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Claire Holt with Joseph & Daniel at IMMORTALS World Premiere Arrivals

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IMMORTALS Premiere VIDEOS http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB77EFD9797FEDF7B Subscribe http://bit.ly/mrSda2 Claire Holt, Daniel Gillies, Joseph Morgan THE VAMPIRE DIARIES at IMMORTALS World Premiere Red Carpet Arrivals at NOKIA Theatre at L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles, Ca USA November 7, 2011 - Immortals will open nationwide on November 11th - http://www.immortalsmovie.com ©Ricomix Productions
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Text Comments (172)
Mnxe (1 year ago)
That smile thing Daniel Gillies does where it's like a smirk, but a smile, but not even a smile, it's just a crooked kinda smirky thing. Is so incredibly attractive it's unreal.
Andrea P (2 years ago)
Daniel is so handsome 😍
Merle Morgan (2 years ago)
Melanie Crisostomo (3 years ago)
team Elijah all way away and forever the original omg soo cute Daniel Gilles😍😍😘🎥🎥🎥🎥🎬🎬
Alexa J (2 years ago)
Have you ever met Daniel?
Annie Wu (3 years ago)
How are all 3 of them so sexy? Claire hilt was a pro at the red carpet. And Daniel gillies so hottt with his facial hair. I just wish the writers of tvd didn't screw up his character when his character left Katherine
Mystic GG (5 years ago)
ohh Daniel Gillies:*
AKLA DOSA (5 years ago)
A british, australian and kiwi haha
Hopey Kriss (5 years ago)
Daniel Gillies just knows he is just SSOOO FINE!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
Cheyanne (5 years ago)
Awe Daniel and Claire looked cute he's all like let's touch our heads together;)
Nayo (5 years ago)
thanks :)
Lydia (5 years ago)
The Originals! Always & forever <3
aanskihh (5 years ago)
Aw <3 they look good together!
ProtectingSilence (5 years ago)
"It's not my wife" Was that what you meant?
Nayo (5 years ago)
what did daniel say to the reporters when he was with claire?
FiDaShKa NeVaZhnOo (5 years ago)
koool <3 klaus <3 elijah <3
Dontfckcare (6 years ago)
JoMo! *__*
Flaviany Alves (6 years ago)
daniel é um gato
desiree price (6 years ago)
Luv daniel n jomo melting lol
Sabina Karim (6 years ago)
u know in this film why are there so many actors from like twilight and vampire diaries
Sareena Earfalas (6 years ago)
Josephhhhh! I love him!
Tiffany Taylor (6 years ago)
monamOneX (6 years ago)
when I first saw Elijiah I thought man the man has class... His hairstyle made him look very badass british classy extremely powerful dude xD
sp (6 years ago)
Claire is the sexiest female on TVD. Just Beautiful.
neems14 (6 years ago)
Aaaah Daniel & Claire are so cute...! :')
Bourbon Whisky (6 years ago)
that's soo damn cute ^_^** !!!!!!
Sign4lyf (6 years ago)
Aww, Klaus's original family came to support him lol! Joseph Morgan is soooo sexy, it should be illegal!!
C (6 years ago)
Hahahaha! Aww Daniel trying to block Clair at 00:16 :)
Kpop Trash (6 years ago)
The originals
THE CUTIE'S DIARY (6 years ago)
hahahahahhaha I think the same !
Onge Ify (6 years ago)
Elijah is Barneys secret brother :D
Denisse C. (6 years ago)
God I'd love to see Kol more often. He's almost as sexy as Klaus. *blush*
evelyna84 (6 years ago)
daniel is hooooooooooooooooooooooooot
sean_lachowski (6 years ago)
at 1:23 like if you heard daniel said " shes not my wife " like there both damn cute i specially love claire:))
haaszi012 (6 years ago)
omg Daniel is sooooooooooooooooo hot
Zara Yasmin (6 years ago)
He looks hot all the time.
themagenta07 (6 years ago)
Claire Holt is very pretty....gum chewing Daniel Gillies seems like a real putz.
Carolina Castellano (6 years ago)
Daniel Gillies is so fucking hot
itsJanay (6 years ago)
I was wondering why she looked so familiar!
devan moran (6 years ago)
its good to see they get along so well
what is the real name of elaijah???
Geraldine G (6 years ago)
OMG elijah! that look @1:15..hot!
Lois MediaLover (6 years ago)
i cant choose between the 3 love them all there so hot even claire <3
Aimee n (6 years ago)
New zealand, Australian and english <3
Ajiva Sivarajah (6 years ago)
Elijah is my favorite original.. :D <3
Shadia Noble (6 years ago)
I still remember when she used to be a mermaid on h2o
Nessarocks100 (6 years ago)
Elijah is my favorite...but i love them all....even Kol!!! Except for Finn!!!
Maliha Asif (6 years ago)
kol shouldve been here too :)
Jimmy Sundqvist (6 years ago)
fuck claire holt is hot. I would smack that ass for hours
Usman1651 (6 years ago)
Elijah is my favorite original one...
Poppy007 (6 years ago)
Claire is simply gorgeous, so beautiful,
ashli674 (6 years ago)
Elena was supposed to look like Clare, so...but I agree! too used to them as sibs though.
solmariav (6 years ago)
Daniel is a hot sugeon now too! Saving Hope! Yeah!!.. He's hot!
DeviLzRO (6 years ago)
Elijah RULES!
london11314 (6 years ago)
Got damn Daniel chewing that gum *SWOONS*
smartschooler9 (6 years ago)
"It's not my wife," he says. Did they tell her to give her a kiss? lol. Good answer though for sure
kekesul (6 years ago)
Daniel is so good looking
Maryf (6 years ago)
Omg Gorgeous, The 3 of them are so Hot.
Linda Marie (6 years ago)
first place i ever saw claire holt was in h20:just add water. australian show on nickelodeon about 3 mermaids. phoebie tonkin was also one of the 3. my daughter loves the show.
xXxStitchesxXx (6 years ago)
was that episode 8, season 3 "ordinary people"?
Maggie Lathem (6 years ago)
DANIEL JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Catherine Salvatore (6 years ago)
daniel gillies is hot :D
Catherine Salvatore (6 years ago)
0:55 has she a tattoo on her foot?
MrRocky101 (6 years ago)
wait... Daniel is a new zealander!? xD
livexthexlife192 (6 years ago)
the other one is older than elijah but he died in europe as a child because of the plague long before elijah and the other 6 were born. thats why esther and mikael came to the new world, aka america/mystic falls, they wanted to escape the plague and didn't want to have anymore children who could die. they said all this information in one of the episodes.
livexthexlife192 (6 years ago)
the writers said so. they confirmed the order of which the siblings were born and said that elijah was the oldest then finn then klaus then kol then rebekah and after rebekah was their little brother henrik who died.
livexthexlife192 (6 years ago)
elijah is the older brother to klaus. the siblings from oldest to youngest go: elijah finn klaus kol rebekah
Leo Atkinson (1 year ago)
livexthexlife192 no it goes Freya Finn Elijah Klaus Rebecca Kol Henrik
Magdalena Ginther (6 years ago)
Daniel is Canadian :)
neitari20 (6 years ago)
Jeny...nie spodziewałam się, że Daniel jest taki seksowny! Czaruje swoim spojrzeniem...mmm ciarki przechodzą...
dev Mikaelson (6 years ago)
Elijah is so HAWT!!!!!!!
nada skyalbahry (6 years ago)
yessss yess agreeeddd.. n heyy i like elijah with those tiny beard.. he's good looking with it :D
ifonlywecouldfly723 (6 years ago)
josephhh is soo classy <3
schoolgurl95 (6 years ago)
Maribel Gadiane (6 years ago)
SVIalwaysleaving (6 years ago)
omg daniel is gorgeous!
Yurena (6 years ago)
Daniel: is not my wife LOL
BumbleBee8323 (6 years ago)
that's EXCATLY what i was thinking and then she beckons daniel over @ the end! ahhh x
H Stewart (7 years ago)
haha yeah they definently do ;)
SongsfromKickie (7 years ago)
And they know it ;)
H Stewart (7 years ago)
joseph and daniel are so sexy
700Bonnie (7 years ago)
My favourite three originals!!!<3
highwaytohellhun (7 years ago)
Claire is sooo beautiful :D Oh, and: Joseph and Daniel... *melts*
Ashleigh (7 years ago)
WOOAAHHH Elijah!!! Soo damn hot!!
Adrian Margean (7 years ago)
fucking beautifull
xsalvatorelovex (7 years ago)
OOFT 1.18 onwards.
Wealily (7 years ago)
I love her shoes :-)
LBF522 (7 years ago)
@apathy216 I agree. I hope they stay a long time.
LBF522 (7 years ago)
She is hot.
apathy216 (7 years ago)
damn the originals are hot :D
Anne Boleyn (7 years ago)
i'm jealous of her 0_o she's so lucky ^^
SheellbyT (7 years ago)
sweet jesus boys <3
Becca_Cee (7 years ago)
I think Elijah should grow a beard in TVD, because Daniel looks HAWT in this :)
DamonOrStefan (7 years ago)
I think Clair and Daniel are cute together.
DamonOrStefan (7 years ago)
MY GOD they are both so freaking HOT!!!!!!!!
Villa Jam (7 years ago)
Those paparazzis are craaazy,,,don't they know those 3 are original vampires who can suck them dry anytime!
cecile5410 (7 years ago)
Daniel looks Wooow ! =D
smartalec1991 (7 years ago)
the original siblings! and daniel gillies is so damn good looking.
Rio Deluca (7 years ago)
@JTsGrl1381 yeah i know if he wasn't married lol
JTsGrl1381 (7 years ago)
@HisEverMore i do believe he's married to Rachel Leigh Cook
vkofyuuki (7 years ago)
haha daniel really like to flirt with girls. @0.08 klaus and elijah bromance.. love them!!
she looks a little high maintenance.

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