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Versailles' dirty secrets - Toute L'Histoire

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Versailles' dirty secrets - Toute L'Histoire The chateau of Versailles is believed to have been a dirty palace: a place where everyone tossed the contents of their chamber pots from the windows above… Yet during the chateau’s construction, Louis XIV had given thought to commodities, and several public latrines were built as well as a very modern water system. So where did this bad reputation come from? Every sundays at 19 pm Toute L'Histoire channel invites you to watch a new documentary: http://bit.ly/2kYWUwp
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Text Comments (5335)
Minsyrup (8 minutes ago)
I think Emma Chamberlain belongs in this era
genie reyes (1 hour ago)
Commissar Dimitri (7 hours ago)
What is the painting on the right at 12:13 called? Or who the person is?
G Y (13 hours ago)
I don't think people in other western countries were any cleaner. Maybe they imported perfume from France. I've seen regular bathing before the 19th Century connected only with Japan.
ryan olson (13 hours ago)
damn bodily humours! always escaping from my opened pores!
Saturn A3 (18 hours ago)
At the same time Otoman Empire was full of public bathes
Saturn A3 (18 hours ago)
Even Three centuries before Louis XIV, muslems were washing their face, arms, feet 5 times a day, and used to wash the whole body after beeing intim with wife
Dan Robinson (19 hours ago)
I bet pussy really smelled like dead fish back in those days.
Professional Watcher (19 hours ago)
ONE BATH?!?!?!?!
Pink Grapefruit (20 hours ago)
Imagine all of the crusty dirty stuff they had on their stinky bodies....blegh
Emmanela Oke (22 hours ago)
How did they ever have sex..Ewwwww
curlyhair fag (1 day ago)
what fabric are those pants made out of 16:43
Arazoe Love (1 day ago)
Well we all know how smelly the menstrual can be for women, i cant even imagine how this was dealt with without the use of soap and water?? Bravery i suppose😱😰😂👀👀
Lala (1 day ago)
Ok so they emptied chamber pots contents into cesspits. But what did they empty the cesspit contents into? The river? The fields?
Lala (1 day ago)
They had portable chamber pots called "Bourdaloue". I bet that's where the term "the loo" originated from.
Brittany (1 day ago)
Must have been a lot of yeast infections going on.
Maria Martinez (1 day ago)
En conclusion Versailles olía a culo 🤣
Chocolate C (1 day ago)
I wish if I can back Than and smell stink Testicles🤮☠ of his majesty king👑 Louis 14th 🤣😂 Definitely I will die at the moment 🤪
Kevin DREAMER (1 day ago)
They are the ones with shitty minds and bodies yet they considered others shit....😆😆😆 Well now you're caught 😂😂😂 Perfumes? haha.. now I know the reason...
daivi candrika (1 day ago)
This makes me think. Do people in game of thrones bathe???
we're family (2 days ago)
Bullshit! Men wore braies (similar to boxer shorts with short 'legs') hundreds of years earlier....get a proper expert next time
Sumihilivi Chishi (2 days ago)
Louis XIV was fancyyyy
Rina Donna (2 days ago)
The birth of "Eau de Toilette"
Meylie (2 days ago)
Just to think the children were killed for no reason during the French Revolution
symelex (2 days ago)
We switched to natural so many times through the centuries and yet... We still don't get it.
Danny Yoder (2 days ago)
NOW! Now you understand the stink of the "Versailles Treaty" the Germans suffered after WWI.
Tahnee Jenkins (2 days ago)
The makeup items are so beautiful! A modern-day makeup company needs to recreate some of the items for a collection.
Liliana N (3 days ago)
"Being clean meant taking care of visible parts of the body, the more intimate parts weren't necessarily looked after." WHAT– DISGUSTIN'
Suzan Collier (3 days ago)
So frigging interesting and awesome! Love this video!
Tracy marmol (3 days ago)
The infants were bathed so they could be modified. wtf. What the hell were they modifying ?
Pls.End. Me. (3 days ago)
“Each Era is convinced that they’re clean” Me: ...but right now we are clean...right...?
scrapefrenzy (2 days ago)
Bruh, you high too? I thought about that phrase for a while...like future people will think our cleansing practices are shitty too. I wonder. 🤔🤔🤔 ...like the 3 seashells in that one movie. 🤣🤣🤣
Brian C (3 days ago)
On a positive note, cheese was more plentiful and therefore much cheaper !
Tyesin (4 days ago)
I was just here oop
theylive23 (4 days ago)
A little bit of dirt never hurt anyone - people today are a bunch of spoilt pussies who have been conned into covering themselves with a load of toxic chemicals through advertising.
ca53fe (4 days ago)
Very interesting! I'm glad I didn't live during the 17th century. 🤮 That's so gross! 🤮😷🤢
Mahima Singh (4 days ago)
And they call out India for hygiene. We are far better. Phew😏
Fenty Hoe (4 days ago)
I can’t even imagine how their ass smell ewww
james micheal (4 days ago)
Ottomans was better in hygine i think ( keeping away political difference , i think ottoman hygine was better )
LaidBack Gaming (4 days ago)
Nasty Europeans
Teri Lim (5 days ago)
8:12 Louis XIV had the original GRWM sessions
Adelaide Dupont (5 days ago)
I thought Louis XVI was thinking of #commodes .
Lynn Zarina (5 days ago)
they were more focus on the outfit then the cleaniness..look nice but dirty body.
Lynn Zarina (5 days ago)
how was the oral sex? without washing after toilet?
Louis XIV was madly in love with his favorite Mistress so he made her a room with a bath. A bath not for bathing, it was equivalent to 50 year pay for a stone mason or the price of a beautiful mansion on the outskirts of Paris. Who needs to bathe when you are swimming in gold!
Rebecca Brown (5 days ago)
I thought time travel might be fun. Not anymore. Vomitous.
pl (5 days ago)
“Perfumes for the poor” zaaaam I felt that
Flora Segal (5 days ago)
what a terrible way to exist, its disgusting
Paul Stovall (5 days ago)
It was actually supposed to have been considered to be 'fashionable' to have body lice. But that's the French for ya. LICE, HUNGER, AND HAIR During the second half of the eighteenth century much of European and American fashion followed the styles of Paris, France. In France the nobles of the court gathered at Versailles, the palace of the French king. There, they had little to do except gossip and design more and more excessive fashions. Men began to wear tall wigs, made of human hair, horsehair, or goat's hair, that were dressed into complex masses of curls. Women placed a horsehair cushion or a wire frame on their heads, then wrapped their own hair over it and piled it high in enormous decorative hairdos, which sometimes rose several feet above the head. Proud hairdressersgave their creations dramatic names, like coiffeur à l'espoir (hairstyle of hope) or coiffeur de la Liberté (hairstyle of liberty) and often topped them off with huge ornaments, like sailing ships, windmills, and whole gardens of flowers. Both men and women held their styles in place with large amounts of hair pomade made from beef fat and covered the whole thing with powder, usually made from wheat or rice flour, sometimes scented and dyed blue, pink, or violet. Because most Western cultures of the time considered bathing to be dangerous, thorough cleaning of the body was usually only attempted twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. Therefore, perfumes and pouches of fragrant flower petals were used daily to improve the smell of unwashed bodies. These did not, however, prevent parasites like lice from taking up residence in the scalps of both rich and poor. Lice are small insects that live in the hair of humans and other animals. While the poor most often simply cut off lice-infested hair, the wealthy had to consider their image. Wealthy men could at least remove their wigs and clean them, often by baking them in the oven. They could also shave the head the wig would conceal, and get rid of lice that way. Women however, often preserved their elaborately designed hairdos for months, and lice and other pests were frequently attracted to the fat and flour used to style the hair. Long-handled silver claws were designed to reach in and scratch the itches caused by the lice living inside the coiffure, or hairstyle, and it was not uncommon to see these scratchers laid out with the silverware for guests to use at fancy dinner parties. Perhaps one of the most important effects of the lavishly styled hair of the French court was caused by the powder itself. At a time when French peasants could barely afford the cost of a loaf of bread, French noblemen and noble-women stood in powder rooms covered with protective cloths, while servants dusted their hair with great quantities of flour. Poor people who were already angry about the extravagant lifestyle of the wealthy grew even more resentful over this waste of perfectly good food on simple vanity. In 1789 this anger exploded in the French Revolution (1789–99). The poor turned furiously on the rich, determined to get revenge for all the wrongs that had been done. Elaborate hairstyles were replaced by shorter, more natural styles, no doubt much easier to keep lice-free, and flour was once again only used to make bread.
Diana Burgos (5 days ago)
They are lazy pigs, stop putting perfume on it. they had no plumbing, no one wants to carry the f*****g water.
cherry the berry (5 days ago)
Who would've say that a documentary about French Royals could make me want to bathe so bad
cherry the berry (5 days ago)
Mon dieu LE FILTH
Michelle Mostovlanski (6 days ago)
I have a history test tomorrow on the french revolution... and I'm watching this...
Turkish Delight (6 days ago)
And they saw louis xivs life through an open window i guess.... i dont think it was true
PooDot StinkPants (6 days ago)
*No wonder the cartoon character was named Pepe le Ppppppppeeeeeewwwwwww!*
#Walkaway C (7 days ago)
France has never been known for hygiene. My friends have visited and said almost all locals smell like body odor.
Isaac Friend (7 days ago)
So I should not wish i was the gay brother of Louis the 14 who could eat pastry and lounge all day? Or a close noble friend of Marie Antoinette? Damn... my dreams gone
cleo (8 days ago)
giggity (8 days ago)
Nasty mofos 😬. One time me and my girl when on a 5 mile run and two hours in the gym, we had sex right after lol, it was super sweaty and nasty but we love it 😘🤤
silva geko (8 days ago)
i guess oral sex was not a thing in those days then.
jillian hudgens (8 days ago)
I am ready for a shower after watching this smh lol
LuckyUrbana (8 days ago)
Europeans are so NASTY. They have always been this way. They were the only ones afraid of water. No surprise they are so NASTY. Here is some tea, Africans taught them how to be clean and bathe. Don't at me, look it up folks.
Clayton Paisley (8 days ago)
Cholera, typhoid, hepatitis b and a, amoebas, giardia, and bacteria that can cause sepsis and topical infections are all spread by dirty water. It's not like their fear of water born illness was irrational.
Mark Garin (8 days ago)
Considering how they were medically inept... Europeans at that time we're only right about the water. It was pretty unsafe to be used for anything...since it was used for everything. Wasn't small pox still an issue during this time? Many folks required substantial make-up to cover scars.
footstepsbehindme13 (9 days ago)
Can I just say french nobility are extra AF. I do not need to have like 30 people in the room with me when I'm getting ready.
Saycat (9 days ago)
They hard a big problem with SHARDING. phewwwwww.
My PotatoCat (10 days ago)
My body died just watching this🤢
Egle Davidsoniene (10 days ago)
Versale palace has amazing view. Facts about royal family astonishing and inspired many people all times.
Ms.MonicaPyle (10 days ago)
Can you imagine the amount of bubbling that would occur if you dropped a hydrogen peroxide bomb on the palace and everyone inside?
Ms.MonicaPyle (10 days ago)
The grossest thing described in this was the use of wigs. She said their hair was already very very greasy and oily and then throw some powder on it and cover it with a big heavy wig that made their heads sweat even more and were "infested with parasites" 😓
Red Bone (10 days ago)
white folks...smh
the beast is a god (10 days ago)
What is this nonsense
Baby Glitch (10 days ago)
Now I understand why the Japanese called Europeans barbarians. yuck
Aly C (11 days ago)
As awful as it was, I’m wondering if weather may have played a small role. Without indoor heaters in the winters, I can only imagine it would have been a challenge to keep the water warm. Then again for nobles, this probably wouldn’t have been as huge issue as your average Frenchman of that time. No wonder perfumes were so popular and a luxury in France.
Ronald Ronca (11 days ago)
I was having dinner while watching this, I lost my appetite with the close up of the old gentleman being interviewed in his library
Lorettamarie G (11 days ago)
the Romans used to do their laundry in piss!!!#
Swolleen C (11 days ago)
No one was a fan for baths in King Louie's time. They believed bathing brought illness. You weren't prominent if your body didn't have an odor. The more critters you had the better off you were. In the days of the Wild West mankind was up to just a bath on Saturday. It wasn't until the mid 1900s that society got into daily baths.
54living (11 days ago)
Lazy, dirty, afraid water …...
Haifa Al-Aryan (11 days ago)
i thought this was gonna be about royal scandals
Happy Bubble (11 days ago)
As someone who understands both French and English, having one spoken over the other is really confusing. I think it would’ve been better if you had just subbed the French parts.
Spinach Pineapple (12 days ago)
Be glad that you are living today
Carbon Crowns (12 days ago)
Why did they only choose to speak on the French who didn't believe in hygiene because of superstitions? A book called Dirt by David Montgomery wrote about how disgusting and foul Europe was before the Moors arrival. They caused the bubonic plague simply by being unclean.
nodi db (12 days ago)
Sick fucks
Google User (12 days ago)
Anyone else notice the background music at 20:00 sounding like "like a boy" by Ciara? Is her song a cover of a classical song?
3SYDO (13 days ago)
Interesting but 🤢😵
Sara Khalid (13 days ago)
we finally knew kristen Stewart origins
Mika (13 days ago)
Ok history is really interesting but the voices that tell it are so boring
Rahul vinal Narayan (13 days ago)
Dirty was in the literal sense here..no tea spilled..surprisingly good content though. Indian royals during this time were a lot more hygienic.
?,?, (13 days ago)
The west has trashy hygiene since day 1
Gene Kost (13 days ago)
No smell. Recently renovated. If going make sure you dont go on a strike day they happen quite frquently. At the palice Versailles.
Epithany Reighn (13 days ago)
They need to wash their asses and that palace 😳😭😭
Gabriel G (13 days ago)
These people were filth and they knew it, that’s why they had title and finery, to distract them from their stench, they looked down on people because they themselves knew they were worse than dogs, because in the animal kingdom, even THEY have a sense of hygiene. These people were merely manifesting what was in their heart.... UTTER FILTH!! I would also like to add that these people were utterly Lazy slobs, who were so privileged that they thought themselves above having to clean up or even wipe their asses or even take a dumb in a hole or bowl. They felt they could shit wherever they very well pleased because to have to follow a common standard, as anyone else, well that would be beneath them. I can guarantee ANY other individual/peasant did bathe and they may have shat in the woods, but I’m willing to bet they at least wiped their asses. Lastly... The so called “ELITES”, of this world aren’t, that far off from the bottom of the barrel, they too are filthy scum, who eat shit because they are deranged.
Captain Maxwell (13 days ago)
Tayloring would have been a profitable profession, and it looks like a lot of really intricate work.Weird how the styles change over time. Consumerism, fads and "hip" fashions have been around for a long time.
Victor Nthamburi (13 days ago)
Don't eat anything while watching this LOL!
Carrie A. Moreno (13 days ago)
but did they smell like BO?
Joe Howard (13 days ago)
🤴 18:00 22:50 34:51
Joe Howard (13 days ago)
The Royals 👑 were so superior
Quinton Christian (13 days ago)
If you are not for black people's reparations you are racist. All racist devil's are nasty.
CrazyBear65 (13 days ago)
Just imagine, if all that gold in Versailles, and in Buckingham Palace, and _especially_ in the Vatican, was melted down and used for currency... Nobody would have to be poor anymore. Nobody would have to kiss asses, or be spat upon and shat upon by the useless rich bastards who imagine themselves somehow better than the rest of us. Wouldn't that be a groovy thing? If insight and understanding were as plentiful as dandelions...
CrazyBear65 (13 days ago)
Well that was interesting. A history of European hygiene, or the lack thereof, in the high society of France.. ..Lady Mondegreen... So... "Stinky Frenchman" is not unfounded. Interesting how the king and the court lived a hedonistic life, truly the idle aristocracy, oblivious to the plight of the masses. Not unlike the lazy 1% of the modern day. Disparity. The gaping chasm between the haves and the have-nots.
Peggy Stoute Morin (13 days ago)
These folks were stinky.

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