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MAN OF STEEL Henry Cavill at IMMORTALS World Premiere Red Carpet Arrivals

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IMMORTALS Premiere VIDEOS http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB77EFD9797FEDF7B Subscribe http://bit.ly/mrSda2 Henry Cavill THE TUDORS - STARDUST at IMMORTALS World Premiere Red Carpet Arrivals at NOKIA Theatre at L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles, Ca USA November 7, 2011 - Immortals will open nationwide on November 11th - http://www.immortalsmovie.com ©Ricomix Productions
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Text Comments (54)
Esse é um deus grego,lindo d morrer💋❤❤❤❤❤❤
Faith Nelson (1 year ago)
0:55 💝
toni stafford (3 years ago)
I'm such a fan!! I've watched this many times... There are thousands of pics of Henry all over but to me this is the most handsome I've EVER SEEM HIM..
XxlittlehaloxX (5 years ago)
more effective than porn!!
XxlittlehaloxX (5 years ago)
1:23....holy f********K!!!
Akix (5 years ago)
Why is he so attractive? ugh lol
melbre mel (5 years ago)
Elisete van Doorn (5 years ago)
Henry cavill : gideon cross - matt bomer: christiian grey
GeeGee T (5 years ago)
Christian grey.
rangimc (5 years ago)
XxlittlehaloxX (5 years ago)
oh my lord! he is so fantastically gorgeous!! modern day prince charming!! delicious!
sp (5 years ago)
He would be perfect as Christian Grey in 50 Shades movie. He's playing superman, why not a blockbuster porn movie? LOL
sp (5 years ago)
loved him in The Tudors
Famous Broke (5 years ago)
Wow... He has such a beautiful smile. The part where he looks directly at the camera at 1:24...no words xD
toni stafford (5 years ago)
This is the best I have ever seen him look
MsMasterofmydomain (5 years ago)
Thank God for all those beautiful male actors out there....Henry you are at the top of the list....but Luke ain't bad either.
lasivi73 (5 years ago)
He´s too perfect !
dod mode (5 years ago)
oh yes!!! Christian Grey!!!
themagenta07 (5 years ago)
He doesn't strike me as the kind of person who would do that. Of course his growing fame and popularity is probably bound to go to his head a little bit,but I don't think Henry's personality will change. I think what changes celebs as they get "bigger",is the constant hounding of the paparazzi and total lack of privacy over time. He may grow tired of that,and become less accommodating,but I think he'll realize it's the price to pay for becoming a name,and remain a decent guy.
Wazi Katti (5 years ago)
VSBee1 (5 years ago)
@themagenta07. I agree with you. Although I envision Henry as CG while reading the books, It could harm his career. He will be around a long time if he chooses the right roles. I don't know what you think, but I don't want him to get "too" famous for fear of losing his current adorable personality.
Lisa (5 years ago)
If producers of 50 shades rewrote the story line by adding more dialogue and back story it could create a substantial body of work in his portfolio. I agree he's to talented to do straight porn. And I would be embarassed sitting in a theater if the movie was played out exactly like the book.
themagenta07 (5 years ago)
I think it would be a mistake for Henry Cavill to do C.G. He's beautiful,has a great body and I as much as anyone, love to see him naked and in sex scenes,but just bcs he looks the part,doesn't mean it would help his career. He has a whole lot more to offer than doing an erotic romance novel movie with bondage and kinky sex. He's done the mythical warrior,and comic super hero,now I hope he moves onward to more substantial roles yet.I want to see Henry in great movie roles 4 a long time to come.
Lisa (5 years ago)
Christian Grey I saw a man that beautiful in person I'd be speechless quite a specimen
Andrew Rodda (6 years ago)
defineatly Christian grey
Andrew Rodda (6 years ago)
TheJoker (6 years ago)
hes gorgeous hot beautiful omg...his looks n SMILE kills me. hes sooo shy...he want laugh his ass off but cant lol
MsMasterofmydomain (6 years ago)
what a gorgeous man!!!!!!!
Caroline O (6 years ago)
its not the British fault, if you notice many of them are being pick up by AMERICAN directors. Even then Superman is an alien, he's not an actual human although he looks like one. And the place where superman lives is in metropolis in the comics it's not an ACTUAL area (although there is a city called it, its not the same city as describe in the comics). SO your argument has many flaws.
Lovah Laura (6 years ago)
Nice! I did too! ;)
HannichkaK (6 years ago)
There's gotta be something wrong with this man. Come on.....he just can't be this perfect looking and be this nice to people around him!!!!!...aghhh....
mike johnson (6 years ago)
How does he compare to Christopher Reeve, interms of looks??
mike johnson (6 years ago)
Another interesting point , why have the brits never allowed a american James Bond I say voice your opinion & stop this..
mike johnson (6 years ago)
What the fuck is going on. all these brits are coming atta the wood work to take all these american parts, superman is american everyone knows he was born on kryton but immigrated to the USA, STOP THIS WE ARE BEING OVER TAKEN BY HOSTILS.
Ivan Fonkoa (6 years ago)
This dude was born to play superman.
Fedralicious1 (6 years ago)
Henry dear.. please give me your mom's home address so that i can send her flowers and a cake as a gift for the excellent job she did by having YOU! :D
LOL an so tingly that I wrote Hi and no He jajaja
PLEASE hi most be Christian Grey!!!!!
VSBee1 (6 years ago)
Agree :) I actually picture him as Christian while reading the books...he would be perfect but the "Powers that Be" in the movie business may have other ideas.
VSBee1 (6 years ago)
I have been a fan of his since The Count of Monte Cristo and he is the sexiest, most beautiful, charming, talented, dedicated, respectable (I could go on) man I have ever come across. And, he just carries himself so well. I just can't get enough Henry Cavill!!!
Gem_Gem7 (6 years ago)
So Hotttt!!!!
farikhan (6 years ago)
2 words "James Bond!"
Irene Manno (6 years ago)
his smile and eyes are intoxicating!!!! He will be the perfect CHRISTIAN GREY!!!!!! (50 shades of Grey upcoming movie)
Abe TheArtist (6 years ago)
He's hideous
lyn montero (6 years ago)
wowWWWWWW! !
nik dik (6 years ago)
@tarantino077 you know i look like him, mabey we can hook up
beautydaw07 (6 years ago)
I'll never get tired looking at him!
Ruben Soto (6 years ago)
For those few seconds at 1:23 I was gay.
Melissa B (6 years ago)
I love his smile, at 1:23 he looked directly at the camera and I melted his eyes are freaking amazing
Nadiatul Safirudin (6 years ago)
i could just stare at him all day.
supermanthathoe100 (6 years ago)
MsPatataki (6 years ago)
BiFarkli (6 years ago)
BOM *dead*
Henry Cavill Fanpage (6 years ago)
He was amazingly gracious signing autographs and being videotaped. Thanks for posting! ♥

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