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7 Reasons Why Being Attractive Is BAD | It's Better TO Be Ugly

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Text Comments (1437)
A Paul (12 hours ago)
The 7th reason is so relatable af
Conor Jones (2 days ago)
Lol stop bullshitting pls. Try telling FaceandLMS about this. If you were born ugly you'd die to be good-looking.
Helghast 100 (3 days ago)
He misspelled "attractive" in the thumb nail.
sssweetnesss (3 days ago)
Man I hate being “attrative” haha
Marc Garcia (8 days ago)
What the hell is he wearing on his face
Miles Jones (9 days ago)
Dude, check the thumbnail. "Attrative"
fabian Castillo (11 days ago)
Jose u should do a (how to make money for teens)
John Pickup - CDHS (14 days ago)
I wouldn't trade it for the world, but I will say it makes girls super quiet and awkward around you. I hate initiating and keeping conversation, so it makes the game way more difficult in that regard. They also assume a lot negative things about you, like you said, or just make things up to feel better about themselves.
Heta Cook (14 days ago)
This guy just talks shit.
Kay PlaysYT (15 days ago)
This dude is so helpful
Siraj9009 (15 days ago)
Finally a perk of being me
redphoenix0910 (16 days ago)
Being attractive is good if you can capitalize on the benefits. However, Jose is right. People will judge you harshly based on your looks and that's not a fun feeling at all. Ya gotta stick to your own kind in that case.
Robert Torres (16 days ago)
Number 8. People want to talk to you when you don’t want to talk, but it’s weird if you were unattractive before
Jairus Lovell (16 days ago)
Thanks Jose
Tristan Cohen (16 days ago)
Damn it
Theo Umana (17 days ago)
How would you know? You're not good looking
Ruffels (17 days ago)
Nathan Tongha (18 days ago)
I am really a fan of you i hope i would see you in personal
David Manning (18 days ago)
When you spell attractive wrong in the thumbnail
Lambo King (18 days ago)
PieCheeseGuy (18 days ago)
M Vegas (18 days ago)
Reason 7 is the one I’ve been dealing with a lot lately
Zousky (18 days ago)
referral madness (19 days ago)
Look in the background at 2:43, I see that loreal paris pure clay mask 😁😁😁😁😄👍🏾. I wanna try that mask out so badly at some point #skincareAddict 😤
Edward Kanu (19 days ago)
Over... My... Dead... Body!!!
Jorgio Arboleda (19 days ago)
Jose is the type of Zuniga who's attractive and faithful at the same time.
huy nguyen (19 days ago)
damn i could never relate to this
Nrgizd (20 days ago)
I hate the way i look.
TJ (20 days ago)
literally shut the fuck up with this bullshit... No one ever complained at being attractive and you're an absolute MORON for even making this video....
The Veteran Gamer (20 days ago)
If you are good looking doesn’t mean you are dumb
Raphael Greasby (21 days ago)
The reason he is telling us is to make our confidence stronger
TheBeast EctogoD (21 days ago)
I know about the last point"i get no chance from girls cause they are afraid"
Xcaliburz Storm (21 days ago)
NO NOT really us ugly men having a hard time of being lonely for years i been lonely since i was 27 years old i am sick of being single i been ugly my whole life and phat so check my channel i am broke mother fucker that is ugly and fat so then it is bad to be attractive then ? odd ugly is not GOOD man ugly sucks ass .trust me unless your ready to be single for 27 years of your life do not be ugly man being ugly is hard on us women will treat ugly men like shit they walk all over our dicks or stomp on them instead of sucking them . while a guy like you they suck your dick oh boy and want to flock all over you . trust me women will treat you wrong if your ugly man damn. na i rather look attractive than ugly and alone and lonely. and hear a kicker i been single for 27 years also sexually frustrated unless you want to be sexually frustrated or aka short term word for this thirsty for women fuck no . also your not avrage your attractive and handsome women would go for you over me damn .
Your Ugly Homie (21 days ago)
este tio, es el que mejor consejos, da, excelente,
Hasan Thomas (21 days ago)
Lol he said all us average dudes.. I'm guessing he's not tall? Idk
X O (21 days ago)
Hes over 6ft tall
Hasan Thomas (21 days ago)
I wish I could hug you through the screen n buy u a pound of weed.. Idc what you do w. It ..lol
chintu chintu (21 days ago)
1. How to make remove pimples 2. Face clean Video upload
referral madness (19 days ago)
Good some skincare boy
Obito x Kakashi (22 days ago)
In this world of ours no one is ugly or too attractive god brought us into this world for a reason and made us like this🙏🙏🙏
GEORGE A (22 days ago)
I couldn't care less what people think about me!
Akil 97 (22 days ago)
Congratulations on the marriage Jose!!
Shuaib Yusuf (22 days ago)
I experienced all besides number 3 and 4. Now it all makes sense why I was called a player before women dated me and I was puzzled like what the fuck even 🤣. Anyway check my instagram: @shuaib_body
Shuaib Yusuf (22 days ago)
Well it felt good and I felt myself all the time 😂. Let me tell ya it feels fucking good, looking in the mirror and seeing an attractive figure from head to abs to the toe, definitely candy for your own eyes, I'm talking from experience, sometimes the thoughts like damn I'd seduce myself if I were 2 people and no homo there I love pussy but I had to give it a thorough explanation 🤣. I guess its actually good problems, I definitely wouldn't trade it for the opposite problems👌
OldManSkimpy (22 days ago)
Video should be called Jose’s life struggles from being to attractive
OldManSkimpy (17 days ago)
TJ yeah lol Jose think he slick
TJ (20 days ago)
"Life struggle" lol "Oh it's such a hard life instantly being accepted and invited to everything because of my looks and easily getting into a relationship and job opportunities for the same reason.... SUCH A HARD LIFE BEING ATTRACTIVE!"
Juan Rivera (22 days ago)
I can't believe you had the audacity, the unmitigated gall to make a such a pompous and bullshit video lol🤣🤣🤣
TehUltimateSnake (22 days ago)
You’re not supposed to do microdermabrasion on damaged skin (acne). Get rid of the acne first then deal with the scars with the microdermabrasion.
Maniahg (22 days ago)
Sorry bro.....but..... are you LEGIT retarded af?
Gue Gu (23 days ago)
ahum actually for numero 3 it is scientifically proven that if u look better people will assume u as smarter. thank u
darkrovalver (23 days ago)
as a very ugly man, I disagree.
Cambra Salem Mukadi (23 days ago)
that true my man i am in that situation where first impression i give to a girl is Girls:you look intimidating(before me saying hello to her)
ChowdhuryRayan (23 days ago)
He actually made a lot of good points. I wouldn't say its better to be ugly tho.
Farhan Marco (23 days ago)
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: . . . . . Jose: It's better to be ugly.
RaiDai (23 days ago)
Ugly nibbas, It's our time!
Kurt Liam Magsumbol (23 days ago)
"People can't fathom how someone can look so majestic" *shows pic of himself
kevin sorto (23 days ago)
Not going to lie this video is bullshit 😂😂 still liked the video tho .
Will Reddish (23 days ago)
Perks of being attractive First picked Always is the likable one Always the favorite Gets away with most things More privileged at school More opportunities for them Most people People believe everything they say And actually more respected Etc
ThesocialmisfiT tv (23 days ago)
No one: Jose:incase your wondering...
Isaac Parimalam Isa (23 days ago)
“You’re a diamond, bro.” Never felt so blessed hahaha
Emilio Zx (24 days ago)
That wing though 1:16😂
itz ifeco (24 days ago)
Sumit Solanki (24 days ago)
You make us ugly guy good looking now u say girls don't like good looking guy what the fuck is going 🙄
Sumit Solanki (24 days ago)
You make us ugly guy good looking now u say girls don't like good looking guy what the fuck is going 🙄
majed (24 days ago)
These glasses don’t suit you
Los_Amigos Paz (24 days ago)
Suffering from succes😂
Riz Kler (24 days ago)
Cheers Jose really useful tips 🤘🏼😎👍🏼
xRJRaby (24 days ago)
Wth so many lies
Jose (24 days ago)
Where does this guy get off
Sarthak Suman (24 days ago)
Being a 110kg 6"1' tall wheat complexion guy out of 7 problems I face these 5 problems on my daily basis & unfortunately girls & other Alphas in my group gets triggered and intimidated this they challenge me but their challenges backfires brutally to themselves. In car world other Alphas are like Ferrari or Lamborghini or Bugatti but I am like Koenigsegg Regera destroying their valour anyday anywhere anytime wherever they want.
BoDy Building At HoMe (24 days ago)
no one saw that he wrote attrative
Månï Kántàn (24 days ago)
Finally,The Goal is to be RICH!
Chaji Dosanjh (24 days ago)
Where do you get those glasses?
爱情GOᒪᗪEᑎ (24 days ago)
The thumbnail is misspelled
Syauk (24 days ago)
guys who always get friendzone attractive or ugly? if you open your eyes wide open then you will know the answer
Salmon Master (24 days ago)
Why u wear them glasses
Aniruddha Dakwale (24 days ago)
Is it just me or the thumbnail says 'attrative'!
tzs finest (24 days ago)
Did he just call himself average? 😂
Shnobbs Studios (24 days ago)
TheDerpyCornDog (24 days ago)
3Trees (24 days ago)
Is this video a joke....? I have always been a naturally ugly guy and it isn't better...I would do anything to be attractive! ......is never getting a date, never getting married, and as a result never having kids "better" especially when it's been a dream of yours? Dumb video...poor taste....it's like a rich person telling a homeless person that living on the streets is better than having a nice house with a nice car....I sure hope you don't believe the crap you spouted in this video...
Pierangelo Saponaro (24 days ago)
What men should do is make themselves more personally attractive than physically attractive. Be attractive in two ways. Put the personal part first. People need to accept our physical looks. Our personality is more important. Being physically attractive is not bad. Some people give it a wrong name. People get jealous of men whether it is their looks, possessions or personality. We need better tolerance.
just a guy (24 days ago)
Attrative is what it says I. The thumbnail lol
GY (24 days ago)
I won’t even gonna watch this, sod off
FUCKME (24 days ago)
Is this a joke?
zoelaka logan (24 days ago)
all ugly guys roll out
zoelaka logan (24 days ago)
all ugly guys roll out
#mìçhæĺL (24 days ago)
Well then ........wtf
RAZEXAL GT (24 days ago)
Oscar Sosa (24 days ago)
What were u wearing in ur hair?
ANKUSH ANKUSH (24 days ago)
Bro can you write in description as well
Jason López (24 days ago)
Lol it’s true 😁
Tommy Gun (24 days ago)
SHUT UP WITH THAT "us average looking dudes"
Boxy Ben (24 days ago)
Can't relate
kelbo sskii (24 days ago)
The only way youre gonna attract Bitches and if youre ugly is if u have Money!
ph1ogic (24 days ago)
said nobody ever
David Applebaum (24 days ago)
How would you know how being attractive feels?
Dinomush (24 days ago)
A salesman, that's what he is
Super Nez (24 days ago)
I see lots of hot women with ugly guys. Unkempt etc Women today are walking contradictions, the majority are attracted to thugs and idiots, they can’t handle good men
ForgottenSunnah (24 days ago)
How the hell did you get your hair like that. Tell me what i should tell my barber and what products to use
Leuwellyn Lyle (24 days ago)
Finally a video that makes me feel at peace cause I'm already unattractive... thank you jose😂
Damien Bell (24 days ago)
I’m sorry, but this guys energy is so fake. Quality of his videos are not anywhere near Alpha M. This guy is only in it for the money - it’s obvious.
Lamont Mccloud (24 days ago)
Girls making predispositions without finding out the truth....man, say it isn't so!!!! Hahaha

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