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Diana Devoe - MPB2

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Tray Day (8 months ago)
Got big AF...but still fine tho...
RootsRockRebel (4 years ago)
There are so many black porn stars who quickly go down hill and get fat once they retire. Look at Nyomi Banxxx now. She looks like she's put on 20 pounds.
Diana Devoe fine ass
Kevin Davis (4 years ago)
I would still fuck her.  That weight does not bother me.
Aaron James (4 years ago)
too funny
methunshow (5 years ago)
Funny thing here is she did one of her few or only anal scene with Johnny Depth. Which she didn't need to do....seemed to come across as a very intimate scene. That body was right then.
arturo luna (5 years ago)
vdlleclone (6 years ago)
She gained weight!! This is regrettable!! To me Diana had the most beautiful black ass ever seen before
shanenolan85 (8 years ago)
@DirtyFaceCapon3 Agreed....people was talking trash about her (Diana), Pinky, Carmen Hayes, Flower Tucci, Skyy Black, Kayla Kleevage, Janet Jacme, and countless others who gained weight. I LOVE women with the weight who carry it right, and they have! Your right tho...people just frontin!
DirtyFaceCapon3 (8 years ago)
@shanenolan85 Indeed. I like the older version of Diana more than the younger version. Same dudes talking that shit would probably have a seizure or heart attack if Diana walked into their house right now.Dudes like to front, but they can't say no to that coke bottle.It's a scientifically proven fact.A woman might have a little pudge or be a little juicy here and there, but as long as she got that coke bottle shape, she'll always be attractive to men
DirtyFaceCapon3 (8 years ago)
She's not really fat, that's just that middle age, woman juice.I bet she's just more juicy if anything lol......you know how they say middle aged women go into their sexual prime? It's all that extra juice flowing through their bodies.It usually settles in the lower torso area, and has to be tapped & drained often...or else they go coo coo
1freemannow (9 years ago)
what happened to my "dream girl"?...I'd still hit that though
osensei2987 (9 years ago)
Popeye's Fried Chicken fucked up another one! LOL!
b0rderbr0ther22 (9 years ago)
damn , what happen with her , she was good looking back in the dAY but now , shes a fucking cow
kinglanky93 (9 years ago)
damn she got huge!
Khemistry IBMOR (9 years ago)
That was funny.

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