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Track: "Love Not Hate" by Yourz Truly http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/197906
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Pyro Mitch (8 days ago)
Skipping dialog
idk7173 (2 months ago)
I found this channel only a few months before it ended miss you all.
Gooze (2 months ago)
Endrank luvs da 4 loco (3 months ago)
If sharks are so smart, why didn't they invest in amazon back in the 90's? Smh.
elikyia El (3 months ago)
Luis Mick (5 months ago)
Smart sharl
Sarah Coates (8 months ago)
This is oddly mesmerizing.
Miles K (1 year ago)
Pause at 1:38 when Olan says "sharks"
Estoniah Hirst (1 year ago)
Knock Knock, who's there.... sex
PixelDough (1 year ago)
Pentatonix got nothin on this
Torkil Hansen (1 year ago)
i still cling on to the hope that one day the stars will align, and the three gods of the balloonshop, will unite once again under the mighty power of Demetrius.
BunnyMan456 (1 year ago)
Wait is this one of Olan's blogs?
Danga Langman (1 year ago)
Bonnalina Fuzbunny (2 years ago)
Zubb (2 years ago)
I love Olan's little grin at 2:18
Good lord Hino (2 years ago)
Thomas is gold.
canal d.b.u.x legal (2 years ago)
mas que porra e essa :~[
Ranger _ (2 years ago)
"Hey Alex."
Alexander Wedlin (2 years ago)
Calling me stupid...... r000000000d
Mephisto (2 years ago)
+Sergeant Sharkie Stuh ped sharks
uberpansy77 (2 years ago)
Boo gee board dd
Sarrah Kramer (2 years ago)
There. will. be. distrust. and. doubt. in. the. seal. community.
Big Bad Mark (2 years ago)
Grambee (2 years ago)
when you play a 3rd grade education game.
Gearhead9001 (2 years ago)
Bet most of those dislikes aren't actually dislikes. I think they misclicked.
Sketchy Ferret (2 years ago)
siri be like....
LooneyDude (2 years ago)
You. Choose. The. Opposite. Of. Hard. That woiks for me!
Blue_ (3 years ago)
"smart shark is..... smart"
K1NGSXx (3 years ago)
Just imagine watching this on acid
E 2140 (3 years ago)
Press 2 for play pac man
I love this guys lol
WalrusQuake (3 years ago)
What is this
Bogus (3 years ago)
OH I get it, you "jumped" the shark
Nothing to see here (3 years ago)
I. Agree. Sharks. Are. Smart. And. Awesome.
BarninBella (3 years ago)
How have I never heard of balloonshop before? This is fucking hilarious!
Brittany Ashcroft (3 years ago)
We will all make chum of them >:)
Jake P (3 years ago)
Has the same shark picture that was in Pump it up! Burn it up! Dance contest
Damien M.H. (3 years ago)
I realized that Josh sorta looks like Jackseptieye. No, Just me? Ok.
Ryanne#84 English Lops (3 years ago)
Mouth Smash (3 years ago)
gracie keith (3 years ago)
ok idk what the point of this is
Alistocrat (3 years ago)
Stephen Dickey (3 years ago)
Thomas Hoare (4 years ago)
Honestly thought this would be about Bryan Alvarez
princesstamika (3 years ago)
as did i.
Tapi Tapi (4 years ago)
Lucina/Severa Lowell (3 years ago)
Lucina/Severa Lowell (3 years ago)
No. You
Tapi Tapi (3 years ago)
:D Have. A. Blessed. Day!
Nothing to see here (3 years ago)
+Janzelle Artis Shut. Up.
AcceleratingUniverse (4 years ago)
It's great that olan went on to make the exact videos he used to parody
Your Gay Father (3 years ago)
Eh, he doesn't do that many jumpcuts, really.
Nick White (4 years ago)
What do I feel inside...
ohmygoolai (4 years ago)
a day in the life of a vlogger
luma is your frend (4 years ago)
Oh god. No more.
Nathaniel Musso (4 years ago)
Aya Shameimaru (4 years ago)
This video peeves me off
Allykat _626 (3 years ago)
I am just gonna go out and buy an entire ORAY of clothes! Or become Mike Tyson's agent!!!
A Slutty 9S Unit (3 years ago)
+FinkyLee PokedYou You're crusin' for a bruisin'!
Allykat _626 (3 years ago)
I'm not a calzone! ... Last time I checked!
A Slutty 9S Unit (3 years ago)
Hey bro... Stuff it.
Allykat _626 (3 years ago)
You're most certainly BEGOUCHED!!
Dankfla Dankfla (4 years ago)
I would do anything to have Thomas's voice replace Siri on my iPhone...
Joe Beall (4 years ago)
i miss these guys so much. :(
Monica Clouse (4 years ago)
Oh ok I don't know what to feel
GustavoGarbaggio (4 years ago)
TLC shows in a nutshell
Awd222 (4 years ago)
Uhh...What did I just watch?
dictionaryofwords (4 years ago)
Audio by microsoft sam 
Mudsoic (4 years ago)
Still not as many jump cuts as Ray William Johnson does
Daniel Mojica (4 years ago)
Connor Reilly (4 years ago)
Are these seals really my friends?  Or are they sharks on boogie boards?..
Liam Zynth (4 years ago)
Before Vine was cool
Benjamin Guzman (4 years ago)
the way they talk I can't stop laughing lololololololhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahagagagagagagalolololollollollololollolololololololololloolololololoololololololololololololollolollolol OOOOOOOOOHHHHJHHHHHHhHHHHH LAWD HAVE MERCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!¡¡¡
gabe perez (4 years ago)
I miss them so much ;-;
EpicWaffleWEEGEE (4 years ago)
And that's how science works!
BlistersOnMyFingers8 (4 years ago)
I just love the weird side of YouTube.
Nothing to see here (3 years ago)
Meh. Too.
TheParadox1010 (3 years ago)
Aka Ytp
MiotaLee (3 years ago)
If you think this is the weird part of youtube, you don't wanna go to the weird part of youtube. 
keos- (4 years ago)
You've barely even scratched the surface of the "weird side of the Youtubes"
Argonics (4 years ago)
Wait, that one guy plays, fisher, (i think that's his name) in Olan's series Pop Rocket.
meismeok (4 years ago)
so completely pointless to the point of brilliancy
Mateo Balaban (4 years ago)
Apple.Should.Replace.Siri.With.These.Guys.And.You.Could. Choose.Who's. Voice. You. Want.
Sebastien Squirrell (4 years ago)
Christian Birch (5 years ago)
I'm. surprised. no. one. has. posted a comment. like. this. one.
XxUnkownUserxX (5 years ago)
The Host is lagging
Dwight Shrute (5 years ago)
ParadiseNMH (5 years ago)
At 2:19, we see Josh doing his impressive impersonation of Stephen Hawking.
Kyle Tye (5 years ago)
Forget Siri. I want Thomas' voice for my iPhone.
Marina K (5 years ago)
Comer back!make more videos!(:
Markusser (5 years ago)
Gmod in real life
vissova (5 years ago)
This is basically the amount of jump cuts you would find in a typical vblogger video.
DubzerBrenzer (5 years ago)
Ghost in the stalls man, ghost in the stalls.
Average Dick Daws (5 years ago)
JoshuaPursley, gorethomas, and OlanRogers are all the channel names
Cosmic Conical (5 years ago)
Oh hey! It's DarkMatter2525! I'm subbed to you! you sure must piss a lot of Christians off though.
Cosmic Conical (5 years ago)
rdan721 (5 years ago)
wtf did I just watch?
Jason Mosher (5 years ago)
They all have their own
Leen (5 years ago)
What are their others channels?
Average Dick Daws (5 years ago)
i subbed to all 3 of their channels
WasBMOC (5 years ago)
I love josh in the balloon shop vids, but I don't find most of his solo stuff very funny,
Connor Kelly (5 years ago)
fiona okumu (5 years ago)
who's Nick? Do you mean Josh?
fiona okumu (5 years ago)
what about Josh and Thomas.... aren't they great? I mean I love Olan but they're pretty awesome as well.
Kangaroo Joe90 (5 years ago)
i, think, thats, a, SMART SHARK XD
Megan Dowe (5 years ago)
Daemyen Johnson (5 years ago)
beautiful :_)
Drew Terry (5 years ago)
A kickstarter wouldn't do any good; Baloonshop split up because they were all highschool friends that made videos. They all went off to college and separated. Olan Rogers still makes great vids, and Nick has some good ones too. Thomas makes cameos in both of there stuff and does a few skits. Just subscribe to those three channels, I doubt Balloon shop will ever be back...
Drew Terry (5 years ago)
@Kyle Calderon
dillonislolz (5 years ago)
im sure this is great on acid...
Nicole Hackbart (5 years ago)
Good Ol Jazzle (5 years ago)
I subbed to olanrogers if you don't know who that is, it's the guy with the black hair his channel is hilarious go check it out he is still posting videos he hasn't stopped yet
gothic lemons (5 years ago)
Vander Salad (5 years ago)
Hi Microsoft Sam.
Nicole Hackbart (5 years ago)
I would give almost anything to see the bloopers from this :D
flowerzinc (5 years ago)
John Doe (5 years ago)
Somebody should make a kickstarter for more balloonshop. I'd pay for it.

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