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Fred Astaire Cuts Loose: 1970 Oscars

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Fred Astaire and Bob Hope present the Academy Awards for Documentary Feature to Bernard Chevry for Arthur Rubinstein - The Love of Life, and for Documentary Short Subject to Denis Sanders and Robert M. Fresco for Czechoslovakia 1968 at the 42nd Academy Awards. Orchestra conducted by Elmer Bernstein.
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david Felix (2 hours ago)
his wig never moved once.
@ 3:29 I like it when he busts a move to the funky music. Nice! This is classic!!! Such a legend.
Jodie Banks (4 hours ago)
To bad the Oscars has turned into a shit show of demented Leftist lunatics. I stopped watching the Oscars because I hate to watch Communists pushing their Commie agenda. John Wayne was right. He said Hollywood was being taken over by Communists.
Diane Badolato (12 hours ago)
These just too cool couldn’t stand up and give an icon like Fred a standing ovation Roger Vadim. who even remembers him he was married to Jane Fonda and Bridget Bardot. That’s all. Jack Nicholson always thinks he is so cool.
Ina Cook (16 hours ago)
Love it! Please god let me be able to move like that at 70!
Lone Duck (17 hours ago)
Sure could dance
MrZillas (18 hours ago)
I wish I could move like that
Ginger M (1 day ago)
He is the best I just love this guy
Dancing Candle (1 day ago)
I remember when the Oscar's was just about entertainment not a political agenda.
Alan Foster (1 day ago)
A short poem: two things that are lighter than air: helium, and Fred Astaire.
Paco 6335 (1 day ago)
Quelle élégance … à comparer aux charcutières actuelles…
regulater 5 (1 day ago)
What the fuck is he doing?
Alcibiades (2 days ago)
God Damned!! this legend deserved a standing ovation for this and since he didn't get one from this audience I sprung up from my chair and gave him one, pure class, elegance, talent and genius this man was, loved Fred.
Donna Woodford (2 days ago)
Bob Hope was said to have been involved in the sex trade Industry, and would come to a town renting an entire top floor of a motel for his pervert business many didn't know about, busy in covert activities after his regularly scheduled stage show. He had money and a long time wife, Dorothy whom Hope used as convenient facade, to make public believe he was a good guy for having a docile spouse stand in support of him, and for entertaining the troops overseas (another smoke and mirrors setup). Fred Astaire dance studios opened up around the country...$45/hr. Instructors teach incrementally slow to get students coming back until they decide they're not progressing as fast as they'd like. Then many get bored and quit the classes. Wish people in history could evolve into real heroes. Set a good example of inspiration for others coming up behind you!
Norma Hernandez (2 days ago)
That was dancing!!!
Fenway Park (2 days ago)
A lot of people don’t know this, Mickey Rooney taught Fred to dance. And in the 60s one of Mickeys kids played cousin It in show Adams Family.
Thomas Paine (3 days ago)
Durn, I wish I was in anywhere near the shape of Fred Astaire.... A life spent dancing did him well.
Jay Best (3 days ago)
In the 70s they ran everywhere. That is why they didnt have problems with obesity
Brockway Babe (3 days ago)
who disliked his???
sophia raniuk (3 days ago)
Fred Astaire is the personification of style and grace .....no doubt ....what a great performer and dancer ....may he rest with the Angels
Gustav Gnöttgen (3 days ago)
These feet were made for dancing That's just what they did
Leonardo Vinicius (3 days ago)
cjtvtube (3 days ago)
there are those who just give up at 30 and those that live life to it's fullest (and incredibly at that) till the day they die.
Gdicf, Seriously! (4 days ago)
This is disappointing.
J Ancel (4 days ago)
So that's Fred Astaire
Rowan Par (4 days ago)
Wow classic
thaoddie (4 days ago)
I'm 47 and can't even move like that...
1969Vanessa G (5 days ago)
In those day people actually won something for their hard work. Excellence meant something back then.
Tom Anderson (5 days ago)
Bob Hope what a dope! A good comedian never laughs at his own jokes.
dieulivol (6 days ago)
zbigniew wiesek (6 days ago)
83 years old ....impossible
Rocío Morgade (6 days ago)
Los amo a los dos!! Que descansen en paz💐💐++.
Wild Flower (6 days ago)
Wow, nothing political. Entertainment.....the way it should be.
Wild Flower (6 days ago)
Dancing with the stars could take lesson....
Barry Barry (6 days ago)
A wig and dress and he would have been a pretty girl!!!
Restore The Earth (6 days ago)
My hero! I watched every Fred Astaire movie I could as a child. I used to try to dance along with him in my parents' living room. Then I became a biologist. 😄❤💕🌿
Pablo Javier Salomon (6 days ago)
so Elegant always!
Kr Ri (7 days ago)
Pleši,pizda ti materina...hehehe
m r (8 days ago)
Genio genio genio!
James Bradburn (8 days ago)
That's back when the Oscars had class. All gone now sadly.
Robert Torres (8 days ago)
When the Oscars had class.
audiocologne (8 days ago)
Patricia Rose (8 days ago)
What a great dancer...
Richie Ray (9 days ago)
Susan Kelley (9 days ago)
Bob hope. Was greAt. ,also. Met him in mid eighties at book signing I brought my i old. Golf bag of thirties with picture of bing. Crosby engraved on it and. Bob died llaughing asking where I found it as he was. Cracking up. He said let's get pictur e of. It.
Susan Kelley (9 days ago)
Ohh such. Talent. And class. Yes I'm a old timer. 65 and when I was 15. I remembered.this !! He's older in video. But still could dance
J W (9 days ago)
Fred Astaire Could Dance On Air and ☁'s ~ I'm a 60's baby and need to say...."When the Academy Awards had class!"...I always liked Fred Astaire. Hec was not only a graceful dancer but was a gracious gentleman too. Love seeing him "cut loose"...he had the moves!!!
Beth S (9 days ago)
No. I never found Astaire's sloppy, floppy style and his skinny, wiry frame appealing. He could never hold a candle to Gene Kelly's athletic body and clean, precise, strong movements. Kelly was graceful and athletic at the same time, and a much more creative choreographer. Astaire is 71 here, so I can sure admire him for being able to "cut loose", but his style was the same when he was 30.
Chris Jones (9 days ago)
We want more fred
Rowlandph (9 days ago)
Back when the Oscars..had CLASS!.. throughout!... Not like some of the TRASH we see today...FACT!
NICOMEDES SUAREZ (10 days ago)
Now that was one cool dude.
TightSqueezes (10 days ago)
I had never seen this before. What a treat. Incomprable
Cassandra Dennis (10 days ago)
Wow! Classic!
dttruman (10 days ago)
He's still got it!!!
Sandra Leighty (10 days ago)
Helium perfection!!!
David Acreman (10 days ago)
Smooth fucker CLASS
Sandy Juergens (11 days ago)
I LOVED Fred b4 I was born
Luis Martin Perez (11 days ago)
My idol!!! 71 here and dance as a teenager!!! THE STYLE!!!
James Prince (12 days ago)
17 years later he went to his grave, he lived to the ripe old age of 88.
Hoople57 (12 days ago)
My Mom used to say she could watch Astaire just walk up and down stairs all day.
Joseph Howard (12 days ago)
Fred was so cool.
grace hannon (13 days ago)
Fred Astaire good clean living ,plenty of exercise n perfection in his arms all his life !!!
Infidel Atheist (14 days ago)
Bob Hope CIA mk ultra slave handler
stranraerwal (14 days ago)
well...Michael Jackson..and Mr. Travolta....that's dirty dancing. Where have you been with 71 ? ...uuups !
skammer2007 (14 days ago)
Two of the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!
brenda ann (15 days ago)
The Best of the Best..........
Donna Day (15 days ago)
It’s sad to see oscars a sewer now nobody wants to watch
Jennifer Zenner (16 days ago)
Love You, Mr. Fred Astaire, I still do love You, I ever will!! Thank God, he gave us earth greatest dancer!
Sophie Balcet (16 days ago)
The Starman (16 days ago)
The be
Giraffa Savana (16 days ago)
Nobody Uknow (17 days ago)
A time when Hollywood had class, ACTUAL TALENT, and wasn't entirely about pushing an agenda.
Zainal Azrul (17 days ago)
Marco Evans (18 days ago)
Broke my heart when hope went silent after the heart attack
Chris Roman (18 days ago)
It doesn’t get any classier than that. I would of loved to have known him...
dannydoc1969 (18 days ago)
What a guy. At 71 he does a dance routine that would put most young guys on the floor panting for breath. Always the epitome of class.
Sharon Newman (19 days ago)
and look at the crap they have today what a disgrace
Mr Chinchilla (19 days ago)
As this guy... none
Y Not (19 days ago)
Janet Corley (19 days ago)
a legend for sure
Starr Miller (20 days ago)
Poor very poor quality sound I'm not sure but I love Mr. Astaire
Frodo H (21 days ago)
I came here after Elon Musk said he is inpiredd by Fred Astaire
Delores Madrid (21 days ago)
Bob hope new what he was doing to get him to dance..very cool
Voice of Reason (21 days ago)
I'm surprised the "Oscar" channel would even put this on the internet....He's not bitching about politics.
linda cardillo (22 days ago)
oh no political statements, men wearing tux and women wearing real dresses
Sassafrass Tree (22 days ago)
Amazing. How old is he here!
Alan Hunt (22 days ago)
Just the best..no doubt about it....
Internet Viewer (23 days ago)
Priya Nesan (23 days ago)
Did the audience use super glue to sit on their chair. Oh! For crying out loud....stand up. He deserves a standing ovation. So very elegant and graceful.
Sal Vice (23 days ago)
I’m sure these people were shady but at least they exuded class
Nyima Lhamo (24 days ago)
Fred, the First love of my life; none other have ever measured up since. 🥰
Achat (25 days ago)
Boy........ Stan Laurel can dance
pjr1525 (26 days ago)
You tube Fred Astaire ‘ I won’t dance’ from Roberts. You’ll see just how gifted this man was. I watch his solo dance all the time, an absolute privilege to watch!
Rus Varyag (26 days ago)
SMOOTH as glass!!!
Debbie Fulton (27 days ago)
Someone else who can dance great still, is Dick Van Dyke. When he was in Night at The Museum, during the closing credits, Dick and Micky Rooney( maybe Micky Rooney) danced. Those old dudes can really dance!
Debbie Fulton (27 days ago)
Jacqueline Rodgers (27 days ago)
Never as good as the NICHOLAS BROTHERS
Good ol' Freddy boy!
Jon Yen (27 days ago)
That was ugliest dance I’ve ever seen. I see drunken men at bars dance better
Nicholas Elliott (28 days ago)
if there was a classier or more beguiling gentleman ever born then i'll eat my Gene Kelly Hat...Class personified!!!!

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