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Kaia Gerber | Fall/Winter 2018

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Kaia Gerber Fall / Winter 2018 New York, Milan & Paris Video credits: Versace Saint Laurent Alexander Wang Tom Ford Fendi Max Mara Prada Miu Miu Moschino Alberta Ferretti Marc Jacobs Coach Off-White Calvin Klein Bottega Veneta Chanel Isabel Marant Chloé Music: "GANG" by Merk Kremont (ft. Kris Kiss)
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kristin (1 month ago)
Very pretty but looks like she needs to fill in. Her mom was so gorgeous and curvy. Kaia looks like a grasshopper or something. All arms and legs
Walter Diomedi (2 months ago)
You are a Top model Kaia, i love your style and class!! Modeling is in your blood, that shows.
Me parece muy delgada... Sinceramente me da asco por que no tiene un cuerpo escultural y saludable Sus piernas no tienen forma... No tiene pechos....no tiene curvas !!! Que verguenza por su madre
GARNET NEPTUNE (3 months ago)
lol I have the same name
Octavia Starr (3 months ago)
Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp...
cobby town (3 months ago)
For all you saying she’s too thin when I was a teenager I had a super fast metabolism and couldn’t gain weight to save my life
Eve Murphy (4 months ago)
Honestly can this channel please make a Spotify playlist, their music is classs
Dharma Chatterji (4 months ago)
Fine Celeb, Fine tall & smart,
Von Bondi (5 months ago)
She's 16 with bags under her eyes! She is extremely malnourished, shame on Cindy Crawford for allowing this.
Mary LG (5 months ago)
knowlight knowright (5 months ago)
:45 has to put up mop like that to disguise largest skull on a human ever seen from space. Sorry little boy pretending to be a girl.
Vincenza Carminati (6 months ago)
Too thin, anorexic, but beauty
Kingdom Linen (6 months ago)
Richard Hirviniemi (6 months ago)
I know Teri Polo but I don't know Teri Palo
Missy Rabbit (6 months ago)
she is a beauty like her mom.
sofia van der hoock (7 months ago)
the best nepitism model , without plastic surgeries , not like FAKE-BELLA HADID
준우정 (7 months ago)
patan jali (7 months ago)
Snorexica totall
Lite Hold (7 months ago)
Make Anorexia Great Again!! FFS
fetter Kater (7 months ago)
no model face
Santiago Lopez Lopez (7 months ago)
Menudo muchachazo!!!!
Erick Magaña (7 months ago)
La mejor modelo del momento 🙌🏻👍🏻
Elian Rodriguez Hedz (7 months ago)
Tiene mucho porte !! Toda la elegancia de cindy
Mikaela García (7 months ago)
Un tiempo mas y les quitara el puestesito a la mierdita de kendall
Mikaela García (7 months ago)
+Mayte mtz es que aun es una bebe tiene 17 pero ya hace cosas magnificas sera lo maximo en unos dps años
Mayte mtz (7 months ago)
La verdad esta chica hace un increible catwalk.Mucho mejor que el se kendall
Nia Bernier (7 months ago)
She is so skinny I feel she's gonna break if I pinch her.
Levenda Barrow (7 months ago)
This lil bitch slays a walk!! Go Kaia!
Kelley Chandler (7 months ago)
Naomi and Cindy taught her well. However, she is NOT her Mom's twin. Now Cindy's son, HE IS!
landx • (7 months ago)
Kelley Chandler Naomi taught her? Yeah I agree, her son looks so much like her, too bad he’s a bad model lol
Demi Wilson (7 months ago)
shes literal goals!
Laana Jbara (7 months ago)
SLAYING every single look. That walk is killing me omg
raebele (7 months ago)
cindy taught her how to catwalk well tho omg
Justice L (8 months ago)
Kaia is so pretty, but she's very skinny...Guess that's how they like their models.
Missy Rabbit (6 months ago)
runway models are usually skinny so the clothes lay well on them. One size fits all thinking. Not like the 80's, when models had curves.
Justice L (7 months ago)
+TT T That's right, it's a maybe or maybe not!
TT T (7 months ago)
Justice L maybe, maybe not we will never know unless we ask them
Justice L (7 months ago)
+TT T Possibly, but there has been controversy on models being pressured to be super thin.
lori ann (7 months ago)
It's her age , very high metabolism in some teens.
D Washington (8 months ago)
my minni mouse😽😽😽
muurless (8 months ago)
can’t believe the amount of people who are shaming her for her body and none of them seem to realize how shitty their behavior is
muurless (7 months ago)
Vanadium there are tons of ppl who preach abt body positivity and still manage to say some shitty things sometimes, not everyone is trying to be cruel all the time. i know there are some but i don’t know them and can‘t accuse them if anything sooo
Gustavo Villar (7 months ago)
because shes underage?... duh...
TT T (7 months ago)
Just shows people are jealous
Vanadium (8 months ago)
muurless they are???? Lol what? So even when people are perfectly fine, people shame? Theres no way of winning is there? People will be scum no matter what
Haeli Kim (8 months ago)
Not comparable to Cindy Crawford
E a (8 months ago)
Her clothes looks huge on her! Not very flattering!
Colby Wilkie (8 months ago)
She's got big ears tho. Lol
ImaStupid Twat (7 months ago)
Rosalia Mozo Perez (8 months ago)
No se me hace nada bonita esa Laia gerber,🤔
maria silva (7 months ago)
Si tienes razon ademas creo q no le llega a su mama ni a los talones
Salt And Earth (8 months ago)
So sad to see her painfully skinny. She would look gorgeous and healthy with some weight on her.
Iben Hjelmen (8 months ago)
If zendaya and bella hadid had a kid!!
Lady M (8 months ago)
She has the walk for sure.
DiamondsR 4ever (8 months ago)
She got some big ears 👂🏼
C Lauren (8 months ago)
Nicki Banged calm down wtf
Danish D'Abreau (8 months ago)
total superstar
Dachs & Rottweiler (8 months ago)
whats that song please?
Meeyeon Park (8 months ago)
Dachs & Rottweiler lol what a title
Nicki Banged (8 months ago)
Dachs & Rottweiler Black Monsta Chateau - Song: 8 Inch Cucumber
Darna Narda (8 months ago)
dont worry if she's skinny, when she turns to a lady on her 20s and 30s, people will complain about her being curvy. lol stupid people,
sofia van der hoock (7 months ago)
TT T (7 months ago)
Darna Narda formal likes she’s still young. I’m skinny and tall and it will change. But if she becomes overweight that’s a problem too . People are never satisfied
Yvan Moallic (8 months ago)
skinny as a corpse. She s sick 4sure
Areej fraj (7 months ago)
She’s 16 she will gain some weight when she grow
Fleur Isobel (8 months ago)
Yvan Moallic No need to assume. Kaia was 16 years old when this campaign was filmed and she was still going through exaggerated teenage growth spurts due to her height. No doubt she eats extremely healthily and works out, and this paired with her growth spurt and her busy lifestyle equates to an incredibly slender physique. She will fill out in a few years once she’s stopped growing upwards.
Nioki Naoki (9 months ago)
She's soooo skinny and her legs are sticks. Luckily she can sway her little hips and walk strong on the runway
Sarah Willøw (7 months ago)
Valentine Vang hypocrite much?
TT T (7 months ago)
I smell jealousy 😂
Yvan Moallic (8 months ago)
skinny as a corpse
Valentine Vang (8 months ago)
so much hate.. have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?? ...you should get professional help with your attitude and behavior. .. don't forget, people like you don't get very far in life.
Margaret O'Brien (9 months ago)
She doesn't look very happy, too young for this and immature
Hila Galam (9 months ago)
Anthony West (9 months ago)
Nicki Banged (8 months ago)
Anthony West she’s human just like you so shut the fuck up and choke on dick
Guillermo Ruelas (9 months ago)
Fuck fashion
Nicki Banged (8 months ago)
Fuck me
Stephanie Stanley (9 months ago)
Guillermo I have no idea how this industry survives and thrives supporting all the outrageous overhead that comes along with it.
felly margareta (10 months ago)
fresh and natural😍😍😍
Stephanie Stanley (11 months ago)
The poise of a pro
Komo Mizuhara (11 months ago)
blendedbananas (11 months ago)
Too damn skinny.  Matchstick legs anyone?
Fleur Isobel (8 months ago)
No need to assume. Kaia was 16 years old when this campaign was filmed and she was still going through exaggerated teenage growth spurts due to her height. No doubt she eats extremely healthily and works out, and this paired with her growth spurt and her busy lifestyle equates to an incredibly slender physique. She will fill out in a few years once she’s stopped growing upwards.
Athanasia Davla (10 months ago)
blendedbananas exactly!!!!she looks sick!!
Corky Romero (11 months ago)
Walk That Walk and I love the way her hips move it reminds me so much of the good old days and I'm old enough to remember the good ol Days
Guillermo Ruelas (1 year ago)
She's runway royalty
Tatiana Z (1 year ago)
She needs vitamins. Her mom was shining health.
Tya Fadhila (1 year ago)
Kikiii.. I love youu♥♥
cristina (1 year ago)
Dimitroula K. (1 year ago)
She is too thin but give her a lot of credit for the confidence she betrays on the catwalk. Impressive for a 16 year old.
Alena Lee (1 year ago)
She’s amazing! Just like her mom 💕 What a blessed life !
can’t relate (1 year ago)
She's thin, but we need to remember she's only 16, she's got some filling out to do !
J Fall (1 year ago)
She has very big ears.
emma isamae (1 year ago)
Bertha Lovejoy (1 year ago)
overrated..such a boring face
Deer Heart (1 year ago)
Love her but don't get too thin sweetie, I wonder if her mother is worried about her , even Cindy wasn't this thin , she must worry
Maria J Herrera (1 year ago)
Yassss hunny!!!! 🙌🏼👏🏼
keivefy (1 year ago)
Wow, look at the bags and dark circles under her eyes. And at just 16 already. Someone will be taking a trip to the plastic surgeon soon or in a few years will be looking much older than she is. Thank God I've got great genes.
Rei K (1 year ago)
+keivefy Wow you're already 40 but you're picking on a teenager.. how insecure of you. I don't think that she's being forced into modelling if she didn't like it why would she do it? Besides, she's doing great and her walk is great she has the talent and she's only 16. Also, it's not unusual for young people to have bags under their eyes I have it too even though I've slept enough. Having eye bags doesn't mean you'll need plastic surgery in the future LOLLL how moronic...😂 Is it HER fault for being born as Cindy's daughter? Just accept that she is much fortunate than most of us for being born into a famous rich family with good genes. No need to get all salty...
Rei K (1 year ago)
lol you're soooooo jealous
President Donald Duck (1 year ago)
keivefy And what defines succes for you is having "great genes" and writing hateful comments out of jelousy. Each to their own I guess. Lmao
President Donald Duck (1 year ago)
keivefy You've got "great genes" yet instead of modeling, here you are, writing hateful comments about a 16 year odl who is way more succesful than you. I wonder how great are those genes lmao
baron2015 (1 year ago)
how tall is she? Btw her brother looks a lot like her mother; Cindy :) and he's so handsome
Kitty Cat (1 year ago)
She's such a gorgeous girl but way too thin...
sgm04 gm (1 year ago)
She is pretty and a good model, but never, ever ever she is gonna be as pretty and perfect as her mom was. Cindy took the cake, she was the best super model of the 90's . She is the definition of what a super model is and pure perfection! Her daughter looks like her a lot, but Cindy was just perfection. Her daughter is toooooo skinny, her mom had an amazing body
jess off (1 year ago)
Girl's got some 🔥 swagger!
Не буду я мазаться в блондиночку вовек, лишь опять в пепельный русоволосый:))) не нагнут меня и тут :))😜😜😜
King Cruz (1 year ago)
Gurl got the walk. Omg
luXx filth (1 year ago)
looks like an old asian man bug
Magdalena Alifier (1 year ago)
what's the song aaa
Sabrina W (8 months ago)
Gang (feat. Kris Kiss) Merk & Kremont
Kuziai (1 year ago)
cant wait when victorias secret picks her :)
L L (1 year ago)
JH P (1 year ago)
She need to gain some weight tho
Mazzy Star (1 year ago)
she went to my highschool I can say she looks a ton different in person
Samantha Grace (1 year ago)
She lost alot of weight and matured since you orob lost saw her. I saw oics of her at 14 and she has defnitley mature alot sinxe 14 /15 in that year her feature became alot more defined
AlexMcNugget-Ravioli (1 year ago)
Mazzy Star yep our world is screwed up because of our generation. Imagine what our next generation would be if we were THIS BAD. 😐
Mazzy Star (1 year ago)
ItsYaBoi Alex and most people probably do lie on the internet which sucks cause i wish we could redo society and all be kind pure and honest & a family to one another.
Mazzy Star (1 year ago)
ItsYaBoi Alex true, but im really not lying. idc if u believe me or not. An honestly d know why i posted this comment in the first place cause really who cares that i went to school with her. I didnt know her Said hi like once. She was 2 years younger than me and my high school was both middle & high school. Hardly knew the girl but still we went to the same school
AlexMcNugget-Ravioli (1 year ago)
Mazzy Star how do I know that you're not lying? Sorry man but anyone on the internet can literally say that they went to school with Kaia Gerber and most of the time they're lying.
Irfan R. (1 year ago)
Work it..work it....kaia!...
diana levy (1 year ago)
striking beauty
Kwakimolo (1 year ago)
Jinjutha L. (1 year ago)
I love her. Effortless chic
cruella de vil (1 year ago)
she can walk and probably the only nepotism model i fuck with but shes too skinny i hope cindy's not restricting her diet
xoxo hyomin (1 year ago)
can you post sonia ben ammar too?
Kerry Stone (1 year ago)
Her walk is amazing and she's definitely consistent in that, but the clothes just consume her tiny frame. Nothing seems to fit properly.
Kerry Stone (1 year ago)
yeppeun seonyeoyeo true, I think in five years or so when she has matured fully she will be better suited then, however she may stay naturally thin and slender, she still is stunning from a photographic point of view and has a killer walk, however If you look at pictures of her mother in the 80's, Cindy had a curvy body and wore clothes differently. Models these days are so different to back then. It's so strange that people think that those models from back then are considered plus size compared to today, it is a bit out of control. Most of the outfits I see the average woman would never wear. 🙄😊
yeppeun seonyeoyeo (1 year ago)
Kerry Stone she is just too young, she hasn’t grown into her body at all yet. They think just because she is tall and slender she’s a fit but she’s just too young. I forget who said it but someone made a wonderful point that a lot of today’s models are just young girls who haven’t grown into themselves yet and, therefore, don’t make the clothes looks as classy and timeless as their older counterparts did. Many years ago, you had to be a WOMAN to walk the high fashion runway, very very few girls Kaia’s age would get up there and for obvious reasons....they do not yet have the figure and features and movements of a graceful and elegant swan. I still think it is stupid that all these celebrities are letting their young kids hit the runway and do photo shoots when they clearly don’t look the part just yet. Time to grow into your body before you grow into some Versace.....
i'm a ruin. (1 year ago)
those eye bags though
ani t (1 year ago)
i mean, i get where people are coming from, but i'm 14 and i have the worst dark circles. i look like i haven't slept in years,... every day
Reerei Dia (1 year ago)
ani t. Change ur diet eat more greens and it will go away
uchechuwku Okere (1 year ago)
ani t. exactly from school
ani t (1 year ago)
esp at 1:23 :/
ariana grande's coke (1 year ago)
huy hoang (1 year ago)
name song please :(
Sabrina W (8 months ago)
Gang (feat. Kris Kiss) Merk & Kremont
Menasha de Silva (1 year ago)
Ulle Bishope (1 year ago)
Gurrrrrlllll's got that walk -- GORG
Stephanie Stanley (1 year ago)
Amazing work
Nazieha Cool (1 year ago)
Idk why i think shes way too skinny for her frame.
Alf Blue (7 months ago)
Talk about body shaming 🤦‍♂️
the Robin (1 year ago)
Rio Narag I don't think it's body shaming to say that she is skinny. We don't know if she is skinny in an unhealthy way though
Rio Narag (1 year ago)
Y’all really love to bodyshame if its not about chubby girls lmao
starschelsea (1 year ago)
It is because she is only 16 and very tall!!! Most girls with her body type at that age are very skinny. She will fill out her frame as she grows up and her metabolism naturally slows. This is how many models are...ie gemma ward, karlie kloss all filled out their stick thin frames later in their 20s.
Pepa Jimenez (1 year ago)
She's way too skinny. Look up her pictures from some years ago.
pinky wave (1 year ago)
She's starting to look tired and warn out, at 16?! Those bags and dark circles. Sorry but it's true. I still think she's the best model today. You can't beat that walk, but she needs to slow down.
Mac (1 year ago)
What a weird thing to say about a young girl
Reerei Dia (1 year ago)
Fiorella Nina nah she is tired say it how u see it and stop beating about the bush paleeese!
Reerei Dia (1 year ago)
pinky wave OMG I saw it too but I didint want to say it before I am accused as being a cold cow! They are working the poor girl👀
Flora Lister (1 year ago)
Runway models get a certain type of makeup known as the "boy beat" look. I don't know why they do this, but it's supposed to bring out your flaws and make your face look a certain way.
Fiorella Nina (1 year ago)
Bags doesn't mean you're tired, maybe it's genetic or her type of skin. I have bags under my eyes and trust me I'm not tired or unhealthy :v
peter e (1 year ago)
A real Model
Firdaus Mohamed (1 year ago)
Finally...someone who is worthy of it.
Swayzejess (1 year ago)
is she underweight or is she healthy?
Mango Steen (1 year ago)
Marie Louise H - there are pics of her being much heavier then what she is now. She has lost a lot of weight.
Marie Louise H (1 year ago)
Artie Choker Yes I agree that she is the type of women that is naturally skinny. But obviously just to a certain level. She starts to overdo it and looks sickly unhealthy. Her ribcage in her bust area is starting to get extremely prominent. I hope she doesn't treat herself badly and stays healthy. 😥
Artie Choker (1 year ago)
Swayzejess From my perspective as a biologist by the size of her limbs I would say she is definitely naturally skinny, however under eye bags (especially at her age) that are prominent can be signs of kidney/liver damage and malnutrition. Unless her undereye bags are genetic, it's not looking so good.
Rana Del Rey (1 year ago)
I love you Kaia 👏🏾😍
charles kobane (1 year ago)
Soundtrack always on point >>
P Sousa (1 year ago)
charles kobane whats the name of the song??
Jeromah (1 year ago)
kaia is certainly carving her pathway to supermodel status
Abdu Daw (1 year ago)
wont be a problem for her!

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