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When the Blood Comes Home

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You are that sound.
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SonicPSL13 (3 days ago)
INeverWanted2010 (12 days ago)
These videos make me feel so damn nostalgic, YouTube has changed so much
Adam Jones (16 days ago)
Collierville am sucks now
SeanJTharpe (3 months ago)
3:17 Bahhhb Tru-faaaahnt
PizzaWads (3 months ago)
Anyone tried texting that number on the flyer?
Ryan McGinnis (3 months ago)
probum erat vostrum negotium. Musica vostra erit magna!
Jacob Smedley (4 months ago)
Danga Langman (4 months ago)
Sucks one of these guys went full blown tranny on us :/
rattrap's dank sewer (4 months ago)
Why does WPI use comic sans? Because it's the trufont.
Steej (4 months ago)
Eddard Stark (4 months ago)
I'm going to open a bar and call it "The Double Tree."
LEFT4BASS (4 months ago)
This video is classic. I love the part where they're on the bench and the other guy awkwardly leaves and then the band name appears at the bottom.
Speaty (6 months ago)
4:01 he is trying so hard not to laugh!
Jon Rochford (6 months ago)
This makes me feel very old 😞
zeranzeran (7 months ago)
When Butter Snaps Appear Pecans No Longer Interest Me
JC_Animations (7 months ago)
ZeranZeran beautiful
BullyScholarshipWii (7 months ago)
Wonder what happened to Dubyah P I records
JC_Animations (7 months ago)
BullyScholarshipWii Bob Trufant eventually went on to be owner of Berenstein Diet pills and Brooks and Conrad eventually decided to sign under another label and now play live every Sunday at your local pawn shop
Treine Jones (8 months ago)
What happened to these guys there so funny
Felipe Diez (9 months ago)
The first CD song would have done better on the market
Tabitha Aaron (9 months ago)
Still watching and loving May 2018. ❤
Scrotie McBoogerballs (9 months ago)
man. Thomas's facial expressions get me haha
Solfilium (9 months ago)
Thomas' facial expressions always crack me up
Takuapilot361 ! (10 months ago)
The cast of this video is three actors and only one doesn’t say anything
Jeremy (10 months ago)
Thomas’s smile is pure gold. He could be a big star
お化け (10 months ago)
10 years later, this shit is still gold.
Takuapilot361 ! (10 months ago)
0:43 when butter snaps appear peaches no longer interest me
phobos2k2 (10 months ago)
3:46 Your reaction when you first watched a BalloonShop video.
Brom (11 months ago)
I love how josh goes down that slippery slide
Calum Csunyoscka (1 year ago)
I thought id seen all the little details...but Thomas blinking in time with the music....most wholesomely genius comedy
Gary H (1 year ago)
This and Runescape. That was 2007.
U (1 year ago)
Hello there people I am from deh 2018 and I’m here to collect the mortgage..
Jack Pyne (1 year ago)
Somehow Joshua found a way to make sitting silently hilarious.
MultipleActs (1 year ago)
4:11 where did I hear that song before?
Benjamin Parker (1 year ago)
They keep reminding me of Hawthorne Heights.
Isz Novem (1 year ago)
2007 Olan *KILLED* in black eyeliner
CrazyBrick30 (1 year ago)
What is very upsetting is this video is over 10 years old and I STILL have yet to see a GIF of Thomas' reaction and progressive smile at 3:48 used everywhere always. So damn good.
FreeFlamingInfinite (1 year ago)
One of the best! Still funny as shit in 2017!
Celina Padilla (1 year ago)
You may be wondering “what does WPI stand for?”, it’s quite obvious, really. When buttersnaps appear, Peaches no longer Interest me.
Preston Lee (1 year ago)
James Spader in Mannequin=BT
Jonathan Wood (1 year ago)
Bopit641 (1 year ago)
72 people were not that sound
Imagine Bagginz (1 year ago)
Josh when he goes down the slide 😂 Every time
sporktar (1 year ago)
It's been 10 years since this video came out, i now have a full time job and pay bills and am generally considered an adult human. I still make bob trufont reference jokes.
Jay Gringo (3 months ago)
sporktar never too old for good comedy! I hope you stay at the doubletree as much as possible
Jonathan Wood (1 year ago)
That warms my heart man, seriously
Grimmbo (1 year ago)
Ah, balloonshop.... the memories...
Sayeth Di Puppeth (1 year ago)
That is the worst piggybacking form I've ever seen in my life. It's like he's TRYING to make it harder to carry him!
Guillermo Nunez (1 year ago)
2017....5:36 😂😂😂 still funny
I ship Starco
Sarah Do (1 year ago)
This is my kind of humor. My cheeks hurt.
Imagine Bagginz (1 year ago)
Sarah Do it's just as good :) These videos make me wish I could have been friends with them back in the day. Watch Bounty Blue!
Sarah Do (1 year ago)
I'm late to the balloonshop party
Sarcasmic (1 year ago)
I just noticed this video was uploaded before the Bernstein's diet pills video. No wonder their sales were so bad, they didn't have that great ad from Thomas to turn things around.
MrWulfric1 (1 year ago)
Damn. This is 10 years old? My god. Time is going by too fast!!!
Imagine Bagginz (1 year ago)
MrWulfric1 holy crap. That's hard to believe.
Evelynn Maurer (2 years ago)
Rupies ! LOL
Viko (2 years ago)
Josh is staring blankly in forge distance the whole time
DaDangerDog (2 years ago)
This is SO great.
Koettnylle (2 years ago)
NonDama Gamer (2 years ago)
This is the best thing I've ever seen on the internet.
Norm HD (2 years ago)
Ben Stiller?
FreeTheSloths (2 years ago)
WtBCHnow available in stores near you next to Fergie.
xMiNdWaRpx (2 years ago)
Oh shit! Is Olan a The Chariot fan?!
Knowhardfeelings (2 years ago)
Even Bernsteins diet pills are down! But how?!
Myst (2 years ago)
5,000,000 year annually
Kaleb Brasee (2 years ago)
So did WtBCH make both of those CDs?
David Hernandez (2 years ago)
Emo kids today
Liam M-D (2 years ago)
Those baby pictures XD
Mon (2 years ago)
this channel is so underrated...
Rob Gomez (2 years ago)
Will we ever get to download "the sound"? It makes me so freaking happy!
Bobby Greene (2 years ago)
Thomas has the best facial expressions, reminds me of Topher Grace is That 70s Show
ACTUAL NOISE IT MADE (2 years ago)
"When buttersnaps appear, Peaches no longer Interest me." What a random ass name for a company.
Alex Kessler (2 years ago)
HAHAHA what is a buttersnap hahaha
Bobby Greene (2 years ago)
a type of pretzel by Snyder's
Axemann 49 (2 years ago)
I am that sound.
Good lord Hino (2 years ago)
Olan doing that perfect EMO kid slouch
madeline✨ (2 years ago)
wtf how is that guys skull/jaw shape possible it looks like it came out of some anime
Glog up my nog (2 years ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I don't get it...
Agnaye Ochani (2 years ago)
A comment from a Rob Scallon video bought me here...
Agnaye Ochani (2 years ago)
Nevermind, I got it...
Agnaye Ochani (2 years ago)
+Itheil Who is Thomas Lansky?
Atla (2 years ago)
Rob is the reincarnation of Thomas Lansky
chammmusicman (2 years ago)
SpenserFUN (2 years ago)
double ya P I
Midnight Cthulhu (2 years ago)
those damn glances to the right
I am Fluffeh (2 years ago)
this must be thomas' house. that baby's face in that picture seems too long to be anyone else's face x)
krymsz (2 years ago)
i always wondering the same thing too. but thomas face is long, yet he has the closest resemblance to the baby
Dom Morris (2 years ago)
I want to know what kind of records Bernstein's diet pills are making
kuroishlence12 (2 years ago)
I'm actually not in a position to have my time wasted
Space-Man (2 years ago)
I imagine the first signing of Twenty One Pilots went something like this.
Tyren Bave (2 years ago)
This is one of my favorites because Josh doesn't say anything.
Luke Rosetti (2 years ago)
I ran into BT at the Double Tree a few years back. I tried talking to him, but he was not in the position to have his time wasted.
Jake Laybolt (2 years ago)
Luke Rosetti His name is Bob Trufant.
Dom Morris (2 years ago)
Fiji552 (2 years ago)
When buttersnaps appear Peaches no longer Interest me
Samson Chi (2 years ago)
Please make more videos!!!!!
L Smitty (2 years ago)
When buttersnaps appear, peaches no longer interest me. Omg I crack up everytime XD
Alexis Pelly (2 years ago)
It's quite obvious really
Owen C (2 years ago)
OMG I died laughing at 4:08 the look on the Josh' face
MrAlarconJ (3 years ago)
not on ma watch, bowas!
Cody Harris (3 years ago)
That is basically Olan's and Josh's relationship at the current time. :D Love ya both, it's a good joke though...gotta admit it.
AnnalisaPizza (3 years ago)
Almost nine years later and there is still no other video on Youtube that has earned the amount of esteem that I have for this masterpiece.
BloodySeaGulls (1 year ago)
AnnalisaPizza It makes me happy
Ben Gregoire Design (3 years ago)
how did Josh keep that straight face? lolol
IoST (3 years ago)
Dubba ya P.I.
Cognissonance (3 years ago)
Dsuranix (3 years ago)
jiggly puff (3 years ago)
mysterioso2006 (3 years ago)
the best part of this is how he pronounces "tru-fahhhhnt."
trrnss jzzml (10 days ago)
And there's a little Bob infahhhhnt behind him
Jon Porter (28 days ago)
Babb truufaahhhnnnt. dubbuia p i.
straaak (4 months ago)
agender flag hell yeah
Jess (3 years ago)
5,000,000 of what?
jwck7 (3 years ago)
I'm surprised at the poor sales of Bernstein's diet pills, I lost 235 pounds on those and got awesome. I also lost the fat.
Cristina (3 years ago)
His name is Bob Trufant. He is not in a position to have his tine wasted because when buttersnaps appear, peaches no longer interest him...
Chris Zavala (3 years ago)
"Okay. I'm actually not in a position to have my time wasted."
AscensionUSA (3 years ago)
If anyone's interested, the song is island magic, by network music ensemble
Isaac Grimes (2 years ago)
Dance With Me by Lisa Hilton
ayayron (2 years ago)
Do you or anyone else know this song that came before the other song at 2:08?
row0111 (2 years ago)
+JoshuaM hahah yeh same
JoshuaM (2 years ago)
opsd (3 years ago)
+AscensionUSA god bless your soul
row0111 (3 years ago)
2007 the sales are less..WHATTT I love this guy
Yellow (3 years ago)
We are that sound!

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