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The 6 DUMBEST Fashion Trends Of 2019 | STOP WEARING THIS!

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Text Comments (982)
Tyler Yoshiyama (5 hours ago)
Half this video is plugging sunglasses that are getting explained with big words to make it sound high quality.
Chi K.O! Beatz (5 hours ago)
Please stop the bare chested suits 🚫🚫🚫
NileshR12 (6 hours ago)
Can you make Jade Black prescription eyeglasses with the option of transitions so people who watch your videos & have to wear to prescription eyeglasses have a good option that isn't owned by Luxottica? That blue light protection would be great with that too!
Bengali Bhaijan (8 hours ago)
You advertise too much these days and looks like you are out of contents -.- better take a break for 2/3 months and come back stronger❤
Xeronphantom (15 hours ago)
I agree with Jose on the crossbody bag or the fannypacks it jus looks weird I can’t get with the look I was more for it back then when it was actually across your damn waist but across your body is jus dumb I’d rather carry an actual backpack lol
sōutsu (18 hours ago)
The clout goggles are a meme
Francisco Juarrero (22 hours ago)
I’m keeping my ultra comfortable Birkenstocks but I mostly wear them at home anyways. Too expensive to get them ruined outside
Ginoong Ronnel (1 day ago)
Talking while showing more videos or pictures I suggest is better. :) Since it is fashion and you are a model I think its better to more emphasize on pictures or videos like how you wear it and etc compared on puting more time on the parts that you are just talking. Anyways thank you!
Trying Wiki (1 day ago)
“These trendy and unique glasses are ugly, You should buy these basic ones, because I’ll get paid for it if you do”
real _26 (1 day ago)
I don't think birkenstock should be in your list bro!I have 7 pairs of them with different style and I got so many compliments for it!you have to know how to style them right man..cheers.
Ma Sito (1 day ago)
Talking about “bandwagon” the guy who wears skinny distressed jeans and cdg converse😂
yohan khan (1 day ago)
Roy Maghzal (1 day ago)
Why do I feel like I’m watching the same videos over and over again under different titles?
The Wizard (1 day ago)
Radi ko baan aafulai khub handsome sochxa
Julio Lopez (2 days ago)
Italian my ass
Jeff Nnamdi (2 days ago)
Commercial dudu
Jaylen Linnen (2 days ago)
Nobody Where’s Shades 🗑 and The Fanny Pack Is Hard I Got A Coat That Turns Into A Fanny Pack Paid $57 It’s North Face
j Chief (2 days ago)
Lmaoooo @ John Mayer
Dave Monaco (2 days ago)
Jose, you're a beauty and all, but Birkenstocks are the shit.
Varion Primo (2 days ago)
If you're really finding for a good style youtuber just go to Frugal aesthetic
Bautty (2 days ago)
Worn out sneakers huh? Well, Im in. I was part of this current fashion without even realizing.
Christopher Ramirez (2 days ago)
You look like Miguel wtf 😂
Jeremy Truong (2 days ago)
1:14 Ahh love Kanye Rest
Paul Sprout (2 days ago)
Lenses are polarized not frames homeboy. (Go to 2:16 to hear what you said about frames not lenses)
Arab Kids (2 days ago)
FLAMIN' CHEETOS (2 days ago)
1:40 That here in the UK is used by trappers, a drug dealer like legit mandems carry drugs in that in the UK 😂😂😂
cris salvador (2 days ago)
Which is important being comfortable on what you wear or follow what fashion is even if you feel awkward?
Well, that were 6 worthless minutes. Dude, the ad is half a damn video, also wow bullying what people wear is such a good idea for the video.
bluec0ke (2 days ago)
Crossbody bag is useful when you travel. Too many pick pocketing all over the world and sometimes they will slash your backpack without noticing.
James Murray (2 days ago)
Thumbnail click Bait.
Ross May (3 days ago)
yep stupid mall $hit i$ @$ Stoopid doez. barechested limpdix 'n' $tupreem chestbag~flag~hag Phaxiun~Naziz???(P.fuckin'$., du you think that wankyanxter even listens too I.M.????; [email protected]~$hit)...
Brian Laureus (3 days ago)
The distressed shoes thing although stupid I kinda understand especially if your tryna appeal to women because I do often here women say especially when it comes to sneakers that they do like it when some guys sneakers are a little distressed and worn and not all nice neat and spotless but sometimes not all the time
Dylan Cooper (3 days ago)
Tie dyes & Birkenstock’s >>>
Sa Mi (3 days ago)
That first part of it wow love it🤣🤣🤣
Dixie Normous (3 days ago)
I unsubscribed after this video. Who the fuck puts a 3 min ad about gay ass sunglasses in a 6 min video? GTFO
Crushh (3 days ago)
ppl really taking fashion advice from a dude who shops at banana republic LOL
Aveion Adams (3 days ago)
You don’t know what your talking about fanny packs are the move
leah hogans (3 days ago)
Not gonna lie, some guys can rock the no shirt suit look 😂😂
Leon B-Hong (3 days ago)
Hawkers vs Jade Black, get out of my way!
Rhowen Frakt (3 days ago)
Over analyzed, literally just a fucking ad ugh
Jet Davis (3 days ago)
I’m sorry man Birkenstock’s are the most comfortable thing on earth 🤷🏾‍♂️
Ross May (3 days ago)
no fuckin' way. CCM supras/tacks 'n' Bauer Supremez, blow that mall$hit off the fucking map chap...
Adolfo Aguirre (3 days ago)
So true👏🏻
Ahmed Soussi (3 days ago)
Whenever Jose can’t find sponsor for his video he has his company sponsor the video lol
Glenn Steven (3 days ago)
My wife has a pair of Birkentsocks, I've never been a fan of exposed feet, now I have an anti-foot fetish. They are the ugliest things going for me.
carlos hernandez (4 days ago)
This dude complains about everything lol
Roberto Marimon (4 days ago)
Best glasses ever I have 2 already, waiting for that white one 🔥
Noah Miller (4 days ago)
Anyone else see the “fresh never frozen” at 2:50😂😂😂😂
Zakey Peterson (4 days ago)
He looks like Miguel, and knows what he's talking bout.
Charles Louie Cueto (4 days ago)
Eye wear designs stolen from other brands lol
Hexo (4 days ago)
where the bomber from?
Jdognam78 D (4 days ago)
Your right about that the crossbody bag is great
Matthew Sampson (4 days ago)
You hit everything on the head with this!!!!!
Alejandro Lucero (4 days ago)
Your transitions from review to product ad/marketing are smooth as butter on a hot knife 😂😂
E. Coli (4 days ago)
1:42 let’s ask him what his favourite maiden song is. Oh wait... poser.
Brandøn (4 days ago)
ima wear whatever i want, no disrespect
Fidensio Vargas (4 days ago)
I love these rehash videos
David North (4 days ago)
Tie-dye and Birkies are back to celebrate the anniversary of Woodstock '99
ameya Narvekar (4 days ago)
Nice Jacket Jose! Where can I find this jacket? I think you should mention the clothing brands of the outfits you wear in your videos.
ameya Narvekar (2 days ago)
@Ross May Hey thanks man!✌️
Ross May (3 days ago)
AN. bombers, can be found anywhere. vintage bombs, harringtonz~monkeyz etc., are the way to go dude. cheque estate, yard carport sales, 'n' thrift stores/vintage boutiques. ( mod shops in; Canada/UK & EU). M1-a1z, Fred Perrys, Ben Shermans, from the 60z~90z. new warriors/relco's etc., also [email protected]$$ as well. cheers /organic beers(Samuel Smith/Molson/Red Stripe), and happy hunting>>>
Matthew Woolf (4 days ago)
Notice how he puts more effort into how he comes across when he advertises his own brand. Butttt I'm cool with it :)
Kur Kuree (4 days ago)
Crossbody bags ar... Dope
Sus skateboarding (5 days ago)
if u said a crossbody bag looks weird in london youd get stabbed
Sanga Ralte (5 days ago)
*Rose Gold* *Jade Black* ...I'm seeing a trend
Tim Glen88 (5 days ago)
Someone’s just found PAQ and automatically hates it 😅😅
TheLifeOfSunny (5 days ago)
Cross Body Bags are one of the best things to wear. Both boys and girls like it and is a great unisex item.
yung niglet (5 days ago)
bro dont ya talk shit bout denzel
Yogendra Singh (5 days ago)
Bro I understand you have to promote brands to earn money , please do it but promotion for more than 2 minutes in a 6 minute video is not justified , 1/3 is promotion where content was supposed to be .
Grant Hale (5 days ago)
this guy is a douche and only posts videos to advertise something .
Monkey Nutz (5 days ago)
Sunglasses Ad and you bullying about what people wear?!
Mitch Hewitt (5 days ago)
Agree to disagree on Birks. Not for the office or more formal scenes but excellent for vacation and summer. Just got back from Mallorca and took just 2 pairs of shoes: running shoes and Birks. When it's 100 degrees and beach paradise, they can make a summer shorts outfit. I will say there are definitely sandals that should NOT be worn...ever except for their intended purpose, such as Teva hikers. Ugh. Sports slides. Ugh.
RobinYourHood 18 (5 days ago)
What about worn out vans?
Terrence Simpson (5 days ago)
I like this channel but This video is straight shit!
Van Helsing18972 (5 days ago)
Just because you don’t love how it looks it’s not mean that is bad, not cool or for strange guys...
ZappyZ (5 days ago)
They just make people cloned clowns
Keanon Williams (5 days ago)
The crossbody bag can look good depending on how you wear it. Not everyone has to look the same, man.
Robert Dash (5 days ago)
There is some video in your ad
John Paolo Salazar (5 days ago)
Now I remember why I unsubscribed.. his whole channel is an advertisement
Byrdb 04 (5 days ago)
Don’t Forget about them fake Icon Bulletproof vest everybody starting to wear. 🤦🏽‍♂️
Chris Lo Tam (5 days ago)
Omg yes thank you finally someone who has the same thinking as me
el1061 (5 days ago)
ur high voice is annoying as fuck yo and dont say its cuz ur excited u high pitch bitch lol
Death M (5 days ago)
You should do a jacket you should were...
owlbeartoe (5 days ago)
Those shirts with little rips like they are worn out. Yeah those are stupid as well.
Zmarcha (5 days ago)
Birks are the ugliest shits i’ve ever seen right behind chacos
shylique Singleton (5 days ago)
Every time I see a Tide shirt I say taste the rainbow 🌈 😂😂
A. THOMPSVN (5 days ago)
Do what you want, f*ck people’s opinions, whatever works best for you.
Onders (5 days ago)
This weeks video? You mean ad??
Chazz Ram (5 days ago)
I think he doesn't like these sandels that expose his feet cause He got a nasty case of fungie nail DAMNNNN!!!!
Purpel (5 days ago)
Too much truth in this vid
Purpel (5 days ago)
Should make a line of folding sunglasses.
Purpel (5 days ago)
Them willy wonka sunglasses
Jeff asap (5 days ago)
Dude 80% of the video was add for your sponsor this has to stop man come on, we know you need them but 80% is commercial time
Paul Anthony (5 days ago)
Jose can u make a new video on back to school shopping
551223 (5 days ago)
I agree with the glasses. Those big stupid glasses look so fucking gay. I kinda disagree with the across the chest satchel. I always thought it looked stupid myself but then I saw one for $10 and gave it a try and I actually really like the look. Give it a try at least
Leonardus Alfred (5 days ago)
Birken still works for me...
Michael Warburton (5 days ago)
Want some glasses but I'm broke
Shaheel x (5 days ago)
The cross body bag is a legend it would never run outta style
Wesley Pakulat (5 days ago)
what jacket is that?
Chewy Vids (5 days ago)
i put a cross body bag on my back not rlly in the front
M Performance (5 days ago)
All fashion youtubers against showing feet lol. You guys must have some funky feet to be so against them. And why is it ok for women to show feet but not men?
Beiwubsnsod (3 days ago)
Cause male feet are gross
Nothing but ads. Tnx for ads!
LoveandAbandon (6 days ago)
Wait people are paying HOW MUCH for worn out sneakers? Meanwhile my 7 year old worn out nike sneakers still going strong....heh heh definitely still wearing them.... heh heh don't worry guys I can get new shoes...I'm sad now

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