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Why This Watch Costs Over $450,000

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Mr. Pascal Raffy is the current owner of BOVET, a legacy watchmaking company based in Switzerland. BOVET is famous for creating intricate and complex timepieces. We got to take a closer look at the Récital 22 Grand Récital which comes in red gold and platinum, each hovering around the $500K price range. What makes this watch worth nearly half a million dollars? ------------------------------------------------------ #Bovet #Watch Business Insider tells you all you need to know about business, finance, tech, retail, and more. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: https://read.bi/7XqUHI BI on Facebook: https://read.bi/2xOcEcj BI on Instagram: https://read.bi/2Q2D29T BI on Twitter: https://read.bi/2xCnzGF --------------------------------------------------
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Text Comments (4688)
Terminal56 (1 day ago)
450000 and it doesnt even fold....
Roy Flacko (3 days ago)
What rapper was that at 0:22 ?
Scar-h Face (3 days ago)
Because people are stupid thats why it costs 450k! People starving while idiots want to spent more and more for luxury 👏
t u (3 days ago)
I'll buy that compass for 10$
christian mccauley (3 days ago)
God this watch is so beautiful, I feel though if I had the money I probably wouldn’t buy it.
Martynas Orzekauskas (3 days ago)
Expensive souvenirs!
Wopadopadoobawop (4 days ago)
I wonder what it would cost if it were made out of a more reasonable material instead of gold or platinum.
NIFETIME (4 days ago)
Snicker Doodle (4 days ago)
Honestly if i found this watch and knew nothing of its value id just sell it for $50
Little Kids: MOM BUY THIS ITS PRETTY Me as a little kid: STFU i dont even know how that watch works with time
Arthur (5 days ago)
Now imagine all the homeless people that went without food, because this much money went into this watch, instead of a homeless shelter.
Ant Keeper (6 days ago)
Why am I watching this when I don't even know how to read a watch
june loh (6 days ago)
That watch looks like it can break just by spitting on it
A-aron Fly (7 days ago)
But people will still use their phone to check the time *facepalm*
Justin Lea (8 days ago)
How do you even tell the time
DANNY (8 days ago)
Oh great, I’ll take 60 please all engraved
simon pulis (8 days ago)
millennial response..."uh, so no apps huh!"
simon pulis (8 days ago)
...."and with a budget to match". ouch!
Sam Hook (9 days ago)
I like when he said "gloing up"
Bear Jew (9 days ago)
Sooo does it tell the time
King of Memes (9 days ago)
TONY STARK (9 days ago)
It costs because of some stupid buyers 😂😂😂
Krack Kowkain (9 days ago)
I'd rather buy a smartwatch
Brian Aquino (10 days ago)
A translucent effect in which the clouds literally seem to float above the continents you say..... ill take one !
friedonionjuice (12 days ago)
I love how he goes on and on about why the watch costs as much as it does when I probably would have believed him had he just said it takes a lot of man hours but now i feel like it probably doesn’t even take that many. It’s probably just over priced because it has a brand name. It almost sounds like he’s trying to make himself believe the watch is worth that much xD
GrandAviat0r (12 days ago)
A rich Flat-Earther would buy this just to show that the Earth is actually flat.
redz geronimo (12 days ago)
Found one... Chinese made... Same thing... Cost $15...
Lil Marco (12 days ago)
Lol it's worth it for the price
Beau Bleskin (13 days ago)
faith constentine (13 days ago)
Absolutely stunning. I am very impressed well done 🤗👍
Joey W. (13 days ago)
me: remember when we used watches to tell time Bovet: nah but you can tell what time it is on the moon for $450,000
Infinite Forehead (13 days ago)
That watch company is a flat earth society
Ethan S (13 days ago)
I’ll take all 60
SNS MD (13 days ago)
What time is it tho lmfao
Antonio Zamudio (13 days ago)
Just buy an Apple Watch Hermès.
Fug :D (13 days ago)
That moment when people have watches worth more than your house, car and furniture combined
Steve Smith (13 days ago)
He did not say where one can purchase the watch. :(
Julie Perez (13 days ago)
Me: Sooooo... what time is it? Random millionare: idk but I can tell you the relative position of the stars from an observer standing on earth.
Madmantinggamer (13 days ago)
Think about drakes 42 million pound watch
Taryn Lockley (13 days ago)
Does it tell the time though?
SuperiorEgg9395 (14 days ago)
just use your og ben 10 watch when you got it at the age of 7
Jean Carlos (14 days ago)
does it scratch at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7?
JΛMΛ (13 days ago)
😂😂 sapphire so 8
NFD clan Channel (14 days ago)
Fun fact:everything revolves. Around the SUN
For this price it should teleport me and make me stop time.
Oscar Fuentes (14 days ago)
Is it waterproof???
William Carlton (14 days ago)
Lol shut up old white dude
Woofzx09 (14 days ago)
Goddamn it now we have semi-earthers
T C (14 days ago)
My swatch is fine.. it is fine
Nathaniel Rodriguez (14 days ago)
Sten Prostyle (14 days ago)
the earth is flat
It’sjustsam (15 days ago)
So how do you tell the time?
yoyi II (15 days ago)
A nokia 3310 does the same and you can find it in the trash witha full battery
yoyi II (15 days ago)
Looks cool, but my phone does the same
Zeeshan Butt (15 days ago)
Rip offs
Renée duComyn (15 days ago)
Why this watch costs over $450,000... incredibly empty-minded, selfish, insecure, idiots with no sense of perspective whatsoever, have far more money than they are remotely deserving of, and instead of doing something good for their fellow humanity, blow it on a piece of crap they only buy to say “I’m so wealthy, I can waste money on stupid, pointless shit like this.” The only thing such people deserve is a dashed line drawn on their necks so the executioner knows where to lower the blade!
Canard708 (15 days ago)
If you decide to buy it, just don't wear it
San Ansa (15 days ago)
i don't think I can afford the Platinum version, 500,000 is a bit too rich, I will go for the gold version.
daniel millan (16 days ago)
Whoever whoever spends money on a watch that cause $450,000 is stupid
Michael Mangraviti (16 days ago)
I'd sell my house for that
LR - Cuber (16 days ago)
BOVET: Releases This watch Apple: hold my beer... Apple comes out with a pure diamond watch that tells nothing
Lucas Corea (16 days ago)
Yeah no I’ll take my $25 timex digital watch thank you very much
Random owl (16 days ago)
Rick: I'd do $50. I'm taking a huge risk here...
hedgehog3180 (16 days ago)
It looks like a toy.
RANDELL ESTOQUE (16 days ago)
Just pay for 99 dollar internet plan on ur fon n ul have ur watch tides calendar n etc..haha
IsThisRealLife? (16 days ago)
If I wake up in the night and not be able to find the watch, i better be dreaming
shingshongshamalama (16 days ago)
Because stupid rich people will pay for it.
everything on that watch is available on play store
Nayo Torres (16 days ago)
It better have the Time Stone hidden inside for that price
Toheeb Agboola (17 days ago)
SCAM SCAM 🤗 thats why
The Hylander (17 days ago)
Dislikes are Flat-Earthers
Stan the man 15 (17 days ago)
It can anything but tell the time
nikolay demi (17 days ago)
This is much better than a Rolex or everything else it's something new
Captain zac (17 days ago)
half a million and they didn't make the numbers line up with time zones :D
Da Best Facts (17 days ago)
It has a flat earth model on it
kevin player (17 days ago)
I’d stick to my regular watch.
MrCorvusC (18 days ago)
At least they've correctly said "cost", and not "worth" like some other idiots try to justify such purchases. It's great that such things exist, they are wonderful, and if you have this kind of money - go ahead and buy it. It's hard to put a price tag on art, and it's their decision to price it that way. However, no watch will ever be worth half a million. Only thing that makes watch worth anything is it's ability to do it's job - tell time. In which case a cheap 100$ quartz watch will be better suited for the job. More robust, reliable, accurate, and better value for money.
Saim Sultan (17 days ago)
You are correct and smarter than most idiots here sir
neil12011 (18 days ago)
Casio has left the chat.
Stanley Crtz (18 days ago)
Smartwatches are cheaper than this things, And you can actually do whatever you want in a smart watch
Alexander Zheng (18 days ago)
You could buy this watch. Or a rolls Royce.
EpsilonGaming (18 days ago)
For that price it better be my own personal time stone
Sam Seibert (18 days ago)
Forgive my ignorance but does this shit even tell the time?
L3aX (18 days ago)
They should add a version for flat earthers.
Ceastic Deception (18 days ago)
paul xander (18 days ago)
I belong to the 1% of the people who don't know how to read watch with arms
Lamonsoff (18 days ago)
I finna buy this watch
badass huh (18 days ago)
Engineer: How much complex would you want to make the watch? Bovet: *Yes*
Darrin Seath (18 days ago)
Amazing Legend (18 days ago)
Why do u need to spend that much money if u have cellphone?
Christian Andrei Ocon (18 days ago)
Flat earth's watch😂
mr rasul (19 days ago)
nice flat earth map......
Big Dick Dose montana (19 days ago)
I’ll pass. I’ll buy 2 cars and a home.
XDead MoneyXGD (19 days ago)
Orr I could go to Ross and buy a better watch for 22$
ELiT3_ FAd3 (19 days ago)
But why would you waste your money for this?
Gerry (19 days ago)
SUCH CRAFTSMANSHIP....unbelievable .....could you ever wear such a masterpiece?....i'm guessing wealthy  collectors and overpaid footballers would endeavour such a beautiful instrument. Not for the average man on the street then!
AP Mapping (19 days ago)
Apple: *i have the most expensive products in the world including watches* BOVET: *hold my watch*
frezy wizard (19 days ago)
Why buy this when every watch tells the time
Roy Daniël (20 days ago)
Chinese nibbas are watching
Augustus Nwogu (20 days ago)
Watching with a $35 watch on my wrist
Sky (20 days ago)
imagine spending 450k on a watch

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