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Rickter 2015 Edge Series Edge FS FR Introduction by Rick Roy

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Rickter 2015 Edge Series Edge FS FR Introduction by Rick Roy
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stin987 (1 month ago)
Remind me why someone like Yamaha cannot mass produce products like this?
General HowTo (9 months ago)
The Ferrari of Jet Skis
chrispchicken313 (1 year ago)
Yes please slap a Dasa 1200cc under the hood and let me play in the ocean 🌊 with Mark Gomez and my dreams would have come true in life.
CARTERTH1 (3 years ago)
That is a straight up dream for me
Emmanuelle Catubig (3 years ago)
1200cc engine? If yes. It's worth of money. I can't wait to ride this! Shipping cost from Thailand to Philippine island?
General HowTo (9 months ago)
Emmanuelle Catubig they actually don’t ship with engines. They build only the hull! Crazy right. You can buy an engine from them but most love their hulls
Dennis Sturm (3 years ago)
Would you want a geo metro or a lambo idiots you could not handle the power of a rickter ski you koooook
Jacob Possigian (4 years ago)
Best ski ever! Beats competitors on racing and flat water freestyle. But I don't have one yet

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