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Hayes Grier & Carter Reynolds Interview | VIRTUOSO FEST 2014 | Avalon Hollywood

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Subscribe! http://bit.ly/mrSda2 Hayes Grier & Carter Reynolds interview at VIRTUOSO FEST red carpet arrivals with all your favorite youtubers, vinners, artist & celebs! at Avalon Hollywood in Los Angeles, July 20, 2014 - Interview by Shayla Girardin ©Ricomix Productions | | All Rights Reserved.
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Text Comments (96)
Hailey Smith (1 month ago)
"Cat in the Hat"
Hailey Smith (1 month ago)
LOL... Hayes's reaction to "the last book you read" is literally mine.
pootato pootato (1 year ago)
I wish I got famous from being bored :)
Lali Corleone (2 years ago)
OMG i love Hayes Laugh!
nura omer (2 years ago)
Look at that beautiful creature also known as Hayes Grier
Noble (2 years ago)
this was posted on my birthday xD WOOOOOWWWWW xD
Vassia Brooks (2 years ago)
Carter is so hot,tf
Kaitlyn Reska (3 years ago)
literally reading Of Mice nad Men in my english class this year carter .
Grace Butler (3 years ago)
"Cat In The Hat"😂 I just died.
Jay M (3 years ago)
Abby Mackie (3 years ago)
In a recent video of hayes he said he had his first kiss in June a couple of days before his birthday in 2014. Here he claims he "doesn't remember." 
Andrea Cross (3 years ago)
I love hayes
Rita Grier (3 years ago)
wait what did hayes say about jacob? "we suited in together"?
Rana Rand (3 years ago)
The song was shower by Becky G and good choice about justin bieber
Rabbica Shaikh (4 years ago)
FOLLOW MY FANPAGE ?💖 @gilinskii
missbyuniee (4 years ago)
Tanjulaye Green (4 years ago)
We had to read of mice and men in school
Moralesnat AJ (4 years ago)
wtw JUSTIN BEVlier
churvaekla (4 years ago)
hayes is so so good looking like it's not even funny. he doesn't seem human to me. he's tall and that face is like to die for i can't explain it he's like a goddess and this is coming from a 20 yr old girl...
bella and sophia (4 years ago)
Hayes is hot
perrie edwards (4 years ago)
hayes doesn't really do anything though.
Niax (4 years ago)
Does anyone know how to start this interviewing thing. I want to try interviewing someone
Sondos abo ganim (4 years ago)
omgggg cartahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hannah oriley (4 years ago)
More like Madison beer😷👽
Jasmine Parker (4 years ago)
Carter knows his last kiss was probably Madison Or Deborah (plurr kitty) And Hayes was probably Madison.
Taylor P :/ (4 years ago)
Hayes saying the last book he read was Cat In The Hat lol 😂
K Emboule (4 years ago)
carter is so hot , is the bae
Kaddie Makk (4 years ago)
Hayes last kiss was probably Madi Burton or whatever. Don't get me wrong I still love him to death but he is a playaaaaa
sanders Abriyelle (4 years ago)
Anjali Patel (4 years ago)
the last book carter read is our summer reading book ha
Elleni Cookie Monster (4 years ago)
Hayes... zayum boi <3 the feels are real <3
Jesslyn_ Espinosa (4 years ago)
Carter Hayes and Justin would be awesome lol 😌💞
Victoria Tavera (4 years ago)
aaaaaw carter saying the thing about his mom I'm crying i love you
Brooke (4 years ago)
Hayes is taller than Carter!! He must be like 5'9!!
Hannah Cortez (4 years ago)
I was looking at Hayes the whole time
esha (3 years ago)
+Hannah Cortez yass
Katherine Lover (4 years ago)
Me too
Kaitlyn (4 years ago)
Carla Díaz (4 years ago)
i feel you girl i feel you
Emily and Vanesa (4 years ago)
Hayes is hot like I don't even think he's human like seriously 😋🔥😍😂
Yeji Chung (4 years ago)
hayes looks way more than 13
anonymously troubled (2 years ago)
Hes 16 now ;)
anonymous (3 years ago)
he's 15 now
Pettygurl (4 years ago)
He's 14.
Aja C. (4 years ago)
My two fav boys #carterandhayeslove!!!!!
Phant001 (4 years ago)
Carter is fucking fake because in an amateur interview, he acted like he was dead beat and bored as hell and now he's acting fake for the professional interview from Maximo, carter is a bullshitter
StarlisaProductions (4 years ago)
no reason to post that comment.. Carter's personality isn't anyone's business but his own.
Lena Loredo (4 years ago)
Your really fucking annoying and stupid
Marcielle Legarde (4 years ago)
aaliyah reyer (4 years ago)
Cartah is bae 😍💕
Ellie Brown (4 years ago)
hayes is baeeee
boo Bear (4 years ago)
The way hayes said ooh when that asked about the kiss 😂 like oh there's been too many
That girl Nalia (2 years ago)
There probably was he's Hayes Grier he could get any girl.
Lena Loredo (4 years ago)
Lol he had to think cause I'm his last kiss
paradisiac. (4 years ago)
hayes is so fucking beautiful yaaaas hes my age woooo
paradisiac. (4 years ago)
"last kiss?" "MY DA-- nah my mom"
ilysm ashh (4 years ago)
Hayes in this video made me like stop breathing lol
Kaylee Cardey (4 years ago)
there is no way hayes is 14 holy fuck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Irene Eremita (4 years ago)
IKR!!! He's taller that carter like WTF?!?
Kaylee Cardey (4 years ago)
he turned 14 in june
Alexia Noel-Jeune (4 years ago)
+Kandee Benson hes 14
Kandee Benson (4 years ago)
He's 13
Bronte Spidaliere (4 years ago)
Cat In the hat? Really hayes? U read that at 14 or 5? I mean u should read a little more and are capable of being smarter and increasing ur IQ and knowledge when it comes to books. (NOT HATING, I love hayes, I'm just stating an opinion)
Nixhole Dol (3 years ago)
And he also has a little sister who is around the age where you read cat in the hat so he could've read it to her
Nixhole Dol (3 years ago)
It was most likely a joke chill out
Bronte Spidaliere (4 years ago)
Why are they shaking and crossing their arms? R they freezing or cold?
horsegirl (4 years ago)
Wow Carter is 5'8 and Hayes is taller than him. Hayes now must be 5'8 1/2 or 5'9! He's only 14! He's not done growing yet omg
Lena Loredo (4 years ago)
+Maddie Wong  yeah i only thought so because Alli his friend said so
Maddie Wong (4 years ago)
+What Selena Lol that's a lie, he's definitely not 5'4, I'm 5'4 and I met him and he's a lot taller than me.
Lena Loredo (4 years ago)
Allie says Hayes is 5'4
also jelly (4 years ago)
He's 14 huh? And he's so freakin hot and adorable!?! I bet he's not a human he's a freakin beautiful unicorn. LIKE SRSLY all the boys in mah school are like so argh those boys in my school are like retards when Hayes is here being so damn hot when he's 14 those 16 years old boys in my school look like they just licked the hammer miley licked and they act freakin dumb everytime like pls. Pls stop that its not cool. Learn to be hot like Hayes. -Blair
Amber Sabath (4 years ago)
Hayes is hot.
horsegirl (4 years ago)
Dang is Hayes taller than Carter?
horsegirl (4 years ago)
Hayes 😘 so adorable
Stephy Bae (4 years ago)
Hayes is hot
reaganhami (4 years ago)
YAAAAAS SLAY HAYES💕😍💖 so freakin adorable 😍😭
xTHEx xBASICSx (4 years ago)
Hayes last kiss was probably mission beer with her nasty ashhh self
esha (3 years ago)
+xTHEx xBASICSx ikr
Aly Dong (4 years ago)
she is nashtyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy xD
anika (4 years ago)
AHAHAHAHAH this had me laughing for a solid 5 minutes. nasty ass
Brenna And Abby (4 years ago)
umm they never even kissed. the picture was photo shopped. hayes said it himself he doesn't even like her.
also jelly (4 years ago)
+LifeIsFashion12 OMFG ILYSM SOMEONE FINALLY ACTUALLY 'SAID IT' but i still dislike madison. Yea and i still love Nash for what he had done, but I'm sure Madison learned her lesson. We shld just forgive and forget abt Madison flirting with our boys and other things she did. Like who wouldn't flirt with hot guys they see? If i ever see Cam in the street i'll just be like 'i'm available'. I feel like I like Madison now. Idk:( theres totally something wrong with meh.
bianca baptiste (4 years ago)
Hannah Genosky (4 years ago)
Wow hayes is sexy
Abby Grace (4 years ago)
My fave mentioned my fave this is a good day lol
Pettygurl (4 years ago)
Hayes looks hot! ;)
Emilia Soth (4 years ago)
Hayes tho
MaximoTV (4 years ago)
#Viners celebrities #HayesGrier and #CarterReynolds #2014VirtuosoFest red carpet interview

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