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Dreams are for Dancers

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You are a dancer.
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Darmodien (6 days ago)
Look at those willowy elegant legs. Like a gazelle.
baileyanne94 (2 months ago)
Every tall white guy can dance like this.
ReneeC43 (3 months ago)
I don't even understand how to DO that dance move! It's actually very impressive
soltcoffii (3 months ago)
top 10 best anime characters of all time
Mike (4 months ago)
Get that coal churnin
Jeremy (7 months ago)
Balloonshop, a group that really knew how to turn their dreams into memes!
Jake Wetterlin (8 months ago)
I danced like this at prom. My date dumped me. No regrets
MrWulfric1 (8 months ago)
It is so depressing that this video is 10 years old going on 11. So crazy. I'd do anything to be transported back to 2007.
skrenja (9 months ago)
He moves like the revenant from doom.
hurleybot (9 months ago)
"Three years Elliott!"
ZBRICKS (1 year ago)
NonDama Gamer (1 year ago)
Man this is some good Axel F, I’m churning that coal.
Dank Memes (1 year ago)
Jesus, this is old.
Costone90 (1 year ago)
Jonathan Wood (1 year ago)
Tea Dawg (1 year ago)
I don't know what ''it'' is, but he's got it.
Taylor K (1 year ago)
"Bill - those things I said - I'm sorry..."  gets me every time.
Michael Smith (1 year ago)
The hunk in the back is handsome for a man.
Olivia Grace (1 year ago)
foxeh123 (1 year ago)
Thomas dancing is so emotional, unforced and beautiful.
Cristian Rodgers (1 year ago)
I have that same basketball hoop.
INeverWanted2010 (1 year ago)
God I miss this channel
floraloranges (2 years ago)
IoST (2 years ago)
3 years, Elliot
Pizza-Man (2 years ago)
IoST And we saw him tear up every makeshift dance floor that got the n his way
Good lord Hino (2 years ago)
LOVE that all the music is referenced!
JackDoggulas (2 years ago)
Thomas's face at the end of the vid is my new wallpaper for literally everything
Катя Ятак (1 year ago)
JackDoggulas And he held it so still for so long. He wants us to use it as a wallpaper.
Mmm Chestnut (2 years ago)
I wish I saw these videos in high school to use this move at the school dances.
Mmm Chestnut (2 years ago)
So very true haha
floraloranges (2 years ago)
Payton Cousins ikr? It's so good! It'd be impossible to learn though without practicing in secret every day
kgthatsme (2 years ago)
Thomas is the running man challenge champion!!
BigChap J (2 years ago)
Miguel Vasquez (2 years ago)
i did this dance at my graduation 5 years ago haha
Darth Vapor (1 year ago)
Miguel Vasquez I bet you were a big hit
Antônio Cândido (2 years ago)
Maddie Rayon (2 years ago)
Ganondorf (2 years ago)
This comment is the only comment
NateTheNerdy (2 years ago)
How dare he pass up the chance to dance with the great Crazy Horse!
noble (2 years ago)
I remember watching this when I was very young and I was the biggest fan of this channel and I miss it :( bye bye childhood
Wayland C (2 years ago)
Do you keep up with Olan?
Griffin Childers (2 years ago)
This is the definition of Awesome
Vallemont (2 years ago)
That last face is the face of pure satisfaction.
Jack Penning (2 years ago)
The way that they say 'Oh wait…' gets me every time
Mad Martigan (2 years ago)
My favorite part too hahaha
Tofu (2 years ago)
Thomas is the best thing that's ever happened to the mankind.
Luna (2 years ago)
I'd follow him even into the depths of the burning hell to be honest!
Infradead (2 years ago)
I would follow Thomas into the depths of the double tree as often as possible
Luna (2 years ago)
+Mordecai this is the truest thing ive ever read
Qintaro Miura (2 years ago)
+Mordecai I like to think he was the father of cringe comedy
TheDezembro (2 years ago)
Lmfao ... The grinder would be proud xD
BluManBaby (2 years ago)
Song Name!
Goodly (3 years ago)
Wow.. 2007.. back when I was like, 8 years old. Damn. Childhood seemed so dreamy, and feels like it went by so fast. It's so weird to watch a video that took place when I was still in elementary school. Crazy to think I was probably enjoying my summer vacation before entering 2nd grade, and meanwhile these guys were hundreds of miles away filming this. Now I'm almost a senior. I think I might be overthinking this, but do you guys feel the same as I do?
AscensionUSA (2 years ago)
This is EXACTLY how I feel. I just graduated but i get a nostalgic feeling from these videos, even though I discovered them with my friends in middle school probably 2009ish, but watching them reminds me of those times, even though I wasn't old enough when they were actually uploaded
Safou Rgardpa (2 years ago)
It's alright man I know how it is, my dog died two days ago and I just can't get down with necrophilia
Elijah Liam Fetzer (2 years ago)
+Safou Rgardpa Sorry I'm sexually insecure and therefore hate everyone right now
Safou Rgardpa (2 years ago)
Don't bring negativism in here man
Elijah Liam Fetzer (2 years ago)
+Goodly stupid fucking child get of youtube
fumblefree (3 years ago)
Reed is the best thing about this video
HeroBri (3 years ago)
churn that coal!
hahaha I love Thomas,i love that dance,i will call that Thomas dance  :) so cool hahaha
TheAmaznGoatMan (3 years ago)
Tofu (2 years ago)
By a huge mile for sure.
Aaron Gartner (3 years ago)
lets start posting their videos on all social media and get balloonshop more likes
Fentros Necros (3 years ago)
lol, the end, you can tell Thomas lost it and started cracking up. :)
stoplite de-lite (3 years ago)
I am a dancer
CagedLemp (3 years ago)
Yea man yea man
Zero Deafs (3 years ago)
Where has this been all my life?! OH YEAH? YEAH. BUT OH WAIT.
TheCrushmaster (3 years ago)
How does this glorious gem of the ages have only 400,000 views and 872 comments?
AloofAri (4 years ago)
JasminLeblanc (4 years ago)
Why this doesn't have over 10 million views is beyond me.
Smokey McBongwater (3 years ago)
+David Wagner Delivery man, Can make the dumbest jokes get a laugh.
harveyajh (4 years ago)
wait! Elliot is actually Derek, the creator and mighty god of the app Pictophile! :D
Jeremiah Schroeder (4 years ago)
I miss these guys so much!
zombiedrumma (4 years ago)
That Beverly Hills Cop music makes me happy whenever I hear it. 
Justin Reynolds (4 years ago)
Why oh why did this video have to end?
Aislin Queen (4 years ago)
that awkward dancing tho, awkwardly cute
Arthur Gardner (4 years ago)
new moves for Friday night, hell yeaaaa
TheTwitSkits (4 years ago)
That dancing move makes me want to vomit out of laughter. Its so bad its good!!!
Zadamanim (4 years ago)
finally, proof that im not the only one this happens to
TheTwitSkits (4 years ago)
Deer in the background at 1:01!!!
xSpicex (4 years ago)
10 years elliot
Wilfredo (4 years ago)
Isn't the song the theme to Beverly Hills Cop?
ElitePWNSFace (4 years ago)
whats that song
satisfiction (4 years ago)
Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F
Jack Fraser (4 years ago)
You were born in the wrong generation, mate. ;)
Cowburger (4 years ago)
Legend says that he is still dancing...
Cowburger (3 years ago)
+GeneralGiggleMuffin Thank you. :3
GeneralGiggleMuffin (3 years ago)
+Cowburger the name.. the icon.. the number of likes.. the remark itself.. a more perfect comment has never existed across time and space.
Kodamas (4 years ago)
I've become quite the dancer
Suicideteen69 96 (1 month ago)
Kodamas oh yeeeaaaaa???
noch ya (4 years ago)
1:55, that face though
Smokey McBongwater (5 years ago)
I knew commenting on a 5 year old comment was a good idea.
jhx1994 (5 years ago)
Wow, I watch a ton a videos about Merriweather Post Pavilion, and then I go to rewatch a balloon shop video and I see your account picture. Small world the internet is.
Smokey McBongwater (5 years ago)
just practice twice a day, and you'll get it
Smokey McBongwater (5 years ago)
because he is thomas
MARCHINGBANDtbone (5 years ago)
The famous Thomas dance
Lan Novar (5 years ago)
Anyone who can dance like Thomas is a dancer.
TrustedBooda (5 years ago)
Those moves
Sinjin Beem (5 years ago)
When my friends ask me what I miss most about BalloonShop I always say Thomas' dancing... God its just so inspiring!!!
Simon (5 years ago)
And now 6 years :D
Colin D (5 years ago)
1:01 there's a deer in the background
Nation Gaming 2010 (5 years ago)
1:40 now that's how you dance!!!
Slendermanz7 (5 years ago)
I have that same koosh hoops net
Sarah McDonald (5 years ago)
I gotta learn that shit.
CyberMaster12 (5 years ago)
\/ fail
CynicalSpheres (5 years ago)
1000th comment right here boys. I think with this 1000th comment, i'll become a dancer.
RelientKStuff (5 years ago)
1:55 - Pure inspiration
Lan Novar (5 years ago)
Just practice twice a day for three years, and you'll get it.
june27786 (5 years ago)
So fucking gay lmao
TopDogJen1234 (5 years ago)
I totally forgot that move.... Best dance move EVER
thebeastlybaker (5 years ago)
and the thomas dance was born
Trained Pigeon (5 years ago)
Professor daddy (5 years ago)
and if you listin close you can still hear him...
Weston Dennis (5 years ago)
and some say that he is still dancing to this day
MadderpackerJB (5 years ago)
No one can perfect his dance.
smith jon (5 years ago)
i've tried to dance like thomas for so long it's sad that i can't. ='[
Aaron Petit (5 years ago)
beverely hills cop theme! Yes!
Subwoofer Dildo (5 years ago)
1:01 Deer running in the backround
BIG SMOKE (5 years ago)
I love the thomas dance, its so hard to replicate
TheGreatMerlin24 (5 years ago)
TheGreatMerlin24 (5 years ago)
1:55: that is Thomas's I am a dancer face
TheGreatMerlin24 (5 years ago)
Why don't you join us
Diogo Belo (5 years ago)
bill reminds me of roger from american dad.. lol don't ask me why xD
Gabriel7159 (5 years ago)
1:00 look at that deer!
mr37man (5 years ago)
I tried to show about 10 strangers thomas' dance, but I couldn't do it

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