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5 Signs That She Likes You!

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Text Comments (5398)
MisterPotatoBag (19 minutes ago)
This is bad news for me...
Gotgaged Campbell (3 hours ago)
Then she likes me let’s go
Hannah Hall (19 hours ago)
I’m watching this seeing what I’ve done to make him suspicious and um I text him first always respond quick and start conversation but all he freakin does is play fortnite 😂
Rosa Artiles (1 day ago)
U read my mind 😩
OllieGamez (1 day ago)
Im confused, she asked who i lime and makes it obvious she likes me then she says she doesnt like me? Girls r so confusing
Jason Morin (1 day ago)
Guys I need help. There's a girl I like and she pretty much shows all these signs and her friends tell me she's into me. But her parents wont let her date and she doesn't want to until she's done with school. But I also don't want to lose her either, what do I do?
力SHOUNEN (3 days ago)
Pretty sure my co-worker likes me but she has no idea what kind of disaster she’s getting into that I call ‘me’.
Jana Hany (4 days ago)
You said men are dumb and you are a man
phat blk (4 days ago)
Should I tell my girl that my best friend is my fuck buddy
Pun Jab I (5 days ago)
Uh, dude! Women lie, retard! Also, body language is faked too!
_Xoftort_ _mrofinu_ (6 days ago)
I don't think girls find a fat, sarcastic asshole who is more broke than Venezuela attractive
Not Rider (6 days ago)
Younz Scientist (7 days ago)
I fed my crush 3 takis his friend WAS RIGHT THERE and Was LIKE OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO U LIKE HIMMMMMMM AAAAAAA I gave him a taki as well to be quite my crushed laughed and looked at me I SAID THE GOD (fact) actual gods are bts but he’s So good looking I hugged him he hugged me back and HE LOOKED AT ME when he was talking to his friend he smiled at me and I blushed and smiled back I love him so much his names GIOVANNI
Smoshua Does Stuff (8 days ago)
If this gets 50 likes imma ask this girl out
Dafydd Glyn (8 days ago)
Anybody else notice the hickey on his neck?😩😂
SupremePoisonz YT (9 days ago)
My crush Punched me in the faceeee. Does she like me??
eli reed (9 days ago)
No if they like you they will hurt you a girl will😤👊. 🙊💫
Richard Ashton (10 days ago)
She's always look at me.....but she like to talk with my friend(boy) but she's eyes always look at me..I don't understand she's like me or not
deejay Equinox (11 days ago)
How about I'm super sweaty and my shirt is super soak with sweat and still made a girl sit right next to me even there's a plenty free seats left?🤔
『Laser銀河』 (3 days ago)
Cecy Ibarra (11 days ago)
As a girl sometimes we like you and we either we text fast or slow I text slow that I’m not interested in them but I do like them
Frikin Emily’s Vlogs (11 days ago)
U know what for all u dumb people heres how to actually tell if a girl likes u 1. She will text u back 2. If ur taller than her and dont have a lot of acne she likes u
Jack J (12 days ago)
There is a girl that is always staring at me in class, comes up and talks to me even though she is extremely shy, and we text for hours on end everyday. She initiates the conversation most the time as well. I told her I like her but she said she didn't know how she felt and that she was confused. A few days later she told me she didn't feel the same way towards me and saw me as a "best friend", when we barely even knew each other. She's also super comfortable talking about personal things with me and I'm really fucking confused that she doesn't like me. If anyone has any advice please tell me I'm lost lmao
Kitty Box (12 days ago)
I love how all of these guys are saying how girls are so complicated, well you guys are OVER THE TOP!! Like you say you don't like us even if you do, like what?!?!?!?!!! Ok Im done now
yuri hayo (13 days ago)
Hosé has a hickey 😏
Jacob Gonzalez (14 days ago)
My teacher bumped into me does that means she likes me?
memesos5 (14 days ago)
im a straight girl watching this to know what i should do
KinleyKing Photo (14 days ago)
Jose the type of Zuniga to think we can’t see that hickie. We can see that hickie
Caleb Smith (16 days ago)
This girl keeps kicking my feet in my last period class and she's been doing this for a month does that mean she like me?
Laura Aguilera (16 days ago)
This video is true, but if the girl is a tomboy.... Believe me, I'mma girl.
pedro Moura (16 days ago)
I am the unluckiest guy to have ever lived. I could observe ALL of these signs, better....... have you observe my day to day and tell me. All of that shit happens, I ask the girl out, and she suddenly has a boyfriend. Maybe the girls that I'm into are decedents of Houdini. btw I'm not even ugly, I'm on the + side of average.
mellow Ibrahim (16 days ago)
She wanna took me to work does she likes me?
Alex Vicente (18 days ago)
5/5 plus the feeling in ur gut that she likes me :D wish meh luck kids.
My fish Drowned (19 days ago)
She text me her suicide note does she like me?
Mr Cactus K (20 days ago)
Are there any girls watching this to see if you give to wrong impression?
Geneva m (18 days ago)
Adelia Frederick (20 days ago)
Guys will never understand :/
Kevin O’Pry (21 days ago)
Well I’m deep in the friendzoned guys she tried to hook me up with her friend and she practices her bjs on me 😩😩😩
Katie Gilding (21 days ago)
Girls will always laugh lots in front of you if she likes you! (I’m a girl) eye contact is also a big one!
Hangsa Animations (22 days ago)
I just keep on talking with her And Then She Gets Closer I Am Like Is She Gonna Kiss Me AND THAN SHE JUST GETS EVEN CLOSER I TRY TO GET BACK AND THAN SHE STOPS
N3H3MIAH (23 days ago)
Gus (24 days ago)
I think she likes me, im scared af
Michael Ignacio (25 days ago)
am I the only 3%
Dylan Williams (25 days ago)
robert kacso (26 days ago)
I've known my crush for nearly 2 years now and I told her I like her
Tom D (26 days ago)
Thank You so much you changed my days forever I wouldn’t have got a girlfriend without you dude you made it!
Brooke Gaskin (26 days ago)
Just a quick tip: if she stares at you, she probably likes you
redpotato 86 (27 days ago)
She stared at me for a minute and pulled out a knife and threatened me. I think she wants the d
Crazypug lover (27 days ago)
I'm a girl, but I watch this type of stuff cuz I wanna see wat guys think of girls...lol
skittles 102 (28 days ago)
This video is stupid
MZDQ 12 (29 days ago)
Bruv how do you keep the hair slicked back so well What's the hair hair gel called?
J Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Mean ol hickeys on his neck lol
GK Gamers (1 month ago)
A girl does all these but she diesnt like me
Jimwell Mindoro (1 month ago)
what if she's pafall
Milady The Great (1 month ago)
I’m the type of girl that replys to messages fast to everyone. Are you saying I’ve been giving misleading signals to guys ? 🤔 Truth be told there are girls like me in the world too ya know.
When i go to class she all ways talks to me
Shadoøwfox RE (1 month ago)
....some girl touched me soooo. I GOT A BITCH
Thierry Papillon (1 month ago)
Hey Jose, well I thought that she liked me, but after these tips (including whether she want to kiss me or not tips) I kinda feel like she isn't into me at all, eventhough we went to a restaurant, she constantly laughed and even drove me somewhere afterwards. Dang it
Gio Gava (1 month ago)
guys i think fortnite could be the reason we are ugly
『Laser銀河』 (3 days ago)
lj video and more (1 month ago)
It is both
notJacktlego (1 month ago)
that intro made you sound like you were drunk. do a retake jose
The life of Fon (1 month ago)
None of this is helping
Hunter Steffen (1 month ago)
0:51 voice crack
Userentity303 _ (1 month ago)
Un does bra and says "give it to me" I don't know if she likes me.
paetyn qually (1 month ago)
Is that a hickey on his neck...no one else notice that?😂
Youssef Fernando (1 month ago)
she always gets close af to me and makes mad eye contact, one time she literally bent infont of me and I just went for the quick lil hump session ya feel me? anyways, does that mean she's into me and was that a good move?
I wish he still used this music in his vids
matt_the_potato (1 month ago)
What if I don't like her
Elite gaming (1 month ago)
Why does this kid have a hickey
hip hop freak (1 month ago)
anyone noticed jose has a hickey below his left collar bone?
embeats (1 month ago)
what if she texts you first but she still does that dry texting thing?
Lucius Hunt (1 month ago)
What about when u take ur shirt off at the pools and she's looking at u
Daphne robles (1 month ago)
I just both
LLSM-Skeleton-Soldiers (1 month ago)
This girl at a football game last night punched my stomach, (as a joke) then I pretended I was in pain, and she literally just sat there and rubbed my stomach for 15 seconds...😂
Zultrock (1 month ago)
Ok so this girl and I talk alot, I usually start the conversation on social media and when we are done talking, she says bye with a lot of y's and e's. She sits next to me at lunch and she laughs at some things I dont think are funny. She always tries to square up with me but I know shes joking. I mess around with her and we take pictures of each other and send them to each other. She gives me these signs and then shuts it down by calling me "fam" or stuff like that. What do you guys think? Should I make a move?
PureContolope (1 month ago)
Hahaha I knew it.. just making sure 👌🏾👌🏾
Anthony jackson (1 month ago)
Do you guys ever get a feeling girl likes you because you guys keep making eye contact. But then if you tell someone it sounds stupid.
Unknown Reaper (1 month ago)
She hugs me Does that mean she likes me?
『Laser銀河』 (3 days ago)
What, no a lot of people in middle school and high school hugs. I mean like "friends"
Røśe (1 month ago)
Pa Kou Yang (1 month ago)
What if the girl I’m talking with is a friend of mine that I knew her about a year or two. And she isn’t into me but she still touches me here and there, sometimes makes a move to me, and still shows no sign of liking me. Doesn’t that just simple means she’s flirting or is she just simple doesn’t like me? Or is she playing hard to get like a push and pull thing?
kill switch (1 month ago)
I’m calling the police
Macdougle (1 month ago)
Yea I didn't shoot my shot now she got a boyfriend and I moved on but now I'm getting some really funky and confusing feelings towards her again bruh, a homie really need some help rn.
Clara Fraga (1 month ago)
Hey im a girl i like a guy called yousef and yh i used the vid how to tell if a boy likes u and he does those things and sadly i do these things to him😓 now wait to see if he likes me!!
PapiPeperoni (1 month ago)
Holy shit bro she looked at me for 0.1 seconds i think she wants the d
Bootleg alpha m
Glenn Huliselan (1 month ago)
0:51 voice crack
Noel Hill (1 month ago)
Guess What! A girl I know fits all these things! She likes me!
CASHOUT FUEGO (7 days ago)
Noel Hill dj akademiks son
Agent Tex Texas (1 month ago)
To help you with first question. Its both
Alpha m16 (1 month ago)
thanks for the advice it works thanks man my YouTube channel is Alfredorobledo the Mario picture
Kirill Shmakov (1 month ago)
Lol 😂
PsYcOd (1 month ago)
Nope not a single girl likes me.. and most of the ones that seem interested in me are below average looking
PAND W (1 month ago)
Love bite on shoulder Lmao
Øøf werewolf_le_ (1 month ago)
Why i am here i don't git a crush 😂 i just want to know if he was right and he was lol
SuseT Boughaba (1 month ago)
Guys i think my cousin likes me lol o_O
Anonymous 1 (1 month ago)
She ran her fingers through my hair dose she like me
Narrow Streak (1 month ago)
Does she like me
Narrow Streak (1 month ago)
She acted somewhat offended when I spoke to her. But I see her looking at me multiple times
Wade Pool (1 month ago)
thanks bro now i know if she likes me
A.D Suri (1 month ago)
I wonder if this counts. I was in the airport one time, watching over our luggage while my mum and brother were in the bathroom. While this was happening, I was standing behind this thicc hipster chick in navy blue jeans that didn't leave too much to the imagination. Now, as you can imagine, being a hot-blooded, socially awkward 19 year old, man-child, my eyes did a' wander. At some point, she shot me a sort of sideways stare and must've caught me staring at her butt. Immedeatly, I was aflush with embarrassment, expecting a contemptuous scowl or a swift kick in the nuts. But instead...she smiled...she smiled, arched her back and hoisted up her jeans as she did so. Thus, emphasising her bountiful denim-wrapped buttocks. So, what was that supposed to mean? Is that her way of saying; 'You like what you see, pervert?'
Parthib Saha (1 month ago)
u have a vsmpire ears dude😂😂
Gustavo B.Cervantes (1 month ago)
This helped me ! Thanks bro

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