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Bella Hadid | Models | SS18

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Bella Hadid | Spring & Summer 2018 Full Name: Isabella Khair Hadid Born: October 9, 1996 in Losa Angeles, California, USA Height: 175 cm / 5'9 Agencies New York: IMG Paris: IMG Paris Milan: IMG Milano London: IMG London Los Angeles: IMG Los Angeles Sydney: IMG Australia Video credits: Bottega Veneta Fendi Moschino Alberta Ferretti Tommy Hilfiger Salvatore Ferragamo Prabal Gurung Ralph Lauren Michael Kors Max Mara Oscar de la Renta Marc Jacobs Anna Sui Versace Music: La Fuente - Deep Down Inside Video edited by Anna Davidsson November 19, 2017
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Text Comments (48)
Cookie Monster (4 months ago)
I love this kind of music idk why
Speaker Of Lies (5 months ago)
God her walk. Nope. You have a face but no. Position your arms and too much hip movement
luXx filth (6 months ago)
Bella’s body is built weird she only gains weight in her arms!!! her flabby legs aren’t help either !!! Tone up stop yo-yo dieting
Kristal Molina (3 months ago)
luXx filth the autoimmune disease she has can impact her weight as well you know
Maia Crowley (6 months ago)
She looks older than Gigi
h (7 months ago)
gigi better than bella
ri - (7 months ago)
i think bella is gorgeous but she really needs to work on that walk lol holy shiiiit
권화사님 (8 months ago)
Eww her walk is disgusting
uchechuwku Okere (9 months ago)
I LOVE Bella💕😍I think she's a great model🔥💖
ozioma (9 months ago)
At least she isn’t stick thin, but a model with the same body and a different name wouldn’t be hired :/
iiFallenWish (9 months ago)
She should loose weight she's bigger than the other models
Kristal Molina (3 months ago)
iiFallenWish the auto immune disease she has can impact her weight...
Nasro Ahmed (9 months ago)
That's rude.
Maya A (9 months ago)
looks like she's not that tall
luXx filth (6 months ago)
sofia van der hoock she’s 5’8.5
sofia van der hoock (7 months ago)
she is 5'7
Srilakshmi Srikumar (9 months ago)
She's a better print model :)
Z (10 months ago)
Her walk isnt that bad, pleasantly surprised
Azuised Munkhzul (10 months ago)
I love kendall gigi and bella they look so healthy they’re not skeletons at least
iiFallenWish (9 months ago)
Azuised Munkhzul you know nothing about modeling
Amgalan bld (10 months ago)
She looks like Jeniffer Lawrence i think.
REMI CALAS (10 months ago)
I'm not sure when I see her legs and arms she has the same mesurements as the other models. And it's unfair because a model with Bella's measurements would not be hired. Bella has the chance to have a powerful family and a mother in the business
deepak mahajan (11 months ago)
Dead fish. Atleast kia knows how to walk unlike these sisters
deepak mahajan (10 months ago)
hmm i dont speak ur crap language
julieth arsuza (10 months ago)
deepak mahajan lo qué dices es hipocresía en estafó puro.
i'm a ruin. (11 months ago)
i love her haircut
Næp Sæck (11 months ago)
Honestly, she’s one of my favorites.
Peter Zonis (11 months ago)
Amazing beautiful
Megan Basterrechea (11 months ago)
I don't think she's all that pretty, but she has a good walk
Shawn Loewenberg (1 year ago)
Naomi Campbell the queen of catwalk is her mentor, She's so fucking bless.
elliven elliveny (1 year ago)
There's just something different about her .. She's also very sweet, down to earth and kind, which makes me like her even more !
Siouxsie Sway (1 year ago)
LOVE Bella <3
rose donna (1 year ago)
I think Bella's face is a model face but her walk is ok not amazing just ok the same thing goes to Gigi
MANI GLOWS (8 months ago)
rose donna you’re right. she still has time to improve though :) i feel like she’s trying
waltz 22 (1 year ago)
Love how she’s not some typical Super skinny models
waltz 22 (11 months ago)
Naama Loll . true. But you got to face the fact that she is a model. And her family is rich.
Naama Loll (11 months ago)
waltz 22 its unfair to all the other models who try really hard to succeed and have a way better body than hers. She's only famous because of her famous friends and her rich daddy who bought her career.
pinkxlisa (1 year ago)
At first, I didn’t really like her because another nepotism model but afterwards, I saw a lot of improvement on Bella. From her walk to her editorials. Although she still has flaws especially since some of her editorials can be repetitive, i feel that she will improve in the next few years.
Georgia V (1 year ago)
mayday of summer Yess I agree she has improver her walk and in the next years se will be better
Jody Jelinski (1 year ago)
I don't think her or Gigi are top models. They are average rich spoiled brats that need to stay off the runway!!!
Danhui Wang (1 year ago)
Jody Jelinski can't agree more
Siouxsie Sway (1 year ago)
You should really take a look at her Vogue spreads, especially IT, Turkish, Japanese and Spanish...just to name a few. This girl works her ass off, believe me. You don't get to stay relevant and land campaign, cover, editorial and open/close shows just b/c you have the 'right' name. Maybe you get your foot in the door easier, but you're most def not staying in the game and have a career like this if you don't work for it and are determined and passionate.
The Hsn (1 year ago)
I love her
keng c. (1 year ago)
I prefer her more than her sis
Lenka Zavřelová (11 months ago)
agree, she is better model than gigi
Cuttie Elfie Music (1 year ago)
OH, she's very good, I like her, maybe even more than Gigi...
Erica 4ever (1 year ago)
How Bella embellishes from one brand to the other ! I have, not long ago, firstly heard of this rising star of Fashion which Bella Hadid is, and am already as fond of her as I am already fond of Ashley Graham ! What a flattering homage you offer to the former through this video ! Thank you kindly for it, A Fashion ; I am so pleased to commence my week of work by beholding such enchanting spectacle in honour of this most delightful Miss that Bella Hadid is ! P S: do you sell your videos, A Fashion ?
İLKNUR URTEKİN (1 year ago)

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