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8 Hacks For Skinny Guys To Look Good (How to Dress If You're Skinny)

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Text Comments (2025)
Ik Ik (3 hours ago)
Why we cant be urself im skinny but that is my life so dont hide it
Dwane Walcott (8 hours ago)
whats the name of the shoes your wearing in the video
Nam Nguyen (11 hours ago)
May I ask what kind of watch you wear in this video?
Kamlesh Muchhadiya (18 hours ago)
You are Indian
Kamlesh Muchhadiya (19 hours ago)
3 millions is so close
Usman Habib (22 hours ago)
This dude always just selling shit in his videos lolol
Graham Muchow (1 day ago)
To be honest half of the stuff this guy says is made up. I'm a skinny guy and finding shirts that would have tights sleeves would be impossible and would make me look ridiculous.
ferkco (1 day ago)
It's not the way Zuniga is saying. Being muscular is kool but it only lasts a few years. Then you'll turn to seed and be forever fat. And the chicks that muscles attract also tend to become fat forever and bad personalities. I've seen it. Fortunately I was tall and slender with an attractive face. Believe me I'm an old man and it works out. Those little dudes can really put on the muscle quick but it turns to fat quick for most. Yeah you'll become a fat dude, big belly, hair falling out, nose and ear hair, nagging fat girlfriend guy real quick. You'll become an alcoholic/drug dude forever. Forever.
Seth Addict (1 day ago)
Is it considered skinny if you’re 5’4 and 100 Ibs
Brandon Poarch (1 day ago)
Highly doubt this guy weighs 185 pounds. He looks like 150 or 160 at best. If you're really trying to gain mass, just EAT. I ate more food everyday from 11th grade to my current last year of college, and I grew from 150 to now 195 pounds. My jean size grew from a 29 waist (in American Eagle) to a 36 waist now. My shoulders are bigger, chest is bigger, legs are HUGE. I was a hardgainer, now I'm not. EAT. WORK HARD.
Can not relate.
Damian Rochel (1 day ago)
ECKONG DEE (1 day ago)
I use to wear short before pants to increase mass for my lower body cause i have small waist n thigh and its look more good i look proportion for my upper body🙂
Abhi (1 day ago)
i cringe some times !!
whizzard blizzard (1 day ago)
Waking up and weighing urself first thing in the morning has got to be the most unhealthy thing ever....
Kristaps Lorbergs (1 day ago)
That weight scale costs 50$. Ain't that bad, man. :)
Johnny Wadd (2 days ago)
question for TMF - when i roll up sleeves when wearing shirts they gradually make their way down as there is very little muscle to hold them there. i roll them up to my elbow to keep them there and this is annoying. any suggestions, cheap ones, i mean?
Eric Jackson (2 days ago)
i’ve been waiting for a video like this for so long
david alford (2 days ago)
The gyms shorts under the jeans sounds good until your living down south where the heat gets into the upper 90s to 100 damn degrees.
Carlos- Lazaro (2 days ago)
I wear shorts under my pants lmao
William Hardman (2 days ago)
What’s the second jacket in the video, the tan one?
ASAP ROCKY (2 days ago)
Davey Sanchez (2 days ago)
hey jose, I'm a big fan and i was wondering what you where wearing in this video? i have that same jacket so i want to know how to wear it
Sam (2 days ago)
NIce Watch!!!!!!!
Sam (2 days ago)
AP Royal Oak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tom jens (2 days ago)
How is jacket on tshirt layering? I mean it is literally the LEAST layering possible in jacket season. EVERY guy would have at least that much layering, lol. Unless you mean to wear jacket in hot tshirt weather :D
Guvraj Sahib (2 days ago)
where’d you get those jeans from?
You are not skinny you are nomal wtf
Rainon Rinson (3 days ago)
Like u have not eaten anything 4 days and suddenly getting some food
Rainon Rinson (3 days ago)
Dude u wanna get fat .....eat whatever it is fastly
Riqo Universe (3 days ago)
Ad ends 3:26
Falah Muhaimin (3 days ago)
Bacot aing
ty eres (3 days ago)
What about us guys blessed with those birthing hips?
Sebastian Pierce (3 days ago)
Light colors make you feel heavier but what if im very pale. It just doesn't look good on me!
Lol I already used the last tip
PERter Lustig (3 days ago)
come on basketballtrousers under the jeans roflmao
jother john (3 days ago)
Annoying voice
Peachy.Heart1 (4 days ago)
Why am I watching this?
ana _ (4 days ago)
I'm a fat girl. Why am I watching this
victor manuel osorio (4 days ago)
Traducelo al español
gregory jenisch (4 days ago)
I used to do the layering thing because I was self conscious about my weight. But it turned it that layering was worsening my self consciousness. By layering I mean hoodies on top of flannels. I’ve learned to just be completely comfortable in my own skin. I now just wear T-shirts
Y0U W0T (4 days ago)
I'm getting way to skinny but I was super fat before. Now I'm like 165 and used to be 321
Y0U W0T (4 days ago)
Trah Nugroho (4 days ago)
It's much better if u use a real skinny model, so we can see the difference when they follow your tips on wearing outfit
Kevo (4 days ago)
Y para español :v? Gg
Eli Mitchell (4 days ago)
what shoes are those at 5:08
Daniel piercee Planas (4 days ago)
Just a tip, try using a Skinny model when talking about skinny people, so we could agree on what we see :D
Stunnzu (5 days ago)
jose the type of zuniga to plug in his sponsor during his speech at friends wedding
& & (5 days ago)
Let me wear a jacket to cover my scrawny arms, buttt let me roll the sleeves 1/3 of the way to show off my scrawny wrist. Also, chunky shoes make skinny legs look even skinnier.
D Monk (5 days ago)
biker jeans and cargo pants, especially the sleek flap ones by Southpole make my thighs look decently big. Putting stuff in the lower pockets like phone/wallet makes my legs look even bigger.
Famoose Tv (5 days ago)
Jason Catiggay (5 days ago)
Like A Walking Stick WTF! 😂
ADiegoXSs (5 days ago)
y yo viendo estilo de ombre en suramerica jaja.
RAYMOND PENA (5 days ago)
you talk so fast. please talk a little bit slower
Huge help there man.I'm a 110 pounds guy with a 5.75 feet height.Keep up the good work
Fancy Adventurer (5 days ago)
Fake Chapp (6 days ago)
It’s been bothering me for weeks... we’re is that jacket from 0.42 please
Seria genial pasar este video en su canal en español
Dan Hurt (6 days ago)
I don't know why I'm watching this, I'm a girl
Happy Hippi (6 days ago)
Haha I’m skinny af and ppl always tell me that 3-4 bracelets looks good bc I’m skinny haha!!!! Also thick shoes they make you look like a clown and girls definitely don’t dig it but the rest of the tips all on point bro👌🏼
Royale Gus (6 days ago)
azejlo90 (6 days ago)
Jose, where do you get the jeans like the ones you have at the end of minute 4? I’ve always tried to look for a similar one but only find ones that are the destroyed kind. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right place.
Tata The Alien (7 days ago)
another tip... *DON'T SKIP LEG DAY* luv u~~
Ahjanae Ashanti (7 days ago)
I’m a female, why am I here lol
Trieu Nguyen (7 days ago)
damm nice watch!
Mike Hunt (7 days ago)
Please no one pull up Long sleeves
Mike Hunt (7 days ago)
The basketball shorts under jeans look like ur wearing a fucking diaper
Mike Hunt (7 days ago)
I normally put a cucumber in my pants so it looks like I have a big cock
Garret Kraemer (7 days ago)
brother man how many 5 hour energy did you have before filming
Arjun Shrestha (7 days ago)
Can you do it for a fat guy as well?!😂😂
Shaik Fxxk (7 days ago)
Bro u changed my life
Giovanni Castillo (7 days ago)
How do I gain weight I eat bunch of chicken and steak and I weight 115 and I’m about 5’10 I’m tired of getting called tooth pick, stick etc.
Eric Edits (7 days ago)
You guys should also wear tight brackets and watches on your wrist, it might be uncomfortable but it will make you look hella vascular because your vains are getting restrained.
obese rat (7 days ago)
Ru (8 days ago)
5:42 take me now
Ru (8 days ago)
meanwhile girls are doing the opposite to make their frame look smaller
Serenity Hamilton (8 days ago)
Lmao I’m a girl and I still always watch his videos. I’m not sure why 🧐🤨 I’m confused
Moisés Aldana (8 days ago)
I have used the Pants with shorts for years.
Destini Rainey (8 days ago)
Luv yourself how you are
Troy Fuehrer (8 days ago)
Or just be ok with your body like me. Who gives a fuck
Ezekiel Ve'e (8 days ago)
So fat people can't look good??
hamza boss (8 days ago)
دمشي سليت
Astro Globe (8 days ago)
185... Skinny?? Hard gainer? Try being 5'11 and 130, half of these tips actually make incredibly skinny guys look skinnier
oscar alvin (8 days ago)
Can you make more videos for teens?
Kevin Burrell (8 days ago)
You're not even skinny. More like a little medium built
merouane Djr (8 days ago)
Where can i get the denim jacket u're rocking ?!
JLU 03 (8 days ago)
Why the fuck do you sound and remind me of fouseytube
andres sanmartin (8 days ago)
Quiero este video en español
morteza moheni (9 days ago)
morteza moheni (9 days ago)
Fuck off
KingDrama TV (9 days ago)
Can't relate... 😂 Great vid btw... :)
Boy talking like Iggy Azaleas freestyle rap
Juan santiago (9 days ago)
What about 8 hacks for fat guys
xDreamer (9 days ago)
Damn he got 1 mil views. A lot of skinny people. We need part 2
xDreamer (9 days ago)
I do the shorts in my pants thing. Cuz I got no butty ughh
thiccc boi (9 days ago)
It's annoying that u have to sponsor every video
Queen Elizabeth who (9 days ago)
Looool I’m not even skinny I’m just watching this to feel good about this
cameo king (9 days ago)
I wear gym short under my pants so I can hide my snake eye
EvilHero (9 days ago)
What's a snake eye
o (9 days ago)
please don't do so much facial expressions it makes me nervous
Blink Nation (9 days ago)
Can’t relate

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