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Steve meets Irma! | Family Feud

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Text Comments (244)
Some Gui (1 month ago)
That caught me off guard when she said she is a judge. Steve stopped laughing real quick!
Kayla Williams Avery (1 month ago)
I love this lady! shes adorable and I wish I could talk like her lol I could watch this for hours :D and that judge Segway was perfect :D
LIL PR!NC3 (2 months ago)
steve harvey / family feud by sean leon
C Joe (2 months ago)
Ora Daniels (2 months ago)
She look like Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies!!! 😜❤
Glass Half Full (4 months ago)
I absolutely Love the exchange between them!
Lindane Mnguni (4 months ago)
This show remains me of the king of comedy Ben Mac RIP
Kasen Da Frog (6 months ago)
Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma
pamela the rambla (6 months ago)
Where can I find this episode?
Megan Ober (7 months ago)
You are breathing (7 months ago)
Miss Irma, Memaw, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMt9vQbOAxI&t=130), Carol (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWb_C_c8d6c) and Rob (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqDGK_UjfFI) should all be on a Family Feud show together.
Jameson ther (8 months ago)
You rite books 😂😂😂😂😂
MOANA (8 months ago)
LOVE it! Irma is the bomb. ❤❤
TylerVlogs200 (10 months ago)
Hurricane Irma 185mph
BK (1 year ago)
you tawl, you bawld, you rich....lmfao!!,
Ashtyn Emerson (1 year ago)
The more she carried on the more I laughed😂😂😂😂😂
Ora Daniels (1 year ago)
Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies!!! Lol!!! 😮
Diy in the Ghetto (1 year ago)
Here comes the Judge 😎
Raxzor Khanye (1 year ago)
Anyone here cause of Wondagurl??? =W= =W= =W= =W= =W=
Leah & Ezra (1 year ago)
Irma is the cutest
Stephen Bray (1 year ago)
This is the woman that tells you your licence has been revoked.
Two Wheel Aussie (1 year ago)
Hahaha when she said she was a judge hahaha
noorah nn (1 year ago)
*You can see that she's his biggest fan!*
endopoth7 (1 year ago)
Wedding Bells?
Windex from the 1990s (1 year ago)
I love this woman !
Jahleah's World (1 year ago)
You tall, you bald, you rich ... 😂😂😂
Thejan Ranathunge (1 year ago)
At the end, "I am a judge! -- Really! Yea!" :D LOL!
Jay Lommen (1 year ago)
Destiny (1 year ago)
Irma... hmm....
Flare Rage Vortex (1 year ago)
there's a tornado named after her....
Quickle- -brym (1 year ago)
She's going to strike in texas! Becareful!!
Top Ramen (1 year ago)
This is not the Irma I was looking for...
analgesic (1 year ago)
i wonder if the 2 large hurricanes are named after these 2 individuals..
anastacia no (1 year ago)
haha Irma and Harvey
7saany (1 year ago)
wwwooooaaahhh im a good judge of character cuz i AM a judge!
GamerPlays (1 year ago)
Steve HARVEY meets IRMA. What are the chances that those two names would be catastrophic hurricanes. ahahahah
Aarib Mohammed (1 year ago)
Harvey and Irma hmm seems familiar.
Luis Valdez (1 year ago)
Ha the hurricanes meet
Jonas Terleckas (1 year ago)
Luis Valdez thats literally what I was thinking about lol
Hamza Hamz (1 year ago)
judge Irma B. Glover http://politics.blog.ajc.com/2016/01/06/cobb-county-judges-deny-gov-nathan-deal-four-bench-appointments/
Fora C (1 year ago)
she is precious
Lielyn Arboladura (1 year ago)
lol. love the way she talks
Jasmine Elaine (1 year ago)
She speaks just like the grandma on the Beverly Hillbillies lol
Evon Williams (1 year ago)
Oh my God she's funny
Amy K (2 years ago)
Thank you Sean Leon
Derek Von Hohenheim (2 years ago)
she sounds like Wanda Sykes.
sadmanjons (2 years ago)
"You're young,you're strong" lets get it on.
ßlèéd ßitc (2 years ago)
where i can see full episode of brittain vs gates family feud ?? any advice ...?
Janet Foster (2 years ago)
Irma look like granny from the Beverly Hills Hillbillies only with dark hair. she is hilarious.
Rachael Magerl (2 years ago)
Lmao!! Bless her little heart!
Aaren Brooks (2 years ago)
"You tall, you bald..." Lol, that shit killed me! 😂😂😂
mohd alishaq (2 years ago)
Your young and then look at his butt 😂😂😂😂😂
Fatu Manneh (2 years ago)
I really wanna watch the full episode of this... Miss Irma is soo funny, and didn't realize it 😂😂😂
ßlèéd ßitc (2 years ago)
me 2
Barry W. Millwood (2 years ago)
I can remember Irma from when our families went to church together. She participated in Sword Drill competition (in Southern Baptist church) involving finding Bible verses the fastest. She is still the same as she was 50 years ago.
Hockey Patriot (2 years ago)
Barry W. Millwood That's so sweet! Many blessings
Amazin Blazinasian (2 years ago)
ever see a black man turn red?
Trent Hill (2 years ago)
I want Miss Irma to be my grandma.
mpmg67 (2 years ago)
Well..he DID ask Ms. Irma what she loved about him.
I love how she still goes on after we think she done. XD
MarioToast (3 years ago)
The best part to me is how serious she is throughout all of it.
Joshua Cantes (3 years ago)
Steve: Miss Irma! Miss Irma: GOOD TEETH!! LMAO
EPrimeify (3 years ago)
"There ain't much you don't have." How about a high IQ and common sense.
With Your Shield (3 years ago)
I was waiting for her to say, "you got everything but me"
Martin Kreps (3 years ago)
You know, that guy in the back, his name is John. He KILLED Fast Money in this episode. He's a good player. He was the second one and he gave the rest of the No. 1 answers they had. But Cile gave out one of them.
Gabriella Barker (3 years ago)
Ms.Irma is a trip
BlackCaptainProd (3 years ago)
Brittin... BRITen, Briton. Brit-in. I honestly thought something was wrong with her XD
Erina L (3 years ago)
"And Steve, I'm a good judge of character cause I am a judge..." Steve: stands up straight and immediately stops laughing😂
Taif Ali (3 months ago)
What does that mean?? I didn’t understand?
Abbas Alasfoor (2 years ago)
the stance killed me xD
SuperDuperSentinel (3 years ago)
"You tall, you bald" LMAO!!!
cybern9ne (7 months ago)
Young your YOUNG!
wenn wenn (3 years ago)
"your rich"
Connie Colyer (3 years ago)
amen ss
DefectoAce (3 years ago)
"Good teeth."
Erica Tang (3 years ago)
lol end up she's a judge for real
Ryan Corinth (3 years ago)
I lost it when she said "You write booooks" lol
Lawrence Perteet (3 years ago)
i couldnt hold it in at good teeth lolol
John Lang (3 years ago)
Irma reminds me of Granny Clampett from "The Beverly Hillbillies"
Jazz (3 years ago)
and the plot twist
A. Amanda Roberts (3 years ago)
lol how steve straightened when she said she a judge
cherry hennessy (13 days ago)
😂 😂 😂 😂
confusedwhale (5 months ago)
You've got to show respect when respect is due.
Katelynn Stevens (3 years ago)
A. Amanda Roberts (3 years ago)
Lol ikr
Katelynn Stevens (3 years ago)
😂😂that's what I was thinking😂😂
Jack son (3 years ago)
miss Irma!
lindevo (3 years ago)
Before she said it, does anyone else think she reminds you of judge Judy?
Cody Melcher (3 years ago)
yes definitely
Blue Bird (3 years ago)
As soon as she mentions that she is a judge, he shot up straight really fast.
Matthew Jurado (3 years ago)
That was awesome!
Jasmine Brownlee (3 years ago)
Katsly Michelle (3 years ago)
nascarfanatic2425 (3 years ago)
You know, I was almost about to sing the Beverly Hillbillies Theme Song, 'cause I thought that was Granny from the show at first......
Jeo Games (3 years ago)
her household is full of laughs, cool grandma
marie sene (3 years ago)
I loooooove her
bandora (3 years ago)
Haha she's awesome
AJ Writer (3 years ago)
Anybody else thinks Ms. Irma sounds like Mama from Mama's Family?
Fateara Mines (2 years ago)
+lobo00712 omg sooo glad you said that cause i was thinking the same thing. yes, she does sound like granny from the Beverly Hillbillies.
Joey Gagliardi (2 years ago)
Yupp!! she could have been her stand in for her voice! Right on!!
lobo00712 (3 years ago)
+AJ Writer i think she sounds more like the grandma from the original Beverly Hillbillies show.
Royalte (3 years ago)
THAT WAS AWESOME! She was serious about all her answers...  LOL
asim osman (3 years ago)
Brittian, double the Tees double the fun.
JohnDanielTorrance (3 years ago)
Kinda surprised she didn't say "your moustache", like that's Steves source of power!
Mohammad Rafi (1 year ago)
JohnDanielTorrance she said everything didn’t she
Alex Townsend (1 year ago)
JohnDanielTorrance So am I.
Me 2.
DefectoAce (3 years ago)
shinyrobotblues (3 years ago)
She is a jewel.
Tiffany Peppers (3 years ago)
That lady cracks me up! :-)
uʻilani k. (3 years ago)
honestly, she doesn't realize how funny she is xD
Kenna Nichols (3 years ago)
I love Irma! So funny!
OneFrugalMom (3 years ago)
I would love to watch the full episode of this game! Miss Irma is something else! :)
Revenant_465 (3 years ago)
Maybe it's the fact that its after 1, but I just can't stop laughing!
Moe Moe (3 years ago)
you tall you cute, you have a BBC
Nikita Drayton (3 years ago)
I've seen some good ones...but this if by far in my top 3!!!! Give this lady a how!!! I love her!!!
Tiana C (3 years ago)
LOL Miss Irma is tryna "get her groove back" lol
Remy Martin (2 years ago)
Doreen Ramos (3 years ago)
Lololplolo she is soooooo funny !!!!!!
Jaime eclair (3 years ago)
LMAO I love Ms Irma too!
Shirley Wallis (3 years ago)
There is nothing wrong with jungle fever I got it
Darby (3 years ago)
Irma has jungle fever.
Moore Decatur (3 years ago)
Irma very funny.beautiful lady

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