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Top 5 Favorite Quicksteps

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My opinion of the 5 best quicksteps on the show. I do not claim any copyright. All components of this video belong to Dick Clark Productions.
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triniboay21 (5 years ago)
Of all the ballroom routines Quickstep is definitely the most difficult and the kiss of death but when its done right and the dancers have great technique/personality its amazing!!!!
Gabriela Mallo (4 days ago)
Wasn't exactly done right here, because in every routine in this video, I've seen lifts and breaking hold, which are frowned upon in traditional quickstep
MiniJoda (5 years ago)
This was before Season 9, right? Because I personally thought Eliana/Ryan Quickstep was better.
Cody Schimke (7 years ago)
Season 8 brought us the best quicksteps
eclipsedancer7 (7 years ago)
lacey&kameron <3
katie pyro (7 years ago)
I love how for 2 of the dances in this video they're playing "Putting on the Ritz" lol #4 and #1 were definitely my favorites. they just made it look so effortless!
thenyouliedtome (7 years ago)
the first dance is from which season? tHANKS IN ADVANCE:)

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