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5 Signs That She Likes You!

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Text Comments (6060)
ROBLOX GAMING (20 hours ago)
All that happened to me and she is 3 yrs elder than me but she tells that she is in love with an other guy and 😉........ She asks me out ! 😉😉😉😎
Dandre Robinson (1 day ago)
What emojis they used when they are into you 🤔?
Be careful these days, girls would show they like you only to mess with you psychologically, emotionally, legally and economically.
Carlos (1 day ago)
Nice hickies dude
Jovan Pertuz (2 days ago)
The first 24 seconds what you said I have experienced.girls are hard to figure out 🤷‍♂️
Marlon Nodal (4 days ago)
When I like a woman I make my move so hard that wether she doesn’t like me or I’m in a room that’s not mine it’s going to take the swat team to get me out and I ain’t going down without a fight
THE SPECS GUY (4 days ago)
Woman plays mind game yes this is absolutely right actually . I,m commenting after proposing my crush she says she will reply me in few days . It is truth she gives me flying kisses from her rooftop 3-4 times and after sometime she was like who the fuck are you . ( Maybe because her relatives was there) . I don,t know what is going to happen but just watching this video for some confidence . Good Tips Bro :) . Plus she says she will reply me of my proposal in some days . Wish me Luck 😊
SHADILAY (4 days ago)
5/5 time to not do anything and wonder why I’m like this
habib oluyemo (5 days ago)
Ok she likes me, now what? That’s the problem
matic panjtar (5 days ago)
Help me boys cuz i think i have chanses wit her! She slaped an touched my arm for few sec cuz i said joke of her and then laughed together lodly and the it all repeated once more help?!?
Gaming With Fury (5 days ago)
Top 5 signs my crush isn't showing 😂😂
Logan On Games (5 days ago)
Who likes me???
dank boi (5 days ago)
One time my crush told me to put my hands out and put them together. She did the same and told me to open the end of my hand that wasn't connected. I opened it. It looked like a pussy. Then she made this face $_$
Jordan Kosick (6 days ago)
Any girls watch these to see if the guys are right?
AnotherStyleMore 419 (6 days ago)
If she touch my ass every time ??
unoriginal_ (7 days ago)
am I the only girl here...? (im here cuz I’m wondering if I’m being too obv) (Signs)
NoMansArmy YT (6 days ago)
Merakii (7 days ago)
Uhh Jose what’s that on your neck😅😂
Ian-Con Bason (7 days ago)
thank you bro, its effective!
SnowWolf Killer (7 days ago)
...is that a hickey on his neck...?
iWoolfie (8 days ago)
Ok. I've noticed a few girls before they walk past me on the street they touch their hair and look the other way. This has happened multiple times. Does this mean they have no interest?
Marios Balla (8 days ago)
Man all that things she does that but she sayed she is with another maybe is that weird game too
TH3 B34ZT (8 days ago)
The only time a girl txts me first is when they tryna guess if i smoke weed or not
Juan SAMUDIO (9 days ago)
I’m using Jose’s video to tell a girl how to give hints to guys
M M (9 days ago)
Bro you got me slapped
PyroCatFX (9 days ago)
None of these are true with my crush so I guess she doesn't like me.
90 Days left (9 days ago)
Im watching this with my crush
Dave Luna (10 days ago)
He got hickeys
Crab Nachos (10 days ago)
Idk why I'm here cause I'm a girl but here's a few tips. She likes u if she... Bites her lip around u Blushes, laughs a lot, smiles a lot, sneaks in glances, or holds eye contact with u for 10 seconds or more (unless she's shy) when ur talking to her. Ur welcome
Tanbir Hazarika (10 days ago)
Want to get a girlfriend? Read more
I have a problom to solve becase i think a girl named jaci likes me so i hope this helps!
Lorik (11 days ago)
So this girl I don't like at all she is in everything with me: Quizes, Spelling Bees, exams etc... When we are practicing for one of those three she always nudges me, sits next to me, tries to start a conversation, asks about my personal life and more! A lot of guys have a crush on her but I have high standards 😀 Edit: Also another girl.... I can make a crappy joke *she laughs* others whom are my friends I tease them or annoy them (playfully sometimes),I try to annoy her she just smiles and makes eye contact, she is known for being like a teachers pet and can debate with anyone to come out on top, she can't stand annoying! BUT SHE CAN STAND ME.... But the girl I *had* a crush on she thinks that I still like her so....women are damn confusing⭐
Xyz Zba (11 days ago)
I am taller than my crush and she said i need to have almost equal height with her 😢😢 what should i do to decrease my height ?
Me myself (11 days ago)
What if this girl in my tuition smiles at me for 3-4 seconds and was always putting her hair up. I don't even know her but does she like me?
SHADILAY (4 days ago)
If your profile pic is you than she probably likes you
FlumBlum Summers (11 days ago)
1. NO 2. NO 3. NO 4. NO So does that mean in the 13 years of my life no chick has liked me?
Rocketon Gaming (12 days ago)
nobody: me: *gets left on seen*
Lebohang Ramatsebo (12 days ago)
What if she tells my friend
Denis C (12 days ago)
Bro she does everything exept text me first and i made my move and she doesnt like me wth im pissed
Phoenix Mk (13 days ago)
Y'all single lol😄😊😊😊
alex vasquez (13 days ago)
Hypergamy is a natural female instinct. But it must be checked by law, religion and cultural influences to prevent women from destroying themselves, it's too easy for women to get laid. Men on the other hand must work for it, just like natural male instincts (such as violence), must be checked in order to maintain civility. Let's take the example of Angelina Jolie, one of the most famous and desirable actresses of the last generation: 1996 - 1999: She married Johnny Lee Miller, a British character actor. Then she monkey-branched to... 2000 - 2003: Billy Bob Thornton, a more famous American character actor, but not a leading man. Then she monkey-branched to... 2003 - 2004: Collin Farrell, an Irish leading man at the pinnacle of his career. Then she monkey-branched to... 2004 - 2012: Brad Pitt, probably the most famous leading actor of his generation. Then she monkey-branched to... 2018 - Present: Nobody. She is too old. Her looks are fading. She has hit the wall. Now she is a single, bitter old woman, dragging around a half dozen children and the only thing she has to comfort herself with is the money she stole from all of her ex-husbands.Guys just dont get Married Go MGTOW is the only way.
John.L (13 days ago)
I like someone and that person is always talking good about me and today 2friends stole her stuff but she pushed me a little bit playfully and i said that it wasn.t me they stole again something and she put my hoodie on my head but idk why
All Music (14 days ago)
0:12 that one is the correct answer
Kevin Cespedes (14 days ago)
What if she ugly?
getwreckedgamr1527 (14 days ago)
I have a question. This new girl at my school doesn’t have a phone. And she asks me if she can use my phone. And she took a video of her and then 1 second later she puts me on camera and starts giggling. Then she took a picture of me and then she thought that I look cute in the picture. Isn’t that a sign that she likes me?
EP VIDZ (14 days ago)
Micah Adamson (15 days ago)
I have no idea what the heck I'm doing watching this video, I'm a gay guy.
TAKKERTM (15 days ago)
the 2nd
freddiewong445 (15 days ago)
Voice crack 0:52😂😂
Harditya Ghuman (16 days ago)
she asked a question from me n then kept staring but her face was expressionless............ ..........wtf does that mean?!
Draco (16 days ago)
She does all of this except when we text sometimes she texts first but it's mostly me
Franco Reviews (16 days ago)
That voice crack at 0:51 though
SGX (17 days ago)
She....... Thinks im a normal kid nvm
Serban (17 days ago)
Question(pls answer): What if she asks me for hw first?
colin arntsen (18 days ago)
so im a girl then holy shit i did't know that
Hardcore Parkour (18 days ago)
Well sh*t she did not do any of these
Man Over Board (19 days ago)
nazrie hd (20 days ago)
She always look and smile to me in classroom ... Did she like me?
Mythical Creature (20 days ago)
My friend Stephanie whenever I’m near she ruffles my hair does that count
Luke Young (20 days ago)
What if she is always the one texting first but start the conversation with"hey buddy".??
BaileyRocks 9 (20 days ago)
The beginning tho 😂
Sepi Elive (21 days ago)
Anyone hear a voicecrack or is it just me
derp derp (21 days ago)
So pretty much i got a 3 out of 5 and still havent asked her
Lee Tolentino (22 days ago)
Aryan Ahir (22 days ago)
What if she touches me and comes closer in a party
Taher Khalaf (22 days ago)
So my crush is into me yessssssssss
NSA (23 days ago)
I have a crush and idk if she likes me but she stares at me when I’m looking away.. one day i was looking straight and she was staring at me for like 5 seconds it was awkward so I just stared down ...another day we had a test so i sat in the far end then she comes late and sits somewhere else and then she asks the teacher “do we choose our own seats” she responds “sit wherever your heart desires” so she walks across the room and my heart was beating 1000000x faster and she decides to sit by me ....guys idk i need help
Oliver Cloezoff (23 days ago)
I may have f****d up Majorly.
Kalib Uribe (25 days ago)
What you have to do is...do what miles did to Gwen in Spider-Man into the spider verse.*HEY*
Sharktooth Gaming (25 days ago)
If she tickles me like everyday for 1 week????, even if its really awkward
Angelo Cruz (25 days ago)
Pull her close Bend her over Batista bomb her
Kid Tfue (26 days ago)
She makes eye contact and stand close to me
Me and my crush has been flirting. I fell asleep during a movie. I woke up with her on me. Kissing me. Does she like me?
Stacie Garcia (25 days ago)
Min minecraft kanal! xD I hope this is a joke 😂😂
FBI (26 days ago)
My dude I want to kill this girl
Farid khan Khilji (26 days ago)
She likes me but when i proposed she rejected what that's mean?
Muumin Ali (26 days ago)
All u need is 8 hours of sleep , she will like u for sure
Sutsuj Uaedneir (26 days ago)
0:51 voice crack
Sasuke Uchicha (26 days ago)
Ehhh i really tought that she likes me because of eye contact then a bit lof of it but today i ask her but im too shy but i've tried and her friend are there and they are both smilling when i am going to speak then her smile is so bright when im going to tell something then after that she ask my name first then my section after that she and her friend go to the comfort room after that she tell me that she had a boyfriend girls are so confusing
clout god (27 days ago)
Remember when we all watched this video and end up getting friendzoned/ curved a week later
Emmanuel Lungu (27 days ago)
But what if she show you all signs that she like you, and she starts playing hard to get, what can you do???
oluwole olayinka (27 days ago)
When I wanted to toast her she slapped me I think she like me
Ya Boi Diglett (27 days ago)
But I don't
Joseph Ramirez M. (1 month ago)
Well... she likes me
Dude she like u but she love otherone true SHit
paper chaser (1 month ago)
I have this new coworker and she is in my way a lot and when i say excuse me shes like sorry almost everytime Should I make a move? My name's Lyric btw
Æłx Official (1 month ago)
This Girl A Year Younger Than Me Always Comes Up To Me Whenever She Seems Me And Touches me for like 2 seconds and says "Boop" does she like me?
According to this, my cousin has a crush on me!
GallonHype Gaming (1 month ago)
does he have a hickey?
liL qUeeF (1 month ago)
Dem hickeys doh
Orbin Lopez (1 month ago)
I missed you Bro.
JUWANIS PAULUS (1 month ago)
I've has all those signed but end up friendzone.😂
Pumaboii (1 month ago)
Have you ever had the feeling that all the girls in the class like you... No.. Just me?.. Yeah I have a high self esteem.
dANK Meemees (1 month ago)
She does 3/5 of the things so idk
Andres Fierros (1 month ago)
Thx dude
Thicc Daddy The Sequel (1 month ago)
Boi amma ask her out tomorrow coz damn she was doing 3 of those boiiii 1like=1pump in her
Sparrow (1 month ago)
Ok so a girl is doing almost all those positive signs including the last one. Opinions?
Mark Anthony Manikan (1 month ago)
hey dude whats on your neck??is that a sign that she likes you?? hahahaha
Lol im a girl that likes girls and i am completely confused about women😂💀
my Top plays (1 month ago)
What is this
Rank App (1 month ago)
Anyone else saw that he has a hickey on his neck below his collar? You're the man teachingmensfashion 👊
Zaib Khan (1 month ago)
Woah Thanks Now I Know No One Likes Me
Claire Haney (1 month ago)
I'm a girl and I can say that actually alllll of these are 110% real

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