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Ride On - the movie Official Trailer 2018

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Ride On is an independent docufilm by Luca Mazza. The custom-built choppers created by Chop Works are the result of a fascination with the ‘60s & ‘70s. Each motorbike has its own soundtrack, its own personality, its own journey. The motorcycle is the means of transport that takes us on a ride through a world of customizations, graphics, music and underground realities, not only in “Motor City Turin”, but throughout Italy and Europe. Versatile artists, musicians and custom painters recount the story of Chop Works, the world that surrounds it, and bizarre situations that recall B-movies from the 1960s. Metal that takes shape, kaleidoscopic colours and dreams that come true. ---- Ride On é un docufilm indipendente realizzato da Luca Mazza. La costruzione di motociclette chopper realizzate da Chop Works è frutto della fascinazione degli anni 60/70. Ogni moto ha la sua colonna sonora, la sua personalità, la sua strada. La motocicletta è il mezzo a due ruote che ci proietta in un mondo fatto di customizzazioni, grafiche, musica e situazioni underground non solo della Torino Motor City ma nazionali ed europee. Artisti poliedrici, musicisti, custom painters raccontano il percorso di Chop Works e il suo mondo, situazioni bizzarre che rimandano ai B-movies anni 60. Metallo che prende forma, colori caleidoscopici e sogni che diventano Music: The last Killers: She's all Right S.O.A.B.: Nightwatcher The Kelvins: Motorcity Punk Rocker Video editing by: Luca Mazza Audio restoration and master by: Luca Mangani Contact: [email protected] https://www.rideothemovie.com https://facebook.com/rideonthemovie made in Italy - June 2018 @rideonthemovie © all right reserved 2018
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