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Jenny Slate Explores ASMR | W Magazine

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In this Celebrity ASMR interview, actress Jenny Slate explores autonomous sensory meridian response with whispers and sounds. Slate messes with butter as a nod to her film 'Obvious Child', decorates a shell in honor of 'Marcel the Shell', concocts a batch of yogurt water and pours a glass of iced coffee to rep 'Kroll Show', and plays with science-related items to celebrate her role as a scientist in 'Venom'. Venom is in theaters on October 5th. #Venom #ASMR #JennySlate Still haven’t subscribed to W on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/wyoutubesub ABOUT W The Who, What, Where, When, and Why in the world of fashion and style. W provides the ultimate insider experience with an original, provocative approach to art, culture, videos, travel, fashion, and beauty. Jenny Slate Explores ASMR | W Magazine
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Text Comments (1604)
We want Ezra miller
Hannah Poe (1 day ago)
Jessica alba please
xitlaly Zuniga-Tovar (3 days ago)
i have the movie "The Lorax" and she plays teed wigens mom and i the show "Muppet Babies" she plays mrs.nanny
exclusive vi (4 days ago)
Well this is just about the best darn thing I've watched e v e r
xTraexEdge (4 days ago)
This is actually perfect.
Leslie Rae (4 days ago)
Jenny Slate just made the funniest asmr video I’ve ever seen XD
fineas dumitru (5 days ago)
The best asmr ever ❤️ i loved it
TachankaTHICC (5 days ago)
*I identify as an Attack Helicopter*
I don't know why but she seems so familiar...
Fiona Cottrell (7 days ago)
I love her voice!
TerminallyPerky (8 days ago)
I love her so much. Im all about this...i just want her to tell me a story before bed. 😍
Youngok Jung (9 days ago)
Very nice voice..🤓
Sebas Rorak (9 days ago)
Aeryn Green (11 days ago)
I can’t she didn’t talk about being Mona Lisa on parka and rec 😂😭
M. Goss (11 days ago)
Best night of sleep ever!
Kino (11 days ago)
🎵She's the WooooOoOOOOORST🎶 if you know where this is from we can be best friends
Enimsaj Namaes (11 days ago)
Omg I had no idea she was marcel the shell 😂
Cantara Bella (14 days ago)
Dat One Guy (14 days ago)
6:30 I don't think this is YouTube anymore
Maxipad (14 days ago)
Why is my liberal sense tingling
Maxipad (14 days ago)
She needed to make sure we knew she was human
XO (14 days ago)
MadaoLEM (14 days ago)
She's kinky
Mr Abenar (14 days ago)
Please get Liza Koshy to do this
IamJake98 (15 days ago)
Huntress Wizaaaard!
Laura Ortiz (15 days ago)
The way she sees someone or something behind the camera is so relaxing.
Sadie's Ghost (16 days ago)
You know this is the finest ASMR video when you pull out McDonald's butter, a bag of sea shells, and googly eyes.
Me interviewing for a job... "What makes you special" Me: ugh... 0:24
Michael (17 days ago)
I love her voice
Linnea Dahlström (18 days ago)
was it only me who thought this was Noah Schnapp (Will from Stranger Things) with a wig in the thumbnail??? hahah
Dat One Guy (19 days ago)
Jenny: I am a human woman Me: NO YOURE A XENOMORPH!!!
Mel j Henderson (20 days ago)
She didnt even drink her own yogurt water!!!
Julia Ross (20 days ago)
Best one by far
Fatima L (20 days ago)
that... actually relaxed me !? no other asmr actually does
Hug Hernández (21 days ago)
I dont even know her, but i love this woman.
uuniversess (23 days ago)
I wonder who she was just intimately staring at the other half of the time she wasn’t dead-eyeing the camera.
Revenge Zero (23 days ago)
Cansin Gumus (24 days ago)
MONEY PLZZZ (parks and rec reference)
Dayton4205 (25 days ago)
Still think of venom while watching this.
Dominic (25 days ago)
I only drink my coffee cold, preferably between 8 am and 9 pm.
The011darkwolf (26 days ago)
Close your eyes and listen to 10:13
The011darkwolf (26 days ago)
She takes the creepy vibe of asmr to a whole other level (And I love it)
Kai Fic (26 days ago)
I love her 😂
Communist Female (26 days ago)
Lali Sreemuntoo (27 days ago)
11:54 sounds like my mom is frying samosas 😂
Paula Choex (27 days ago)
4:47 w t f Looooool
litblackgirl (27 days ago)
Finally someone that gets me.
AwardedAqua (30 days ago)
Moneyyyyyy Please!!!!!!!!
Adam Flores (1 month ago)
0:12 you can hear someone stifling a laugh lol
Carlos Rodriguez (1 month ago)
"Money pleaseeeeee"
digitaldirtnap1 (1 month ago)
Hey where’s my comment
Solana Avila (1 month ago)
loved her in venom!! she is really good at comedy but it was refreshing to see her on a more serious character with a bigger range of emotions
dwaaag (1 month ago)
I guess i'm OPEN MINDED AS HELLLLL I think you're pretty good looking....
snowfort77 (1 month ago)
Her face when she stirs the yogurt milk made me pee a little.
Shshs Dhshdh (1 month ago)
Omg when she did marcel I was like why do I know this
Coastal Umbra (1 month ago)
Jenny Slate is awesome. That is all.
Annie Butterfield (1 month ago)
MRBUBBATRON (1 month ago)
Isabella W (1 month ago)
I want Tom Hiddelson to do one of these so bad
Ingrid Yeren (1 month ago)
Love her ❤️
Nikol (1 month ago)
I love yogurt drink, it’s very popular in the Balkans in Europe
Nessie Bear ! (1 month ago)
"hello, my name is Jenny Slate and I'm a human female" lol I love her
屮悪魔の目 (1 month ago)
Wow Harry Potter is a girl now
TheEnderPaTrollsMC (1 month ago)
I think I hate how unfunny she is
Bubbles Lol (1 month ago)
Female Noah Schnapp
Jonesy (1 month ago)
Did anyone else think that she was just going to eat straight butter?
ByNeets (1 month ago)
I am a non binary human
MalASMR (1 month ago)
"Moneyyyyy pleaaaaaaaaaaase"
Hannah Haggestad (1 month ago)
Omg I love how funny she is and how she rhymes the whole time
bruno bellusci (1 month ago)
No era que te comió el simbionte?
Aestheticblossom ツ (1 month ago)
She sounds like kourtney Kardashian (in the beginning)
firestorm 710 (1 month ago)
she dated Chris Evans and he is just about this goofy.
firestorm 710 (1 month ago)
LOL <3
Lucy Madelung (1 month ago)
Grump Owl (1 month ago)
Jenny Slate is a hot ugly sexy woman.
June Amarillo (1 month ago)
9:23 Look at what they did to Majin Buu 😢
Tinashe Del Banks (1 month ago)
The first time I saw the thumbnail I thought it’s titanic Sinclair xD
La RyUzu xd c: (1 month ago)
no tengo idea de quien es, pero debería abrir un canal de ASMR
Frugal Madre (1 month ago)
Renee roman (1 month ago)
OK 9:41 😍😭
Arii Jordan (5 days ago)
She looks like a serial killer😂❤️ but her facial expressions is on point.. love it😍😂
Mariann Velasco (1 month ago)
Please have Jessica Chastain do this i bet she will be a good ASMR tho 😍🙏🏻. And by the way Jenny Slate is funny and beautiful as hell she is so awesome 😂😂
Panemina Darkness (1 month ago)
Is nobody going to talk about the fact that she looks like Titanic Sinclair's twin sister??
Eren Rush (1 month ago)
I love her so much XD
Raúl Espinosa (1 month ago)
WoW! Her voice ❣️
Sherry Sherry (1 month ago)
Te amo Jenny 🥰
Moon Inc. (1 month ago)
Young Freon (1 month ago)
Ege Yaldız (1 month ago)
Are you the hot scientist from Venom?
Tom Cable (11 days ago)
She is 😀
Amanee Spencer (1 month ago)
She has a radio voice
a (1 month ago)
Is it just me that recognise her from Alvin and the chipmunks 3??? Lol
dimensionstars (1 month ago)
10:12. Oh...Lord XD
Mc Fishyy (1 month ago)
I'm dead 🤣
- Misslays (1 month ago)
i need keira knightley
Björn Green (1 month ago)
She's very good at this.
zubble (1 month ago)
why did she make yogurt water???
Anderson films (1 month ago)
If Chris Evans did this I would die peacefully
Uncle Rico (1 month ago)
sounds exactly like the sort of thing a reptillian would say, you aren't convincing anyone she devil
Emma Pike (1 month ago)
What film was she from. I CAN'T REMEMBER
Lobamonster 47 (1 month ago)
"Did you hear my stomach?" THE most realistic thing I've seen from a celebrity lol
Metal Serenade (1 month ago)
10:15 "I've heard a noise like that before" LMFAO

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