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Yayyy! I got my drivers permit and I wanted my first time driving to be with you guys!!! 🐸✰SUBSCRIBE✰ ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeV2O_6QmFaaKBZHY3bJgsA?view_as=subscriber ✰GO WATCH MY NEW MUSIC VIDEO!! ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbb8Kpuu-sc ✰SUBSCRIBE AND TURN ON MY POST NOTIFICATIONS TO BE IN THE NEXT VIDEOS SHOUTOUTS✰ ✰ MORE VIDEOS ON MY VLOG CHANNEL!✰ ► https://www.youtube.com/user/1jessalynn ✰ FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA!✰ ✔︎INSTAGRAM (@ItsJoJoSiwa) ► https://www.instagram.com/ItsJoJoSiwa ✔︎TWITTER (@ItsJoJoSiwa) ► http://twitter.com/ItsJoJoSiwa ✔︎FACEBOOK ► https://www.facebook.com/itsjojosiwa/ ✔︎SNAPCHAT ► SiwanatorzSnaps ✔︎MUSICAL.LY ► @ItsJoJo Siwa ✔︎VLOG CHANNEL ► https://www.youtube.com/user/1jessalynn ✰ MY FRIENDS WHO ARE IN MY VIDEOS!!✰ Jayden Siwa - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6MfDQjtoJj1qTJZuoINo1A Colleen Ballinger - https://www.youtube.com/user/PsychoSoprano Rachel Ballinger - https://www.youtube.com/user/NOVAQUA Mini Jake Paul - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfFsZu7Ed20xKDOmzdpF3EQ Taytum and Oakley - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJTyunmsBLj20wyguh6uMig ✰SEE YOU SOON!!!✰
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Text Comments (6201)
FUN IN THE SUN (3 hours ago)
All. The. Yelling .
waleed alkhazaale (7 hours ago)
Leave a like if u want to get your driver's license
Cali Puck (8 hours ago)
Bruh I thought she was like 10 ?? I am old?? 😂
Gotcha Gaming (9 hours ago)
I love you Jojo your so fun and funny lol 😝
What in the heck are you saying in the beginning of the vid, and your mom looks kind of scared
Magical Sniper (11 hours ago)
What 0:00
Hey_ Itz_carson27 (17 hours ago)
Lol my cousin watching JoJo Siwa then I hear bohemian rhapsody
Trouble Maker (17 hours ago)
How old is she?
lara queenlara (13 hours ago)
Kristy Surguy (20 hours ago)
Too funny! We’re that house that Christmas threw up on 🤣
Blue Pewds (21 hours ago)
What in the hell did she say in the intro? 😵
Halima Saber (1 day ago)
Hi jojo
Kristi Marx (1 day ago)
My three dream cars are Lamborghini Bugatti and a flying motorcycle
Maddie Persichetti (1 day ago)
I literally thought Jojo was 12 until a week ago, so this video shocked
Waluigi (1 day ago)
I searched jojo’s bizarre adventure and I saw this....wth???
Ava Lovvorn (1 day ago)
In my state if you are under 18 your phone should be off. If this her first time driving she needs to be distraction free. But she is recording the whole thing. That is not safe for a first time driver at all. In her defense it looks like she is just going through a neighborhood so I really don’t count that as real driving.
Lord Gamer (1 day ago)
I want to donate 1 hundo to the mom for raising a thot with cancer
Carly Carrillo (1 day ago)
I love you JoJo I hope you get 10000000000000 subscribe!🐼🐱🐈
Samiltin NCR Ranger (1 day ago)
Why your brother big gay
anumta #1 (1 day ago)
Your driving u look like ur 13 how old r u!
cami hartig (1 day ago)
2:04 song?
Nada Abdu (1 day ago)
she is 15 actually or 16 so yeah she can drive😌
danimaynarxd (1 day ago)
Nada Abdu (1 day ago)
stop being mean to jojo she didn't do anything to u😡
Clodagh ROBINSON (1 day ago)
Omg your so good at driving 😂❤️
Nada Abdu (1 day ago)
she really is 😊
Isaiah Patten (1 day ago)
We are going to die
Peter Džama (1 day ago)
She want tesla with Rainbow a unicorn horn on top...... Elon Musk is crying right now
SkyFlow Original (1 day ago)
She still looks and acts babyish , bet she will get pulled over , she only looks 12
cat rule (1 day ago)
Jojo drives????? She looks like an 11 year old... Like if you agree👍
Pelle Pol (2 days ago)
From the Netherlands Bey the way
Pelle Pol (2 days ago)
I love JOJO from Teunis Pieters
Romalda Esop (2 days ago)
Hiiiiiiiiiiiii JoJo's mom+dad+brother what's up🙋
Lil Pebbles (2 days ago)
Everyday her hairline gets further from her scalp
Lil Pebbles (2 days ago)
You’re a danger to society
Alyssa Mali (2 days ago)
I really wouldn’t want to ride with her please just focus. I’m really getting stressed just watching this. I would be the one screaming.
Duhhh Itz Me Uly (2 days ago)
Hey JoJo! Hope you see this ilysm! You are my inspirationional idol and I just lysm! And I told me mom all I want for Christmas is JoJo Merch!😀
Trent Gardner (2 days ago)
We need to rid this world
itz_Shi Shi love (2 days ago)
Jojo I love you alot hunty but please cut down on the screaming my damn ears are falling off
Bodacious Bagel (2 days ago)
She is driving very dangerously for her first time. Just being that distracted the first time driving is a tremendously irresponsible of her parents.
carrie white (2 days ago)
She's funny Like your video
Emily Villegas (2 days ago)
girl where is your hairline
Angelina Plazier (2 days ago)
Omg your voice
Any Directioner (2 days ago)
*Hey everyone it's jojo hebvayhubbehavvileveblablabla*
Queef Nuggetz (2 days ago)
She can’t fucking drive, you’d think her mom would correct her by stepping on the brakes hard and flooring the damn car like wtf 😂
Queef Nuggetz (2 days ago)
Also her mom is super childish
Life of Rocky (2 days ago)
Low key
Meech Flear (2 days ago)
I feel bad for ur dad and brother having to deal with this
Lynn Archer (2 days ago)
Oh jeez, I can't wait till this is me in the driver's seat. I'm subscribed! Ilysm!💖💖💖💖💗💗💗💗🚗🚗🚗🚗
Makayla Lein (2 days ago)
What is that song u we’re singing also My dream car has also always been a Tesla
OOF (2 days ago)
What is the age you can drive where she lives? How is this toddler demon able to drive?
fire blast glitcht (2 days ago)
You're not 17 you're not supposed to drive at 15
TiGerZ (2 days ago)
Oh no
Polly’s Gaming (2 days ago)
In one more year I’ll be able to drive I’m 14 yrs old and then 15 next year
Acorn Leaf (2 days ago)
I've drove a few months ago.. I'm only 13
Bárbara Schmidt (2 days ago)
I'm almost 18 years old and I don't know how to drive
Katysco (2 days ago)
so jojo I live in England and u have to be 17 to drive I thought in America u had to be 16 but is it different or something?
nour Majouli (2 days ago)
How old are you
lucy juice (2 days ago)
jojo r u allow to drive at 15 in america ?
Olivia Murray (2 days ago)
I don’t understand a word she says, if my daughter shouted like that I’d punch her in the face
seaneyboymurph m (2 days ago)
Good job😄😄😄
ِ (2 days ago)
i wouldnt be in the same car
Addy Kelly (2 days ago)
O'Tavia Kreutzer (2 days ago)
I know every one is like jojo talks to fast witch is true but I know what she is saying because I am a true fan she says Hey every one its Jojo welcome back to jojo juice when every single wensday i do weird things and then I pour juice on my head
Matthew Perry (2 days ago)
im about to go to school but i have a 3 hour delay because its snowing and its melting awwwwwwwwwwwwwww its sad i know but im luky im sick but i still have to go and i have lots of jojo merch i love you your awsome im going to see you in your next concert i love your music and evry thing about you when ever im sad i watch your vids it makes me lougth so loud and never stop making vids give a like if your a siwanator i love you jojo
nahed .el-chami (2 days ago)
How old is jojo again .
RandomeNicole aha (2 days ago)
Mike (2 days ago)
Is that supreme patty in the back?
The little Latino (2 days ago)
Does anyone know what she’s saying at the start of the video
Put playback speed on 2x
Tanveer Raj Teeluck (3 days ago)
I am just twelve and I can drive my dad's car.It is so easy to drive a manual car.
Angela Sidana (3 days ago)
She needs to chillax
Ryleigh Wilhelm (3 days ago)
she should not be driving
Harry Nguyen (3 days ago)
how old are u
Ashley Ba (3 days ago)
666k views and 6k comments 💀
Swissbelle Aurora (3 days ago)
Who like jojo siwa please like ok
Awesome Gamer2207 (3 days ago)
Wtf did she say at the beginning
Javier Navarro (3 days ago)
hi jojo love your videos
Lillee Ballard (3 days ago)
Can someone tell me one word she said in the beginning 😹💞
Olivia G (3 days ago)
This video was actually kinda funny lol Should I subscribe? Didn’t think I’d ever say that
Switch To Geico (3 days ago)
Which language do you speak
Amber Creech (3 days ago)
Hey JoJo
Melissa Del Villar (3 days ago)
Wait.. she’s 15?!? I thought she was seriously like 8 I mean just look at her clothes and that bow though 👏😂
Arianna Terrero (3 days ago)
Hi jojo my nice said that you are dume
Hanzo Main (3 days ago)
Isn't this girl 10? I mean look at her clothing and voice and annunciation
lara queenlara (13 hours ago)
she is 15
Anonymous Person (3 days ago)
Why are u a Hanzo main
Hanzo Main (3 days ago)
Hanzo Main (3 days ago)
I'm sorry for your neighborhood cars
Gabby Monteforte (3 days ago)
Anyone know what she says n the begging
Jasmine Berry (3 days ago)
0:00 I didn’t get one word..
Jeffries (3 days ago)
why is she YELLING AT ME
Over Legends (3 days ago)
She is a dirty Person for not telling the truth to people who what to drive but can’t do you should show it so when they are allowed to drive they can do it
Jovanka Simic (3 days ago)
Bobbie Hodgson (3 days ago)
Hi I'm a big fan dummy
Paul Wooton (3 days ago)
Nobody cares
n3rdgiirl03 (3 days ago)
My son wants you to FaceTime him, he’s 3 and loves watching you!!!!! Lol
Charlie Zelenoff (3 days ago)
Do gaping for the 1st time
Layla The star (3 days ago)
JoJo, you forgot to Poor juice order your head! If this is the Jojo‘s juice why didn’t you do it? I’m not being a hater! But in the beginning you said you would pour juice on your head
Jack3000isaslayer (3 days ago)
Intro: Hey everyone, sjydebssswwhejweheow8wgwishwwhiwgwwggegrirudhrbr
ליהי סבג (3 days ago)
How old are you?❤️
Marvin Bardales (3 days ago)
Marvin Bardales (3 days ago)
ליהי סבג i do not lnow to
Ahnaka slaying (3 days ago)
she 15
IceNinja (3 days ago)
I can imagine her getting pulled over for not being able to sit in the front seat
Jessica Rodwell (3 days ago)
fazlinda 82 (3 days ago)

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