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Top 10 Scary Kids Who REMEMBER Their Past Lives

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Top 10 Scary Kids Who REMEMBER Their Past Lives. Kids say the weirdest things, including who and what they did in past lives. Creepy! Here's our list of scary kids who remember their past lives. NEW CHANNEL: TOP 10 GAMING http://bit.ly/2qX05Jq MORE VIDEOS YOU MIGHT LIKE AS WELL: SUBSCRIBE TO MOSTAMAZINGTOP10- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBINYCmwE29fBXCpUI8DgTA FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook Fan Page- https://www.facebook.com/MostAmazingTop10Videos/ Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/_burkishdelight_/ CHANNEL PRODUCER: Landon Dowlatsingh- https://www.instagram.com/landonproductions/ VIDEO EDITED BY: Imo Scrimger PRODUCED BY: Liam Collens POST PRODUCTION: Sasha Wood
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Text Comments (7003)
Chris (12 hours ago)
My past life...... is about memes😅
Emanuel Žilavi (1 day ago)
you cant remember your past self cus your brain is in your body and your soul has nothing you cant controll your soul,the soul chooses where to go ITS MAGIC everything in this video is a MITH!! DUN DUN DUN
Archie Branch (2 days ago)
In my past life I died
Commander_ Aztec (2 days ago)
In my past life I was a penis true story
I used to talk to my mom about me being a 25 year old Chinese woman who died by getting shot in the back she googler it and was true apparently a person broke into the house and shot the person in the back I do not remember saying this im 11 now
Phoenix Joe (2 days ago)
In my past life, I was a strawberry
Frank Nosal (2 days ago)
When I was 6 I kept telling my mum I went shopping with Lisa and Lisa had brown hair?? So i think my after life I was friends with Lisa
Frank Nosal (2 days ago)
Tiroyo (3 days ago)
All i remember from CLE was that reincarnation was that type of thing where it kinda relates to Jesus. Human>divine>nature idkkk
Slavicprincess 101 (3 days ago)
I was a hot dog in my past life.just kidding.i have lots of birthmarks.i think I had a past life.
Meeks J (3 days ago)
Birthmarks mean your mom had a lot of cravings she didn't get
hafsa ryadh (4 days ago)
No one comes in this world after his death. How these kids narrate about their past life....Quran and Islam has the answer.
JDoactive (4 days ago)
Adolf Hitler died in 1945 Donald Trump was born in 1945
Taehyung’s Wife (4 days ago)
in my past lifei was taetaes wife.....................
Remi Mol (5 days ago)
Nbanfl2018 Nbanfl#18 (5 days ago)
So i hope time traveling real.
DirtyMemer (5 days ago)
I was a plant that got ripped out of ground
JoisuuePlayz (5 days ago)
In 2089 We will all be robots.
Andrew570098 (5 days ago)
I am Christian, so I don't really have belief in past lives, but I kinda have some belief in it.
Aaron Loftus (5 days ago)
They lied
I have a birth mark on my shoulder and one behind my ear. I also have one on my hand.
jack Hart (6 days ago)
it's not true
Tiffany Hillis (6 days ago)
i love my fam i do not want that!
Roblox gamer 101 (7 days ago)
In my past life I was Ella Fitzgerald
Rick Sanchez (8 days ago)
I rememberd in my pass I was a commander in WII i died due of a bullet in my head because of a sniper in a clock tower
Mandy Cook (8 days ago)
Iᑎ ᗰY ᑭᗩᔕT ᒪIᖴE, I ᗯᗩᔕ ᗩ GIᖇᒪ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKEᗪ ᗰᗩTᕼ. I ᔕTIᒪᒪ ᗪO ᒪIKE ᗰᗩTᕼ.
Maya eide (8 days ago)
i believe in this
Shane Arbeau (8 days ago)
I wish I had a past life
Halley Bengia (8 days ago)
After watching this I asked my 4 year old sis who she was in her past life to which I replied " a guava "
Audie Animates (8 days ago)
I used to be a potato
DRAKEY drake (9 days ago)
Jesus..it’s sad how people are actually pretending to be Anne Frank.
Doktor rampage (9 days ago)
nr.2 is badass
Leery Bear (9 days ago)
I Have a Theory, So I like Pandas a Lot...Right? And U Might like...Dogs, cats, etc Anyway...I Wonder if what we like in This life, We were in our Past Life...?
KweenKristen Msp (10 days ago)
I don’t have a birthmark-
FerretsCantGame (11 days ago)
I think they’re real. When I was a kid I remember forgetting a whole conversation with my mom that seemed like a big topic to remember. But I remember the feeling of losimg the memory of what it was. And it was only the previous day. My mom said i would talk about how when I was a baby in the crib Jesus would be there talking to me and apparently I could even describe what the room looked liked and it was accurate. And then I guess the day before I lost all those memories, I had a dream about Jesus or something and my mom was asking me about it, but the next day I just woke up and my mom wanted me to repeat the story, but I had no clue what she was talking about. I could remember the whole day but couldn’t remember telling her anything of the sort. But it felt very familiar. The closest feeling I can describe it to was like in the movie Anastasia where she enters the palace and says “it’s like a memory from a dream” and not quite putting her finger on the memory. That’s what it felt like to suddenly forget. I still remember it well. I still feel like it’s so familiar. Also, my grandma just died recently. And I just learned a great story about her death. She has a twin sister but she is not well off. And they didn’t tell her that she died coz they didn’t want to give her a panic attack or something and have her die too. So they didn’t tell her at all for her safety. But sure enough apparently my grandma appeared to her when awake, she could see her from shoulders up, and she young again and she was telling her that she died and “but look, I’m young again and so happy”. And the sister that day or day after she had died told her caregivers that her sister had died but no one told her. I think there is definitely something that happens after death. Whether there’s a heaven Idk, but Ma seemed happy and young again, and she either really did go to heaven after living a long happy life faithful to god, or she had a moment to communicate with her sister and then reincarnated. Maybe each soul has a choice to retire or re-enter the world. Or maybe souls that got an unexpected end get another chance. I mean, all these stories are people who died sooner than they should have..idk! The possibilities!
Hunter Eversmeyer (11 days ago)
I love ur vidz
AlanaUniverse (11 days ago)
I always knew I was a tree
MEPH ISTO (11 days ago)
Stephen Martyn (12 days ago)
Shayma Salih98 (13 days ago)
Aimee Barnes (14 days ago)
I remember my past life, and I remember being at my own funeral. and I remember how I died.
Sammie Jade (15 days ago)
There was one time I was getting blood work a couple of years ago, and I passed out. While I was out, I had a flashback of sorts where I guess I saw one of my past lives. I appeared to be in 1920's New York, which could explain my constant fascination with New York in that time period. But who knows, it could just be something my mind made up 🤷‍♀️
Guillotine Sama (15 days ago)
OMG so the birthmark had something to do with your death!! I had a birthmark in the chest so maybe i was shot in the chest or whatevs.
Lester Cayabyab (16 days ago)
I remember now. I was a legendary porn star
sir charles (16 days ago)
The thing your talking about the kids don't remember the thing the talk about Engel they ternd five
sunand deep (17 days ago)
I don't have a single birthmark and I love Titanic since I was 5 and always felt fascinated by that and nobody ever told me how Titanic sank but I really love I think I may be in Titanic and I may have drowned
Crow _BrawlStars (18 days ago)
I was a carnivorous beast my past life, I know it so clearly, the forest 🌳 the dangerous hunters that killed me. Just thinking about the shot makes me uncomfortable. Ik I was either in Africa or some deserted wild forest somewhere
First name Last name (18 days ago)
Wish I didn't believe in this, reincarnation is terrifying
Rosy _Aj (19 days ago)
When I was little I remembered a wolf and a bear and after a wolf cub died and I was born I don't know why
Maxed Whip (20 days ago)
Tv and pc give kids access to docummentaries. Did you know that?
Michelle Smith (20 days ago)
JellyJar RBLX (20 days ago)
Why you put scary there not scary there just telling there past lives DUH
Felix Alexander (20 days ago)
In my past life I succ
Perry Wise (21 days ago)
JTCGaming (21 days ago)
I have this memory and I dont know where else to share it so I'm just going to share it here. Now I know these kids loose he ability to remember their past lives, I as a 18 year old remember this memory that I can remember. It's my oldest memory and it's extremely vague. I've told my mom about this memory a long time ago but I think she may have brushed it off. Anyway, on to the vague memory. I remember it being extremely dark, like pitch black and I couldn't see anything. I was strangely calm however and all the sudden there was this feint white light that looked like it came from a distance. Sadly my memory ends there and now here I am. Just figured I'd share this memory of mine, even though it isn't much to it. Lol.
Nba plays Of 2018 (21 days ago)
LITTLE ARTIST [LA] (21 days ago)
juancroman07 (22 days ago)
Those are familiar spirits demons that come in the human body and give you intel and emotions if people get delivered by the blood of Jesus none of it would happen Be careful intertaining things like this it can confuse you and God is not the author of confusion repent accept Jesus as your savior and watch God do a miracle in your life accept Jesus in your heart ask him to come inside your heart and accept him as Lord and savior Belice that he died and rose on the 3rd day confess it God will write your name in the lambs book of life pray for discernment none of us are perfect but let’s try and do our best and help someone else as well keep the commandments and love one another as you love your self this is your sign you asked for take care ❤️
Lily GamerGirl (22 days ago)
I was a lamp in my past life ,spying on everyone 😂
Claudia Ayala (22 days ago)
the only one I belive is number 2
Cameron Demise (22 days ago)
I remember when I was a kid I use to have dreams about being attacked by a shark, and I had scars on my calf that eventually went away when I was 7
Cowcharge (22 days ago)
I've got a brain tumor. When I get reincarnated I'll come back here and comment. If my new mum lets me online when I'm 6, I should be back around 2025.
Salam Hamza (22 days ago)
I dont believe in past life its no sence i believe in heaven and hell
Luca Vlogs And Gaming (23 days ago)
Well in my past life i was bon scott as i sound like him and fell in love with acdc on the same day bon scott was turning 70
Raza Zaidi (23 days ago)
You are by far the best narrator on YouTube.
Aday ฯ (23 days ago)
This is why we have deja vu.... Ive been having more of them lately and its all about the same thing... Im laying down crying and this weird lady that i called mom came and hugged me and called me deija..... And she said that the guy had been caught hut ive never been able to get more of it.
G3ntleman69 69 (25 days ago)
a lot of kids remember their past lives but they don't remember what happens after death. maybe it's for the best, afterall people would be freaked out if their kids who remember past lives started talking about unknown.
Lillith-Raine Zefron (25 days ago)
I do not believe in past lives but this is interesting
Salam Hamza (22 days ago)
Vyr1ssTV (26 days ago)
in my past life, i was myself
Pip Pearce (26 days ago)
In my past life I was a slug
Mr.iMpOssiBLe (27 days ago)
in my past life i was jack the ripper.
Loki Laufeyson (27 days ago)
Loki Laufeyson (27 days ago)
I was loki in my past life
I was a fox before my life. I have many dreams about Running in the woods, meeting other foxes, and being stabbed, or perhaps bit, in the back.
The Rule Breaker (28 days ago)
Interesting 🤔
J-hope Smith (28 days ago)
When I get reincarnated I would be a black cat with a little white spot on its chest looking like a heart
Y0u're N0T Perfect (28 days ago)
in my past life i was a big potato
Im a reincarnated pink toaster
Yomanduff (28 days ago)
dogs purpous
Ahmad Samandar (28 days ago)
It’s fake
Brompton Beauty (29 days ago)
Really crazy but I was a puppy and a wolf mistook me for a pup in its pack.when they saw the golden strip down my forehead they threw me into a pit!!!!! Creepy enough?
Saul Bramhill (29 days ago)
Nothing against Americans but its nice to actually see Brits doing these type of videos
Krissi Prohaska (29 days ago)
It’s Keeley Princess (30 days ago)
In my past life I was a Roman and when I die I wanna be a robloxian in roblox
Dominique Arquiza (30 days ago)
I was reincarnated in that time im a fisherman that drowned to the ocean it's true
Robert Rider (30 days ago)
My son had a dream he was from iraq. Time to travel. Lol
Nederlandse Uploads (30 days ago)
I find nr. 10 the most scary
Jamie Hawker (30 days ago)
I remember I was a kid named James lived in Africa
Dr. Marilyn Monroe (1 month ago)
https://www.amazon.com/Dr.-Marilyn-Monroe/e/B01HLH3FHY?ref_=pe_1724030_132998060 THE PROF OF NORMA JEAN MARILYN MONROE REINCARNATION https://youtu.be/n9n_XLjYNd0
adel sambarani (1 month ago)
Is it normal that you dream your own future I do
Milan Mahanti (1 month ago)
Who is watching this on 2018☺
people can ressurect themselves.. technology.
{kiwi} L (1 month ago)
What if we died and then we were reincarnated into someone else and the process repeated itself. So maybe we are just the same ppl as we were before we died, but we come back in different form and or don't remember anything from our past lives. Now I sound crazy don't I? I wish I could remember my past life, if I even had one. 😥 😀
Ladi Puriwal (1 month ago)
Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs believe in reincarnation. Bhagat Kabir ji said I came to this world over and over as someone's brother, mother, son and father; this cycle is never ending but once found found God it all ends.
What if the kids just read about these people in a book or searched them up
Dewi Daily (1 month ago)
In my past life I was my great grandfather I used to help my dad dress when he was 4 then he learned how to do a tied at six he was a goalkeeper for his school and I am but he said I was way better and this uncle my great uncle now he was my son my 2 son and the youngest he was a goalkeeper two but my dad and great uncle said I was better than them at goalkeeping I forgot to say my uncle was a goalkeeper too when I was my great grandfather I used to watch my son and grand some play for there school they both went to same school but they are 10 years apart and 6 months
Dewi Daily (1 month ago)
And when i was my great-grandfather when my dad was 10 when i died and my great uncle was 20
zodiak (1 month ago)
This is my first life
Crosby IS A Girl (1 month ago)
this is fake
lincoln_x_14 (1 month ago)
Number 4 is freaky. She even looks very similar to her.
Humais Khalid (1 month ago)
no 2 is fake becuase if he was killed how the hell he knew where he as buried

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