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Sandra Bullock Supports Ryan Reynolds "The Change-Up" Premiere

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PLAYLIST http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4BFE3BE4B5C8C7DB Subscribe http://bit.ly/mrSda2 Sandra Bullock (Gravity, The Proposal, Speed, The Blind Side, Miss Congeniality) comes out to support Ryan Reynolds and Producer Jonathon Komack Martin at "The Change-Up" red carpet premiere arrivals at Village Theatre in Los Angeles, Ca USA August 1, 2011 ©Ricomix Productions
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Text Comments (32)
Star-Crossed Lovers (5 years ago)
Her smile changed when she was with Ryan. <3
Kamarla Wallace (5 years ago)
Blake lively messed everything up for them. Why can't Blake move on! Sandra and Ryan r cute together. :-(
1inTHEsky1 (6 years ago)
0:30 - "Blonde lady you need to move!"
Collin Cooper (7 months ago)
Chubstreet (7 years ago)
I really like them together. Sorry I really don't like Blake Lively but I wish her good luck with her relationship with Ryan.
TheSmileygirl90 (7 years ago)
They've already been good friends for years... can't Ryan and Sandra just get together already?
James Murray (7 years ago)
Looks like Sandra had a little Camel Toe action going on there.
runningirl004 (7 years ago)
He is so beautiful. They are really cute together.
chloe solivan (7 years ago)
i love how he looks at her @1:41... he actually looks at her that same way every time they're together. <3
sirenalol (7 years ago)
if i was famous and them people was screaming stuff like that at me, i'd prolly fall down laughing my ass off
sararyna (7 years ago)
1:58 hahaha~ sandra lipstick marks, stick on his face. XD
lw1333 (7 years ago)
God i love her!!! she is just so amazing!!!
Hasna Bel (7 years ago)
they are Great together <3
Nervesia (7 years ago)
she is nearly 50 ? what ? she looks like she is nearly 30 , they should dating
Jared Broker (7 years ago)
Like a fine wine!
Rose Trinity (7 years ago)
I totally want them to date, the chemistry is there.
GreatKM (7 years ago)
@denisonM Amen and amen to that!!!
TheCuteMoi (7 years ago)
everythingiseffedup (7 years ago)
Oh wow the crazy life of a celebrity! I cannot imagine having all those screaming and demanding paparazzi all over me. But nevertheless, SANDRA AND RYAN! <3 And that pat thing he did on her back before leaving,,, so cute! <3
artilugiax (7 years ago)
I try to read his lips in 1:41
colleen h (7 years ago)
artilugiax (7 years ago)
i love them!!!! please stay together!!!
sablo75 (7 years ago)
Ryan and Sandy look so good together!! I feel something!!
MisSeductive (7 years ago)
MaximoTV (7 years ago)
@MsStarr12 Producer Jonathon Komack Martin
Gladys Venegas (7 years ago)
wow i hope to look that amazing when i'm 47, she's gorgeous
joliviascrubs (7 years ago)
Sandra is SO gorgeous...I love her and so glad she could come out and support Ryan and the movie. They are so cute together!
MsStarr12 (7 years ago)
who's that man that she is posing with? ( in the white pants)
GreatKM (7 years ago)
What is Ryan whispering to Sandy? Hmmm....they seem to have their own, private world together...and I like it!
GreatKM (7 years ago)
Sandy's appearance is the highlight of this red carpet premiere...wow! And Ryan is so happy to see her!!!
Jasmine Mah (7 years ago)
Look at that smile when Sandra saw Ryan. OMG
MultiEcyoj (7 years ago)
she is stunning!i love her so much!i can't believe that sandy and ryan remain friends after what happen to them!love her so much:)

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