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FASHION TRENDS Spring/Summer 2018 + How to Wear Them ǀ Justine Leconte

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Top fashion trends for Summer 2018: what are the silhouettes, the cuts, the colors that we will see this spring? Here are the 2018 trends from the runways of Paris, London, New York and Milan. I also explain how to wear the trends in real life, how to make them wearable as part of a realistic outfit. The trends: are: controlled transparency, pastels, shorts, revisited pencil skirts & dressed-up slip dresses. New designer to watch: Preen (by a designer duo), very creative and with a nice concept behind the show collection. Thumbs up if you liked this video :-) If you subscribe to this channel and click on the bell, you will be notified when a new video goes live! New videos: Wednesday 4pm & Sunday 12pm (Paris/Berlin time). Take care! Justine ************************** To contribute subtitles under any of my videos: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?tab=2&c=UChxkFSjTE7nLCHsDk8_pRhg Thanks a lot to everyone who helps translating my videos! ************************** MORE VIDEOS Pantone color of the year 2018 (brainstorming & inspiration boards): https://youtu.be/UxEUIKMmaiQ Capsule wardrobe: is it for me? https://youtu.be/q97bC0Xv1CY Fashion trends fall/winter 2017-2018: https://youtu.be/Q532rzHUmdA Fashion trends sprin/summer 2017: https://youtu.be/rR9mU0PLRtE My winter skincare routine: https://youtu.be/cU2S0baAIgM Make-up trends 2018 with trend boards: https://youtu.be/-83Mybv6fmk Top fashion trends 2018 according to Pinterest: https://youtu.be/cjMTc1nxmWE What do the colors you wear say about you?: https://youtu.be/HkuJ14Ir9MQ Hair trends 2018: https://youtu.be/d5iYnGVmlZ0 ************************** LINKS & THINGS MENTIONED Download the trend boards: www.justineleconte.com/blog I AM WEARING: - Rings (my designs): 2 rings "Jeanne" stacked (silver + rose gold) 1 ring Charlotte" (silver) Both rings are available here: https://goo.gl/sViC2r - Lipstick: Revlon metallic ultra HD "HD flare"*: http://amzn.to/2EytAtI Visuals: Elle, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, WWD, and other runway photo collections. Used under the "fair use" regulation. Music: Epidemic Sound ************************** SOCIAL My website (current clothing collection): www.justineleconte.com/shop Shop the Stilnest jewelry collection: https://goo.gl/QtimRN Instagram: JustineLeconte Facebook: Justine Leconte Fashion Twitter: JustineLeconteO Pinterest: jleconteberlin Newsletter registration (info about new projects & re-stock): https://goo.gl/5TEqQC Business requests only: [email protected] ************************** MY EQUIPMENT Big camera*: http://amzn.to/2G95i6u 24-70mm objective*: http://amzn.to/2GegoXZ 50mm objective*: http://amzn.to/2Dwjsgv Gun microphone*: http://amzn.to/2DCT8EO Lavalier microphone for smartphones*: http://amzn.to/2DzAmP7 + adapter to plug the lav directly into the big camera*: http://amzn.to/2F6sqBe Small camera*: http://amzn.to/2Dzzavk Front ring light (similar)*: http://amzn.to/2DGcybO * Legal disclosure: those links are affiliate links. There are here for you to see the products and prices. If you buy a product through these links, I get a small share of the price (without the product being more expensive for you). You don’t have to use those links. It is up to you :-) #fashion #trends
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Text Comments (1124)
Justine Leconte officiel (8 months ago)
Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed this season's trends :-) Let me know which one you liked/disliked most. See you on Wednesday for the next video 😘!
Lotta Larsson (6 months ago)
I liked all the trends, but I can't wear the slip-on anymore. Empire cut is needed. I agree with you about the shorts. Before they were to boxy of stiff materials. Now last two year, when the designers started to do more shorts i softer materials and designs, I have bought a couple.
Gabriele Valerio (6 months ago)
Hi dear! I am an Italian artist and drag queen living in France and I love your videos. You should check people like Aquaria, drag queens who got into fashion. Their look is extremely edgy and for sure not wearable on a daily basis, but I find their look very inspiring! https://www.instagram.com/ageofaquaria/?hl=it
Ella G. (7 months ago)
what a rude comment
Anusha Singh (7 months ago)
Justine Leconte officiel Justine why dont you have style though? Its really lacking in your personality and you always look like you are from the 80s. Dated. Please upgrade to a new version.
Karola Sky (8 months ago)
Justine Leconte officiel the strong trend is also Tweed
Jia Drisdom (20 days ago)
This is old, but I was so into pastel this year. I will continue to wear these pieces as well!
N O (1 month ago)
How dare you criticize the Calvin Klein model. You have no way of knowing her eating habits. You don't see people in the comments criticizing how often you work out. Because it's about the clothes and how they're presented. I really could have done without such a rude comment about another woman. That kind of negativity only appeals to people who already assess themselves to be not good enough. A mentally healthy individual doesn't need to compare themselves to others and certainly doesn't do so instinctively; and it is a signature of a culture of mental illness that we base rules and industry around the assumption that EVERYONE does.
Sherry Edwards (1 month ago)
Noi noi noi. Not in Brampton (Toronto, Ontario Canada). Too much of everything. Too colourful, too sheer, too theatrical and looks like trying too much.
S K (2 months ago)
In India...would never be able to do most of those trends but still, Pencil skirts and te strappy dress i would opt for. With a shrug or throw over straps. Layers of transparent also...adopted...and funnily im still not onboard with ultra violet tho....hmmmm love the lighter tones tho!
lola russo (2 months ago)
Thank you Justine for teaching me some wonderful fashion concepts. I appreciated the color theory and the episodes showing how to see high quality in shoes and handbags. I also liked your jewelry photoshoot day as I am a professional photographer as well. You are so talented Justine!
Linda Reynolds (2 months ago)
Justine I love you but that top does not suit you
Nassrin Pirnia (3 months ago)
I love your videos,
Wrennie Edwards (3 months ago)
I love the shorts. Also thank you for posting out super skinny models. I am not fat nor super skinny. But I find styling a bit complicated because it seems clothes are fashioned more for these extremes. You thoughts?
Felicia Betancourt (3 months ago)
Please cover fall trends also, when you have time :)
Rebecca M (3 months ago)
Very informative video. I love the pastel colors. Wish we would see more pastel clothing out there. Thank you for talking about how thin some of the models are. Wish they would have more women with different shapes and sizes as runway models.
Rivka Strom (3 months ago)
I love pencil skirts. Not really motivated to wear transparent. I am older and busty. I would rather people talk to my face and not my breasts so I cover myself. Enjoyment of that part of my anatomy is limited to a very selective audience!
Cory Whitlock (3 months ago)
I absolutely love love love The Pastels this season! The shorts are great as well like you mentioned and make a great statement piece for the pastels. I agree that a few of the models are way too thin and it's a pity. Can't wait for the fall trends! Love your video!
cautionary tale (4 months ago)
I'd wear every thing but the slip dress. I understand that slip dresses are very expensive because they can often waist a lot of fabric, but to my eyes they just look lazy and well cheap. I know that they're not cheap to actually purchase, but that's just how my eyes see them, its not my taste. I just feel they have no wow factor.
Genie Last (4 months ago)
I love the monochrome look. Most women (myself included) can EASILY replicate an affordable look. All one has to do is pick a color that is flattering. Then you can experiment with various shade and end up looking very chic. Love your channel BTW.
MariaTeresa_Andreacchi (4 months ago)
I love the pastel trend for the summer!
patricia nadal (4 months ago)
I like the more fitted dress by Ralph Lauren
Cassy und so. (4 months ago)
I always ask myself how do they decide what the new trend is going to be? Do they just make askype call and decide the new trends? xD
011090 (4 months ago)
I miss having a body for a slip dress. I always need a bra.... booo
Flowered Sentiments (4 months ago)
I really liked the off white shorts. I wonder if they are expensive?
Maria C (5 months ago)
Could you possibly do top fashion trends for Autumn/Winter 2018-2019 next?
Justine Leconte officiel (5 months ago)
It will come :-)
leleiskindofcool (5 months ago)
Can you make a video instructing us how to wear all back. I need to for work, but I'm struggling with looking drab.
Kristen Proulx (5 months ago)
I know typically shorts are not the style in Paris. Will they be in fashion in 2018 summer in Paris? Thanks!
Miriam Petersson (5 months ago)
I wouldn't do the transparency trend.. But I like that shorts and pencil skirts are backa again! :D
Heather Budden (5 months ago)
My favorite trend in this video is the pencil skirt. I find pencil skirts to be very flattering on most people.
Ha Kü (5 months ago)
My opinion: I just bought a slip dress and I totally fell in love with it. I am quite petite ... that is why I always used to be very critical (to not look shorter than I actually am because of the floor length of the dress) but when I tried it on it was love at first sight. 😊 The best thing is: The dress has two layers covering the torso, that adds a bit volume to my bosom and meanwhile gives me the chance to wear it without a bra without feeling naked.
Wanda Pease (5 months ago)
A slip dress isn’t really wearable for my body type of a pear. I have hips that are always one to two sizes larger than my bust. The slip works well as outerwear for more evenly proportioned bodies.
Ada123 (5 months ago)
I came here to listen about the trends not skinny shaming! Also how "real women" look like? Smaller or thinner women aren't less of a woman Justine!
Michele Tornes (5 months ago)
Thank you Justine! My favorite is the similar color pairing of skirts with tops or dresses. It gives a glowing look.
Joy To The World (5 months ago)
I like the slip dresses, I would wear one in a block pastel colour, maybe pastel pink for me, I have olive skin and grey hair. Also like the shorts, which I would style sporty casual. Really lovely video, thank you for all your hard work putting them together, I really enjoy them
Nymeria73 (5 months ago)
I love that Pree dress. But I use Miu Miu style in real life, when I use transparent material. Which tbh I rarely use anyway.
Wisewoe Tiswell (5 months ago)
I can't wear tight clothes, only comfortable ones. Please do one on comfortable fashion :) I hate stilettos and all that stuff that I can "feel" too much or I have to think about.
Amy Novitski (5 months ago)
Hello Justine! I love your channel. Just wondering if you would ever consider making a video on rompers/jumpsuits? I see them everywhere in America and I love the idea of their comfort and ease especially as a mom of 3 little ones but I’m curious about your opinion on them. Thanks!
Jodi Michael Horner (5 months ago)
I love pencil skirts, I've always felt like I belonged in the WWII era, however! I do not like pastels, ever (I'm an autumn, warm dark), so that's mainly why I think. I also don't care for controlled transparency, but I'm a bit of a conservative dresser. I think that anything sheer like that begs for men to think about seeing more....I may give shorts a whirl again. I gave them up for awhile because I felt like they were overly casual. At 47, I am not sure I can pull of a short slip dress but I may look for a longer one. BTW I live in the US.
Gaby R (5 months ago)
The pencil skirt and shorts with the noticeable waist bands were the first to catch my eye and the first that make me think they'll be wearable and flattering!
darkitty12 (6 months ago)
I can't believe you said she needs to eat more. i wasn't expecting that from you.
Ana Patricia Alvarado (6 months ago)
I love your videos! Thank you for all your knowledge
Manyamz (6 months ago)
Slip dresses look so comfortable! The only problem I have with it is my big bra will be sticking out. But who really needs to hide the fact that they are wearing a bra? XD I'm also going to get some nice shorts for this summer. I have bad luck with pants, so I usually go to stretchy, but I think I will try to find some nice fitted stiff fabric shorts to wear. Why are pants so hard to find the right fit?
Anatomy Gal (6 months ago)
I love pencil skirts. I especially loved the solid color, same fabric outfit. Could you do a capsule wardrobe for stunts who are over 50? I want to look good, but I can't wear what my classmates are wearing. Please help!
Ruby Starr (6 months ago)
The only hell no is pastels. I hate them, just a personal thing. Everything else I'm pretty open to incorporating in my current wardrobe.
Jane Simmons (6 months ago)
I always enjoy your videos. As cute as some of these trends are, basically none of these trends are actually wearable for me. My daily work wear is very conservative as I work in an office downtown. I wear tailered suits, pretty blouses and very walkable kitten heels. On weekends, I enjoy wearing printed midi a-line skirts, coordinating tops and cute sandals. My jewery is simple, classic and real. I also like adding a nice pair of sunglasses and light weight, natural fiber scarves to my spring / summer outfits. I'm looking forward to your next video.
Tina (6 months ago)
Oy! That Balenciaga outfit looked very odd to me. My shoulders are so broad and my hips & backside are so narrow & flat that an outfit like that would look terrible on me.
mjinba07 (6 months ago)
Shorts always look casual to me, however well tailored they may be and whatever they're paired with. The more they look like a skirt, the less casual, but they still seem inappropriate for a professional or a more formal look.
Diana Schmitt (6 months ago)
Hello! I have to wear more tailored structured clothes for a fuller future, unless you have a better suggestion for the summer 2018? I love these wispy summer dresses but they reveal so much skin, anything for women over 60 who want to be fashionable yet age appropriate? Thanks Justine.
Kiz Torres (6 months ago)
I like all the trends you have pointed out but I'm particularly fond of pencil skirts. Thank you❤️
A Ogórkowa (6 months ago)
For me, the most interesting was oversize shorts. Is so hard to find shorts in flattering length.
A Ogórkowa (6 months ago)
and of course thank you for video! I enjoy all of them really much!
Bobmaru Maru (6 months ago)
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Monika (6 months ago)
Slip dresses and transparent dresses are my favorite for Spring and Summer , I live in South Florida where the Summer is endless. Love watching all your videos. New subscriber here. 🙋🏻‍♀️
Paula Green (6 months ago)
I like the controlled transparent and the pastell look :)
Liza (6 months ago)
The slip dress is a nice idea, but would you need a strapless bra for that? The bra issue makes it impractical to me! It looks so comfortable though. :)
No No (6 months ago)
get away from the phone
No No (6 months ago)
how are u
Stephanie Narváez (6 months ago)
Hi! Can you give advice for women with really small breasts? Its like impossible to find something flatering or in your size and if you dont use a bra it looks like a mosquito bit you in the chest :(
Anna M. (6 months ago)
Love the slip dress trend! Comfortable and really versatile as formal or casual wear. The only one I just cannot do is the pencil skirt. I'm short and a bit pear shaped, so they either accentuate my butt way too much, or make me look even shorter and pudgier than I really am.
parlbesatt (6 months ago)
I adore your videos.
Justine Leconte officiel (6 months ago)
Mary Dolman (6 months ago)
Thanks for the fun video. I could not wear the pale pastes because they don't make my medium complexion look healthy, so I hope more saturated versions of the summery colours remain available- maybe pastels but brighter pastels.
Hudson1910 (6 months ago)
Well? None of those are anything I could or would want to wear, as I am short and over 50. However, I love the violet pastel outfit and could work out my own version of a capsule wardrobe with modifications.
Susan Mazzanti (6 months ago)
Since I can make about anything I wish, I sometimes get caught up in how they did something and not what I wish to wear. I love the longer skirts and knee length shorts and found them very wearable. Since I am 80, transparent cloths are of little interest even the controlled version. If we were talking lace instead of a plain weave, I might like it more. The slip dress is cool but I would wear a cover up to keep my upper arms covered. I may make one for the fun of it and make the top something besides real adjustable straps. I loved your take on the trends. Thanks.
Virienuo Bubu (6 months ago)
The model needs to eat more 😂♥
Dona Omanoff (6 months ago)
I love slip dresses it would be nice to see them reinvented with cool, new fabrics that combine the beauty of silk with tech wicking clothes. I am 62 but very fit and love fashion but can wear these body showing clothes because I live in tropics between Jamaica and Florida. Also I love the transparent trend as I have collected several pretty transparent dresses vintage/thrift unique over-time and I love to wear them & happy it is now the season to wear. Always a fan of pencil skirts and now the longer length is fitting to my body because I’m tall and thin but also my legs of course aren’t as pretty as a 19 year old legs and I’m sensitive to that. Covering up the knees with a longer length is flattering for me . Your videos are so well done Justine and your insights about fashion fabrics, technology, different countries are great. I really appreciate your videos thank you. I like your historical references as well and how you combine knowledge of shoes, handbags - makeup and hair to help us have more fun and feel good but have responsibility about fashion choices (ie your video about fast fashion). That’s why I’m at big fan of consignment and thrift stores where I get quality things for very little expense (and clothes are recycled and reused). I’ve been lucky to live in affluent areas such as California and Florida where women donate their clothes and we find wonderful things in the thrift stores. I too liked your comment that some of the models were too thin, not as a criticism but just as a reality check. I mean I know fashion is a tool of the matrix but for me it’s a fun part of my existence!
cosima kazak (6 months ago)
Fashiontrends every time the same-nothing new. I wear what I like 😉
S Holdsworth (6 months ago)
Can you wear pencils skirts with flats?
S Holdsworth (6 months ago)
Thanks! Really love pencil skirts, but in past working life always wore with high heels for work. I'm tall, so don't want to look like a tall skinny giraffe with long lines and flat feet. Have to hit Pinterest to get some ideas.
Justine Leconte officiel (6 months ago)
Sure! 🙂
Magalie brunelle (6 months ago)
Bonjour Justine 🤗 What would you advice for a mum running after a toddler lol As a former preschool teacher/ creche minder I have always worn jean, runners and tee shirt so I could play with my students and not bother when paint or other stuff ( rather not naming it lol ) finish on my clothes. So I have basically no clue about fashion ( but learning a lot through your videos) But I want to be more stylish, feminine but still confortable (also I am a pear shape: big butt but no boobs 😭😭😭) well ok I have boobs but they are very small 😭 How can I be feminine with this type of body ? Merci beaucoup. J aime vraiment tes vidéos et pourtant la mode et moi... 🤦🏻‍♀️🙈💕💕💕
sanjukta7 (6 months ago)
I think polka dots are also back in trend in 2018
Skyebright1 (2 months ago)
sanjukta7 definitely ;)
Nuri AlBa (7 months ago)
Hi Justine! What pastel colors are good for a cool skin tone? My skin gets dull with pastel colors
Evelyn Edrozo (7 months ago)
Hi Justine , I like your top, where did you purchase it?
Colleen Anne (7 months ago)
Thank you! No shorts for me, too self conscious of my spider and vericose veins after having my kiddos. I love the slip dresses and anything that flows. Intersted in shoe ideas. My go to is ankle high booties for everything, I have troublesome feet and that height hides the veins in my ankles. :)
Washing Line Lady (7 months ago)
I've just recommended your channel to my two daughters, one currently in Germany studying and one who loves all things French! 2 questions...Are slip dresses a nono if you HAVE to wear a bra? And is it ever OK to wear a pencil skirt with flat shoes? Pencil skirts look great on me but it's not practical for me to wear heels during the day.
swabrren (7 months ago)
Loving the monochrome pastel looks
E Foronda (7 months ago)
Slip dress and pencil skirts
PENCIL SKIRT!!!! I can finally wear my many pencil skirts!!!
seattlegrrlie (7 months ago)
Just love slip dresses! Then give me some see through top over the top
kochmannrobert799 (7 months ago)
Urgh that Ralph Lauren slip dress stole my heart.
otherworldXotherhalf (7 months ago)
Could you do a video on how to dress down fancier clothes? I really like fancier clothes (not celebration wear), and I own mostly dresses because they're so easy (one garment and you're dressed!). I have things like pencil skirts, nicer dresses and blouses etc that I really like, but I don't have fancy occasions to wear them to. I don't want to get rid of them and enjoy wearing them, but I don't want to look overdressed. Can you show us some tips on how to dress-down "nice" clothes?
Jo-Ann Lemyre (7 months ago)
No slip dress for me.J'ai une forte poitrine et ce genre de robe est pour les poitrines menues.
Diana Schmitt (7 months ago)
Shorts, hell no. Love you! What about summer looks that are for bodies that need a tailored cut?
امانى حجازى (7 months ago)
Can you make video on modest fashion
karenwpb1 (7 months ago)
I would never wear a slip dress as I must wear a bra and I despise strapless bras. Why not just add a little more fabric and make more of a tank dress?
AndaWorld (7 months ago)
Well done but please stop judging body types.
Aleksandra LV (7 months ago)
It looks like South Korean trends from last year came to Europa... Hm... Like pastel colors and slip dress (in Korea it is better to wear under dress some T-shirt) Of course it is only my opinion. But, is it possible that it is like that...?
Ella G. (7 months ago)
shorts are rarely flattering on me. i have a pair of tailored dress shorts from a few years ago that fit nicely but usually avoid and wear crop skinny jeans or dress/skirt.
Ariadne Schulz (7 months ago)
Pencil skirts absolutely. Looking forward to that. Shorts .... just no. I don't like them, my legs look awful in them regardless of where they end or how blousy or close they're cut and if I'm going to put on something like that I'll just wear trousers or jeans. Pastel doesn't work for me, but other women might like it. I do like shear .... but with a tank top or very fancy bra and only really for an overtly sexy look.
MintInTheSea (7 months ago)
I find transparency too complicated to handle, so I will probably avoid that trend.
Hadeel Al Musallam (7 months ago)
I dislike the mini shirts lol.. just because I'm a velied woman.
Laura Chae (7 months ago)
It's good to hear that it is trendy to wear pencil skirt. I like it all the time and have all different colors/materials~ yehhh
ELana (7 months ago)
I love these videos, and your tutorials and teaching. I get very excited whenever one of your videos is uploaded. However, I did find it confronting and uncomfortable when you twice commented on two models needing to 'eat more' or being too thin.
domo (7 months ago)
so i assume all plus sized models just need to "eat less"
Jennifer Mejia (7 months ago)
I’d love to see a slip dress with wider shoulder straps. Or have one that’s more forgiving for inverted triangle body shapes. I’d love to have that comfort without having to add layers during warmer weather.
Ariadna of Arkadia (7 months ago)
I love your videos, you make fashion understandable and inspiring. <3 much love!
Julia Zatyko (7 months ago)
I absolutely love all of the clashing patterns!! I am excited to find patterns that might make my butt look bigger. They call that power-clashing right? In Santa Cruz California this all that I need to do in order to feel cool. My schoolbag has 4 different patterns and I usually pair with a long patterned skirt or pants and a patterned or plain long sleeve top.
Megg (7 months ago)
There's really no need to body shame the model for being skinny.... you would say that person need to eat less if they were fat would you?
Eva Verheij (7 months ago)
I love the transparent fabric trend, really looking forward to seeing wearable partly transparent tops and dresses in stores. I also really enjoy pastel colours, they tend to all look really good with my skintone.
whoisterror (7 months ago)
It's funny when things that I've been wearing for years are back to trendy! It makes me avoid them for some time until people forget about it- Pencil skirts below the knees are my favorite, I have patterns from the 50's, the best. High waisted shorts are great. And transparency is so elegant, I do it even in day time (not too revealing, though) I don't dare to do pastels beyond underwear, but if I ever try them is not gonna be now that everybody is doing it!
Inna Hurley (7 months ago)
Thank you, Justine, for another informative video.
TheoInBlue (7 months ago)
I've always been a fan of the old high-waist/ belted 'culotte-styled' shorts where the hem falls either just above or on the knee. I've been taking to 80s vintage to create that look, but it's exciting to see that this style may become more available and diverse in 2018!! ^_^
Basia Szpak-Borst (7 months ago)
I would have liked to see your examples with the streetwear comments. I am surprides the Shear wear is by a dutch designer. it rarely goes above 20 C in the summer , 1 week heat wave max. or 5 days of beach weather max. so the sheer look can be done in southern europe but not northern europe. I dont understand HM for putting out one collection all over the world. I like that look on my 17 year old with a nice bralet but for ovver 50 it has no clothing value because I would need to wear a sweater too. I do remember wearing that in the 90´s. I like the slip dress look and layered that over a colorful bra piece esp. in silk.
Bailey Elizabeth (7 months ago)
i'm loving the transparency and pastels 💜 the second slip dress is my overall favorite piece in this video!
Michelle Guevremont (7 months ago)
Slip dress with t-shirt underneath
light (7 months ago)
Love the long shorts and so happy they are back in fashion 👏 and l like the slip dress too but can I wear a little sleeveless T shirt under ?
Alejandra Cano (7 months ago)
slip dresses, transparency, and pastels!! in that order!!

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