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Action News 5

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Because it's news.
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Jonathon Dzindzio (6 days ago)
Euthanasia (8 days ago)
But..are these squitos..flying?
Jacob Voorhees (16 days ago)
Columbus. Did he find America? YOU BET HE DID.
Cody Holm (2 months ago)
Jason Popper sounds like some one out of Metal Gear.
Rose M (5 months ago)
Lol Olan looks like Peña from Narcos
Amaly Draws (7 months ago)
2:43 That's a game controller I have sitting around my tv
ActuallyisSenpai (7 months ago)
A gem that my friends and I enjoy years later. Balloon shop was our main source of comedy In high school. It's been almost ten years and we still find ourselves watching these videos and crying in laughter. I.love.balloon.shop.
Clan Gunn (11 months ago)
"might dissolve the fact...."
Dylan Harding (1 year ago)
I can no longer watch real news
phobos2k2 (1 year ago)
0:55 "Jizm, what do you have"?
Andres Pena (1 year ago)
I AM... Jason Popper. IN the field... BEHIND me... what do you see?
Walter Canon (1 year ago)
I love how condescending he sounds when he says mud
Slop (1 year ago)
*Y e s ? !*
BigTittyLover69420 (1 year ago)
no thomas, no watch
krymsz (1 year ago)
benzo546 thomas as mosquito
Frank Ortiz (1 year ago)
2017, and im still laughing at this
ETHAN MILLER (1 year ago)
compare this Olan to the new Olan BIG DIFFERENCE
Cody Bell (1 year ago)
Are they talking about Baytown from Texas? If so I'm from Beaumont ! I love balloon shop 😆
Marvin Garcia (1 year ago)
That killed me oh my god. Still busting up laughing after all these years
John lango (1 year ago)
Si?........ ......Si
n4mur (1 year ago)
jason popper sounds almost like donald trump
[???] erobe (1 year ago)
Charls Brick (2 years ago)
I think that if the entire human race was eradicated and the only thing left that had anything to do with humans was this video, I'd be OK with that. I'd be just fine.
Robert Montiel (2 years ago)
Jason popper lmfao 😂😂💀
Harpoon (2 years ago)
Buduski67 (2 years ago)
so this is where keem came from
Jake Wetterlin (2 years ago)
2 years later, and this still hasn't gotten old. xD
Brenden Owen (2 years ago)
This video is gold
PopTV (2 years ago)
I wonder what Harmon Diego's name is.
Elle Baston (2 years ago)
where in the world is harmon diego?
Mon (2 years ago)
Daniel Donovan (2 years ago)
large clouds of arachnophobia
James Foxworth (2 years ago)
How much do mosquitos weigh? Let's go to the ruler.
\Vanux/ (2 years ago)
i knew it he is killer keemstar
rigma (2 years ago)
as you can see behind me harmon, i am in the field
Scoop (2 years ago)
We need Harmon Diego as the new Drama Alert host
dae (2 years ago)
This video is so underrated tbh
Luna (2 years ago)
Baby Joshua <3
Pablo Rodriguez (2 years ago)
BMAR (3 years ago)
I'd actually watch the news if Harmon Diego was the host
Dylan Kane (1 year ago)
BigChap J (2 years ago)
Si, yes.
Devon Steinke (3 years ago)
I lost it "I can teach you things" lol
Dallas Wade (3 years ago)
accountwontlastlong1 (3 years ago)
Danger! *smiles* Si!
Jake Hewitt (3 years ago)
"si" *yes*, "yes" *si*
Joshua Jackson (3 years ago)
This compass is not a compass, rather... a "mosquitron"
Edit on Google (3 years ago)
antony smith (3 years ago)
Greatest one ever!
Halli J (4 years ago)
If everyone did news like this I would actually watch the news.
Nash Rarig (4 years ago)
2:12 its not even a ruler
\Enthusiasm/ (4 years ago)
I want you clowns to report ALL of my news
TheBenzooh (4 years ago)
19981 woaaw
baconpicker123 (4 years ago)
God dammit
Vissova (4 years ago)
si = yes yes = si Brilliant.
Jake Wetterlin (4 years ago)
This never gets old.
Max Grant (5 years ago)
funny! xD
Daniel Powell (1 year ago)
uhThat's right, Harmon Diego. I AM Jason Popper, IN THE FIELD.
Panda (5 years ago)
How much do mosquitoes weigh?  Let's go to the ruler...
5th Kie... (4 years ago)
Aaaaaaannnnddd.... It's not even a ruler!
Jerichonumber2 (5 years ago)
Mosquittron?????? XD
Nicolas Kim (5 years ago)
Poptab (5 years ago)
since 1998
Jordan Noce (5 years ago)
Thor22289 (5 years ago)
I love how Josh says "mosquito fee sees-uh"
K. Nakanishi (5 years ago)
Si, yes. Yes, Si translated to "Yes, si. Si, yes."
evetS (5 years ago)
This video goes from a silly news broadcast to an in-depth and philosophical analysis on life
Prince Raptor (5 years ago)
2:08 was that prepose to be a farting noise XD
Joe Shmo (5 years ago)
How much do mosquitoes weigh? Lets get out my wiener!
Kyle Tye (5 years ago)
Josh's voice reminds me of Guy Pearce.
Lakira Mitchum (5 years ago)
His report reminds me of a bad Pbs speacial lol
Andrew Lincoln (5 years ago)
Olan Rogers
Hank Taylor (5 years ago)
Yeesh, the guy was giving a compliment - no need to downvote and correct so harshly...
sydthemachine (5 years ago)
Holy shit, i didnt know that my NES controller could destroy mosquitoes!
Madiha A (5 years ago)
I want an NES controller compass!
Tyler (6 years ago)
i feel like olan's character and Joshua's character are james bond villians.
Jeremy (6 years ago)
The origins of Joshua Pursley's life in a field.
shotsbybryce (6 years ago)
Well. I'm on the awesome part of youtube :D
23Trevman (6 years ago)
Possibly Balloon Shop's best sketch ever.
guyyouseewhenyoudie (6 years ago)
Jason Popper sounds like Gman.
guyyouseewhenyoudie (6 years ago)
Harmon Diego = Carmen Sandiego
Hesper Jones (6 years ago)
Nintendo's are more then they seem...
LordAroyeum (6 years ago)
i was looking for action new 6 (philadelphia) and I ran into Olan rodgers, one of my favorite youtubers ever. small world
I love when he says Ci it says Yes but when he says Yes it says Ci!
Davie Jones (6 years ago)
Prolly the best thing on YouTube so far. 0:28 LOL
ZeltArruin (6 years ago)
Josie Paxton (6 years ago)
lmao mosquitron
Michael Wilson (6 years ago)
Chris LaFond (6 years ago)
press 5 for the correct answer.
Christian Rodriguez (6 years ago)
Eat your heart out Ron Burgundy
Flightline (6 years ago)
2:22 the fact that the audio was no where close to being synced up made me laugh so hard!
Austin (6 years ago)
Subtitles: Yes Si
eyeintheskysi (6 years ago)
0:47 all day.
eat a dingus (6 years ago)
LOL @ 0:28
Hanayuni (6 years ago)
" Are these squitos flying? " This is too cute and stupid XD
Jared Goodwin (6 years ago)
"I can teach you things. Things about mosquitoes. Things about LIFE." Truly Inspirational.
Dwight Davis (6 years ago)
Mosquitoes. How are they formed? DNA? Tiny mice? Large clouds of arachnophobia? You decide.
TheDllrHAULr (6 years ago)
I love you too you sneaky assed weirdo
Josh (6 years ago)
Whoops. Lol
Jacob Butner (6 years ago)
MidnightsAnthem (6 years ago)
Dafttiny (6 years ago)
If only Harmon Diego was called Jarmon Diego...
Josh (6 years ago)
Josh (6 years ago)
Owen's smile is so great.

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