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The Secret To Cutting & Styling Asian Hair

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Text Comments (1805)
clubgamerstudios (1 day ago)
On the contrary this video was very helpful. Keep up the good work
Evil GodBloodz (1 day ago)
You kinda look like Joji
Fuzzy y (2 days ago)
I Mean Am A Latino But I Look Asian Asf Girls At School Be Saying BTS!
Plenty Japan (2 days ago)
How often do I have to get a haircut to maintain style?
Zavier Chan (2 days ago)
who else got pimples on their foreheads just by looking how he waxed his hair?
Zero 2 (3 days ago)
Gimme a haircut
Havesh Singh (3 days ago)
My hair usually sticks out and look puffy...Thanks a lot ✌
James Katko (3 days ago)
I'm Russian but my hair grows like asian hair
edboss (3 days ago)
I have Middle Eastern hair and it’s so thick
Alejandro (5 days ago)
just discovered fire
Hasan Muhri (6 days ago)
Hello hyung Denbeen, i want to ask you " do you used some smoothing hair product/your hair is real straight? 😁, Because my hair is little curly,so i get problem to following your tutorial without smoothing hair product..😘
Zu Yan Tee (6 days ago)
mine grows outwards a lot more, yours is still not as bad as mine. the struggle is real. i really want a fade :(
fakr bob (7 days ago)
I’m half Asian. Will this video work for me?
Zitta (8 days ago)
I hate my hair because my hair is so thick and when it grows it always look liked a coconut shell. Dandruff too i don't know how to get it off and always shampoo my hair very nice and it still don't go off. Btw i always do low fade hair cut can you give me some advice on a better haircut?
Random Guy (10 days ago)
I’m a man but I’m attracted to you.
gooby doggo (10 days ago)
time to get rid of my yee yee ass haircut
Eun Sung 왕님 King (11 days ago)
I totally agree with that side hair proofing out......
koondoog (11 days ago)
lmao when he goes "hit me up" at 3:52
Jose Cuervo (12 days ago)
I'm Mexican and I was told I have Chinese hair..
Zealous Fervor (13 days ago)
I used to have sleek, nice, straight asian hair like you. Then puberty reminded my body that my father is white. oh you punk ass hair waves, why must you ruin every short hairstyle possible.
taeil track (13 days ago)
I'm not Asian idk but mmmmm imma do that
Kim Jisoo (14 days ago)
3:16 i tought he said BLOWJ0B!? 🤭😅😂
woonhowhin (15 days ago)
Hi BenDeen did you layer your top
Antares _ (16 days ago)
Am I the only one that thinks he’s hot as fuck? Cuz I fucking can’t stop listening to his voice.
Lance Simbulan (18 days ago)
What is the color of your hair?
Markus Isles (19 days ago)
Word of the day:*poofy*
murali krishna (20 days ago)
Same problem bro ... For this head type no style sets properly ...
Hobo nate (20 days ago)
What if I have curly Asian hair?
H B (20 days ago)
The way you styled it at 6:23 is pretty nice too. It's a pretty versatile cut because you have length to play around with.
Yasuo (21 days ago)
what color is that hair
Ventaqus (21 days ago)
can this haircut work for non-asians / mixed with some Asian traits?
Yassein Dahshan (22 days ago)
Yo guys I am a big fan of bangs. Even if the bangs are 2 cm or a bit more above the eyebrow they still look very good.
iZyrx (22 days ago)
do u perm ur hair? looks curly imo my hair is hella straight n i dont like the flat hair look w no volume to it. what do u do
Mizuki_ FX (22 days ago)
Hey I'm new here:P And I'm an Asian too. Did you dye your hair? Can you give me the exact name of the color because I love it:D
Zaxx 1989 (22 days ago)
you look like Lay’s brother 😆
blahhblahh bllaahalha (23 days ago)
Hey Ben! Is it possible getting a 2 block cut if your face is shaped like a square of a heart? I believe my face is shaped like a heart and I've been planning on getting a 2 block cut however i dont know whether or not it'll look good.
vladimier Sy (23 days ago)
I want to have a boyfriend like him!!!so damn handsome..even his voice is so damn good
Drenzen COVERS (24 days ago)
why am i watching this when my hair is straighter than this...
Billy Sangma (26 days ago)
I hate the male pattern baldness. Goodbye hairstyle possibilities
ur damn good looking bro 😍
Yau Gaming HD (1 month ago)
I have a very visible crown on the top back corner of my head, and I have Asian hair on the side. Any tips?
Magicunicorncat❤️ (1 month ago)
omg that how my friend do it
Nam Chen (1 month ago)
You look so fine with brush up hair..
Nam Chen (1 month ago)
Ang gwapo ni Ben Deen.. nakakainis din talaga e hahaha..
Miso Funne (1 month ago)
Grow ur hair out
Michelle (1 month ago)
African girl, 4c hair looking to switch tfffff up so I guess I'm relaxing my hair *fingers crossed it works lmao welp *
Racyn Absalon (1 month ago)
youre hot
Frwzt (1 month ago)
My barber always messed up the left side of my hair.
Feby Tanzil (1 month ago)
do you also perm your hair to keep the side not puffy & increase the top volume?
Lemme tell you in America they got no clue how to handle Asian hair 😭
6ixFoxos6ix sixsixsix (1 month ago)
Im european but my hair are asian, a lot people told me that and they arent some amateurs, is it possible to have asian hair while im european? I dont have any asians in family only gypsies
Leonardo Keg (1 month ago)
omg i thought i was the only one with this problem.. i hate my poofy hair so i shave it bald every month, every time i have hair i put on a hoodie to keep it down but if i take it off and sweat a little then POOF IT GOES
Thomas (1 month ago)
Buy clippers for 20 bucks and trim the sides every week or two. I've been cutting my own hair for 4 years.
Kyle Suarez (1 month ago)
I have a wavy hair =~=
PopinBubbles (1 month ago)
Got to a new stylist accidentally got a bowl cut kinda I cant wait to get bullied in school tomorrow
Jonathan Rudamas (1 month ago)
I’m not Asian but my hair grows like that lol. Does that mean I’m part Asian????
Jacob Proctor (1 month ago)
Dude I'm half asian and from watching your video just realized my hair does not care if I am only half asian, its fully asian
Gaming God (1 month ago)
My barber fucks up everything
Aziz Jairi Alih (1 month ago)
Can you make a video going to Filipino market and eat some filipino delacies food. Thank you.
LiteApex (1 month ago)
Asian people have straight hair just like every other race besides black so it's not really just asian guys
Lars D. (1 month ago)
Im a white guy who has the same problem as asian people I have the same type of hair. For some odd reason it also keeps growing out and not down
Ban Meddo (1 month ago)
A low skin fade with scissors on top will work
Freddie Rodgers (1 month ago)
Dang, i wish my hair was as thin as yours. Mine is so thick and coarse that i have to use really strong product to keep a style for a couple hours
David Macdonald (1 month ago)
Beautiful hair.
[卡艺抠]Kaiko (1 month ago)
needed this! thanks a lot
Kahwee (1 month ago)
담배한갑술한병 (1 month ago)
1. and ready to handsome face    2. can't ready handsome face  3. just cry
Racouline (1 month ago)
I'm asian and live in France, I have the exact problem as you when I had a haircut, they do not know how to cut asian's hair. I showed them a video on youtube on how to cut my hair, so no problem now :)
Elinor אשת V (1 month ago)
You are look good
Ruby Walker (1 month ago)
My brother is a ginger but he has this exact hair texture. It grows right out. He's never figured out how to style it..... I'm gonna make him do this LMAO
Zander Emmanuel (1 month ago)
I’m half asian
ΔCID M00N (1 month ago)
Song name at 0:00. tell exact name please or prove me a link
amira amira (1 month ago)
How do you have such a smooth hair, is it all natural or are there some tips?
LoveKookie4ever (1 month ago)
OMG! Your forehead killed me
ILiekEggz (1 month ago)
I have a bit curly hair will this work for me?
Error (1 month ago)
"Makes you look like you have big head" no wonder I was be called big head when I was kid
Thang Nguyen (1 month ago)
This sounds crazy but i used to sleep with a beanie on for more than a year, and didn't get a haircut the whole time. It fixed my fluffy, uncontrollable hair. I can have long hair now.
Thanos Car (1 month ago)
Uhh I’m Asian and my hair sticks up and refuses to make it flat
someasiankid (1 month ago)
I let my mom cut my hair once and she ruined my side bangs to make it look like the side is cut which it is so it would make it go to one side
Kyvzy (1 month ago)
My dad has curly hair my mom has straight thin hair so guess what I got Asian hair but I’m not Asian so now I’m questioning am I adopted😂
Arl Drone (1 month ago)
Wow when u style your hair u looked very hensem!!
K Michael (1 month ago)
Your hair on the sides is puffy cause it’s too long. I have the same hair as you and I get a 2 on the sides and it’s not puffy at all
Yover Perez (1 month ago)
Spanish plz :"c
1 week ago (2 months ago)
My sides always poof out when I used to get an undercut and let it grow for 2-3 weeks so I stopped getting it. Now I keep my sides a little longer so it does not look that bad honestly
Jecho Ilagan (2 months ago)
im asian and i cant actually do this because i have curly hair not puffy hair
broken glasses (2 months ago)
I think it definitely helps when you wash your hair and go to bed, the next day you can still go to work without take another shower and generally we don't have obvious body smell like some other ppl might have. I've experimented on myself in LA, since the weather is dry, your hair usually can't stay down if you don't apply any products on the hair, on the other hand, when i go to Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan these Asian countries, i can take shower in the morning and it can still amazingly be stylized as i wish, no messy hair when i went out for the whole day which is awesome.
victoria alejandra (2 months ago)
that's literally how i do my hair bc i just recently cut my hair for fun & i love it but i have the same issue as you & i'm puerto rican. also i do the shower before bed too haha works because it flattens my hair
rose桃色 (2 months ago)
im a girl .... why am i watching this XDXDXDXD
Drazzy Dragon (2 months ago)
That's so weird that mostly asian people have poofy hair. I have this problem and THANK YOU for making this vid.
Julie Bollinger (2 months ago)
Thanks! I've adopted 4 boys from China, and two have the spiky-type hair. You've explained how to control the unwanted side spike very well. Thanks!
Alex Starck (2 months ago)
lol I'm Swedish and I have black Asian hair
Suktei (2 months ago)
i have asian hair (except that i have dark blond hair color) and im white tf
ipwnu11b (2 months ago)
Hey man man great video. I hoping u or anyone can help me out here. I grew up having an asain afro so I have always been self conscious about my hair. Pretty much my hair sticks out until it reaches a certain length and then falls down. But with that, my head looks puffy. Since I joined the military in 2011, I've had short hair. I've always gotten it lined up and it works for me, I like the look. But my barber has recently moved and its expensive to get my hair cut every other week so I wanna grew it out and style it a bit. Havnt cut my hair in a month right, it's the longest I've had it since I joined the army like I mentioned. When I say afro, it's a legit afro. Straight out in ever direction. will this "2 block" cut work for me? Again, it's not just my sides that stick out, it's all around.
ipwnu11b (1 month ago)
Marti Martin (2 months ago)
So the trick is not to get a fade on the sides , thnx mann
James Chew (2 months ago)
I need help!! I love the 2 block hairstyle but i have wavy ass hair! And my hair is not flexible, it kinda just want to stay hardened in its shape. What do i do???
us er (2 months ago)
I wish I had the more eastern Asian hair(straight and thin) but nah I got the poofy and prickly hair and end up back at the barbers every month to get a fade
Heatwave619 (2 months ago)
My hair sticks out too, but what’s different from you is that my hair is extremely hard. In the video, you moved your hair around to different styles and they stay that way. It’s dynamic and natural. Meanwhile, my hair is practically frozen from where it is unless I put on some sort of band to tie my hair to the position I wanted and wait a week with it until it becomes a preset. For example, you easily pulled off the 50/50 style, but for me, if I do it now, it would just try to reset itself to its former position, unless I used a head band to nail it down for a week until it froze that way.
Eddie Hernandez (1 day ago)
Heatwave619 just use a wax or clay to style your hair
vanillapotato (2 months ago)
Fuck me
The Notorious J.a.c.k (2 months ago)
BRO u look Like Joji

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