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ThunderCats - "The Duelist and The Drifter" Clip 2

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In a competition, Lion-O shows what the Sword of Omens can do.
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Chris P Bacon (19 days ago)
I'm a huge Thundercats fan,and its ashamed they didn't continue with this series,and end it just because they didn''t sell enough toys? I mean seriously wtf is wrong with Warner Bros. This show had great ratings,and you kill it just because they didn't sell enough toys,and now they want to butcher the series by replacing it with"Thundercats Roar."
betmanjacv87 (22 days ago)
Fuck Thundercats Roar! Bring this series back.
Al Sol (1 month ago)
They need to bring it back. Oh please mighty Netflix if you are hearing this bring this righteous show back.
Gerald Martinez (1 month ago)
Totally agree
丸ぽんぽこ (1 month ago)
何言ってるか分からないけど 強いのはわかる
Done Gary (1 month ago)
I got this series at the house pretty gd actually
combatmaster (1 month ago)
This show ended before its time.
Dream Guardian (1 month ago)
This reminds me of the dark crystal, when the Skeksis did trail by stone. Only this one looks new and improved.
A.C. Galiza (1 month ago)
eu quero muito que esse thundercats volte
Poseidon (1 month ago)
This show was literally my childhood. I had the sword that Lion-O wields, and it was the coolest toy I had... by far.
Takashi Kurisagi (1 month ago)
And instead we got............ Thundercats Roar 😒
David N (1 month ago)
Never saw this remake, but loved the original. I'm surprised Snarf wasn't made more human-like in this version. He's kinda like the Jar Jar Binks of the Thundercats. Oh, by the way, still waiting for a live action version at 48 years old, along with G-Force/Battle of the Planets. I know the Japanese did one for G-Force, but I want one with a big budget, and not scripted by the Japanese.
Christopher Marshall (1 month ago)
Snarf in this is more a pet
Anime Freak (1 month ago)
Bring this back! They brought young justice back why not this!
iu soloman (18 days ago)
Can't go around saying "hoe" anymore.
crimsonninja (1 month ago)
Because of Thundercats Gumball...i mean Thundercats Roar money grab that's why.
Some should start a petition
Rodrigo Silva (2 months ago)
Cara ficou horrível esse desenho... igual os cavaleiros do zodíaco Ômega...kkkkkkkk
Iván Martínes (2 months ago)
Esta chido
mephisto1025 (3 months ago)
Idgaf this ain’t no thunder cats without snarf 🤦‍♂️
iu soloman (18 days ago)
You didn't see snarf on the ground?
Yeah, the New snarf is cute!
Justin Lind (1 month ago)
That was Snarf down by his foot. I much less annoying Snarf.
Podia estar dublado
Roberto Vásquez (3 months ago)
Como se llaman
EXTERMINADOR B̸R̸,̸ (3 months ago)
Tempo bom, netflix estragou o desenho em 2019 Maldito marxismo !
Babai Sarkar (3 months ago)
Anyone can see the show to the end
jocoby the jojo (3 months ago)
I watch the 1st ep of this when i was 8
megas957 (3 months ago)
Oh, hello Terry haven't heard you since Batman beyond
洪青雲 (3 months ago)
What is the movie?
Ovidiu Sampalean (3 months ago)
It's not a movie. It's a cartoon made o few years ago based on the cartton Thundercats made in the 80's. This is still called Thundercats.
・ロカマルセロ (3 months ago)
Lol una serie de recuerdos ♡♡♡
phuong võ ngọc tú (3 months ago)
Phim gi vau
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АюБ Шам (4 months ago)
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Eshan Seepersaud (4 months ago)
1:08 Kilowog is that u?
Red Hoodie (4 months ago)
I miss this show.
Pori (4 months ago)
7 Years Ago
They need to bring this back
Trey Owen (1 month ago)
No, WE need to bring it back, Cartoon Network nor Warner Bros will never listen to us true fans, especially since they have that horrid abomination Thundercats Roar. We need to fight these monsters and force them to give us back what we truely want..
WTFwouldANTHONYdo (4 months ago)
I loved the old one but I can get behind kittykat goku, this animation looks surprisingly dope.
Lord Seventh (4 months ago)
Best one
Ronnie ByTheWay (4 months ago)
OMG I remember watching this all the time when I was younger!
Vortex Foxx (4 months ago)
I loved this
zerocool gonna hack u (4 months ago)
0:27 im scared i see a thanos look alike? 🤔
Darth Segeus (3 months ago)
I remembere whe CN used to air cool cartoons like this ,what a time ,now they air shows for little kids that are really boring to be onest.The old CN would play cartoons for kids and teens now they are only for kids idk if they make more money but the shows are really pathetic
Nah the problem with them nowdays is no experimenting,creativity,variety,originality,risk many cartoons we're hawe dark and really violent stuff Teen Titans had episodes like:haunted,Ben 10 had:ghostrfreaked out,and so fourth. The problem isn't that they make cartoons for kids because they are for kids, the problem is that they talking down to them, treat them like they we're stupid and unable to comprehand complex things like:greed,violence and all that Heck, the ppg reboot constantly ither use flashing lights on the screen to censore the impact of the punches or make the girls go down in one hit even by things like:(sigh)GLITTER!,Ttg is a pg version of family guy:a mean crazy person in a mean crazy world., The problem that they don't trust kids enough so they can be adult and understand it, beeing adult is not based on how smart you are,how mutch experience you had in life,and how many diffrent things your able to comprehand, the thing that makes you adult:is how you handel them! When I first seen a violent show like the original ppg or Ben 10 i understand why the characters did what the did:iether to stop villians from stealing and hurting people or self preservation instinct, kids are able to learn and treat things as they are and how to handel them just like adults but the key diffrence that when you grow up you expect things to make sense and certain things should be a certain way, unwilling to experimenting or imagination, because cartoons can be anything! They can be:mindless entertainment,tought provoking and intelligent commentary,things that scare you,things that make you awe like your in Heaven,things that make you laugh but adults belive kids can't handel them, ironically the sensitive cry babyes that kids Supposed to be are the adults! For example:nowdays adults think tue original Ben 10 is too violent,the parents in the 80's we're complaining about too mutch violence in tv shows, but if we choose to shelter kids from this they never learn how the world works the things we need for kids to definetly not see are:homosexualysm and so fourth. As Don Bluth said:"You can show anything to a child as long as it hase a happy ending!" They teaching preverted things like homosexualysm and so fourth? Heck the ppg reboot removed miss bellum for beeing"offensive"yet things like TWERKING,a grown woman make out with a little kid and an LSD addicted bear making partyes are appropriate for kids!? I made a list about this called censores and overprotective parents! Collected many videos dealing with the stuff to show your kids. Im not the Best at explaining it in great details right now so check out the list for answears!
Saibal Singha Roy (4 months ago)
Can't you put episodes??
Jonathan Bell (4 months ago)
7 years ago? Fuck, I remember watching these episodes as they came out. Oof.
420 remember (4 months ago)
Can i watch this where
Võ Văn Thành (4 months ago)
Sani H (4 months ago)
7 years ago?? Holy shit
ImNot Lemon (4 months ago)
Paulo Badeka (4 months ago)
Fantastic animation. Return it please.
xXreaperXx killer (4 months ago)
Hosheto Awomi (23 days ago)
I like oranges (4 months ago)
God I fell old now
FireFlame gamer (4 months ago)
I like oranges Im 19 tomorrow I think I was 11 or 12 when this came out
Pro Token420 (4 months ago)
I'll be honest, this remake of an otherwise great show is honestly not that good, tried watching it when it first aired and I couldn't get into it, but at least they tried, it does explain the origins of what we know as Thundercats, but overall, it was pretty subpar
Red Hoodie (4 months ago)
Dude, the remake was way good. It totally deserved more seasons. You're among the minority on this one.
The Flamre (4 months ago)
Guys spend their entire lives training to fight but lion-o and his magic sword show up
TheFizzyChair * (4 months ago)
Kantean Nightmare (4 months ago)
The sword of omens would be cheating…
Anime TV (4 months ago)
Phim j z
Tele\\\Mídia ORIGINAL (4 months ago)
Tander Cat
Loren Ncn (4 months ago)
Anime j z ad
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TheWalletWaffling (4 months ago)
He look like Zack...from FF7... Thunder cat Zack?
李忍和 (4 months ago)
SebitaxxGG4k09 5 (4 months ago)
0:24 thanos
btnbrk cvk (4 months ago)
I really wanted this to continue an then what ... my favorite ship lion o pumyra goes to trash. :,(
Random Anon (3 months ago)
Hey, I understand why you're upset. But you have to remember that the story was up to the writers to decide. Pumyra was intended to be a traitor up to the very end, and I'm afraid you're just going to have to respect that.
Dragos Gabriel (3 months ago)
We didnt even get to see the end.
Vlad the Impaler (4 months ago)
0:01 Pretty soft voice for such a big and scary guy.
Rivaldo Villegas (6 days ago)
The small one had such a deep vocie.
율레인 (4 months ago)
저걸로 돈벌다가 장사거덜나보렸쥬?
B3RS3RK3R (4 months ago)
Is this a anime?
Aisha Khan (16 days ago)
its an old nickelodeon show about action and adventures
Nani Freeman (4 months ago)
When Cartoon Network was black
ItsaTurtleHead (4 months ago)
Cartoon network was always black... and white. Except for that time they had the colored logo.
Dar Kon (4 months ago)
Prakash Budhu (4 months ago)
I enjoyed the show
Ikyno 11 (4 months ago)
Thunder thunder thunder cats ohhh
Tornike Onoprishvili (4 months ago)
Fkin furries, man.
Đờ Mờ (4 months ago)
Longitudinal cutting. why
Vn lol
Médydy elice (4 months ago)
Remake should be better not worse
Red Hoodie (4 months ago)
It was😂
Good thing this one has a coherent story in which episodes are actually connected to each other and the voice actors don't seem to be narrating a tv commercial.
Gernot Messner (4 months ago)
Armand Marin (4 months ago)
Ohhh how i misse this
F Amore (4 months ago)
He slices downward but the crack spreads upward...
Christopher Marshall (1 month ago)
He also sliced diagonal
khobaib naghnaghiah (4 months ago)
Animation logic
OmeLette (4 months ago)
Wind cutting u know haha
Wookiescan'tfly (4 months ago)
He could have made a large vertical cut from center down that made the rock thing crack the rest of the way up. People *were* beating the fuck out of it with swords, so it cant be that sturdy at that point. It's a bit of a stretch, but it's possible. Old thundercats would have done it better
Bapak Hang (4 months ago)
Logic of cartoon network
Chris Powers (4 months ago)
Furry Force was the best adaptation of Thundercats, IMO
Karmasen (4 months ago)
yes,Yes, YES... *OH MY GOD*
sanchir otgonbold (4 months ago)
A man of fucking culture here.
Luis (6 months ago)
The tipical crappy remake of nowadays.
Red Hoodie (4 months ago)
The Thundercats reboot was amazing.
OriginalRAB (4 months ago)
This remake was better than the original you deluded fool.
Lonnie Wright (4 months ago)
He wasn't talking about this, though. He was talking about "The tipical crappy remake of nowadays." This came out almost ten years ago. That's in no way "nowadays" lol
@Random Anon Oh, sorry. I Thought I was sending the message to the person who first posted an entry.
Random Anon (4 months ago)
@José Julián Aguirre Pinzón I'm not talking about the original series.
gui fagundes cerqueira (8 months ago)
prefiro a versão antiga
Pedro Henrique (4 months ago)
Vc está apenas cego pela nostalgia
Pedro Henrique (4 months ago)
Essa versão é muito melhor em todos os sentidos
Pedro Henrique (4 months ago)
Essa é antiga tbm Faz muito tempo q lançou
haventgotoverit (2 years ago)
Shitty. The original version is better
OriginalRAB (4 months ago)
Jason Dayon (4 months ago)
You do realize that if you are upset the current version of a past television series does not meet with your approval, you are probably not the target audience.
BlazesGamingCorner (4 months ago)
Lol, keep pretending brosef.
Otto Coldbeer (6 months ago)
Blinded by nostalgia
Kentaro Tanaka (7 months ago)
Because people like you. We are being punish with a version far worse, ThunderCats Roar.

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