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Narsingha Orchestra ( practice season )

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musical season
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ismail hossain (6 months ago)
AH Hemel (10 months ago)
Gaan ta officially record kora ochit . M records a ❤❤❤
md. kasib monna (5 years ago)
ভালো লাগলো
Rasel Mahmud (5 years ago)
osthir . . .
samid mahmud (5 years ago)
an amazing practice live music video :) thnks #emon vai for this :)
samid mahmud (4 years ago)
@Fahmid Hassan  hmm mama :) <3
Fahmid Hassan (4 years ago)
chorom hoise
Nabeen Khan (5 years ago)
josssss and josssss :D
Imran Presents (5 years ago)
Sir . . nice song . awesome direction , and all are my known faces. do u remember me? this is IMRAN , i sang a song (krisno) in Brahmondi k k m reunion 2011 and next day u called me at ur house to prepare another song . 

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