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Why This Watch Costs Over $450,000

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Mr. Pascal Raffy is the current owner of BOVET, a legacy watchmaking company based in Switzerland. BOVET is famous for creating intricate and complex timepieces. We got to take a closer look at the Récital 22 Grand Récital which comes in red gold and platinum, each hovering around the $500K price range. What makes this watch worth nearly half a million dollars? ------------------------------------------------------ #Bovet #Watch Business Insider tells you all you need to know about business, finance, tech, retail, and more. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: https://read.bi/7XqUHI BI on Facebook: https://read.bi/2xOcEcj BI on Instagram: https://read.bi/2Q2D29T BI on Twitter: https://read.bi/2xCnzGF --------------------------------------------------
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Text Comments (3527)
Chippy (48 minutes ago)
Me: Mommy! Mommy! I want one! Mom: Are you shitting me...
Chris Christian (3 hours ago)
This clip is made like a music-video. So many cuts made with only a few seconds. It's impossible to enjoy this beautiful watch. Why are you not able to make an enjoyable slow video. What's the sense behind?
KenTheBest (8 hours ago)
its a patek
TheElectricCherry (8 hours ago)
Proof the earth is flat.
Nome Cognome (8 hours ago)
That’s cool and all but does it tell the time?
crzykoment (11 hours ago)
meanwhile floyd mayweather watch is $10M
محمد سالم (13 hours ago)
Which is the costliest watch that you own Mine is Hublot spirit of big bang (titanium) cost is £18,200 Comment yours
Kaden Smith (17 minutes ago)
140 lmao flex much?😂
محمد سالم (9 hours ago)
+Osvaldo Morínigo haha really
Osvaldo Morínigo (9 hours ago)
Casio (Plastic) 8 dollars
WhenYouWalking (15 hours ago)
The technically made a watch for no one. Except for super rich guys who needs to spend their money on.
Manikanta Srinivas (15 hours ago)
Because the buyer is a fool...
Legend 27 (16 hours ago)
Way overpriced just like Apple products.
yeah I'm still alive (17 hours ago)
Imagine someone wearing something more expensive than your house on their wrist
Mishn0 (22 hours ago)
Easy: because there are idiots out there with more ego than brains.
Greg Roy (23 hours ago)
Pawn stars will like "$50 is all I can do ".
Because it reveals you that the Earth is flat LOL
Jakob Crow (1 day ago)
Can I have this watch with an flat earth
TheSunMoon (1 day ago)
Wow! That kind of money could buy me a house! A 5-room flat. In Singapore.
macho clerigo (1 day ago)
Connor Richardson (1 day ago)
If you buy this you should be neutered
hair on screen (1 day ago)
How about 10000 smart watchs instead that does more than it does
似我驕陽 (1 day ago)
Don Bond (1 day ago)
Does it have wireless charging?
Taylor Daniel Sciff (1 day ago)
Cause itnis factual it has the secrete in plain sight. Flat earth and a firmament. Notice how it's the U.N. map and several other organizations like Antarctic treaty
FedoraDude (1 day ago)
You gotta admit though, it's a nice watch.
Mr Fingers (1 day ago)
Any person that can justify putting this on their wrists in a world with so many impoverished people is a true shitbag.
GamingButNotReally (1 day ago)
Can it run doom?
GamingButNotReally (1 day ago)
Shazad Ali (1 day ago)
Time is money
Zain Alraee (2 days ago)
i wanna tell people who are lambasting this watch that the number of watches produced is limited to just 60 peices at a time.. it means only 60 people can buy this gadget.....so why so fuss? this is not for you..take it easy ;)
SymbolicLogic24 (2 days ago)
It looks really cool but also extremely pretentious at the same time.
Epsilon (2 days ago)
more expensive than a rolex
Waqas Khan (2 days ago)
Eagerly waiting for Chinese copy of it.so that every person can enjoy it.
Michael (2 days ago)
My $800 iPhone does all that plus I can watch YouTube videos.
Dashiel Grayson (2 days ago)
It will be cool if the earth rotated
V. Sriram Sundar (2 days ago)
I overlooked the title thought it costs $450 then I realized it's $450000!
BaD SaiNT (2 days ago)
People thinks this silly but when they became a billonaire. They will consider buying this maybe.
Neymar JR (2 days ago)
What if I buy it and lose it the day after.
Sonny (2 days ago)
This is dumb asf, nothing compared to mayweathers $18 million watch
Cabbage Media (2 days ago)
Anyone who buys this should be killed and their body fed to the homeless
sarthak chamoli (2 days ago)
I think my mi band is better
zz zz (2 days ago)
So I'll find the one piece with this?
Pro1er (2 days ago)
I saw a knock-off on AliExpress for $25.
Marcelo Matiello (2 days ago)
Let me see the date. Please wait until /i remove my watch from my wrist.
toutouwail (3 days ago)
Guy: "What time is it?" Other guy: "Let me just see where my miniature sun is located on this miniature representation of the northern hemisphere of the earth. It's 1 o'clock. Guy: "Thanks..."
Ryan Davidson (3 days ago)
Do they make a flat earth version for those peeps? 😂
_GalixGalaxy_ (3 days ago)
* China has left the chat *
Coon Pooch (3 days ago)
Funny they use the flat earth map #elitesknowthetruth #flatearth
lee zeo (3 days ago)
Chinese are watching.
C.J Cj (3 days ago)
Yeah it is beautiful but dosent amaze me as watch it is there is no masterpiece on earth yet
The earth is flat
andrew srenson (3 days ago)
$450K to look cool....bargain & definately worth it!
IS Donut (3 days ago)
I’ll stick with my $1 Thomas the train watch
Alexander Bjerkvik (3 days ago)
The best business to be in is selling stuff to people with too much money.
Dracula Reloaded (3 days ago)
How many batteries needed per day to run all those things ?? Or it had a petrol engine??
Antonio Pisano (3 days ago)
......And people complaining Apple iPhone is to expensive....
mr cleveland brown (4 days ago)
I would rather have a house. It’s crazy how’s ppl are homeless and hungry and u have ppl making a 500,000 watches. I see why GOD created hell for Certain ppl
Abubakr Ismail (4 days ago)
Such beautiful piece of craftsmanship 👏
Abubakr Ismail (4 days ago)
Such beautiful piece of craftsmanship 👏
ChristianMuscle (4 days ago)
There’s a lot of satanist that would love to have that wrist watch with the occult symbolism on it.
Rite Sideup (4 days ago)
It’s a flat earth map
juinn juinn (4 days ago)
Nick C-R (4 days ago)
Do they make a flat earther version? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Elena Gisa (4 days ago)
No teleportation option in that price?
Steven Palayew (4 days ago)
Prince Danny (4 days ago)
It looks beautiful but how do you tell the time with this?
DAVID 143 SHAH (4 days ago)
Australian millionaires leaved,,
Liam Folmann (4 days ago)
Weird flex, But Ok
Chris Iman (5 days ago)
The most expensive watch I've ever owned was a Seiko, $200. I can't imagine owning a $500,000 watch. Even if I were wealthy, I'd still own a watch costing no more that $1,000.
Chris Iman (2 days ago)
+James Franko .. You don't know me!!
James Franko (2 days ago)
u dont know that
Sniper phoenix (5 days ago)
Because there is silly ppl to buy
I forgot were I put it
Matas Straznickas (5 days ago)
its a 500000 dollar watch and it doesnt even show time lmao
hehe xd (5 days ago)
This is really a nice watch
450,000$ And it can't even tell the future.
Jose Lucca (5 days ago)
They are that expensive because there are fools in the world willing to pay that much.
A P (5 days ago)
I LOVe Earth..Who else LOve EARTh hit Like.🙂
wolfdanger (5 days ago)
Buying expensive watches is a total waste Who would ever care the amount of craftsmanship that has gone into it , no one will ever notice
Tiger Team 2 (5 days ago)
I’m ok with the time on my apple phone lol
TheDriftSetup. (5 days ago)
Hello flat Earth model.
NASACrooks (6 days ago)
Highly recommencement. Best watch I had, when I was a kid.
Simão Machado (6 days ago)
Because some rich bastard is willing to play that.
Andrew Heckman (6 days ago)
Yeahhh..... No
Vlad Miron (6 days ago)
Because people are stupid
Can it cook me dinner and breakfast?
Kevin Nainggolan (6 days ago)
i see flatearth
Andres Martinez (6 days ago)
Rolex has left the chat
Michael Motion (6 days ago)
Guys, it's not just a watch, it's art! It's like those paintings that cost a million bucks. Basically saying that you wouldn't buy this watch because any other watchcan tell time is like saying you wouldn't buy a painting because your walls already has paint
yer da man (6 days ago)
Apple watch is overpriced . This watch on the other hand is just expensive as hell .
Zhi Chen (6 days ago)
Ima get one oneday
magnvss (6 days ago)
Beautiful and (realistically) useless object of vanity. It is easy to imagine the person that is able to buy one of these could be less interested in the art and craftsmanship involved in it than in the fact that he can brag about having one without being too obvious of course (or at least, feel confident that he is not left out when measuring up against other bored and pretentious millionaires). But hey, at least in this specific case they are not founding any of those horrible pieces of (pseudo) art that need an introductory course to begin to understand why their horribleness has any value at all.
ba sillah (6 days ago)
Pretty shitty watch with shitty hand painted map they put Antartica on it but no Australia lol.
Joe K (6 days ago)
tremendous tremendous tremendously made scam and bullshit :D
Koski (6 days ago)
Yes this watch is extremely expensive, but you have to admit it’s beautiful 😍
Heretic Life (6 days ago)
Globe earth debunked
vhtriyok (7 days ago)
But can it run Cysis? Ducks for cover.
john (7 days ago)
I will buy a whole building and I will rent it.
Leo King (7 days ago)
Thats Crazy! imagine how many homeless people this can help!
Sahil (7 days ago)
The best I can do is 10$
jarjar binks (7 days ago)
Can you send texts and watch movies on it? My cheap Android wear watch can
Doug the Pug (7 days ago)
impressive, ill take three geofrey
Jet Lee (7 days ago)
Floyds watch cost 18mil?
Mervyn Mervyn (7 days ago)
no one like to buu useless watch you better buy iphone than that watches not useless PHONE IS BETTER VERY USEFUL

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