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Style Mistakes That Make You UGLY

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Text Comments (937)
The crazy gamer (1 hour ago)
The best part of these videos are the comments
Josue KodackYoung (21 days ago)
what happened to the fit
Marcus John (27 days ago)
can you make videos for bigger or fat guys like me. looking forward :) thanks jose enjoying your videos a lot.
Big Cuzzo (1 month ago)
bruh he so slick with the ads bruh
Chelsea Ibe (1 month ago)
I laughed when he said that he is a dark-skinned guy😂😂😂
Toper songs (1 month ago)
Ronald Hernandez (1 month ago)
Thank you bro !
Blake Prayon (1 month ago)
Lol says certain clothing is unstylish and makes you ugly, but where’s a tropical shirt with a baby bard green jacket.
Blake Prayon (1 month ago)
Hiroaki Mead (1 month ago)
You really need to upgrade your mic game. Sounds like you're underwater relative to other videos.
Athul V Anil (1 month ago)
Where are you from Jose?
Zemore more (1 month ago)
the only thing that make you ugly is your face
Candy Smith (1 month ago)
Shit ain’t fair. Women love red and other bold colors. Pale people can’t wear red and other bold colors. Being pale sucks.
Allen Paulin (1 month ago)
Can someone link me the jacket Jose’s wearing in this video
3crusade (1 month ago)
35 + for a bracelet with a discount. Come on way too expesnive
Pipo Zizo (1 month ago)
Love you bro❤
About Something (1 month ago)
Pedro Archila (1 month ago)
Learn English, it's amazing with you
Prettygoodname123 (1 month ago)
0:00 trying to explain how to get a girl but then you see a girl walk in
Woa Bro (1 month ago)
Watching this guy makes me want to kill myself from how ugly I am compared to him and him
Esteban Reyes (1 month ago)
3:35 Stingy?
Gabriel Waggoner (1 month ago)
Zero Jay (1 month ago)
I got a fresh cut and haven’t cut the top for 2 months but the sides are a 1. Idk
Jason Chahyadi (1 month ago)
ad stops 3:18
Dr. SammichPHD (1 month ago)
I'm tryna grow out my hair so I've got no choice but to avoid the barbershop for months :(
qazzy (1 month ago)
super long nappy hair 4ever!!!
Nizar Iharouach (1 month ago)
this nigga acting like his perfect ugly ass nigga
William Santiago (1 month ago)
Hey Jose! Quick question. Is it better to tweeze or wax the unibrow?
esdras sagastume (1 month ago)
“Even ugly” 😱😂😂
Secure Successful (1 month ago)
Take was a mistake sir. people have different personalities or perspectives.
Kira Reincarnated (1 month ago)
Make a video on how to take care of t-shirts to avoid shrinking them
Lil Nasty Daddy (1 month ago)
And plz make some turtorials for black teens #tmffammm❤🤘🏾
Lil Nasty Daddy (1 month ago)
That nigga a marketin machine
NINU PS (1 month ago)
Bro ur Instagram
BALKAN GOPNIK (1 month ago)
RS&B My ass i found simular looking shiet OEA in chine for 10% of the price
Cesar Orozco (1 month ago)
Style mistake . Jose pairing that olive green with that shirt 🤷🏻‍♂️
Domingo Blackwood (1 month ago)
Should I start taking advice from this or should I stay the way I am.
djacks247 (1 month ago)
ID on the jacket?
Justin Wayne (1 month ago)
The only thing he should fix is the audio but everything else is fine love your videos 💚
Mi (1 month ago)
But if I want to let my hair grow how do I do to keep it nice? I shave my neck?
Mi (1 month ago)
Bro is your button up even buttoned?
Erik Killmonger (1 month ago)
Rose gold and black back at it again :)
Alex Rudaj (1 month ago)
out of all sponsors the *worst* is *RGB* ldk dude but those round ish, wrist accessories look super ugly, after 2-3 years you'll feel humiliated for wearing them
Sakis Karlatiras (1 month ago)
You should definitely collaborate with ALEX COSTA
Tyrade (1 month ago)
please stop making the product placements on your video so long, its really annoying tbh
Ram Ng (1 month ago)
Jose you’re my type of zunigga
MrXDark (1 month ago)
Mr Spaceman (1 month ago)
Tennis Ball (1 month ago)
Thank God my skin tone is just like Jose. I'll wear what he will. Phew...
Bob Robert (1 month ago)
Your gay
William Roepstorff (1 month ago)
Last tip. You should button up your shirt a bit mate :D Lol - no hate!
eli (1 month ago)
4:47 ....?
X (1 month ago)
Rip X 💔
Hila Greenberg (1 month ago)
0:02 Like your shirt there. Close the fucking buttons.
Nic RyHim (1 month ago)
Handsomeness is earned not bought
Slim ps (1 month ago)
Jose, after advertising RG&B to me about 700 times, I finally want to get one
Rizal Af (1 month ago)
problem with english subtitle
Ashwin Nair (1 month ago)
what's you height Jose???
Simplice Tagne (1 month ago)
0:55 "I'm a dark skin guy". Don't get ahead of yourself there buddy
Maximus's Musics (1 month ago)
3:19 ad for sponsors ends there
Perry Ehimuh (1 month ago)
Video's Timeline: #1.)Not Using The Right Colors For Ur Skin Tone 0:27 #2.)Wearing Athleisure As an Unfit Guy 1:06 #3.)Over Accessorizing (RG&B Ad) 1:33 #4.)Having Extra Long Hair 3:18 #5.)Flexing Too Hard 3:56 #6.)Wearing Shrunken Clothing 4:33 Have a Blessed Day :D
Tee G. (1 month ago)
Lol at you referring to yourself dark skin. You’re only dark skin to white people.
Eessa (1 month ago)
I agree with majority of His advice but the long hair one is not that bad, my dad has long hair but he styles it really well, and I do the same, we both put our hair back, (no fringe) but it may not look like we have long hair but we would,
Saurabh Srivastava (1 month ago)
José listen. I've watched millions of your videos, and you're the real king man, style coach, you're a coach for us, boys, but, you saying long hair doesn't rocks. That's wrong fella. Long hair has its own beauty, those who won't grow one, will put comments on it. Sorry José. I really like ya man, but here, you went way wrong.
Kobe Lambert (1 month ago)
An advert which starts with "what makes you amazing" lol the contrast.
I Am Cwavy (1 month ago)
Bruh makes videos for straight up 40 ywar old virgins like who are you to tell me wtf to wear and how i should do my hair
Dave Brown (1 month ago)
Tom Hardy (1 month ago)
Italo Rodrigues (1 month ago)
Thing that make you ugly: not being beatiful
Kobe Lambert (1 month ago)
Beatiful? Did you mean beautiful?
Gshravan Goud (1 month ago)
best fashion store online for men https://gg-l.xyz/0vTs4m
Delaney Yergerjr (1 month ago)
I don’t agree with denim jacket and floral shirt combo
unknown 12 (1 month ago)
Time for "back to school" Jose....
AwesomeMan2696 (1 month ago)
button your damn shirt up
5h03nak D3br0y (1 month ago)
i have a question does wearing 2 timepieces to school make me look ugly one on each hand
Hila Greenberg (1 month ago)
Actually, a watch can't make you ugly (but also can't make you beautiful) But it can make you look not stylish.
Hila Greenberg (1 month ago)
Rasheed Tomalondog (1 month ago)
Hey jose do you have a video about proper shoe cleaning? Or can you make one? (sneakers, leather shoes, etc.)
jose blumaan have his own hair product and alex costa also why don't you make a TMF hair product
Cameron Barrett (1 month ago)
ASHIKUR RAHMAN ABIR in one of his videos he said there was a product in the works. Very vague so I'm not sure when
Eric's Gameplays (1 month ago)
Btw jose u teach all this shit like grooming and stuff but ur pubes r really bad u have that shit going all the way up to your bellybutton bro pls shave that shit👍👌
Kobe Lambert (1 month ago)
+Eric's Gameplays As am I mate.
Eric's Gameplays (1 month ago)
Kobsoul K hey man he basically inspires people to give their opinions so I’m doing so
Kobe Lambert (1 month ago)
+Eric's Gameplays ye, so that's why he probs doesn't shave it, I mean everyone has opinions, he isn't here to satisfy you, let along all his viewers, he's just all about looking decent and presentable, despite all his captions, that's the summary of his channel.
Eric's Gameplays (1 month ago)
Kobsoul K some
Kobe Lambert (1 month ago)
Some ppl find that attractive mate
luke (1 month ago)
I love how you just slide into your advertisements so nicely, every ad fits perfect with the video
Kwality Kontrol (1 month ago)
There’s gotta be a more subtle shorter way to advertise your sponsors.
Kratos be crazy (1 month ago)
Aye bro nobody is ugly alright, we’re all beautiful people you sound like an asshole calling people ugly. Try using other words to bring out your point.
luke (1 month ago)
I see what your saying but he’s talking about style, so to talk how to look better you’re probably going to have to say it sometimes (depending on the persons opinions) but yeah I agree
Filippo Digiacinto (1 month ago)
Rose Gold and Black is the new the fifth man
Adolf Sackey (1 month ago)
Can you link the top that you are wearing? I want to buy it. I really like it
I'm ready to change my style I want people to look up to me ideas ?
kung-fu tucznik (1 month ago)
0:54 I'm jealous of your skin, Jose, I'm as pale as a hospital wall
OG FORTNITE (1 month ago)
Are you Miguel 😂😂😂
insane gameplays (1 month ago)
Ad ends 3:18
luke (1 month ago)
whatsapp status That’s what some people come to the video for, they need some ideas on what to buy
Tudor (1 month ago)
You talk to much....
luke (1 month ago)
Tudor No need to comment that, just keep it to yourself
WacpiVlog (1 month ago)
4:46 forgot to pull up a picture lol
jukijunk (1 month ago)
Can you do a laundry and clothes care tips?
AKSOXTS (1 month ago)
So I'm guessing trying to grow my hair back out to either get twists/braids/dreads is making me ugly, I guess trying to avoid folliculitis is dampening my style because razor bumps are the in thing?
David Mears (1 month ago)
Ad ends at 3.16
lil Dallas (1 month ago)
You’re literally wearing the ugliest shit. Looks like you went to Cuba but threw a jacket on bc you were about to get on a plane to a cold country. And who the fuck where’s jorts. No one listen to this dick
Nomo 4u (1 month ago)
Koreans are known for they pale white skin, to them it’s attractive just as tanning is to us out here in the US.
ilias Stali (1 month ago)
Where did you get the Tank Top at 1:20?
Milunović Đorđe (1 month ago)
Tap my heart please 😢
Martin Sanchez (1 month ago)
Starting high school in a couple months so this channel is really helping 🙌🏽
Jose Enrique (1 month ago)
Wtf are you wearing
Ezequiel Peralta (1 month ago)
That watch is thrashhhhh
Jan Sabela (1 month ago)
This makes you uggly. Spoiler*... Its your head :D
Yosef Mohamed (1 month ago)
could you make a video about how to choose your hair cut plz ?!! bec iam suffring T_T
Anish soni (1 month ago)
Hello Josh, it’s your biggest fan from India. I want to say that you’re the only reason why every time there’s a smile on my face, because of you I never felt demotivated .. Man I appreciate the way you give this content to us .. Love you bro!!🙏🏻
George Smith (1 month ago)
Jose i have seen on some channels that jeans shorts are only good for girls men shouldnt be wearing but you are wearing it. Do uou think men should wear it?

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