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How A T-Shirt SHOULD Properly Fit

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Text Comments (547)
Fascist tyrant (1 day ago)
Thanks for this info 😎 I seriously needed this video Been going to the gym recently and none of my shirts fit.Not funny lol cause I can’t function properly!
Cory Umberger (19 days ago)
Any recommendations to anyone here. I am a physique competetior so my waist is extremely tiny (28-29") but my chest is very wide especially with my shoulders. So every shirt I buy there is wayyyyy to much fabric in the mid section. Unless I go with a small shirt then it looks like Im wearing baby gap in my chest. The joke I make is I wear a large in the chest, a medium with the length, but small in the mid section. Any retail/online shops that could give a pretty ridiculous taper with t-shirts.
Donovan Jones (27 days ago)
what brand t-shirt are you wearing?.
Edyyy☆-CSGO & more (1 month ago)
Patrick star (1 month ago)
2:41 american idol fails complition
Ricky campos (1 month ago)
Thank you jose
Badboy521998 (1 month ago)
lowkey cringe a bit when I watch this older video compared to your most recent video on how you look and talk, look much better over time!
Mahir Naser (1 month ago)
I want one of those watch,how do I get it??
Hicham El Khamlichi (1 month ago)
Nice T-shirt Designed by Me https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GY9QQ6L
mr smokin (1 month ago)
Check out this simple design. teespring.com/confident-9688
count clarke (1 month ago)
Damn good stuff
Pacific Ocean (1 month ago)
I feel so sorry for fat people
Jose (1 month ago)
I always worry about it fitting right at the store, but then getting smaller.
robert mccollum (2 months ago)
Where do you buy t-shirts that hug biceps
Matthew Sanchez (2 months ago)
Does anyone know where I could find shirts that would hug my arms?
Charles Bejec (2 months ago)
what are the best men's wear in parties???
Christopher G. (2 months ago)
your sleeves so tight your arms look like sausages
GABRIEL PÉREZ (2 months ago)
*nice video saludos desde Nj* 😊😭
You gave me cancer. Get a real job and contribute to society faggot
Shubham Surwade (2 months ago)
What's your hair style name
BD MW (2 months ago)
Im always worried about length but I beleive if you just dont pull the shirt all the way down and let is rest between the crotch and belt line it should look nice
niven poovanen (2 months ago)
is it bad if my nipples shows a bit?
probo rahadianto (3 months ago)
Any tshirt tip for someone who has muscular top but still have a big stomach?
shop now (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/7jIYdDbOS-A buying from red bubble site its good and easy have much product
Stian Legernes (3 months ago)
i like how you create esntl and now you disagree with yourself
tqsuited (3 months ago)
I like more relaxed fitting t-shirts which unfortunately aren't really in style anymore.. but at the same time i don't want it swimming on me like some homeboy from the hood. I also like a little length so it covers at least covers my crotch and half or more of my butt. I also prefer the sleeve seam to hang over the shoulder so it doesn't feel so restricted, but again that's not the norm these days.
QuietLionGaming (2 months ago)
Just wear what you're comfortable with. Life is too short. :)
Tristan Shirley (3 months ago)
Jose, pretty much everyone at school wears nice Nike clothing, like gym shorts and stuff, I want to look better but no-one really dresses up too much are there any ways to look better with out doing anything too fancy? P.S. I'm a freshman
Bp Rijal (3 months ago)
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Brother's Rautela (3 months ago)
Nicolas Nidal (3 months ago)
Amazing channel!
X Kobe (3 months ago)
I dont really agree with rolling up the sleeves tbh, makes you look a bit try hard and showy
Mr 2don Music (3 months ago)
You know Jose used to wreaslte in high school his back is so strait..because he would always get PINNED JUST KIDDING don't be mad I'm sorry😬
Nathan Fraser (4 months ago)
I think another thing to consider is where the shoulder seam falls. IMO nothing makes a shirt look worse than saggy shoulder seams. Make sure the seam is vertical, but but not so tight as to prevent the arm fabric from deforming.
albeis fin (4 months ago)
I have a very hard time with t shirts because I wear a XXL for my chest arms and shoulders to fit but I have a 30 inch waist so it just looks wierd from the chest down and they are to long but that is the smallest size I can fit in what should I do
zahra amiri (4 months ago)
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Background song name?
루이스 (4 months ago)
Where is your nipples? I cant see how did you do this?
Clint Zuleger (4 months ago)
I love hard rock and metal music and music in general so I rock the concert t shirts. May not be fashionable, but oh well. 😊👍🏻🎸
imgeh26 (4 months ago)
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Dianabol Lecter (4 months ago)
Lmao that sounded like zoo nigga
Eric Medina (4 months ago)
You forgot probably the most important part: the hem. When Jose turned around the back of his shirt was flapping in the wind. That will automatically kill any shirt for me. I don't want to wear a shirt that looks like a cape. Always buy a shirt with double stitching on the hem. I believe any shirt should hug your waistline.
SkaterLauro (4 months ago)
I prefer more baggy shirts
new Adventure (4 months ago)
Buy white t shirt https://onlinesellandbuy.wooplr.com/s/SBmGZJ6Tw?ref=cp.p.i.f
Mukul Bambori (4 months ago)
New generation (4 months ago)
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ALPHA (4 months ago)
Nice stuff!
M K jain (4 months ago)
First a fall tell me meaning of tiltle😑
aakash patel (5 months ago)
Hey.....Hi I am a thin boy ... and should I wear a T-shirt size ??
aakash patel (5 months ago)
M size, L size ya, S size.. Which is the best size for me
john mcalister (5 months ago)
jcpenneys stafford Tshits!!!!
Bryan Alfonso Vega Lopez (5 months ago)
Very good ! I like wear the shirt in the size perfect Traducción: saludos desde México 😀🙌😂😎
Shree Raam (5 months ago)
Thank you bro 💘
chuchuchuchia (5 months ago)
Forget the fit. Get a thicc ole chest and nice arms and every shirt a good fit.
CyberKnightt (5 months ago)
I'm forever stuck between a large and xlarge
Zachary Oscarson (5 months ago)
What do you recommend if your just tall in general cause shirts with length and can be hard to come by
Unathi Nobakada (6 months ago)
Please like and follow my page on Instagram @sock_cafe i would really appreciate it
Magical Cards (6 months ago)
How and when did you start your clothing brand ?
emily shih (6 months ago)
I feel like the reason you are so successful is because of all the details you focused on. I can't thank you enough for all the informations.
GeneralN0va (6 months ago)
But if you have a T-shirt that *NICELY* hugs the bicep area, even if you have small arms it's gonna automatically make you look like you have fuller arms.
Ts Aiyo (6 months ago)
Jose the type of Zuniga to promote The 5th Watches after the 4th tip...
Saikiran Sai (6 months ago)
Super video
Ultrabasic Official (6 months ago)
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Rebel Pete (5 months ago)
your t-shirts suck
Purvi Shukla (6 months ago)
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Benitto benadict (7 months ago)
Your videos very entertainment :)
Vortex and Cypher (7 months ago)
Hey guys it Jose zuneeeeeeeeeeeeeega
Rusty Shackleford (7 months ago)
So...where is anyone supposed to find a t-shirt that fits like this? Are normal people supposed to get their t-shirts tailor-made?
ed and 69 others (7 months ago)
I prefer my regular crew neck with sleeves til my elbow. I'm kinda skinny but i prefer loose fit.
yes yes (7 months ago)
Hey I need some help cause my shoulders are wide enough for a large but my biceps need a medium any tips
Muhammad Arith (7 months ago)
Does this guy look handsome reallt
Wahab Shaghasi (7 months ago)
How do I find a good shirt if I have man boobs
Jc (7 months ago)
What if I can't find a t-shirt that fits my bcep?
The peacelover (8 months ago)
I have a broad chest so no tshirt fits me.
Yniego Lattao (8 months ago)
What if my arm is really thin that none of the sizes fit.
Dooofy Family (8 months ago)
Too much talk.
Bernard Tan (8 months ago)
Tips here work for guys similar to your body type. It doesn't work for guys who have no abs & chubby. Advice is only applicable to your body type.
Burnt Nuggets (9 months ago)
This guy saying I have skinny arms He was right
Tejan Satre (9 months ago)
thats perfect body not perfect t-shirt
KING KHAN (9 months ago)
bro want a video about colour combination ..
DarthYuYevon (10 months ago)
Teachingmensfashion - What you fail to point out is the fact that some guys simply have shitty bodies, and so every T-Shirt they buy will look dumb and break all of the rules that you state. Not all guys have the body you have, even if their fit. I look dumb in all clothes, and guys like you will talk shit with, "look at that loser with his overly tight shirt", and that's fine. It's not guys that I'm trying to attract. It's women, and the pretty women that I get with never complain, so what you're saying doesn't really matter. What matters is, do girls want to fuck you, not, do guys feel I'm following their clothing rules.
Edward Garcia (11 months ago)
Hi Jose, does your company ship tshirts in the Philippines?
Mohd Shahritz (11 months ago)
How much is the price of uniqlo plain t shirt
Nathan James (11 months ago)
I love watching Jose’s sponsored videos so I can click on the link and think “I can afford that” I open my wallet *moth flies out* “I need money”😂😂
zuber gilani (11 months ago)
How do you get rid of stains on T-shirts which come on the side under the armpit area because of being in a cupboard?
Uhhcallmejefe (11 months ago)
Fuck u Ima dress like Eminem
Dime 666 (11 months ago)
pencil neck, manlet, framecel etc..
Gbenga Babington (11 months ago)
I think José lost weight. Right?
Sai Ulchi (11 months ago)
what if i m a fat guy.... those rule are not gonna apply for me..right??
João Miguel (11 months ago)
Hey Jose what’s the brand of the T-shirt You use? And where do you buy them?
WarN Peace (11 months ago)
Zoo Nigga? That's what he meant?
This Potato (11 months ago)
dang. just realized I should probably wear a size smaller
Suhail Patel (11 months ago)
what brand T-shirt are you wearing in the video?
Tracer (11 months ago)
What brand of shirt is Jose wearing in the video?
Bot Cash (1 year ago)
when you skinny as fuck smh, but aye i been hitting the gym everyday so shit will pay off
ZUNIGA GUNNER (1 year ago)
Same last name
Imbi (1 year ago)
julien marleau (1 year ago)
so i guess i need some god damn custom t-shirt U_U
Anugrah Dwiputra (1 year ago)
you said "dont cover your pocket" the whole pocket or just the pocket hole?
Łukasz lukasss (9 months ago)
The golden rule say that tshirt proper lenght is: the shortes lenght-just cover the belt loops. The longest : go to mid crotch and cover pants pocket. Evrything between this will be ok.
Leray Holmes (1 year ago)
I have a question. I workout. My body type is in the middle. I can basically fit a small and medium but theirs mid section pulling however if I wear L and above it's like I'm swallowed by the clothes. Which way should I go?
Rave Cher (1 year ago)
Zoo Nigga
sexntuna (1 year ago)
Can you name the exact t-shirt you are wearing at Uniqlo's website? There's a few that almost look the same. But I would like to know the exact one you are wearing. Thank you.
HIU FUNG (1 year ago)
hey what do you guys think about hanes tagless shirt?

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