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"I Can't Hold It!"

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Daisy Dukes x3. Apparently these folks have been here for a while. Everybody is about to piss themselves. These folks claim I am a "fed" because I am recording police. I guess I have plenty more work to do.
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BossMassage (25 minutes ago)
Lu Jitsu (23 hours ago)
I'm pretty sure one of those girls for busted for 50 pounds of crack......
Lillian Gottlieb (1 day ago)
3RASCALIZZY4 (2 days ago)
looks like a daiper
Bama Sasquatch (2 days ago)
Judging by the title I thought someone was going to 💩
Miguel Cruz mora (3 days ago)
Arrested by the fashion police !
POO GLAM BABY (4 days ago)
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Gabriel Sanchez (4 days ago)
@ :24 he reminds of the guy from hocus pocus. The one they name, "ICE". It's probably the nose. 🤷‍♂
Billybob (5 days ago)
I can smell their hoochies from here!
machia0705 (5 days ago)
You’re protecting the people from the cops with your camera ? I see.
Doug Shields (5 days ago)
Tom, you need a girlfriend, or a life, you loser.
Cliff Thomas (6 days ago)
Pee pee dance, getting to be borderline cruel and unusual. Anyone arrested, probably didn't get access to any water at all for up to 24 hours. I know I didn't when I "resisted". Taken into a cell with no camera by 2 deputies with body cams off, "welcoming party". Sink part of toilet just trickled along metal.
aech thrasher (10 days ago)
Go ahead and pee there aint enough clothes on the 3 of you to get wet.
Scat pack 392 -G (11 days ago)
I think he bought her clothes a little too tight 🤔🤯
Ervis Hyka (12 days ago)
A bunch of hoes.
Brenlen Strong (13 days ago)
Ouch! My eyes!
Ed Ed (13 days ago)
how r u so close. giv some space ...
miguel negrete (15 days ago)
Ho s. With pig 🐖 thighs
J Chis (15 days ago)
Gotta love a good pee dance. 🤣
Cecil Jones (17 days ago)
Looks like a cow pie with a wagon track through the middle of it.
666mrjimbo (19 days ago)
You just like too film people asshole 666 OUT
Census (21 days ago)
I would’ve pissed in their squad car.
it's true (22 days ago)
Those ladies look like they're innocent to me.
Kyle G (23 days ago)
yes you're right (1 month ago)
Hot chick's million plus views.
Tony Doherty (1 month ago)
heres how the ex mayor of london deals with the police , sit back and chuckle, stay safe TZ.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TuxOUGV6hE
Wade Wilson (1 month ago)
That one chick with the gray tank top was hot!
Renecia Williams (1 month ago)
This is why I hate police
Mark Williams (1 month ago)
the girl in the gray top and black shorts ❤
Edster III (1 month ago)
If you gotta go and they wont let you. Shit in your pants. They have to smell it and clean it from their car. Fuck em.
Angela (1 month ago)
@0:28 she is cute love them thighs
Hawaiiprincesskitty YT (1 month ago)
The police girl is like kind to her
Rick lopez (1 month ago)
She thinks they care
Justin Case (1 month ago)
I hate cops & can not until Marshal law so I can shoot me one😌
Payton Lemieux (1 month ago)
those pilce man and womman are rude they only let the girl in the white shirts use the bathroom or something
Nick williams (1 month ago)
What was your point bro???🤔
YoungShy Ninja (1 month ago)
Apoca Leyenda urbana (1 month ago)
Peee factory
DaNgEr Slime (1 month ago)
I wonder why his camera is angle down 2:41
Jareth Noonan (2 months ago)
mans behind the camera could not sound more white
UnclePsycho (2 months ago)
Looks like a bunch of mexicans to me
johnny sparks (2 months ago)
Ol stanky hoes
Me Too (3 months ago)
Deport these thug ass parasites
Raptorking18 (3 months ago)
So what happened after this, did they all get arrested or let go or something?
ronnie locc (3 months ago)
The girl in the gray looking good
Hexatious ☑ (3 months ago)
ronnie locc nigga you’re like in your twenties she is like 18 or under, chill...
Keith Daniels (3 months ago)
I think there all drunk
Markus Daxamouli (3 months ago)
I rec9gnise that one girl..shes an Author it was, let me think..."THE YELLOW RIVER: by I Pee Freely"
Francis Kelly (3 months ago)
Lol they called you the feds and you think that they are cool you sound so dumb. Just like them yelling at you.
grey top would get it
mark greenway (3 months ago)
Jus nutha nite in the hood g
Alexandre Bueno (3 months ago)
1:37 She is a cute female Cop.
beastchip (3 months ago)
Thought she wears diaper
Larry Canary (3 months ago)
Pretending to pee to get out of trouble.
Knc Delivery (3 months ago)
This would not be my daughter with no clothes on nasty
orion mcgee (3 months ago)
I can't hold it no more ahhh shut the fuck up fat cow
Yumi Chocolate ASMR (3 months ago)
Snakerow1 (3 months ago)
I love Hawthorne!
Clive Mitchell (4 months ago)
Classy birds...
Spectrum Man (4 months ago)
These pigs have nothing better to do, assholes
Mufasa (4 months ago)
I don't know what happened here tonight and it's none of your f****** business either!
informed customer (4 months ago)
Disgusting although skinny tweaker looking good
Christina T. (4 months ago)
is this fake?
Mr. Holding (4 months ago)
sexy pee desperation wish we could've seen the actual wetting
Nicholas Camp (4 months ago)
Thug cops getting their jollies!
iamjustsaying (4 months ago)
She peed herself you could see the stain. Sad
Jim NORRIS (4 months ago)
I hate fucking Cops.killem all.
mikentosh (4 months ago)
BLM are terrorists....but Fuck the police!
Brian Armstrong (4 months ago)
Anybody else notice the skinny girl in grey wife beater pick something out of her shorts and throw it away a minute or two later? Nice move if she got away with it
Fat Chungus (4 months ago)
Fucking dumbass cameraman couldn't be more annoying. No I don't work for the feds but you dumbfucks have nothing better to do. Get a life faggot
Geoffrey S Tuttle (4 months ago)
D Pell (4 months ago)
never again
Abdul Khalique (4 months ago)
They all want pee but cops don't do permission
Billy Octane (4 months ago)
tweakers, and ill frisk the grey top chick no prob haha
patriot Reno (4 months ago)
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Randy Orton's Dick Bulge (4 months ago)
Piss you self then get. Leaned up at the jail.
Terry Reyes (4 months ago)
The young man in the white shirt looks like he has down syndrome.
makeshift1970 (4 months ago)
Now these cops will take money and fuck these hookers off camera
waazzaaap (4 months ago)
Why is the ast video under this called Why u shouldn't hold your pee
Michael Moore (4 months ago)
Totally illegal.... line ups like this are unconstitutional
blacktigertheone (4 months ago)
they arrest people for no reason
Christian Lee (4 months ago)
"I stumbled across this and I don't really know what happened".....but I'll film it and make assumptions that the police were just picking on innocent people.
antonishere000 (4 months ago)
Looks like she had a diaper on anyway
Arc Light (4 months ago)
Phil Osophical (4 months ago)
Hookers. They are just acting desperate to go to the toilet
MsLansones (4 months ago)
@0:45 she stomped on some balled up tissue, likely drugs. Did the cops see that?
Bob Vila (4 months ago)
From the size of her I'm guessing shes about to take a shit?
Ike Quartey (4 months ago)
01:10 STFU?
Eric Mayo (4 months ago)
Then girls wasn't ugly at all
Eric Mayo (4 months ago)
She let dumb fuck run thru it. He got no job no game little dick but he affiliated
PriMal BeaSt420 (4 months ago)
why wen they get arested all of tha suden u gotta pee we know u lion like tha king a play on words
King James (5 months ago)
You sounds like you're the Feds
efcpl (5 months ago)
1:11 WTF Billie Piper arrested!
como chingan (5 months ago)
The guy who recording this is what is making america the way things have been in united states people like him who cares if you know the law why are you there idiot !!!!!!!
Jake Day (5 months ago)
Wow what a bunch of CD looking characters
Christopher Tee (5 months ago)
Ugly....what do they have to do pay the guys to have sex with them..hood rats
Jessup Day (5 months ago)
1:34 its other Joe!
Steve Craig (5 months ago)
Looks like some real shining examples of the cream of our society. Glad to know none of my kids have ever been cuffed.
Steve Craig (3 months ago)
yeah. but not likely.
Your Daddy (3 months ago)
Steve Craig ...YET....
Anthony Everhart (5 months ago)
1. Girl In the gray 2.female police officer 3. Maybe *MAYBE* the girl in the blue shorts 4. Girl In white shorts who had to piss 1:23
Anthony Everhart (5 months ago)
Man those girls are type that you'd wanna bang but never tell anyone about it 😂

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