fuck is that home alone kid... now a man and a come addict
LIZ ET (5 years ago)
alex garcia (5 years ago)
He's hilarios when he talks about mj
Sharmin Ox (6 years ago)
MJ loves funny people that's why he loved Chris! because he's just so naturally funny :D
X'Yana Knowels (6 years ago)
That's nice what they had the kids do for their dad where is that beautiful peace of art located
Khairil Ashraff (6 years ago)
yo Smokey?!
Tremeka Wilson (2 months ago)
BerryPiinkk (6 years ago)
Rachael Jones (6 years ago)
Maybe depression
Rachael Jones (6 years ago)
he got left home alone :) x
Rachael Jones (6 years ago)
Tbh we wehre there for him the love us fans gave him i think that just ment the world to him x
killusoftly19 (6 years ago)
Yeah it felt like I lost a family member as well when he died.. That funeral was so sad I couldn't help but cry especially when his daughter spoke.. I wish I can meet his children, I just want to know that they are okay...
Sabrine EB (6 years ago)
haha that's what I wish for aswell! :D I wish I coud have supported during the trial and difficult times aswell in good times ...just being there for him, caring for him and loving him. Don't know why...losing MJ felt like I lost a big brother
killusoftly19 (6 years ago)
I wish I could go back in time & meet Michael & be his friend...
Gorgeoussii (6 years ago)
Awww I love him
izzy Honey (6 years ago)
awwwwww Chris is so funny and awesome.he was one of true MJ's friends to the end.I wish Macaulay culkin was there tho
Lady Marmalade (6 years ago)
It seems like Chris was one of the only true friends Michael had left in the end - Him, Elizabeth Taylor, and Macaulay Culkin.
Keanecia Williams (1 year ago)
Lady Marmalade a fun kkkkki k.mnmmmmkkkkkkkiiiikkkkkkkiiiiiiiiiiikiiiiiiiiiikiiiiikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkklk
globalcitizenn (1 year ago)
Lady Marmalade Also Liza Minneli, Marlon and Miko Brando, Artist David Nordahl, his doctor neighbor .. Michael did have grown up friends.. the press doesn't know or doesn't talk about it
varian wynn (6 years ago)
MACAULEY culkins is a druggy lmao
randomdreamer01 (6 years ago)
"Believe it, Chris. Believe it!"
Yash Mj (7 years ago)
i hate these adds at da beginning
BerryPiinkk (7 years ago)
wheres 'KEVIN O_O' lol !
shauna mcintyre (7 years ago)
he is the only person you would believe.. "he was the greatest guy, person"
shauna mcintyre (7 years ago)
"this is costing me money chris"
Juampy Angelcaido (7 years ago)
estaría bueno si alguien subtitulara esto :/
Brianna Chambers (7 years ago)
chris is a wonderful friend.
ennitSC (7 years ago)
what does he say michael called him:)?
quentin rhodes (7 years ago)
@hashleysam probably at rehab
phuckoff mmkay (7 years ago)
LOVE YOU SIR! Chris is fucking awesome.
Hsu Hannah (7 years ago)
omg i felt so glad that he mentioned abt his charity work<3 love ya michael, love ya chris
Serge (7 years ago)
Damn Chris has gotten fat lol.
hashley sam (7 years ago)
chis tucker there smokey robinson,quincy jones hmm where's macauley culkins?
Diamonds7771 (7 years ago)
Chris you are amazing,you were a great friend to Michael :) Miss u Michael :(
Shauna Mc (7 years ago)
hahahaha "chris this is costing me money man"
crazy4corbinbleux (7 years ago)
aw, love Chris Tucker.. great man.
peannut6 (7 years ago)
Looking Good Chris, Love ya !!!!!
SuperRenata23 (7 years ago)
he has put so much weight, what is happening to him?
Keli Kumassah (7 years ago)
what the hell kinda boots is Chris wearing?
TheJackson FamilyNews (7 years ago)
i love you chris

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