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Brittany Murphy (Last Red Carpet Appearance) Across The Hall Premiere

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Subscribe http://bit.ly/mrSda2 Brittany Murphy arriving at Los Angeles Premiere of 'Across The Hall' at Laemmle Music Hall 3 in Beverly Hills,Ca USA December 1, 2009 ©Ricomix Productions
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Fateme Panahi (2 months ago)
she was so cute and sweet
Sheels1976 (4 months ago)
Poor thing. Something wasn’t right. 🙁
sugar jayne (5 months ago)
If I had been her mother, I would have pulled some strings that would have forced her seek medical treatment. Before she passed she was obviously very,very sick!I feel like her mother and husband let her down and her death was preventable..
Aesthetic_Rozes (7 months ago)
So gorgeous <3 So missed ;c
Earmuff Hugger (8 months ago)
If you loved her watch her movies and support her brother's cause of informing people about Dysautonomia.
Ronald Roy713 (10 months ago)
Now that the dirty secrets of Hollywood have been revealed I hope to god we find out what did they do to her and her husband
Jonathan Gianguzzo (1 year ago)
Insanely gorgeous.
Shinsuke Nakamura (1 year ago)
this wasn't her last public appearance
CJ carp (1 year ago)
Is that EVEN NORMAL it seems a long time to pose for the paparazzi and can you hear how disgusting some sound WTF?
david benson (1 year ago)
looked skinny and possibly using something.
Sinchan Bergavera (2 years ago)
brittany's cause of death is anemia wut is anemia
butitssummerma (2 months ago)
Iron deficiency
Jorge paredes (2 years ago)
metz3962 (3 years ago)
R.I.P. Brittany.
Jennifer Heller (3 years ago)
Who was that guy she has her hand on constantly, weird.
Queen Juliet (1 year ago)
Jennifer Heller her manager?
VionaRose (4 years ago)
Wooow is that how live red carpet is, how can any celebrity stand there while the papparazzi yelling out your name and dozens of camera light flashing in your face.
Emelie Peach (4 years ago)
aw she looked so stunning here :(
Katherine Stefania (4 years ago)
She never looked so gorgeous
brittany blue (4 years ago)
so sad hollywood kills off these actors that we all like. she was trying too warn us out of the blue saying "can  i have your hair in my next life"?. and the reporter said"can i be you in my next life" and brittany said " no problem" the reporter said"are you serious?"brittany shakes her head (no)..so sad..she knew what was going too happen..like she liked being brittany murphy..why did they pick her?..she wasnt that big and fameous..she desearves a star on the walk of fame..hell jennifer hudson ,she cant even act or sing but she got one...so sad for brittany .. i can feel the saddness durring the papparazzi... i wonder what that guy said too her before they left..?..just so sad.. i hope her father finds answers and sews the crap out of hollywood..dont become a actor or actress, they well kill you off... like they almost did too paris jackson,,,
Maxi Couecque (5 years ago)
ElNicco1 (5 years ago)
No she doesn't.
driver3596 (5 years ago)
God, she was so gorgeous!
Robert Girod (5 years ago)
i am Bi sexual but that hardly should matter. yell at the wrong person and you may get a beat down. i am about Respect
Robert Girod (5 years ago)
are you a female? because most male assholes yell at woman like they are dogs.. even in public. i myself do not care and have never once takin part of such a rude act
chestnutsev7 (5 years ago)
Becksnnc (5 years ago)
She looks so ill and unhappy in this :(
Andrew Flood (6 years ago)
Joseph DeFelitta (6 years ago)
Her Phsyco mother is in the backround of every shot and was there throughout
OliviaRises (6 years ago)
@alisun6shine she died of a cardiac arrest( heart attack)
Jovan King (6 years ago)
Jovan Townsend did Brittanys hair for this premier!! HER VERY LAST PREMIER
juliatoe (6 years ago)
oh my gosh she was so messed up. still love you.
EdensRage (6 years ago)
she was sooo friggin beautiful. the thing is , i have a feeling she wasn't well. she seems as if she's sick :( ugh. bless her. idk why but for some reason out of all the celebrity deaths, hers hurt me the most.
Mariana Dakot (6 years ago)
10 days before death, She was so thin. Rest In Peace Brittany, Time will pass away, but we will still love you
Mariana Dakot (6 years ago)
10 days before death, She was so thin. Rest In Peace Brittany, We love you
egobrainss1 (7 years ago)
how long ago was it that she has passed away? i don't know everytime i see her name or picture somewhere i still can't believe she died :| ps that's such a nice outfit she was wearing
juliatoe (7 years ago)
Well first of all R.I.P. You were such a great acrtress...i just know you from "just married"... so i can´t tell anything personal about you... BUT I do feel connected to you.You had a great soul, very grounded and hurted. I do feel the same. But in this video, you seemed lost and thats not the way I want to end up to. I don´t do any drugs, because it is not worthy and hopefully how sad it might be your death has a meaning. Yor are a role model to all the lost people. Don´t give up!!!!Love you!
konguitar (7 years ago)
they die too soon now in recent time amy winehouse
royalnaz1 (7 years ago)
makes you think twice about wanting to be famous
Denise Kyle (7 years ago)
omg i just found out today,,,from imdb..wdf..i only started to like her.. :(
xXFlyleafXx (7 years ago)
This is all a sick act. They are playing us all and milking everything for what it's worth
charlotteydwi (7 years ago)
She looks stunning, but she is really thin :O
IcedTeaCanonthedesk (7 years ago)
@savedtoxic If you watched brittany alot in her movies and real life , the twitching is one of , well was one of her mannerisms . She does it throughout her career many many times.
J Evenden (7 years ago)
@ildico1 What? She was a very beautiful lady! Why would you say she "anything but healthy"? She was NOT your typical FAT American woman, raising two kids in a trailer (feeding them mcdonalds), while her "man" is at the bar shooting pool getting drunk.. Get a life. What's healthy to you? I bet your ass has never seen the inside of a gym, or a bench press. Fucking don't preach.
awsomepossum1340 (7 years ago)
wow she looks really anorexic. Murdered by publicity.
astian93 (7 years ago)
so perfect! I really miss her!! :'(
Mariposa Redimida (7 years ago)
omg, their screaming is so disturbing
cobbeec (7 years ago)
She just looks so thin and sad. It makes you wish you could give her a hug.
LolaFudge (7 years ago)
@ailahtain WTF Osama? he was a horrible man!
Michael Devlin (7 years ago)
I wish I could of held her close and whispered "everything's gonna be alright". Someone should have saved her ...
liveyolifexxo (7 years ago)
she looks extremly sick in this. so sad really.
Roxanne Mckenzie (7 years ago)
@ABintroSPECTOR1 you are so right, i agree 100% this is a cutthroat industry and having all the fame, money and power will bring you nothing but misery if you don't have real substance to fall back on. but then again this is the lifestyle so many people are literally dying for, but it truly saddens my heart when i hear of stories such as hers. really sad.
Alex Papasozomenos (7 years ago)
So beautiful :( I've missed her :( Poor girl. RIP Brittany, you'll always be in my heart :(
0ddzZz (7 years ago)
@tomgunc Yeah, she looked amazing when she had a few more pounds on her though.
jessica hind (7 years ago)
R.I.P xxxxxxxxxxxx
ailahtain (7 years ago)
She looks so weird in this vid... she looks too thin and sick... Why the real stars have to go so early? Kurt, Layne, Shannon, John Lennon, George Harrison, Janis, Jim, Jimi, Michael, Brit and Osma Bin Laden :-( :-( :-( this is so unfair :-(
Damien markus (7 years ago)
@hailyerox12345 They said it was caused by black mould spores that infested the house she was staying @ during that time. It's a sad situation ..
BiTheBee (7 years ago)
this....is....like...not... i m quite speechless... it`s just wrong....something`s wrong....
phaedrito (7 years ago)
era hermosa
NoPunches (7 years ago)
@MissNezzyBaybay It's sad that she probably spent a lot of time worrying about her hair, getting it done all the time, her make up, getting that done all the time, clothing, shopping, her stylists, and then having to practice all those fake poses in a mirror and be on diet pills ... for what?
NoPunches (7 years ago)
@JackieGarrard OK. That was not her fiance! And yes, the Production Assistant probably was telling her she had to leave. He probably did not work for her but for the production company of the movie she was most recently promoting. The actors have a strict schedule. They make the big bucks, but they are partly owned.
NoPunches (7 years ago)
@carinaluvzzzuu I think her husband had his own work. That guy was obviously some sort of an assistant to keep her on schedule.
Andrew Fraser (7 years ago)
Shes so thin here. She doesnt look right. RIP. She was a great actress.
JackieGarrard (7 years ago)
I kept watching the end when her fiance was whispering in her ear... trying to figure out what he was saying to her.... like he was persuading her to leave. idk just felt weird
loveatfirstsound (7 years ago)
@scottspeaksfuckinsux Less so than you. Less deserving as well, you sad piece of shit. Who the fuck are you to say something like that? Did you know her personally? I think not. My guess is you're just a pathetic little nobody cowering behind your computer who gets off on your own little disgusting insults and when your time comes someone will say the same of you. Little bitch.
loveatfirstsound (7 years ago)
@iluvjackwhitemost But.... she was.
Liz Foster (7 years ago)
This is so sad. It makes me sad that she's gone.
Antonio Galvan (7 years ago)
She hardly mantain her eyes open....come on we'll miss you RIP
Karen Conlan (7 years ago)
she is so weak...i wish she got help before
SerendipitousJ (8 years ago)
She looks so strung out here!!!
gymguycr (8 years ago)
Miss you for ever, so sad :( RIP
EASTENDGLEN (8 years ago)
WHY DOES NOBODY FIND IT SUSPICIOUS THAT THEY BOTH DIED THE SAME WAY? what about the mother getting all the MONEY and her name is on some of the prescriptions? by the way it is very easy to GROW MOLDS
solamenteamore24 (8 years ago)
This is sad.......
Deek Mc (8 years ago)
Its such a shame that a gorgeous girl inside & out can be taken away from us just like the flick of a switch..just shows us that drugs really do & will get you in the end..RIP sweetie x
John J. Sanchez (8 years ago)
... She 'WAS' desperately ill "Em" later collapsed @ "a party" hosted by *Russian banker/movie producer Igor Desyatnikov* in Rublevka outside of Moscow. Instead of taking Her to hospital which would have Saved Her Life, *Igor* pumped Her full of Rxs then sent Her back on a private jet where She Passed during the 13 hour flight.This *Russian FACTor* of Her SENSELESS Death has been confirmed by Her father Angelo & Bertolotti family. Her Final years She 'WAS' "Em"volved with very *illicit things*.
destiny6666 (8 years ago)
if she was "all there" she wouldn't have been hanging on to the suit as she walked away towards the end of the clip ... simply bizare!!!
Edgebobby (8 years ago)
wow she looks sooo diff
Legaljuana Sativa (8 years ago)
she is as thin as any celebrity is now a days... your a dumb fuck
Richboy219 (8 years ago)
@chanelprincess16 oh ok...thanks!
VALAREZ (8 years ago)
Man that red carpet is groosum.
MommaV's_Life (8 years ago)
damn, that was a long time of posing and standing.
Chainsaw Romance (8 years ago)
@infernalitie That truth, I can just imagine how many great character she could play in 2010 movies... It's really wery sad, I was a big fan of her.
infernality (8 years ago)
Она попросту утомилась. Возможно, ещё наложилась заболевание, мы же не знаем всех подробностей. Очевидно одно: ОНА НЕ ДОЛЖНА БЫЛА ТАК РАНО УЙТИ ИЗ ЖИЗНИ! Сколько ролей она могла ещё сразиться, сколько песен спеть, она могла принести малышей, в конце концов...
Maire Leydon (8 years ago)
she looks beautiful there.xx
BENJI (8 years ago)
@RedMist85 fuck u!!!! SHES AMAIZING.
Johnny G. (8 years ago)
"Brittany, Brittany, Brittany, Brittany, Brittany!" OMG, everybody shut the fuck up!!
JSJ-movies (8 years ago)
@Support4MySingers I thought it was the guard who said that the person with the camera. Because he should not have taken with his/her camera there?
DancerManda27 (8 years ago)
@iloveyourstory Isnt that a migrane pill?
trnfox (8 years ago)
R.i.p. my love Brittany!! congratulations for your carreer all these years!! forever in our hearts!!!!!!
Nikolay Knchev (8 years ago)
I don't think that it was necessary to happen to her (i mean not that it's necessary to happen to anyone,but why her?) She was so full of joy and enjoying life too much.It's sad.Rest In Peace Britt...
Field of Arrows (8 years ago)
Pretty hard to watch. Another tragic waste..
1martuska (8 years ago)
She didn't look well! .
Krystina Booker (8 years ago)
The photographers are so thirsty for that perfect shot...
Cassidy Stanley (8 years ago)
shes gorgeaus i miss you:(
Nathalie2905 (8 years ago)
Poor girl... Makes me sad seeing her like this. You can see that her body was giving up on her :(
Guimmi (8 years ago)
yeah she clearly does not look well... at all.
Rachel Mendoza (8 years ago)
she looks like she wants to fall over.
Koala Bear (8 years ago)
fuck being famous, I'd rather just live a simple, happy, normal life
Debbie Palacios (8 years ago)
She looked so thin and fragile!
Danna (8 years ago)
it looks someone sucked the life outta here..she looks..really different
zlinamh (8 years ago)
Yes, she's too skinny. No wonder she easily got pnuemonia.

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