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My Fitness Journey #2 (How I got Lean w/ Intermittent Fasting) + Greg Kinobody shout out

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Follow me on IG at www.instagram.com/DreDrexler and save 60% off the digital body analyzer by going to: http://vpwow.com/dre4fit and Using the code: DRE4FIT Here it is! Part 2 of my fitness journey! Since the last video, I have dropped a total of 20 pounds and I feel better than ever! And honestly, it was very easy! I got to eat the foods I enjoy and drop fat all while intermittent fasting. Just to be clear, this video is not a "how to" video. I'm not a personal trainer or health specialist. This is just what has been working for me. Btw, mad love to Gregory O'Gallagher, Radu, & the Hodgetwins for helping me on this fitness journey! If you dig this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't yet! Mad love to you all! -Dre Drexler Watch Part 1 of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxofmVKv1Oo Be sure to follow me on social media: Snapchat - DreDrexler Instagram @DreDrexler Facebook @DreDrexler Twitter @DreDrexler Tumblr @DreDrexler Vine @DreDrexler Pinterest @DreDrexler
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Text Comments (609)
Cameron Ackerman (2 months ago)
Next u need to do the Greek god Program.
Maurice Reed (6 months ago)
Good job bro !!
Grahm Cook (6 months ago)
do you have a cheat meal one day for intermittent fasting?
1EccentricMoFo (8 months ago)
You look good!! 💪
gerry keenan (10 months ago)
Did he say he started at 110 pounds? I’m 14 and 105...
Joshua .Moore (10 months ago)
I’m 13 and 170 Pounds...
Ash Dee (11 months ago)
Nope. Calories in / calories out is NOT the reason why IF works. It's only a question of insulin levels being kept down for long enough amounts of time.
Sindhu Jayan (1 year ago)
You are awesome
Sindri Kristofersson (1 year ago)
Wtf im 5,4 and 15 years old and im 150 pounds of muscle
Cross Gamer (1 year ago)
I get that this video is a couple of years old but I will say this. I was overweight by a good amount and I always felt ill. I finally decided I was going to start something to lose the weight and I did the calorie counting and was very strict about I ate in terms of calories. I didn't always get under the number I needed but I slowly started noticing that I was not hungry all the time and I started to lose weight. That was actually funnily enough around the time this video was uploaded that I started. And 2 years later I have lost about 40 pounds and I am planning on losing 20 more and hopefully be at the weight I want. Of course I have hit a plateau for about 5 months, to where I would gain some weight and then lose it and it was like a something I couldn't get out of. But I will say I am finally starting to lose weight again which is nice. It is kinda crazy that my journey with weight loss is also kinda tied into when I was started to be serious in my walk with Christ. Cause even though I grew up in church I wasn't serious until about June of 2016.
Nickolas Trainer (1 year ago)
I've had similar result's with if thank you for the video
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
thats so awesome to hear Nickolas! thanks for watching!
MK. (1 year ago)
Me: other way round; many muscles, but so hard to lose fat
MrOngky100 (1 year ago)
If I were you, I would bulk up first to around 165-170 getting the muscle development first. Don't obsessive trying to be lean, you should look at the bigger pictures later. After you reach 165-170, you can start cutting to around 153-158 and be shredded. Cheers Brah
Matt Rubish (1 year ago)
Way to go Dre! Keep on grinding 💪🏽
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
thank you Matt!
ru r (1 year ago)
I literally lost about 20 KGs in 4 months cuz of Kinobody, everyone cheak him out!
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
niiice same here! :D
prescott da prince (1 year ago)
Great transformation Dre I can relate to this when I got to 165 I was excited I'm currently weighing between 166 to 170 pounds
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
niiice, thats dope bro. good job! Thanks for watching -dre
Herjhee Absolu (1 year ago)
great job
Dre Drexler (1 year ago)
Thanks so much Herjhee!
slman xx good aijlk (1 year ago)
‫i love you انا من السعوديه
phantom1354 (1 year ago)
Im 6'2 and 150 but i am only 15 haha. That being said, I'm up from 120 sooo progress is progress
Alex Joseph (1 year ago)
Hey mate, I'll help you to get muscles mass if you were in the UK but u look like in the USA :)
Kiarilk (1 year ago)
Well it doesn't matter what those haters had to say back then because your physique is definitely not average now. Good job and thanks for the inspiration!
Shawn Afshar (1 year ago)
Whats the meal plan?
Squirtale (1 year ago)
im 136 at 6 foot but I look so skinny idk why people always say I look skinny
Mike Kunz (1 year ago)
Squirtale because you’re 6’ and 136 pounds
Elbert Diquit (2 years ago)
Nice video and great advice man! I might try this intermittent fasting!
Lmao. Your nipples are as dark as mine and I'm black. Haaaaaaaa
Caleb Wade (2 years ago)
You should make more fitness videos
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
yeah maybe during summer! Thanks for watching Caleb!
Ya Boi Thad (2 years ago)
When's pt 3?
Zach'sCombat (2 years ago)
it's funny but I can't grow fat.
Rizvi Washim (2 years ago)
I'm 15 years . so is it good if a go on a fasting or diet
ather hussaini (1 year ago)
how is dieting and eating affecting growth
shhh (2 years ago)
Rizvi Washim nah bro don't now do it after you are 16 it can effect your growth like it did to me
Steve- in-Cornwall (2 years ago)
You look stunning! 😉🙂 x
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
you are too kind, thanks bro!
LimeXX (2 years ago)
ImDibb (2 years ago)
all these skinny dudes saying losing weight is easy smh they don't know the real struggle
gerry keenan (10 months ago)
ImDibb depending on your metabolism, it shouldn’t be TOO hard, when most people want to lose body fat they only exercise, but I know for a fact you must eat VERY healthy and cut out a lot of things, and you can lose so much weight.
Julian valdes (1 year ago)
Fr I’m naturally fat because ima an endomorph but losing isn’t that much harder. Plus being endomorph gives you advantages like for me at fifteen I’m very lean at 160 because I’m around 200 pounds
Mario Radoev (1 year ago)
all these fat dudes saying gaining weight is easy, just eat more etc. smh they don't know the real struggle
Evan O (1 year ago)
ImDibb you can eat any food just lower the portion of what you eat
RangoPlaysGames (1 year ago)
Really isn't mate. Eat semi-good, drink lots of water and basically just move your body - that's pretty much it and BOOM, you've lost some weight.
Josh Lie (2 years ago)
what is intermittent fasting and what you do?
John Val (2 years ago)
im in highschool and ive been working out alot and i noticed my gains like alot hahah and i can tell other people have too
Pål Opsahl Eriksen (2 years ago)
Great video😊
shannon Bear (2 years ago)
It's all about da gaaaainz
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
haha thanks so much for watching!
sebastian Zeledon (2 years ago)
for every meal or only breakfast, btw i love your video there awsome dude
sebastian Zeledon (2 years ago)
what did u eat duruing the fasting?
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
just an apple or maybe some coffee.... nothing over 60 calories
Mike H. (2 years ago)
Good..pleasant articulate info..thnx..it just redoes the info but still helpful to m0tivate!
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
thanks for watching!
Frost B (2 years ago)
That already looks perfect, i wanna be at least that thin, good job on your end bro
All The Nibbles (2 years ago)
I have a question. I want to achieve a calorie deficit but don't know how to track calories lost. How do u do it
Beel 7 (2 years ago)
inspirational for me because I find it hard to gain weight.
Karl (2 years ago)
lol im 17 years old 188 cm and weigh 75 kg/165 lb but im skinnny as hell xD i cant gain muscle for shit i tried eating routines with training and everything i just stay between 74-77 kg X(
Jean hay (2 years ago)
Dre, are you a Christian ?
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
yeah buddy! :D
H Z (2 years ago)
I put like 5 pound per month lol, but I'm not gaining weight anymore, I have to go back to workout again
Jason Gonzalez (2 years ago)
So what exactly have u been doing to lose fat? Like whats yours plan or what do u do to lose fat? If u haven't made a vid explaining how can u make a vid of how your losing the fat?
Saul Sanchez (2 years ago)
What would you use to count your calorie intake? My fitness pal?
Mo (2 years ago)
best way to track calorie intake is using Under Armor MyFitnessPal app
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
thats awesome! thanks for letting me know !! :D
Juan Garay (2 years ago)
Thank you!! I need it that😊
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
awesome thanks for watching!! :D
Tsar Marklovski (2 years ago)
Whats the color of hair dye you using?
Mobstar Hipstar (2 years ago)
this shit sounds basic and stupid. Not everything is about calories w/e go on wit the intermittent SAD junkfood diet
huzafah (2 years ago)
how to gain weight TT
Pollo Photo (2 years ago)
Carl Perl (2 years ago)
in how many months do you get these results?
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
Carl Perl that's awesome dude! I've definitely had those 22/2 days! Appreciate the love and support! Keep me updated on your results! 👊🏽
Carl Perl (2 years ago)
+Dre Drexler Thanks! I'm doing since 17 days, the 16/8 IF, but today I did 22/2 IF. I don't feel hungry. You look great!
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
about 2.5 :)
Malcriado Malcriado_t (2 years ago)
i Love all of your vidio you have all my suport
westfield90 (2 years ago)
I do congratulate you on the weight loss but the only reason you lost weight 'easily' was because you are young. The fact you were eating burgers and chips is hardly any recipe for losing weight. You only contributed to inflammation in your body which will not be seen until you reach your 40's. Young people can lose weight and pack on muscles overnight but it all slows down.
Raymond Conners (2 years ago)
I would like to read a comment on this. I'm 45. Will IT work for me?
محبة وسلام (2 years ago)
How come you keep your eyebrows thick!
HappyHippo (2 years ago)
max malik (2 years ago)
hey dre im 19 and my weight is 70 kg i want to get rid of at least 15 kg ,what kind of workout i should do and what kind of diet i should follow (im pure veg.)
moneymaker (2 years ago)
max malik (2 years ago)
a guy or a girl?
moneymaker (2 years ago)
max malik (2 years ago)
ohk btw how old are u?
moneymaker (2 years ago)
its fine as long as u dont get unhealthy, but 70kg is far from fat dude.
Shab. B (2 years ago)
Dude your body is exactly like my body now, and I agree with you it's actually really easy to lose weight
Tahmeed Rahman (2 years ago)
man I just love your videos!!! keep up the great works!!!
A Scott (2 years ago)
The key point is ,YOU WERE STOKED ABOUT YOUR RESULTS !! Thats all that matters. You love yourself dude and that's better than any kind of "super hero" body !!! Keep up the good work Dre !!!
Gabriel Viegas (2 years ago)
Hey! It'd be Great if you could explain the Intermittent fasting type that you applied...coz when I checked it out, everyone gave different ways to do it. Like, Fast the first 3-4hrs of the day... Some say stay away from food for 16-20hrs etc... Keep Up the Good Work Bro! :)
Mr Ethan (2 years ago)
You must word hard on your chest and on your arm you will look the best :)
Mayur Wadhwani (2 years ago)
how to loose chubby cheeks p.s i m skinny
Jerome Rex Bugtong (2 years ago)
wow! i like this vid.
Punchy Salazar (2 years ago)
Justin Tackett (2 years ago)
dre did you ever have cheat days or "refeeds", if so how often? thanks bro!
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
hells yeah dude! Probably more often than i should haha, I usually do cheat days on saturdays and sundays. although i still intermittent fast those days so I'm barely going over my calorie limit. :)
BlaBlaBla (2 years ago)
What is up ? Sky , you high
Irving Nolasco (2 years ago)
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
thanks for watching! :D
SpectacularVernacular (2 years ago)
he looks below average tho?
Austin (1 year ago)
SpectacularVernacular what the hell is wrong with you jeez
xander j. (1 year ago)
wtf is wrong with you?
Based Nathaniel (2 years ago)
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
SpectacularVernacular (2 years ago)
haha 😂😂
IamSanthoshh (2 years ago)
Full day eating video pls
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
soon! thanks! :D
Orion Von Walker (2 years ago)
the way you speak makes you sound stupid/dumb. lead by example speak english properly, like you have had an education.
Ellismore Holems (2 years ago)
Russ Walker Is that right? How clear is it? Seems like you just don't know what anything means lol
Orion Von Walker (2 years ago)
you are clearly just a troll.
Ellismore Holems (2 years ago)
Russ Walker Bro you talk a lot about grammar but yours is pretty atrocious. I'm not even subscribed to Dre, i'm speaking from everyone's perspective...the only uneducated one here seems to be you.
Orion Von Walker (2 years ago)
my comment was not meant to be negative, i watched your video and thought it was good. you look like a smart lad and because you care for your health that says to me you are switched on, i just found the street/getto slang beneath you, i bet ya dont talk to your grandmother like that. dont be like everyone else mate, show em you have some class and are a respectable person and you will be a winner in life.
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
sorry man, thats just how i speak. I don't mean to sound perfect and i was homeschooled so that probably explains it haha, nonetheless, I appreciate you watching Russ! Mad Love to you bro XD -Dre
chengherman (2 years ago)
This is actually very interesting because I have a very similar built to you. Could you give more details about your meal routine and what you eat? Also do you take any pre-work out or post workout supplements? Thanks! keep up the good work!
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
just check out Kinobody I follow all his routines and i dont use any supplements but coffee and 1 protein shake a day just for extra protein :D
Andrew K. NI (2 years ago)
Cool physique...
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
u too man! :D
Andrew K. NI (2 years ago)
Have a good day Dre :-)
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
thanks Andrew!
Act Indian (2 years ago)
u r best
Act Indian (2 years ago)
can u give me a subscribe on my channel ? I even did on your ... u must know it matter a lot
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
no you are bro! :D thanks for watching!
RAY VAL (2 years ago)
Is this guy gay?
RAY VAL (2 years ago)
Dre Drexler lol alright then congrats and sorry you don't look gay at all tbh
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
no I am married to a Sexy Latina woman !!! :D thanks for watching bro
SvendDesigns (2 years ago)
i just started intermittent fasting and i can't wait to see results , gonna be sick
SvendDesigns (2 years ago)
+Dre Drexler will do man! love your channel btw, definitely a big influence and i hope to make one like yours one day <3
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
awesome bro!!! Let me know how it goes for ya ! :D
Punchy Salazar (2 years ago)
I never gained weight. Im always skinny.
Trevor C (2 years ago)
I like how you look pudgy
Mike H (2 years ago)
Skinny dude eats at a deficit...when trying to build muscle. *Face palm*
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
that wasn't my main priority. I was trying to get cut for summer and my goal was achieved. However, you can still gain muscle while you are cutting.
SvendDesigns (2 years ago)
you can build muscle whilst on a deficit, whilst not recommended and certainly not efficient
Praveen Reddy (2 years ago)
I'm gonna try this intermittent fasting... Cutting down calories to become lean.. Sounds cool..
Cameron Shadroo (2 years ago)
whats up dre, after i watched this video, i started fasting and man its awesome. Burning fat is super easy now. thanks for the video
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
hahaha sooo dope! Glad to hear that Cam!
ilikefood (2 years ago)
great vid dre! you should be super proud of your progress! for those of you looking to get your diet in check for weight loss or toning up check out the app myfitness pal. i swear im not one of those spam commenters lol i really use this app and it changed the way i look at food completely, it doesnt just keep track of your calories but it also tells you how much fat, sugars, carbs, etc you should (or shouldnt be) eating a day and takes into account the calories you burn in exercise. it basically gives you a custom meal plan for whatever goal you are trying to accomplish and its completely free! just trying to help out people on their journey :)
omar hbvhhvhv (2 years ago)
Can somebody explain intermittent fasting?
1EccentricMoFo (8 months ago)
Saman cheetry Hey YES You can dude I thought exactly the same!! I never missez breaky but its so easy so dam easy I been doing this now for couple weeks and I finsh dinner about 7pm or 7:30pm and eat the next day at either 11am or 11:30 or even 12pm first meal and you don't get hungry its amazing!! Have you started yet??
john boy (10 months ago)
TubeDeviant how can you go so long without eating? I won't ever be able to do that
shannon Bear (2 years ago)
It's when u stop eating for like 16 hours but u can drink water tho , also u should be sleeping the first 8 hours so it wouldn't be too hard
TubeDeviant (2 years ago)
My favorite intermittent fasting routine is 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours in which you can consume your calories.. It allows me to eat larger meals and still be in a caloric deficit.. If I eat smaller meals, I can easily eat too many calories because it's not as satisfying for me and I just end up eating something else...
Orlando Sandoval (2 years ago)
it's having an eating window say about an 8 hour window typically I usually go from 12:30 to 8 because that's what fits me but you can really change it to however you can manage it. just need to fast 14-16 hours
mohamed Sfax (2 years ago)
Trying my best to get rid of belly fat,it annoys me..doesn't seem to go
RemyLexington (2 years ago)
I know what you mean bro. I feel like i'm getting almost too skinny everywhere else, but my belly is still there. So frustrating. Hang in there man. Btw cool name, where are you from?
Zafriq Tuah (2 years ago)
summertime sadness su su summer sadness but yours on point bruh
Enrique Esteves (2 years ago)
can you show us like some routines?
You are fantastic!!!!!!!
reflex191 (2 years ago)
Was expecting bro science but he hit everything right on the head nutrition wise. Good job man!
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
yeah man, I try to do as much research as possible! thanks so much for watching :D
Oh Lord (2 years ago)
You keep going at it my dudee!!!
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
thank so much! :D
LeBronGOAT (2 years ago)
What do you eat??
Wayne T (2 years ago)
you look better at 160lb
Tsar Marklovski (2 years ago)
You probably like his old look because the stomach looks more like a powerman rather than a cut man. Big strong guys aren't cut. But being lean feels alot better imo.
Wayne T (2 years ago)
dude, "he looks better at 160lb" is just my opinion man. if you don't agree with me, that's fine by me. so take your mean comment and shove it up yr ass.
Alvaro Florez (2 years ago)
dude, he was getting a disgusting belly pooch... you're blind as fuck
J'adore NCT (2 years ago)
Wayne Tang no
BNROEC (2 years ago)
Dude wtf I can see Gabriel Conte in you hahaha
Carlos Sanchez (2 years ago)
Great vid and congrats on your progress bro Do you have a meal plan timetable or a link to a good meal plan ..?
Arik Geary (2 years ago)
*Good job Dre I need fat I'm too skinny lol!!:)*
ad khey (2 years ago)
ad khey (2 years ago)
ad khey (2 years ago)
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
thanks for watching! :D
Jake Aaron (2 years ago)
my first thoughts of your thumbnail i was like holy shit you look great keep up the good work : )
TheInfamousZee (2 years ago)
Yo dre I don't think it's "hating" if people are giving you objective opinions. It's great that you came from super skinny to just normal skinny not saying it wasn't hard but pointing out you look like an average to below average dude body wise doesn't make anyone a hater it's just true. As I said that doesn't mean it wasn't hard work for you to get there and that's commendable
Sandip Peshawaria (2 years ago)
Hey Dre! As usual this video was so inspirational and knowledgable..thank you! I would love you to do a video on what to eat in depth e.g. what, when, avoid etc. I always struggle to eat healthy and don't know what to eat when I'm hungry and end up having junk. Look forward to hearing from you soon!! Once again thank you for being such a inspiration!
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
thanks so much for the love and support! I'll definitely keep all these ideas in mind! Thanks again! :D

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