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Justin Bieber Hairstyle Tutorial from 2016 Grammy's

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Use Code "DREX1" for Free Deluxe MiniKit with your order at http://www.hanzdefuko.com Hey guys! Just saw the Biebz walk the Red Carpet at the 2016 Grammy's and his hair was looking fresh! Without any hesitation I filmed a video for you guys immediately after I saw it. Hope you all dig it! Please Like This Video for me and Subscribe if you haven't yet! Thanks for Watching! Mad Love, -Dre Song: Sango - Mudanasa Be sure to follow me on social media: Snapchat - DreDrexler Instagram @DreDrexler Facebook @DreDrexler Twitter @DreDrexler Tumblr @DreDrexler Vine @DreDrexler Pinterest @DreDrexler
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Text Comments (286)
2:00 so br's
Ethan Sanchez (5 months ago)
I just tried this hair style but my hair is 6 inches and on the sides is 2 is it going to work
Creampai420 (6 months ago)
And act like a weirda** for a sec , beautiful description of Justin bieber
luke hit (9 months ago)
Invasão dos BR até nas músicas dos vídeos dos gringos hahahah
Teen Touch (10 months ago)
m so happy ..cz u hv a have a hairls like mine ..straght.. i cnt manange it well... bt u manage it amazingly man ☺☺
k p (1 year ago)
I also tried this hair style ...really its very nice hair style
k p (1 year ago)
Nice hair style
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
thanks bro!
Dino crazy (1 year ago)
mc pikachu kkkkkkk
Geersh Neeg (2 years ago)
Can you please shawe your hair please 😆😆😂😂😂
EJC Music (2 years ago)
can u do his long summer hairstyle
cindrella ilmaz (2 years ago)
Justin you're copy cat so all avry boy but you cool i love you 😙
Nganba Lai (2 years ago)
This looks sooo cool👍
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
thanks bro! :D
Viet Dinh Van (2 years ago)
i really want to achieve the hair style at the beginning of this video lol
money money (2 years ago)
mc pikachu- ela quer pau
Fqded (2 years ago)
What would I ask for to get this cut?
btz (2 years ago)
tava no fluxo
Rene Mares Guia (2 years ago)
Tava no Fluxo, avistei a novinha no Grau kkkkkkkk Brasil!
Beth Mccarter (2 years ago)
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
thank you :D
Kridkdp Idididodkd (2 years ago)
Hi bro :)
BX Morgan (2 years ago)
dude your hair is goals i really need to grow my hair out more so i can rock those styles thx for the vids man
Tompsett ! (2 years ago)
how did you make your hair stand up at the start?
The Manos (2 years ago)
xD a brazilian music on the background
frostedcornflakes (2 years ago)
I need help. The first part is to comb your damp hair back. My hair won't stay down. It just pops straight up no matter how wet I make my hair. I can't slick it back. Any tips? *edit: Hair length is about the same as in the vid
kenneth meredores (2 years ago)
its really amazing
David Santiago (2 years ago)
tava la nofluxo avistei a novinha no grau
Im Ryder (2 years ago)
Is your haircut disconnected or connected?
Castel Aurelien (2 years ago)
It doesn't look good
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Castel Aurelien i knowww.... :(
Prabhas 007 (2 years ago)
My hair styles went like this Zayn malik 2011 Zayn malik 2012 Justin Bieber November 2015 Brad Pitt fury slick back Liam Payne buzz cut Growing hair back Matt lush fringe Niall Horan Finally the hairstyle he is doing now
Yifan Lu (2 years ago)
Heyy dre drexler I tried this tutorial however after I blow dried my hair.. It would have a lot of volume what should I do? Thanks
Ritesh Thalla (2 years ago)
Can you also add pitbul hair tutorials 😂😂 you are cool brother 👏👏
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Ritesh Thalla haha I'll try, putbul's hairstyle is pretty complex! Don't know if i can make it look as good! thanks :D
Silvio Britto (2 years ago)
sabe o que ela quer?
Luke dre (2 years ago)
Nice hair bro
Cade Hine (2 years ago)
Dre is that your natural hair color?? What color is that?? It's perfect!
Magaro (2 years ago)
wtf Brazilian music in the vídeo
Thiago Cunha (2 years ago)
esse gringo é do helipa
J- Rolls (2 years ago)
I'd be sure to pick some of that product out soon enough. :)
Leonardo Azevedo (2 years ago)
I loved that you used a brazilian song remixed! LOL Love your channel! hug from Brazil!
stelios psefteas (2 years ago)
Thanks bro
Mr Yulvan (2 years ago)
This hairstyle is really fit with your face's shape. 👍
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Mr Yulvan Thanks I appreciate it!
Ivan Brisbane (2 years ago)
thanks for all your hair tips. i love trying new styles
stelios psefteas (2 years ago)
Can you do this without oil
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+GAMESBOY 2.0 Yes, it may not look or feel as soft though. :D
Wyatt Medley (2 years ago)
Dope video! What type of shirt are you wearing?
Wyatt Medley (2 years ago)
Dude you're the best. I've asked questions on tons of other youtubers accounts with no response... Much respect man. Thanks.
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Wyatt Medley thanks yooo! i got it from h&m, its a long extended tee in beige
Naufal Musyaffa (2 years ago)
i hate justin bieber , but i like your hairstyle
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Naufal Musyaffa Sorry about that... but you know he is crazy talented! ha thanks for watching!
Ahmed Abdelmoneim (2 years ago)
perfect! :D
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Ahmed AbdelMoneim thanks for watching!!!
Seth Maginnipig (2 years ago)
You seem a lot like blumaan. Not a bad thing, great video.
RazGrox (2 years ago)
Claymation is absolutely amazing
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+RazGerb i knoooow it rocks!!!!
DavidCasti (2 years ago)
but justin's hair is longer! D:
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+David Vespucci yeah i mentioned that in the video :P
George Xavier (2 years ago)
HAHA BRAZILIAN FUNK in the background, loved <3
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Falo Mermo haha thanks for watching Falo!
Erik Allen (2 years ago)
Thanks for the promo code man just got my first claymation
royg7 (2 years ago)
Blowjob your hair?
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+royg7 of course!!!
Damien (2 years ago)
Damn love your hairstyle before you style it! Do a simple video on that :D ?
Damien (2 years ago)
Aiight man 
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+RazerStyle s yeah sooon!!!!!!
EASER Boxam (2 years ago)
Ok so you need to buy something first ! You can't just get the free mini-kit like that, so sad sir Dexler
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+EASER Boxam yeah you got to buy something first. its worth it though dude, all hanz products rock ass!!!
EASER Boxam (2 years ago)
We can't even use your mini kit cause it's sold out, every time I check out it keeps having the same thing
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+EASER Boxam its not sold out when you purchase something first. So go to the store, pick an item you would like to buy then use the promocode and you will get the free minikit. :D
Dylan Deckert (2 years ago)
Looks great! Btw, can u try the Justin Bieber hairstyle from the carpool karaoke 1?
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Dylan Deckert yeah thatd be dope!! I'll keep that in mind!!!
Robin James (2 years ago)
"Make more moves and less announcements". I hear you, Dre.
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Robin James thanks Robin!! means the world to me bro!!!! you rockkkk for reals!!!
juande andrade (2 years ago)
2 of my favorite Youtubers❤️👌🏽
you are the best man, love your vids and style! go back to long hair! cheers bro you´re the man!
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Bernardo mendes de almeida thanks yoooo
khalil said (2 years ago)
The hairstyle looks like timberlake's more than bieber's
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+khalil said haha you are right! thanks for watching!
TheAmaterazzzu (2 years ago)
can you try the justin bieber hairstyle from the carpool karaoke 1 video?
Estrada 832 (2 years ago)
Finally someone that understands me
Nathan Her (2 years ago)
thanks for the free deluxe kit :D
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Nathan Her fo sho! you rockkk dude!
Danielle Lager (2 years ago)
Antonio Puno (2 years ago)
awesome hair dre. Been watching u seen the beginning. Really love the texture and gritty look your hair gives off! stop by my channel if u like. Im not as cool as u but i try! haha
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Antonio Puno thanks so much for the love!
Grace RamirezDonner (2 years ago)
Love it <3
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Grace RamirezDonner Thanks soooo much!!!!
sam9m (2 years ago)
You should rename your channel to "Hairstyles you'll never be able to achieve because you don't have thick stylable hair like me."
Sharar Sifat (2 years ago)
What's your height? You don't look very tall.
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Sharar Sifat ...actually No, more like 5'10 👊🏽
Sharar Sifat (2 years ago)
+Dre Drexler lol more like 5'7
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Sharar Sifat i am 5'10
Jackbo M (2 years ago)
what's a good product to use that will have some hold, but won't have a residue if someone wants to run their fingers through my hair??
Jackbo M (2 years ago)
+Dre Drexler awesome! thanks man.
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Jackbo Mack oh that would be claymation by hanz de fuko for sure! the product i use in this video! :D
T.L. Wiseman (2 years ago)
Nice vid, Dre!
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+T.L. Wiseman Thanks so much yoooo
Vinnie Linares (2 years ago)
Hey you guys, I know you hate channels that advertise on other peoples channel... But it would really help if you came to check out my video I'm going to be posting weekly. Mostly just hair tutorials and I will be taking requests as well. Thank you for your time to read this :)
AwanHalimm 21 (2 years ago)
Simple tutorial . Thanks bro
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+AwanHalimm 21 Yeah thanks for watching man!
AwanHalimm 21 (2 years ago)
Simple tutorial . Thanks bro
Brien Irving (2 years ago)
my question is how the hell do you get your hair to look like it does in the beginning? My hair is about the same length but just goes flat and forward and won't stand up like that. Is that just cause you have trained it to do that or just genetic?
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Brien Irving yeah i had product in my hair for sure. and the blowdryer definitely helps.
Yung King (2 years ago)
ikr lol my hair goes flat down too but I'm guessing it's because there was still a little bit of product in his hair still...?
Kelvin Kua (2 years ago)
World's smallest pompadour HAHAHAHAHA
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Kelvin Kua hahah thanks for watching bro!
Steven Castillo (2 years ago)
Great job man!
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Steven Castillo thanks so much Steven!
Samir Ahmad (2 years ago)
Damn i had to order mine a week ago huh :/
Cade Foster (2 years ago)
How about a fringe tutorial? :D
A Simon (2 years ago)
Hey Dre, great video as always! A couple quick questions: first, what shampoo and conditioner do you use? I'm looking for a new type of shampoo and conditioner and I figured I should ask the best first! 😏 (you may have put it in a previous video that I missed). Also, could you make a tutorial on your personal hair style in this video? It seems a little different than your past few videos, and I'm really digging it. Keep up the good work and I would really appreciate a response!
Steve Jobs (2 years ago)
how do you get your hair so straight?
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Steve Jobs just genetics bro! :D thanks for watching!
Luis Boyer (2 years ago)
Freaking awesome that style look cool :) dre how many inches is justin hair now?
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Luis Boyer Thanks bro! And I think Justins hair is about 7-8 inches right now :D
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Luis Boyer Thanks bro! And I think Justins hair is about 7-8 inches right now :D
Jake Aaron (2 years ago)
i like the style and i agree i like the messy part : )
Jake Aaron (2 years ago)
you're welcome! : )
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Jake Aaron thanks Jake! Appreciate it brotha!
Zach Kissinger (2 years ago)
Looks freaking great dude
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Zach Kissinger thanks so much Zach! :D
Josh Thornburg (2 years ago)
Your videos make my day. Your wife put something on Instagram that really spoke to me! It was about having happiness now and not waiting on the future for that happiness. You inspire me everyday. Even though we don't talk, I still consider you a mentor of mine. I would love to make hair videos in the future! I'm currently doing Vlogs and challenges. Idk I might start a whole different channel 😃 peace Dre ✌🏼️
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Josh Thornburg Thanks so much for the love and support Josh!! Thats so cool that my wifes IG post spoke to you!! I'll be sure to let her know!! Anyways, mad love to you bro!! Always chase your dreams and keep God as your foundation. He will definitely bless you and your future!!!
victorftwandre (2 years ago)
Really cool, ty for the inspiration!
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+victorftwandre thanks for watching!!! :D
Christian Pass (2 years ago)
literally was thinking about doing the same thing
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Christian Pass yeah you should! thanks for watching!
Anvar Berbic (2 years ago)
very nice job on that style with short hair :3
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Anvar Berbic thanks so much for watching!
parker (2 years ago)
His hair is ALOT longer bruh
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+parker Yeah i mentioned that in the beginning of the video :D
khai Ngyn (2 years ago)
That hair is sick bro , the vid is funny too dude , I dig that men , I will try this hairstyle out dude 👊👊👍👍 . Great Job 👍👍
khai Ngyn (2 years ago)
+Dre Drexler sure dude 👊👊
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Khai _ Tebokk yeah you should !!! let me know how it goes! thanks for watching!
The Protocol Films (2 years ago)
man I wish I could get hanz de full but they only take credit and I only have debit :((
Henry Rivera (2 years ago)
+The Protocol Films I ordered mine with debit
The Protocol Films (2 years ago)
+SubjectSwag it don't
SubjectSwag (2 years ago)
+The Protocol Films nigga a debit should work
Yung King (2 years ago)
Kill The Bitch (2 years ago)
you skin is fucking flawless
Kill The Bitch (2 years ago)
+Dre Drexler :O
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+KillTheBitch haha thanks, its actually not that perfect but i do what i can to maintain it! I actually have a skincare video coming out within a day or so! So stay tuned! :D
Jace Burgos (2 years ago)
comb that sucker 😂
Jace Burgos (2 years ago)
+Dre Drexler NP bro just keep them coming 😂
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Jace Burgos haha thanks for watching JAcE!
Guillaume Tremblay (3 years ago)
awesome video, as usual. Pretty quick too after the Grammys haha! and are you sponsored by Hanz De Fuko? they make pretty good products that's for sure, but you seem to use 'em quite a lot :p
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Guillaume Tremblay Thanks so much bro!! And honestly man, I've been using hanz de fuko before i even made youtube videos. Back when I used to make Slikhaartv videos, they introduced me to the product and sent me a few cans and I fell in love with hanz de fuko. They are my go-to product for sure. thanks for the love and support homie!
Sinzarh (3 years ago)
erhmgerd! amazing!
Sinzarh (2 years ago)
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Disparo Emo haha thernk yuuurrr
ACrispyHobo (3 years ago)
Fucking insane how much you look like Alex from Blue Mountain State
Y&R (2 years ago)
Alex Costa (3 years ago)
Magaro (2 years ago)
Made <3
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Alex Made Costa thanks Alex! Appreciate it dude!
EFK (3 years ago)
really cool!
EFK (2 years ago)
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Exclusive Fashion Kings Thanks brotha!
UltraRareBox (3 years ago)
nothing like it
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+prince I know... nothing at all.... :/
Josue Aguilar (3 years ago)
Do you use the highest heat setting? Nice vid BTW.
Josue Aguilar (2 years ago)
+Dre Drexler Thx bro
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Josue Aguilar I used medium on this one. :D but if you hair isn't used to going back, then you might want to use the high heat setting
Musique3579 (3 years ago)
Fabulous look!
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Musique3579 thanks so much!!!
VITOR MORELLI (3 years ago)
Avistei a novinha no grauuuuu
chingye (3 years ago)
Is it a race against time to see who can upload this tutorial the fastest..
Stefan (3 years ago)
+dredrexler this hairstyle looks dope
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Cristobal Gonzalez Thanks yooo
khaled salhi (3 years ago)
actually this hairstyle is better than justin's one believe me and what an amazing youtube chanel ur killin it bro!
khaled salhi (2 years ago)
with pleasure dude
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+khaled salhi Thanks man! that means a lot!!

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