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Jenny Slate Explores ASMR | W Magazine

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In this Celebrity ASMR interview, actress Jenny Slate explores autonomous sensory meridian response with whispers and sounds. Slate messes with butter as a nod to her film 'Obvious Child', decorates a shell in honor of 'Marcel the Shell', concocts a batch of yogurt water and pours a glass of iced coffee to rep 'Kroll Show', and plays with science-related items to celebrate her role as a scientist in 'Venom'. Venom is in theaters on October 5th. #Venom #ASMR #JennySlate Still haven’t subscribed to W on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/wyoutubesub ABOUT W The Who, What, Where, When, and Why in the world of fashion and style. W provides the ultimate insider experience with an original, provocative approach to art, culture, videos, travel, fashion, and beauty. Jenny Slate Explores ASMR | W Magazine
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Text Comments (1711)
Antonio J. H Mantilla (7 hours ago)
Her voice is so gentle and so adorable. 💞💓💖💕
Bear The Beast (1 day ago)
Michael Jackson explores ASMR when?
NBSB_MK (5 days ago)
2:24 kinda makes me feel like she's not actually a human
dani (5 days ago)
“I am a human woman” I’m not buying it.
Toya Davis (10 days ago)
Get Ariana grande to do some ASMR please 😁😁
ssvegeto (10 days ago)
So this is what Chris Evans got off to everyday...
aaron elsey (11 days ago)
LOL she is amazing and totally funny
Allison Pazos (11 days ago)
Love it!
Rmr Dsp (12 days ago)
"I am a *_Human_* woman."
Hai Hai (15 days ago)
I can’t be the only one scared.....
Yosra Kadri (15 days ago)
She did an amazing job. Love her vibe 🙌🏼
Tanya Leet (15 days ago)
where's that blazer from?!
AJKayy- (18 days ago)
*_oh mother_*
Jamilla Jennifer (22 days ago)
All the ASMR channels are shaking
iiTocksiK (22 days ago)
Whats a snake doing here
Marbella Estrada (23 days ago)
Hi im jenny whats your name 😂
Evy Camps (26 days ago)
she is very strange, scary 😬😬😬😬😬😬🙈🙈🙈🙈🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Belle Buttons (28 days ago)
I’m a huMAN woMAN
Karma Karma (28 days ago)
She needs to have a ASMR channel.
Chris O'neal (29 days ago)
She had chris evans
Cristian Emanuel (1 month ago)
"Oh mother,oh mother father"
Camille D. (1 month ago)
Its Tina Tina Shanus 😂
Sia Fan (1 month ago)
*kylie jenner*
Jesus Flores (1 month ago)
She actually has a really nice butt. I'd love to see her dance around in her underwear.
Emma 123 (1 month ago)
She played Zoe in Alvin and the chipmunks chipwreck 😂
Iuki Boom (1 month ago)
xD!!! Oh Mother oh father xD
JackieGee (1 month ago)
Didn't she date Chris Evans?
Brinsss (1 month ago)
3:41 when you know you da human woman
Semen Expert (1 month ago)
Why not breath into the mic with that massive snout you have?
Snazzy HiT (1 month ago)
Missy the Asmrist
Daniel Drolet Jr (1 month ago)
McDonalds butter intensifies
Cecília Pimenta (1 month ago)
She looks like that crazy and cool aunt that everybody loves
aela lee (1 month ago)
wtf in Venom she looks like a cute and shy scientist and here, wow, WHO IS THIS SASSY SARCASTIC FUNNY GODDESS? omg. i love it
Dee Roach (1 month ago)
Human. Woman.
Sweet Peaches (1 month ago)
oofitskendra 116 (1 month ago)
I rly want Billie Eilish to try asmr.. that's gonna be interesting xD
Wonder Girl (1 month ago)
9:36 to 10:25 sexual much?
Wild Peony (1 month ago)
It was brilliant. Especially the last part 😢
Mia WDW Phan (1 month ago)
Oh how I love Jenny slate
Zakary Henry (1 month ago)
" oh mother OOH mother of father"
Nicolás Díaz (1 month ago)
Aubrey Plaza vs Jenny Slate Who's the most weird? Great ASMR and great personality
Lillers Vlogs (1 month ago)
Omg SHES from Alvin and the chipmunks when they go to the beach she’s the crazy lady right or maybe I’m just the crazy lady:,)
Liberty Frederickson (1 month ago)
Please do Priyanka Chopra Jonas
Elizabeth VanDiepen (1 month ago)
0:25 how I will introduce myself from now on. amazing
Pyrocynical’s dad (1 month ago)
she just keeps starring at this one dude in the room
Lisamü (1 month ago)
All i can hear is missy whispering with high self esteem
Jordan Riehm (1 month ago)
pop rocks was genius
Lyly Kh (1 month ago)
Am i the only one who really loves this ASMR and keep cominh back everytime
Erin Fisk (1 month ago)
So im 12 and i just watched big mouth with my 18 yr old sister. She was was very shocked that i watched it before her.
cindy Taylor (1 month ago)
She's like scary n intimidating but so good at asmr N props for her seeing one eye half only with her hair covering cuz I think that's hard
TayLux XD (2 months ago)
Anything You can do Cardi did better
Ye Eun Jeong (2 months ago)
this was great until 4:48
Bella Spradley (2 months ago)
She’s such a big personality. This was hilarious yet relaxing
Adam Montémont (2 months ago)
Motoko Chan (2 months ago)
I just noticed her clothes. Is she only wearing a jacket?
Motoko Chan (2 months ago)
She is good....
Lxxrt (2 months ago)
She does smoke weed lmao
Amber Lily (2 months ago)
I was just watching brain on fire I knew I recognised her from somewhere
meme dealer (2 months ago)
this is hilarious
Ben Cruise (2 months ago)
Jenny can get it 👌🏼
Kate Bogdan (2 months ago)
I don't know why this isn't more popular because its the funniest one they've done
Oscar Martinez (2 months ago)
U get Demi lavato
m cerceau (2 months ago)
girls arent funny
evaeva (2 months ago)
Seriously?? Jenny Slate?? She has annoying voice...
Brissa Alveraz (2 months ago)
Ohh Mother..Ohh Mother of Father
Letícia Almeida (2 months ago)
Hi W magazine, u guys could (please) call Amy Adams and/or Emily Blunt to does an asmr video PLEASE
Kito velo Quintas (2 months ago)
She looks like the female version of Harry Potter.
R Williamz (2 months ago)
wasn’t she in that alvin in the chipmunks movie?
sasa hm (2 months ago)
Gidget asmr 😂😂😂 so excited for pets 2
Alexie Jones (2 months ago)
I don’t know if I’m just delusional and tired but I legit thought it was Noah Schnapp in the thumbnail
Max chevrette (2 months ago)
She makes me feel uncomfortable, but in a good way
?? (2 months ago)
Wow she’s very good at this, amazing!
Rosita Montalvo (2 months ago)
money please
blackappy (2 months ago)
This isn't very good ASMR.
James Maxwell (2 months ago)
*3:52** just trying to squeeze out that fart without a sound*
clara novak (2 months ago)
wasn’t my favorite
ᄆ추이 (2 months ago)
Oh mother. lol
Sapphire Gray (2 months ago)
Her character voice range is amazinggggg. I’m just thinking about all her characters & how different they all sound
Sapphire Gray (2 months ago)
Mona Lisa ..... shes the WooooOoorrssssttt
Daki Maki (2 months ago)
Is she a robot?
Stephy Cárdigan (2 months ago)
Did you heard my stomach?
Aalyah Sahraoui (2 months ago)
That bread sounded dry and stale
STAR star (2 months ago)
I want her skin and her humor
Carl Carreon (2 months ago)
Weird. She reminds me of Drew Monson.
Illegal (2 months ago)
She reminds me of Drew Monson
Maddee (2 months ago)
please have timothée chalamet
LaLi SrEeMuNtOo (2 months ago)
11:54 sounds like my mom is frying samosas
Natalia (2 months ago)
Sorryyyy... She looks like a man to me idk why
We want Ezra miller
Hannah Poe (3 months ago)
Jessica alba please
xitlaly Zuniga-Tovar (3 months ago)
i have the movie "The Lorax" and she plays teed wigens mom and i the show "Muppet Babies" she plays mrs.nanny
cherry doll (3 months ago)
Well this is just about the best darn thing I've watched e v e r
xTraexEdge (3 months ago)
This is actually perfect.
Leslie Rae (3 months ago)
Jenny Slate just made the funniest asmr video I’ve ever seen XD
fineas dumitru (3 months ago)
The best asmr ever ❤️ i loved it
TachankaTHICC (3 months ago)
*I identify as an Attack Helicopter*
I don't know why but she seems so familiar...
Fiona Cottrell (3 months ago)
I love her voice!
TerminallyPerky (3 months ago)
I love her so much. Im all about this...i just want her to tell me a story before bed. 😍
Youngok Jung (3 months ago)
Very nice voice..🤓

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