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Top 10 Most brutal K.O in street fights (Warning Violence)

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Text Comments (18844)
hallamittuna (2 hours ago)
Taking off your helmet in the middle of a fight: not smart. Well.. fighting for nothing in the middle of the street.. not smart. :D
Cristian R (5 hours ago)
Number 1, mexican ofc
Juan Lok (5 hours ago)
you know theyre good when the quality is low cause people dont throw hands like back in the day, nowadays " i DonT FigHT I sHOoT " Pussy ass having
Kieran Curran (8 hours ago)
Number 5 is a pussy he is holding the guy down then kicks him in the face proper pussy boy u dickhead
I need a BEER (10 hours ago)
If a Russian ever fights you just wait for the kick they love to kick
ALAMGIR AHMED (10 hours ago)
You all suckers 😎
Grammar Nazi (13 hours ago)
The person who knocks out the other usually isn't the instigator.
Graeme Henry (13 hours ago)
6:06 Someone got shot....
Lee Noonan (14 hours ago)
That was very polite of the first guy. I was shocked by caring of the guy he just knocked out.
Paul M (14 hours ago)
09:10 Why do they rub foreheads like that? lol
Cahyo Widioko (17 hours ago)
Hhh...kinder garten fight each other
Yas Iqbal (18 hours ago)
Everybody want to see ..but no1 wants to stop that shit... Lovely world we live in...
uknow who (18 hours ago)
Russians don't play.
Prudish Mouse (19 hours ago)
Brutal K.O in the first 4 seconds. I love you 😎
Le Dark Killer moussa (20 hours ago)
au les pute ils étais plus que le motard
These are very bad
Epoch Eon (1 day ago)
Why did you end the video with a kissing match?
M. Ismail (1 day ago)
This is one crazy video.. The 3th one , that boy died over a girl in Dubai for nothing.
auskalang (1 day ago)
5:00 wtf? break up a fight by beating up both combatants?
Penny Richardson (1 day ago)
That last one do holy shit
johnathan talbott (1 day ago)
At 648 did anyone else see that as the guy letting one rip. LoL 😁
Josh May (1 day ago)
Thug ass Trash. Disgusting humans. Trash humans.
Iam Mi (1 day ago)
5:25 lol. These niggas some Hoes man. Save dude then knocked him out
Eltiolavara (1 day ago)
hijosdeputa grabando sin hacer nada...
John Hol (1 day ago)
#1 should make out way to close
Raymart Mercado (1 day ago)
6:19 Vin Deasel vs Dwayne Johnson
Daniel Holmes (2 days ago)
this fucking video sucks, fuck you!
ThomasPaine (2 days ago)
Just more evidence that people are animals. Nothing more.
Marcio San (2 days ago)
esmimerro iutaimi abrascotar
Robert Sechrest (2 days ago)
That sick
skimaskkilla 775 (2 days ago)
I’m a little late but if you’re reading this comment, and haven’t already seen a body slam in the video...skip to 7:30
Island Mike (2 days ago)
Clickbait..What fights? Mostly cowards throwing sucker punches..Take up Martial arts to work on those anger issues instead because somebody is gonna get killed like this..
Henlee Obibanx (2 days ago)
With God all things are possible....unlimited blessing that what God give...
Wo Lf (2 days ago)
At least he laid him in the grass
Ball Ball (2 days ago)
Y'all some p words I don't like this y'all fight too much
perizada che (2 days ago)
Guy 1: Well Hi B----. Guy 2: Fight Meh. Guy 1 Lol Okay. -After Fight- Guy 1: Lol i beat u. Guy 2: Well Your So Bad At Fortnite You Lost Every 1 Sec. -BOIYEE FX-
perizada che (2 days ago)
2:25 He Probably Made Noise And Faked It Like Neymar lol
perizada che (2 days ago)
1:19 that guy got out of his car and saw his friend knocked out. He Must Have Said Wth is going on bro
perizada che (2 days ago)
0:09 Looking Into Eyes Compilation.
perizada che (2 days ago)
bOI 0:03 that guy one brutal elbow man. he must be a copy of the one punch man
julio hendrick (2 days ago)
7:34 "HOLY SHIITT.." Nice finishing move.
Ronaldo Franz (2 days ago)
Wrm so viele likes
RDZO (3 days ago)
portrait recording is for gays!
Tom Ccc (3 days ago)
Respect to the first dude
Heidi Hernandez (3 days ago)
Somebody ooo he needs some milk lol🤣😂🤣
美茶爽健 (3 days ago)
Martin Collins (3 days ago)
gtxmag (3 days ago)
Those guys at 5.02 are real tuff.. Beat them when they down. Two punks.
ANDREW BREAUX (3 days ago)
The first video is me playing hitman
Osvaldo Gallardo (3 days ago)
Yall dumb if you say.to stop punching them. Y'all are old af thinking just by winning a fight all of a sudden its all over
Osvaldo Gallardo (3 days ago)
The last one was trash. The moment o made slin to skin contact i would have beaten the shit outta him and i woulnt stop until people pull me apart
Ben Finnegan (3 days ago)
Haaaa stupid!
John Smith (3 days ago)
Clearly there's a lot of garbage to be cleaned from the streets!
chentouf mouad (3 days ago)
Sab kuch (3 days ago)
Even they fight like a pro but in India you see that in a fight they don't know what to do only rounding their hand and legs only
pline games (3 days ago)
Não entendi o quinto
that-boi malone (3 days ago)
+ they turned this shit into a tag team match real quick " Oh y'all don't like each other well y'all better team up because y'all in a tag team match next on raw" 4:50
Diego Magat (3 days ago)
the first video is a pro fighter
jayraj kallychurn (3 days ago)
you call this k.o
6 years ago (4 days ago)
Top 3 That was saudi man
Diego Magat (2 days ago)
+Max -x who you?
Max -x (2 days ago)
+Diego Magat how do you know us?
Diego Magat (3 days ago)
+6 years ago ok. thank you.
6 years ago (3 days ago)
+Diego Magat i'm sure , that's saudi
Diego Magat (3 days ago)
+6 years ago I don't think so because most saudis don't know judo o self defense they only know holding your collar or slapping the face.yeah some knew but few.
I am retarded (4 days ago)
7:34 fuck off kid he's a qualified wrestler
kavrerozky xd (4 days ago)
Michael Godsey (4 days ago)
My dude in the overalls was so done with his shit.
Leah Lopez (4 days ago)
#5 or 3:20.. I believe that's domestic violence 💀☠️💀☠️💀☠️😭😭😭😂
Noel Sanchez (4 days ago)
At 10:31 i think that nixxa gay 😂
JH211309 (4 days ago)
5:40 having alot of success with the body kicks
Q. Taylor (4 days ago)
The real animals...TRUE ANIMALS that don’t belong on our streets...are the one’s who keep punching/kicking AFTER the other combatant is out cold. Forget the head trauma from the fight itself(if you can?!), but additional boots and fists to the head can lead to LIFELONG impairment. Get these phucking thugs off the streets...
ImKirbyyy (4 days ago)
7:40 im pretty sure he broke is neck.
ImKirbyyy (4 days ago)
First one was like: " dont fk with me boi ok? Yo yo you alive bro BRO"
Jose Aguilera (4 days ago)
No a la violencia
Max -x (2 days ago)
si si
Osvaldo Gallardo (3 days ago)
SkinnyGuyFatGuy (4 days ago)
Why can’t Russian’s fight?
MasterNNN (4 days ago)
why the fuck you record instead of help you loosers?
NotTodayBro (4 days ago)
7:30 broke his neck and he died.
Ris Ronwood (4 days ago)
in Croatia too.lol....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_hBzNmY25o
I am Da one (5 days ago)
Dr Akram (5 days ago)
Kick on the face was totally wrong,when the other is laying on ground...
Omeruraisu (5 days ago)
4:13 sounds like spongebob
Tim Ryan (5 days ago)
I feel bad for the guy on the motorcycle he got Jumped
CANALI Rodriguez (5 days ago)
2:25 That's more like dougie and the slide on the ground....
Kris Hattabaugh (5 days ago)
today's entertainment :-(
Jose Juanjo (5 days ago)
Jose Juanjo (5 days ago)
Zvonimir Ostric (5 days ago)
Yukio Mukaibo (5 days ago)
1:04! Is why I box. Because I ride motorcycles.
Mel Gibson (5 days ago)
O R A N G E J U I C E (5 days ago)
9:06 kissing fight
Nils Hermes (3 days ago)
Thought of that too. I dont get why u do such shit
O R A N G E J U I C E (5 days ago)
6:26 they look like twins hahahahh
makingains (6 days ago)
Chelsea Castillo (6 days ago)
The price is wrong bitch
Chelsea Castillo (6 days ago)
Who taught them how to fight
Chelsea Castillo (6 days ago)
Fucking children
moonmonk123 (6 days ago)
3:18 how to tell if its Russia you have a gopnik squating
domenico albanese (6 days ago)
Ignorance and poverty are a bad mix...
Queen Kai (6 days ago)
Damn, that first one tho
hal9khal (6 days ago)
8 is hilarious
سلام عليكم زورو قناتي من فضلكم
Billy C. (6 days ago)
I've seen better
MATTHEW HEWITT (6 days ago)
Y'all bitchen about these niggas being scum but if you've ever had to fight for your life you'd know everyone goes in a fight. Y'all stfu with ya gay shit
MATTHEW HEWITT (6 days ago)
Manny A R Williams (6 days ago)
frtnite raven (6 days ago)
dont read this if you get offended easily 04:19 regular day in Russia not to be racist

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